After super 7 update, cant join online?

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United States
I am on the series xbox, and after the update its been kicking me off like every 2 to 5 mins for the last 3 hours, my internet is working great with all my other games, but forza horizon 4 is acting very strange, please help.

I have been hearing a few others having the same issue on the xbox?
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I’ll drop some more info here on the issue. Found a little thread on reddit with couple of people having the same problem. Looks like it affects people with Series S/X. One user suggested it might be somehow connected with quick resume feature. I tried quitting the game and launching it again yesterday but it didn’t help.

One user said he sent a ticket and the reply was that it is a known issue. So hopefully it is a good sign.
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I've been getting on and off on PC as well. Whatever they messed with in this update, it's getting very annoying. I can still download liveries and search for challenges, but just connecting to Freeroam lobbies isn't working.