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    Hey guys do any of u know if it is possible to hook up my PS2 to my vga moniter?? Like you can do with the dreamcast. is there an acutaul vga adaptor that i can buy or can i rig it up myself please let me know

    thanks guys!!!
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    Hey yo!  Indeed your monitor can be connected to your PS2.  But what you need is an optical cord.  You cant do it with the equipment included with your PS2!  You can pick up an optical cord for your PS2 at Electronics Botique stores.  Also the PS2 can connect directly into the pint sized digital screen made for the psOne, if ya have one.  Oh yeah your vga monitor may not produce the best quality picture though.  Lastly sometime around christmas Sony is releasing it's official monitor, keyboard and mouse for the PS2 to coincide with it's activation online.  If you need any other PSOne or PS2 related info or questions regarding online support just ask or pm me and I'll try to help.
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    Yes, it is off topic, but we've got a forum just for this kind of thing.  :)

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