A minute 12 on trial mountain

Discussion in 'GT5 Racing Series' started by infallible, Aug 3, 2001.

  1. i did it in a f car forgot which one though, i know it is yeller and says elf on it if that's any help.  just want to size up how good of a driver i am to everyone else in here.  so give up your times, so i can see how i am driving!!!!!!!!
  2. pao


    1:13:500 with the same F1 (F/90/s)
    in monaco
  3. What did you get on Trial Mountain?? My fastest ever lap time was 22 secs with the scudo on super speedway.
  4. pao


    i 'll do a lap or two on this, but monaco is not the same as trial mountain or speedway..
  5. pao


    1:06 in trial mountain with the F90/s elf.
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  7. my fastest is 1:08:44.eat on that!!!with f094/s.and i hit some walls.i can do it in about 1:05:00 or so.
  8. thats great........:rolleyes:
  9. Zero


    i've gotten a min 12 secs even on monoco w/f090/s, 1'00.743 sec on trail mtn w/f094/s
  10. Talentless

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    browsing through for a comparison thread and saw this. I think i can cut .3-.4 or so off of my best with the arcade 787B