ARS Touring Car Championship: Season 2! Sign Ups Open!

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United Kingdom
ARS Touring Car Championship Season 2

ART James (PSN: ART_James_95)
ART Haighy (PSN: ART_Haighy96)
ART Splurge (PSN: ART_Splurge)

ART Haighy (PSN: ART_Haighy96)
ART Splurge (PSN: ART_Splurge)

Hello and welcome to the ARS Touring Car Championship: Season 2 Thread!

ARS will run a second season of it's most successful series yet!

All races will be broadcasted live on the Nukeshot Motorsport YouTube channel, which is linked below:

Race Calendar

Races will always run on fridays.

Round 1
Autodromo Interlagos
3rd July 2020

Round 2
WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca
10th July 2020

Round 3
Autopolis Short
31st July 2020

Round 4
Tokyo Expressway - South Outer Loop
28th August 2020

Round 5
Nurburgring 24H
4th September 2020

Round 6
Brands Hatch GP
11th September 2020

Round 7
Goodwood Motor Circuit
18th September 2020

Round 8
Circuit De Saint Croix - B Layout
25th September 2020

Race Day Timetable.

We will be using the same 2 race format, but with a twist.

All times given in british standard time.

19:30 Lobby opens. free practice will take place during this time whilst players gather in the lobby.

19:45 Free Practice ends, break begins, and lasts for 5 minutes.

19:50 Qualifying starts, using the ppurpose made quali feature and lasts for ten minutes, once the session ends, race 1 will begin.

20:00 Race 1 starts, and lasts for 30 minutes.

20:30 Race 1 ends, there will be a 5 minute break before race 2.

20:35 Race 2 begins, with a reverse grid based on race 1 results, and lasts for 20 minutes.

20:55 Race 2 ends, incidents can be reported to stewards, privately.

21:10 Lobby is taken offline.

Lobby Settings

Lobbies will contain a simple name for easy identification.

Lobbies will be named "ARS TCC S2 Round X

Room privacy will be set to "Friends Only".

Room mode will be set to "Practice/Qualifier/Race".

Start Type will be set to "Grid Start with False Start Check".

Race 2 will be reverse grid based on race 1 finish order.

Grid order will be set to "Fastest First".

Boost will not be used.

Slipstream strength will be set to "Real".

Visible damage will be set to "On".

Tyre wear will be set to "2x".

Fuel depletion will be set to "1x".

Initial fuel will be set to "Default".

Grip on wet track/track edge will be set to "real".

Tuning will not be allowed.

Racing Medium will be the only tyre allowed.

Ghosting will be set to "None".

Shortcut penalty will be set to "Off".

Correct vehicle coursse after wall collision will be set to "Off".

Flag rules will be set to "Off".

Countersteer assistance will not be allowed.

Active stability management (ASM) will not be allowed.

Traction control will be set to "No Limit".

Auto-Drive will not be allowed.

Car List

This series will use a select few cars from the Gr.4 Category, using a custom balance of performance
that all drivers are required to use.

Drivers are required to use the BoP provided, or risk a disqualification.

Success Ballast

if one driver dominates racess, they will be required to add weight to their car. This is success ballast.

Drivers will add their success ballast depending oon their race result.

1st: +3% Weight
2nd: +2% Weight
3rd: +1% Weight

A ballast reset will occur after round 4.

Ballast Tracker
TSR_JoeToGuy: +8% Weight (1,119KG)
ART_Haighy96: +7% Weight (1,092KG)
Rolandjupiter7: +4% Weight (1,056KG)
CRN_Rotorious: +2% Weight (1,022KG)
VQS_Sparks: +5% Weight (1,101KG)
VLX_CJohn: +5% Weight (1,101KG)
ART_James_95: 1% Weight (1,023KG)

Livery Regulations

No homophobic, political, pornographic or racist designs will be allowed. if a competitors livery breaches the
regulations in this manner, they will recieve a championship ban.

A drivers racing number must be displayed at least 3 times on their car, on both sides and the hood/bonnet, they
must also use the provided race number plate, which is linked below.

All liveries must use the standard ARS number font, which can be found on the profile linked below:

Teams are not required to use the same car, but must use similar liveries.

Sign Up Method

All drivers/ team bosses must use the provided sign up template.

Teams are not required to use the same car, but must run similar liveries,
check "livery regulations".

Title Sponsor:
Team Name:
Racing number:

Sponsors in use.


Entry List
NS_Zokeo_9 (Commentator)
NS_Mika_46 (Commentator)

Reserve List

Drivers Championship.
1st: TSR_JoeToGuy: 147 Points
2nd: ART_Haighy96: 140 Points
3rd: Rolandjupiter7: 114 Points
4th: VLX_CJohn: 107 Points
5th: ART_James_95: 73 Points
6th: TSR_Swablu: 55 Points
7th: Wytor-: 43 Points
8th: CRN_Rotorious: 36 Points
9th: Amuda74: 31 Points
10th: VQS_Sparks: 30 Points
11th: WanganGhost: 26 Points
12th: John_Wanderin: 26 Points
13th: OnlyOne07: 25 Points
14th: ART_Splurge: 25 Points
15th: jnd1502: 1 Point

Teams Championship.
1st: Arrows Racing Blue: 254 Points
2nd: Team Simpact Racing: 203 Points
3rd: Virtual Life Xperience: 107 Points
4th: Arrows Racing Team: 98 Points
5th: Golden Bear Motorsport: 57 Points
6th: Lumi Motorsport: 46 Points
7th: Clean Racing Network: 36 Points
8th: Scuderia Sbinalla: 26 Points
9th: R-Sport: 26 Points

Points System.

1st = 15 Points
2nd = 12 points
3rd = 10 points
4th = 8 points
5th = 6 points
6th = 5 points
7th = 4 points
8th = 3 points
9th = 2 points
10th = 1 point

Penalty System

We will be using the Sim Racing Federation rulebook, specifically, the Clubman Ruleset, the SRF rulebook can be found
in the SRF discord, which is linked below.

below are some links that may help you understand what we expect from our drivers, and threads
we refer to when reviewing incidents, and a link to another ARS forum which has more penalties listed.

The Good Racecraft Guide:

The Rules Of Racing document by F1Metrics:

Related Discord Servers:

Arrows Racing Series Server:

Sim Racing Federation Server:

We hope you enjoy another great season of racing at ARS!
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
PSN ID: ART_James_95
Car: BMW M4
Title Sponsor: A Better Tomorrow
Team: Arrows Racing Team
Number: 95

PSN ID: ART_Splurge (Reserve)
Car: Honda NSX
Title Sponsor: A Better Tomorrow
Team: Arrows Racing Team
Number: 93

PSN ID: ART_Haighy96
Car: Toyota GT86
Title Sponsor: Toyota
Team: Arrows Racing Blue
Number: 96

PSN ID: rolandjupiter7
Car: Toyota GT86
Title Sponsor: Toyota
Team: Arrows Racing Blue
Number: 94
PSN Id: Wytor-
Car: Toyota 86
Title Sponsor: Understeer Engineering
Team Name: Lumi Motorsport
Racing number: 23
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United States
Murrieta, California
This sounds fun. Id like to join.
PSN Id: WanganGhost
Car: Honda NSX
Title Sponsor: Castrol
Team Name: R-Sport
Racing number: 71
PSN Id: OnlyOne07
Car: Hyundai Genesis Gr.4
Title Sponsor: SpaceX
Team Name: Scuderia sBinnala
Racing number: 13

PSN Id: jnd1502
Car: Hyundai Genesis Gr.4
Title Sponsor: SpaceX
Team Name: Scuderia sBinnala
Racing number: 15

I am afraid we won't be able to make it to the first round, but the next ones should be fine.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hi everyone! If you haven't already feel free to join our discord server, where our drivers and Broadcasters can socialise and chat about the series, linked above in the thread!

A note to any GTPlanet admins that the Discord server does NOT contain any of the event information, and is for communication purposes only. Joining the server is also strictly OPTIONAL, and NOT a requirement to participate. All of the necessary event information is contained within the opening posts of the thread, and therefore doesn't break thread guidelines.