ARS FUJI 2 HOUR! A weekend of Super GT Action! Sign ups open!

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ARS Fuji 2 Hour


Welcome to the ARS Fuji 2 Hour thread! The ARS Fuji 2 Hour will be a multi-day, full weekend of multi class, high octane endurance racing courtesy of the Arrows Racing Series! This event will bring together cars from the Japanese Super GT, particularly, those from the last generation of GT500/GT300 Multiclass racing! We hope you can join us, for what is sure to be a great weekend of racing!

This event will take place on the 24th, 25th and 26th of July.

Mixed Class Free Practice.

Qualifying Day.
GT500's Class will take their qualifying first, followed by the GT300 Class.

Race Day
Multiclass, 2 hour endurance around one of the most picturesque circuits Japan has to offer.
More detailed view into each session in their respective categories below.

The circuit is the Fuji Full Layout.
This will be a multiclass racing event inspired by that of the Japanese Super GT Championship, one of the fastest closed cockpit racing series' in the world.
For those who are unfamiliar with Super GT, there are two categories. GT500, also known as the Gr.2 category, and GT300, also known as Gr.3.
However, we will be using the last generation of GT500/300 Cars, listed below.

GT500 Class:
Lexus PETRONAS TOM'S SC430 '08 (1/3)
130% Power (633BHP)
100% Weight (1,100KG)

Honda EPSON NSX '08 (0/3)
117% Power (597BHP)
97% Weight (1,115KG)

Nissan XANVI NISMO GT-R '08 (2/3)
124% Power (612BHP)
100% Weight (1,100KG)

GT300 Class:
Mercedes SLS AMG '11 (1/2)
99% Power (564BHP)
97% Weight (1,309KG)

Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 '13 (0/2)
97% Power (525BHP)
106% Weight (1,287KG)

Mclaren F1 GTR - BMW '95 (2/2)
86% Power (516BHP)
116% Weight (1,218KG)

Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 '10 (1/2)
92% Power (552BHP)
112% Weight (1,232KG)

BMW Z4 GT3 '11 (2/2)
105% Power (534BHP)
107% Weight (1,273KG)

Nissan GT-R GT3 Schulze Motorsport '13 (0/2)
107% Power (580BHP)
98% Weight (1,274KG)

Ford GT LM Spec II (0/2)
89% Power (525BHP)
113% Weight (1,316KG)

BMW M3 GT (BMW Motorsport) '11 (1/2)
111% Power (555BHP)
107% Weight (1,332KG)

Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3 '12 (1/2)
112% Power (581BHP)
105% Weight (1,312KG)

SIX GT500's and EIGHT GT300's will be available.
In Depth Weekend Schedules:

Schedule for the friday practice session.
19:30: Lobby Opens, Practice will not start until players are gathered and broadcast is ready.

19:40: Practice session begins, and lasts one hour with both classes sharing circuit.

20:40: Practice session ends.

20:50: Lobby is taken down.
19:30: Lobby Opens, players gather until GT500 Qualifying.

19:40: GT500 Qualifying begins, and lasts for 20 minutes.

20:00: GT500 Qualifying ends, and a small interval begins.

20:05: GT300 Qualifying Begins, and lasts for 20 minutes.

20:25: GT300 Qualifying Ends.

20:35: Lobby Ends.
19:20: Lobby Opens, player gathering begins.

19:30: Lobby will be locked in and the race will begin. The race will last 2 hours.

21:30: Race will finish and our winners will be crowned.

21:35-21:45: Racers will be brought in for interviews if they so wish.

21:50: Lobby Ends.

Other Event Information:
All cars, regardless of category, must use the numbers on the profile below,
they are named "sgt-no-X", all numbers must be black.

GT300 Cars are required to use this number plate on the left, right, and hood
of the car, linked below.

GT500 Cars are required to use this number plate on the left, right and hood
of the car, linked below.

GT300 Cars must use yellow headlights.

All cars are required to use a rounded square on the rear of the car, with their number in the center, the square must be bright yellow for GT300 cars, or white for GT500 cars, using the permitted number font.

Permitted tyre brands are: Yokohama, Michelin, Dunlop and Bridgestone.
GT300 cars must use yellow headlights.

We must ask that liveries are kept to a level of professionalism, if your livery does not meet our regulations you will not be allowed to compete in that session.

a video is linked below should there be any confusion.
Lobbies will be named "ARS Fuji 2 Hour: "Session Name"

Practice session IN GAME time conditions will be 17:15.

Qualifying IN GAME time conditions will be 12:00.

Race IN GAME time conditions will be 06:15.

Start Type will be set to "Grid Start", there will be a manual formation lap to rolling start.

Grid Order will be set to "Set By Host", grid order will be set manually as per the previous days qualifying result.

Boost will be set to "Off".

Slipstream Strength will be set to "Real".

Visible Damage will be set to "Off".

Mechanical Damage will be set to "Heavy".

Tyre Wear and Fuel Depletion will be set to "2x".

Initial Fuel will be set to "Default".

Grip on Track Edge will be set to "Real".

Tyres permitted will be the Racing Medium and Racing Hard tyre. The Racing Super Soft will be available for qualifying.

Tuning will be allowed.

All penalty settings will be off, except for flag rules.

Countersteer assist and Active Stability Management will be prohibited.
When a car recieves heavy damage, in any case, they must type "VD" (Vehicle Damage), and the race director will review the incident via replay, and decide whether it is worthy of a full course caution. If deemed necessary, the race director will then type "Full Course Caution", the race leader will then slow to a speed limit of 70mph (112kph), other cars must maintain position and stay single file.

during the caution period, the pits will be open during this time.If the incident is deemed not worthy of a full course caution, the vehicle with damage must make an effort to stay out of the way of faster cars, the race director will type "Still Green" to indicate the race will remain at full pace.

The race will remain under green flags until the race director has made a decision.

Pits will be closed until the race director opens them. Cars that pit and come out in front of the lead car or beside the queue of cars must file in at the back.

Race Restarts:
The class leader will have control over the race restart, when ready, the race director will type "Restart this lap", the race leader can restart the race anywhere inbetween the pit entry and the timing line at the end of that lap, overtakes before the timing line will result in a 5 second time penalty.
The race will begin via a manual rolling start, the first lap will be donewith the GT500 leader under a speeed limit of 70mph (112kph), and the GT300 Leader at 62mph (100kph).

All cars behind must maintain their qualifying position and keep a car's length to the car ahead.

All cars will form up, double file at the race directors direction, with the leader on the pit wall side, and the speed limit will be reduced to 50mph (80kph), the race will start once the leader starts, this may be anywhere between timing line and start line. The start zone is anywhere between the timing line and the start line, the start line being under the Panasonic Gantry, where the 5 green lights are situated.
All teams must use the sign up template below.

Racing Number:
# Race Director
# ARS Official Broadcaster

GT500 Entry List:

GT300 Entry List:
As an SRF Sanctioned league, the SRF rulebook "GT Ruleset" and Multiclass racing advisory will be referred to as and when we review incidents. It is linked below. If you are an SRF Licensed driver, license points will also be on the line for this event.!AqAqGgRNcV-oiS0GS3qJb0cWKvp_

If you are a faster class car (GT500) lapping a slower class car (GT300), it is the faster class' car responsibility to slide past as clean as possible.

Related Discord Servers:
Be sure to come and say Hi, mingle with our league staff, broadcasters and other drivers if you so wish!
ARS Discord:
Sim Racing Federation:

A note to any GTPlanet admins that the Discord server does NOT contain any of the event information, and is for communication purposes only. Joining the server is also strictly OPTIONAL, and NOT a requirement to participate. All of the necessary event information is contained within the opening posts of the thread, and therefore doesn't break thread guidelines.

We hope you have read through the event thread thoroughly, and we hope to see you on circuit!
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Signing the lads up because I don't know where any of them are XD

PSN ID: Rolandjupiter7
Car: BMW Z4 GT3
Team: Arrows Racing LMCorsa
Racing Number: 94

PSN ID: ART_James_95
Car: Xanavi Nismo GT-R
Team: Arrows Racing Team
Racing Number: 95
Car Lexus SC430
Team Simpact
Racing number 27

Car Xanavi GTR
Team Simpact
Racing number 88
PSN ID: ARC_Nugatti
Team: Adrenaline Racing Community
Racing number: 162
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