Amazon accepting Prologue preorders?

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I think this is probably the preorder for the real game, as prolouge is supose to come out this year, and the price listed on amazon is 60 bucks.

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United Kingdom
Yeh, it's a very confused and misleading listing - they don't seem to know the difference between GT:HD, GT5 Prologue and GT5...

I'm a regular customer of Amazon but I don't understand why they list products with release dates they've pretty much pulled from their 🤬, sorry, I meant 'from thin air', and provide incomplete, inaccurate and out-dated information, and yet you can still pre-order it... whatever that 'it' is supposed to be...

Best advice, wait until you know what you're paying for, and shop around nearer the time.

GT5 Prologue will also be available as a PSN download anyway, so I'd wait to see how much that is and when it's available before pre-ordering a Blu-ray copy...