Antifa/jews vs White nationalists/Nazis

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    if i i have to explain it to you when it is clear , then it is pointless . sorry .

    as far as you asking if i have answer to your question , you dont get to demand anything from me when i will not demand anything from you . that is your answer .

    i never came into the thread , i actualy started it and you came into it .

    as far as the discussion part there is 100s if not 1000s of posts on here that is just posts of information . and the reality for you concerning me is simply on some subjects i will gladly debate and others i wont .

    on this particular subject i know how i feel and think about it , you can choose to accept that or not , choice is yours . have a good day .
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    I'm merely seeking clarification on your stance as to me it's not as clear as it apparently seems to you.

    I'm not demanding anything, just merely trying to engage in civil conversation.

    I came into it because I like having conversations, may I ask why you started the thread if you don't want to do the same?

    If you don't want to debate something that is indeed within your rights. However if that's the case perhaps it's not the best idea to post on a subject you don't want to talk about! :idea:

    I can't accept what you've never told me.
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