A 200mph Shelby Cobra 427

United States
United States
So today, I managed to make a very nice tuned Shelby Cobra 427 with great handling, acceleration and nice top speed.

Firstly, I did the usual:

  • Racing Exhaust and Intake
  • Supercharger
  • Port Polish
  • Full Engine Balancing
  • ECU upgrade
  • Nitrous - Full Acceleration tuning
  • Racing Flywheel
  • Stage 3 Triple Plate Clutch
  • Carbon Driveshaft
  • Full-Customize 5-speed racing transmission
  • Semi-Racing Suspension System, only lowered ride height
  • Sport Brakes
  • Racing Soft
  • Sport Medium
  • Racing Medium
  • Stage 3 Weight Reduction

The gear ratios of this setup allow the car to traverse through all 5 gears and top out at a little over 200mph. This gear ratio setup is rather unique, because it has a slightly spread out 4th gear. The 5th gear can be spread out more, but not too much, or there won't be enough power to get through the gear.

The lowered ride height, sport brakes and soft or medium racing tires really help with this car's turning. But be careful during acceleration, as the tires may spin, and especially be weary around high speed corners, as the car may slide wearing those tires out more.