another gt2 drift video

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 2' started by chishifu, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. chishifu


    hey you guys, this is for anyone interested in drifting, especially gt2 drifting. Just a lap around trial mountain in the Nismo 270r, no mods on all sims. Any feedback appreciated

    FYI: I emulate gt2 on the PC, so no throttle or steering control possible except for quick taps. 1st Vid.AVI

    (large file, 50 megs because i don't know how to compress avi, any help with that would be appreciated) 1st Vid small.AVI

    smaller file, 17 megs. lower quality

    Made with digital camera in front of computer screen. Sorry for that you guys

  2. Camouflage_RX


    I'm downloading it now to check this out. :)

    Strangely, I've been drifting around in GT2 myself lately - I guess with GT4 lurking out-in-about I guess GT2 is the closest to it. Just trying to get that "Massive" game feeling out of it. :indiff: I've been using a RE-Amemiya JGTC RX7.


    Hey man, thats pretty good drifting you got there. Atleast turn the volume up, theres too much silence rather than having some music or something. I usually just turn the volume up so I can hear the car, and have my computer have the tunes, just turn the speakers up on that. So, if someone watches it, they have somthing to listen to when watching the video. If you catch my drift. :dopey:

    Good video overall, good drifting. Just need some tunes man. :tup: