A concept for renovating Sport Mode, either in GTS or the future otherwise.

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Given my personal experiences with Sport Mode, what other people have to say about various facets of it, and what other people liked in prior GT games, I had a concept for either a renovation to Sport Mode, or its successor in a future GT game.

1. To begin, all cars will be provided. This has the following functions:
-Prevents players from being locked out of an event due to not possessing the correct vehicle. (See: that one FIAGTC Nations Cup one-make with the Pebble Beach Aston Martin)
-By limiting a race to provided cars, said car selection can be limited to a specific motif, and would thus prevent consistent events in a given class wherein a car is always dominating, because the class has no other restrictions in regards to permissible cars. (See: N300 or N400, and the S-FR Racing Concept and X-Bow R)

However, you could still use your own cars in lobbies, and other unranked multiplayer events, and I'd ideally like to see numerous options, including drift attacks, time attacks/hillclimbs/rally attacks, (especially if the older city courses from GT4 return as point-to-point stages, and all players could be ghosted since they'd be graded by time) Sierra Time Rally, and potentially drag races.

2. In addition to races being limited to a class (e.g. Gr.1), most of them would follow a motif from the campaign mode. This would dovetail with Kaz's intention to have the singleplayer be a "training" of sorts for online play, according to a recent interview conducted by GTP at the FIAGTC event in Paris. Otherwise, the cars would be stock, albeit with BoP enabled and settings disabled. There could be new events in the campaign to reflect these motifs, such as a Gr.1 event for Group C racers, or a Gr.3 event for cars used in Super GT300, including the FIA GT3 cars that are used there. It will also make the available car/track combinations make a lot more sense, as they'd be based on the ones in the campaign, which in turn would be somewhat based off of real-world racing series to an extent. For example, note the use of real-world GP courses in the GT League events for the W08 and both X2014 cars.

3. The concept of "Daily Races," or whichever term replaces it, is to have a set of races you can enter while not being part of a broader championship, much like some campaign events. (Perhaps which events are championships vs. those that are "Daily Races" could reflect their depictions in the campaign?) I would also personally rotate them biweekly, but I'd also have a total of ten races available per period - five races and five endurances, wherein the only difference between the two is the duration being set by lap count vs. a timer, and not sheer length of the races. Upon selecting the "single race" tab, you'd be able to pick between endurances and races accordingly, and then you'd be shown the five respective races for each. As you move down from A to E, the races would increase in length, and with more powerful classes. Here's a guideline to which classes would be in each group:

A - N100 to N500, some weakest Gr.X cars (e.g. BMW i3, Honda 2&4 Concept, Kart 125 Shifter)
B - N200 to N500, and some lower-powered Gr.X cars. (e.g. Daihatsu VGT, BMW VGT, Tesla Model S)
C - Gr.B, Gr.4, N300 to N700, and some medium-powered Gr.X cars. (e.g. Nissan VGT, Mercedes VGT Racing Series)
D - Gr.2, Gr.3, N600 to N1000, and some high-powered Gr.X cars. (e.g. X2014 Junior, McLaren P1 GTR, Pagani Zonda R)
E - Gr.1, highest-powered Gr.X cars. (E.g. X2014 Standard, F1500T-A, Mercedes-AMG W08, Chaparral VGT, Dodge SRT VGT Technology)

(If a race features a Gr.X car, it will be always be a one-make.)

As for the distances of each race, I'd make the minimum length of a race (regardless of whether it's by lap or the timer) be around ten minutes, just as we see currently with races A and B. For the maximum, I'd take a note from GT3's endurance races, as well as the fact that even in the longest endurances, one driver will only drive so much before swapping. As such, the maximum will be around 2 hours, give or take a few minutes depending on the event.

4. Generally, here would be my baseline rules, wherein they would be applied for most races:
Tire Wear & Fuel Depletion - 1x
BoP - On
Settings - Disabled
Course Limits - Normal
Traction off-course - Real
Drafting - Real
Boost - Off
Starting type - [Depends on course/car combination]
Ghosting - Strong
Tire Compound Limitation - [Variable. Might be limited to just one one, but it wouldn't be uncommon for higher-level races to allow multiple compounds to allow players to try strategizing.]

That said, these could be occasionally tinkered with for more experimental events, such as one FIAGTC Nations Cup race wherein the W08 could be tuned.

I'd also have the option for a player to save a given ruleset for use in unranked multiplayer if they like one that they experience in a race.

Other ideas:
-There could be a way to view the total value of a car, being the cost of the car but also added modifications, (aside from aesthetic stuff like wheels or paint) and there could be an event where you're provided cars that all have the same total value, but some may be stock, and others may come cheap stock but are equipped with various modifications.

What do you think, @Alpha Cipher and @Sven Jurgens?
I think the easiest change PD could make is allow garage cars in races with specially provided cars (read: Race A). There is no reason not to.


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When the regions were split (from 3 to 5) rarely could you get a full grid, and sometimes, you had as few as 2 players. This shows us that the Sport Mode player pool is already spread pretty thin with just 3 Daily Races. Even if twice as many people buy GT7, it still couldn’t support your proposed ten open events at one time.

Also, as PD improves the online lobby system, Sport Mode will suffer even more attrition. That’s not even assuming PD adds another online function, like Time Trials, or online co-op single player races.

The A, B, C system of 10, 15, and 20min Daily Races just works so great, and I can only assume will remain a fundamental aspect of whatever Sport Mode evolves to.