App/program for keeping track of lap records?

I thought of the forum where people might be more interested in this kind of thing, and thought this might be it, and I didn't knew where to put this, as this is racing related, but not necessarily to any game in particular. Mods can move this if necessary, if there is a better fitting forum.

Is there any android app/windows program that you can use to keep lap records (with car used, some notes about modifications, track and time)? Or one with a method that would be easy and quick, but also look good.

I use notepad, using Tab to space things out a bit, and it kind of works, but if I get to many cars, it could get convoluted, with no way of sorting it out.

In the images, you can see how it looks, with the first window of the first image being Gran Turismo 2, the second my attempt to improve the appearance of it on Wordpad, with different spacing for laps of the same car and in-between cars, and the third Forza 7. The second image is Gran Turismo 5/6, with a bit more details.

2021-09-15 22_01_01-Greenshot.jpg

2021-09-15 21_56_21-Greenshot.jpg
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There probably was back in GT5's prime, you could probably search up "Gran Turismo 5" on any app market place and find something but it's probably too old for modern phone firmwares. Unfortunately I think you'll have to keep stuff manually for the time being.

Have you tried Google Sheets? It's free and included if you have a Gmail or Youtube account.