Assetto Corsa Competizione GT4 European Series

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The Bronx
Was hoping for a GT4 Career mode, but skimmed through "Championship" and saw settings for "GT4 European Series". Didn't notice if it was in the GT4 DLC description. Yay!
The Bronx
Restarted the Sprint Championship a few times to see if the races replicate the 2019 season. So far, Monza Race 1 has been dry each time the temps are about 10°C lower for both races. However, Race 1 starts to rain towards the middle of the race. Race 2 is wet just like last year.

Brands Hatch Race 1 & 2 are dry like last year. Again, the temps are slightly lower than the real races.

Paul Ricard Race 1&2 are dry. The temps are closer to the real stats.
Game: 29°C Track-38°C
2019: 27°C Track-37.5°C
Edit: post race, the ambient temp went up 1°C. :)

AI are set to 88/88.q The default 88/67 are too easy. 90/90 suits me the best. Got a surprise win from last 16/16, in Race 2 at Monza. Decided to pit early. Guess warmer tyres helped me, as cars re-entered the track.

Couple more events to go.

Edit: At the completion of my my first Championships in the Camaro, finished 5th overall.

Good car at all the circuits. It's worse performance, by me of course, was at Misano. I just couldn't get it together. Need to practice that circuit more. Zandvoort is another one. K have used the GT3 cars when first getting the games, but one of the hairpins, I kept braking too late.
Finally getting it, the flow of the circuit got better.

Skipping practicing and qualy options and using the 2x10 minutes, are good for me with limited time. I'll have to take advantage of late night/early mornings to explore longer races. The Championship gets a thumbs up.

The Maserati is next on the list. Will try to adjust my driving during practice and qualy. Auto save is great.

It's amazing what good physics and a well set up controller, can do for player enjoyment.
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