Are there "Arcade Car Modifier" codes for all games?

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United Kingdom
I know they exist for Gran Turismo 4, as I've been using them to compile time trial sheets for each car (as driven by the AI using an auto-pilot code). I'm wondering if the same thing can be done with all the previous games (i.e. whatever car you select, it will become the car defined in the cheat code when the race loads).

The process is to simply have the AI drive 5 laps around each track and record its fastest lap. I've been having some problems in Gran Turismo 2 with this, as the same car seems to give different results on the same track (much to my annoyance).

By the way, I'm also interested to see if auto-pilot codes exist for Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6, though it seems hacking the PS3 probably is much harder than simply buying an Action Replay disc, as is the case with PS2 hacking...

Cheers! I'll be happy to share the time trial sheets when they're finished.
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