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Well, we have a paintball thread, so I thought I'd start a thread for the airsoft fans here.

For those who don't know, Airsoft is a sport / game / simulation, played in a similar manner to paintball, but with a much greater emphasis on authenticity, realism, and tactics. The guns used are 6mm caliber pellet firing guns, ranging from simple single shot pistols to fully automatic assault rifles, all accurate replicas of real-world guns.

I'm currently just an Airsoft newbie, with my best gun being a simple gas powered revolver, but I'm planning on buying something a little better tomorrow.

Here's my arsenal:
UHC Beretta M92F (spring)
HFC Beretta M92 Elite w/ compensator and RIS (spring)
HFC P99 (spring)
HFC S&W M10 / Colt Python hybrid (gas)

I'll post some pics when I get my Treo (PDA/phone), which should be today.
the ability to shoot your worst enemy in the balls and still have him live through it...................

sounds like in:D
United States
Los Angeles, CA
Max Archer
I just bought my best (and most expensive) gun so far. A KWA gas powered M93r. Nothing like having full auto in a handgun! And it's as powerful and accurate as many SMGs. So I can actually use this thing as my primary weapon! I just need to get another extra mag. (they only had one).
:eek: Woah, that's a big gun!

I want this one. Like badly.




Originally posted by Der Alta
I've always wanted one of these:

And to see it in action: WARNING: 7meg file.


If I am not mistaken those two particular guns are used by Dante on "Devil May Cry" or in that Sega game, "Gungrave".

Here, I found some screens of them. Very stylish guns.


And this is the badass character that uses them. Bit of a psycho knowing he is carrying his own coffin.

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Maybe because they [ak-47s] r m4d tyT3 in CoUnT3r StRiK3

AK's are better in real life too. Much better.

I've always thought about buying airsoft guns, but at the same price, I could just go buy a real gun. Or two, or five, considering the insane price tags on the AEG's.