any1 got best settings for the skyline gtr v-spec?

Discussion in 'GT2 Settings & Tunings' started by V-Spec, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. V-Spec


    hey, as u can c in my name im a Skyline GT-R V-Spec fan and im looking for the best settings i can find for that car, can any1 gimme the settings? thx!
  2. LoneWolfe


    thats my fav car, solid white ^.^
    i wouldnt mind getting some good drift settings too.
  3. Gil

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    I'm not much on drifting. But for grip racing the big "secret" is to set the VCD to 10%. That'll make the car handle more like a FR car. And it will sling out the back end if you stay on the gas...
    It's a fun car to drive once properly set up. You'll get more grip if you increase VCD in 5% increments until you are happy with the way the car handles.
    I just used it in my latest restart of the game in the Race of the Red Emblem (beginner) to win my 400R. I only tuned to stage 2. Some tweekage of the gears and I beat the other cars by a pretty wide margin.
    I believe that the 400R will be winning me the Racing Calsonic Skyline in the Pro Race of the Red Emblem.:D
  4. Pupik

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    VCD? Must be a GT3 thing...

    There aren't drift settings, but my gripe with the GT2 R34 V-spec is the inherrent understeer bulit into that heavy car.

    The simplest way to get rid of it is to decrease toe in the front, however, you sacrifice traction on corner exit. However, it makes for a more interesting drive with 4WD, so it's a safe bet in my opinion.
  5. Nightmage82


    yeah vcd is a gt3 thing.

    decrease toe? i increase it to get more grip on the exit of corners, but anyone know how to modify the lsd or suspension to further increase grip for the second half of a corner? i.e. under acceleration?
  6. RB26DETT


    do you mean oversteer?
    you would lower the front bound and raise the rear rebound
    and lower the accel on the lsd. lower the accel number more on the front than on rear.
  7. Nightmage82


    thanks i'll check that out, im not quite sure what i meant, i think i wanted to minimise the oversteer at full acceleration rather than letting the car spin out. however i still want maximum maneoverability into a corner so i can start a 4-wheel drift without (too much) understeer