Amatuer All Japan!

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    Amateur "All Japan GT Championship

    My car of choice was the Astra touring car (ok so it isnt japanese) unmodified.

    race 1: GV 5 laps

    line up for the series:
    2 supras (denso sard and toms)
    3 skylines (castrol, loctite and penzoil)
    these are the order...

    I am, as usual in the last possie on the grid.
    We take off enmass towards the first 2 corners and i out brake the 2 last place cars but get bumped back to 5th again.
    up the hill and i find that by turn 6 (hairpin) i am in 3rd with only the 2 supras ahead of me (castrol 1st then denso). I close in on the denso and by the last tunnel i take him on the inside as he swings wide.
    Now for the 1st place tussle...

    Roaring down the straight tailing the toms i whip out and overtake,taking the end of the straight easy and braking early tommo slams my butt and tho i control the astra i am relegated to 2nd. I chase him down and take him just before the hair pin in a late breaking manuver where he tries to do the same thin to me.
    for the remainder of the race he sits on my tail till the last last where (prolly due to tire wear) he drops off the pace a little giving me a 2 second victory!
    some good racing to be had here folks!

    next stop, rome!
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    Super-Supra (Banned)

    Congrats moit!
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    hey, its all good!
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    Congratulations man, btw thats the course i hate the most....bleh