American Dust Racing New Beginnings: Touge StyleOpen 

United States
United States

Hello and welcome to American Dust Racing! We are a small group of racers who enjoy racing. In anticipation of Gt Sport we decided to try to start recruiting drivers who would like to participate in many different race series. Currently we have decided to set up a Touge Series on Gran Turismo 6 for fun. We do prefer clean driving, and will help with tunes for the courses we have for Touge. If you would be interested in joining please send me a message on here, or on psn (psn ID is the same as this) or you can send ADR_TEMPLAR a message on psn saying you would like to join ADR, or you would like to participate in our Touge series.

For our Touge Series we have decided to do multiple class levels, separated by PP and Tyres. Our classes are 500pp Lightweights, 500pp Street, 550pp Sports, and 600pp Super. For the lightweights if the car is under 830kgs, and is within 500pp it will be in that class. To keep the lightweights and street separate, the lowest weight for the street will be 930kgs. Those are the only main restrictions. Tuning is open for anything you can do. If it makes your car faster, then give it a try. The 500pp Lightweights, and Street will be using Sports Hard tyres, 550pp Sports will be using Sports medium tyres, and 600pp Super will be using Sports soft tyres. Once we get to know how many would like to participate in our Touge series, we'll have dates set up for when Tournaments will happen. We will try to have them fall under Friday evenings, Sunday Evenings, or Monday Evenings.

The vehicles used can only be production cars. They can not be Race cars, Touring cars, Rally Cars, or Concept cars. Of course you can use any car at anytime, but once the 1v1 Tournaments start going, you have to choose your best car for your favorite class. This will bring about the good rivalries we all know and love. Every day we have a room open with a fun course to drive on.

Anybody is welcome to join ADR, and our Touge series. Look forward to seeing you on the track!