ARL Super GT Season 2, Round 5, 26-Mar.

United States
Murrieta, California
ARL Super GT Season 2

Welcome to the fastest, most charismatic GT series of all now on GT Sport, In ARL guise called ARL Super GT.
Super GT title.JPG

Lobby times

All times are on Friday

Lobby open--------------- 6:40PM PST-----9:40PM eastern
Custom BOP will be checked when people enter lobby
Q1for GT300 starts at----7:00PM PST-----10:00PM EST
Q2 for GT500 Starts at ---7:15-7:25 PST--10:15-10:25PM EST
Break for 10 minutes while Pole Position adjusts BOP for each class
BOP rechecked
Race start------------------7:30-7:40PST---10:30-10:40PM EST

Schedule: -------------------------------------------------Course length---Course time---Total laps---Total distance

1-Jan----Pre season Race----Tokyo South Inner----------------5.560km---------9:35-------15 Laps-----98.4km
15-Jan---Round 1------------Suzuka Circuit---------------------5.807km--------14:30------35 Laps-----203.245km
29-Jan---Round 2------------Fuji International------------------4.563km--------12:00------44 Laps-----200.722km
12-Feb----Round 3------------Tokyo East Outer Loop-------------7.301km--------12:45------28 Laps-----204.428km
12-Mar--Round 4------------Kyoto Yamagiwa+Miyabi II---------6.846km-------11:30------30 Laps-----205.380km
26-Mar---Round 5------------Fuji International (short)----------4.526km--------4:45--------58 Laps-----262.508km-------Double Points
2-Apr--Round 6-----------Autopolis International------------4.674km--------12:00------43 Laps-----200.982km
16-Apr----Round 7-----------Suzuka 250km---------------------5.560km--------18:45------58 Laps------255.508km-------Double Points
7-May--Round 8-----------Sardegna A-------------------------5.113km--------5:15--------40 Laps-----204.520km-------1/2 weight removed
21-May---Round 9-----------Toyko South Outer Loop-----------5.201km--------16:35-------39 Laps-----202.839km-------no ballast
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Total----390 laps----2,038.532km


Only 2 of each car may be used per Class
You may use any number you like except for #1 or #0
You may use any livery you wish that conforms with ARL Rules. No Profanity, No Political ETc. Etc.

Must use white banner and number plate with white headlights
You must put The number of your car of both sides plus the tire make plus the Ballast awarded for each race for use at the next round.
This is a template you can use
You may have someone make a livery for you if you wish. But the basics must look similar to these. White banners must be used for GT500 with your chosen Number
GT500 cars may only run Medium tires


GT300 cars
Must use Black Banner for GT300 cars with a yellow Decal plate and yellow headlights. GT300 cars for Season 2 may run soft or medium tires.

GT300 1.JPG GT300 2.JPG

For all cars. You must have a tire brand somewhere on the sides front and back of your car in a visible spot. The pictures shown above are examples of places you may put the decals.
For the rear number plate. It must be on the left side of the car.

Here are some examples of number plates you can use


ARL by our own Moby45

Super GT logo

2016 GR.2 cars will be the GT500 class. This is the starting Bop
NSX---------108% 651bhp------94% 2174lbs
GTR---------107% 654bhp------87% 2158lbs
RCF---------107% 656bhp------94% 2112lbs

Any GR4 car that is not Front wheel drive will be the GT300 Class

Alfa Romeo 4C------------------152 (449bhp) 122 (2743lbs)
Aston-Martin Vantage----------112 (447bhp) 92 (2738lbs)
BMW M4------------------------114 (449bhp) 91 (2738lbs)
Bugatti Veyron (4WD)---------104 (450bhp) 79 (2873lbs)
Corvette C7--------------------108 (446bhp) 93 (2767lbs)
Citroen GT----------------------114 (449bhp) 96 (2751lbs)
Dodge Viper--------------------105 (450bhp) 89 (2747lbs)
Ferrari 458---------------------120 (449bhp) 92 (2738lbs)
Ford Mustang------------------113 (447bhp) 89 (2747lbs)
Honda NSX---------------------114 (449bhp) 91 (2727lbs)
Hyundai Genisis----------------117 (449bhp) 92 (2738lbs)
Jaguar F-Type------------------112 (447bhp) 92 (2738lbs)
Lamborghini Huracan (4WD)--111 (449bhp) 95 (2857lbs)
Lexus RC-F---------------------108 (452bhp) 89 (2747lbs)
Mazda Atenza (4WD)----------114 (448bhp) 94 (2859lbs)
Mclaren 650S------------------112 (447bhp) 96 (2751lbs)
Mercedes-Benz SLS-----------107 (448bhp) 88 (2745lbs)
Mitsubishi Lancer (4WD)------115 (448bhp) 97 (2844lbs)
Nissan GTR GR.4 (4WD)-------105 (450bhp) 88 (2813lbs)
Porsche Cayman----------------118 (447bhp) 95 (2723lbs)
Renault Megane Trophy--------125 (449bhp) 130 (2736lbs)
Subaru Impreza WRX (4WD)---119 (449bhp) 97 (2822lbs)
Toyota 86------------------------125 (448bhp) 103 (2725lbs)
Toyota Supra GR.4--------------114 (449bhp) 90 (2738lbs)

Number banners
For each class you must use a white board for GT500 or a yellow board for GT300. Black numbers must be placed on these boards.

PaPunk924 may run Number 0 (zero)
ERS_BadGuyCali may run Number 1 (one)

For each class you may choose whatever tire manufacturer you like. However there will be a max of 2 cars per class that may use the same tire brand.

Pit Window
Tire wear and Fuel X2
GT500 cars may not pit before Lap 10 in race and 10 laps from finish unless for damage.
must pit at least once per race in this window. If you pit outside of this window you must pit again in the window.
GT300 cars may pit at anytime after lap 7.
For each class. You don't have to change compounds if you wish. But you must change the tires
I will put up a pit window for each race to remind you of these.

Points: For each class

1. 20
2. 16
3. 12
4. 10
5. 8
6. 6
7. 4
8. 3
9. 2
10. 1

Points will be doubled for The long Fuji race and the Suzuka 250

This season to encourage more people we will be introducing a worst race rule. Ergo if you are unable to make a race or score bad in one, that will not count against you. I am aware people have a life outside of this game.

You will not score points if you do not finish at least 70% or greater (rounded up) of the total laps of the leader in your class.
If you get disconnected you will score half points of the number of people finishing
(for example if there are 5 people in your class that start the race, and you get disconnected. You will score 4 points)

At the end of the season the winners in each class will be mailed a real life trophy as with season1

Fastest lap in race and qualifying for each class

Pole Position 1 PT
Fastest lap 2 Pts

Success Ballast:

Pole Position +1% weight

1st +2%weight, -1% power
2nd +2%weight
3rd +1%weight

( for example. If you get pole position and win the race in your class. You will have +3% weight, and -1% power for the next race)

This will accumulate to a max of +10% weight for the rest of the season. Power will the be reduced once the max 10% weight ballast has been reached, at a rate of -2% power Per race

Bonus Ballast:

This will be a break to some people who finish last in each class.
Last -1% weight, +2% power


Will consist of 2 (two) 7 minute sessions for each class. This may be moved to a single session for longer races. The session time will be 10 mins with no fuel or tire wear

GT300 cars will go first. After the time is up and you finish your final lap. please head to the pits and stay greened up or your lap will not count and you will be moved to the back. If you are unable to set a time for whatever reason. You may go into the Q2 session.

room will reset after i have got times

GT500 cars will then start there laps. After the time is up you will be asked to finish your lap and return to the pits.

The room will then reset and I will set the grid.

Lobby will be a Friends only lobby to keep random people from entering

Lobby Settings:
Name ARL Super GT R(X) ""
Room mode: Practice/Race
Race type: Race for real
boost none
Start type: Grid start with false start check
Visible Damage on
grid order set by host
slipstream strength real
Mechanical damage heavy
Tire wear X2
Fuel consumption X2
Race finish delay 150 seconds

Regulation settings:
Filter by category: none
BOP: off, host monitored
Max power N/A
Min weight N/A
Max Tire Soft
Min tire Medium
Tuning off
Kart usage off

Ghosting during race: None
shortcut penalty: Weak, off for both Tokyo races
wall collision penalty none
side contact penalty off
correct vehicle after wall collision off
replace cars when they leave the track off
flag rules on
ghost lapped cars off

Limit driving options
all prohibited except for ABS

GT500 Cars remaining

GT500 tires remaining

GT300 Cars Remaining

GT300 Tires remaining

Driver--------------------Car----------------Number-----Main sponsor-----Tires
1. WanganGhost--------GT500 NSX---------18----------Takata------------Yokohama
2. ERS_BadGuyCali-----GT500 GTR ----------1----------Thrustmaster----Michelin
3. Kinetic-Fullness------GT300 Corvette-----23---------Lingenfelter------Falken
4. Moby45---------------GT500 NSX----------45--------Spoon-------------Michelin
5. DrSpyderPig----------GT300 Cayman------13--------TBD---------------Michelin

6. TPC_Guido------------GT300 Viper----------69--------Gas Monkey------Michelin
7. Scarecrow937--------GT500 RCF-----------44--------RedBull/Total-----Bridgestone
8. Whitey093------------GT300 Vantage------93---------Invisible Glass----TBD
9. PApunk924-----------GT300 Ferrari--------0----------Yuengling---------TBD
10. aceboy127---------GT300 NSX-----------27-----------Elf--------------TBD
11. SydViscus-----------GT500 RCF-----------88--------Denso-------------Toyo
12. Sandite5------------GT500 GTR-----------19---------HKS--------------Yokohama
13. Aedenmaddock-----GT500 GTR------TBD--------TBD---------------TBD
14. llNovall---------------GT300 Cayman-----TBD--------TBD---------------Yokohama
15. Xrad-11-------------GT300 Viper---------11---------Hot Wheels-------TBD



Incident Reporting Form
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United States
Murrieta, California
Season 2 Point Standings with total Ballast:


1. ERS_BadGuyCali--------46Pts. (+6%weight, -2%Power for Round 4)
2. Scarecrow937-----------45Pts. (+4%weight -1%Power for Round 4)
3. MoBy45------------------42Pts. (+3%weight +2%Power for Round 4)
4. aedenmaddok-----------22Pts. (+2%weight for Round 4)
5. WanganGhost-----------20Pts (+2%power for Round 4)
6. Sandite5-----------------8Pts. (-1%weight, +2%power for Round 4)


1. DrSpyderPig---------66Pts. (+8%weight, -3%Power for Round 4)
2. Xrad-11-------------34Pts. (+2%weight for Round 4)
3. PApunk924----------32Pts. (+2%weight for Round 4)
4. Kinetic-Fullness-----18Pts. (-1%weight, +4%Power for Round 4)
5. llNovall---------------18Pts. (+2%weight for Round 4
6. Whitey093-----------12Pts (+1%weight for Round 4)
7. TPC_Guido----------11Pts. (+1%weight for Round 4)
8. aceboy127----------0Pts.
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United States
Murrieta, California
im going to get final details out on sunday then signups will open on tuesday and hopefully we can get racing by Friday
United States
Murrieta, California
Final settings have ben updated. Signups are now open
Ill Begin. You may use this template Please only use your PSN name
Driver: WanganGhost
Car: GT500 NSX
Number: 8
Sponsor: Autobachs
United States
Murrieta, California
United States
Murrieta, California
For those of you who have joined so far. @PApunk924, @GTR4MROD , @scarecrow937 . @BGCaligula , @SydViscus
I wanted to say thank you. i have been thinking of doing this for a while. And you guys have shown me that I could. So I thank you.

Our first (and only) pre-season is this Friday at Dragontrail. I hope those who can make it have a great time and good luck.
I will say this. For the GT500 drivers. It is your responsibility to pass the GT300 cars safely. After the race i will to a Race Recap showing off the winners in each class. For this race and for the foreseeable future. The success ballast will only be +2 for the race winner for weight carrying into the next round.
Lobby will open at 6:50PM PST ad be friends only lobby named "ARL Super GT Round 0"
If you have any questions, concerns, Comments. Don't hesitate to ask me. If you can make it or not. Please state your intentions
If you can make it or not. Please state your intentions

I will not make this preseason race but I will watch the replay if posted to get the lay of the land, passing and pace wise. All other fridays I should be good though, unless issues unforeseen obviously. Super excited though thanks for organizing!!


International Racing Series Owner
United States
Columbus, Ohio
@WanganGhost I currently am running a Roadster Series on Friday nights, which will have it's final race on October 16th. You could put me down as interested, but won't be able to make any races until my series ends.