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From Fecebook. This is not my mod. Join/Support the FB group, and the mod's creator if you can.

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Norbert Szamosi


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Release! Release! Release!
I'm releasing the M5 F90 LCI that I've been working on for a damn while.
Things that aren't finished:
  • proper interior
  • sound
  • gauge cluster
Things finished: physics, exterior, ext_config (simplified).
The extension includes: working headlights with low beams and high beams, blinkers (like real life), tailights, interior lights.
The car is far from finished, far from perfect and far from good.
I'm still learning and I'm open to constructive feedback! Mind your manners: "please" & "thank you" are your best friends.
This is my favorite car. It has everything that I could ever want. I'll be doing many more configs so stay tuned!
Cars in this mod:
BMW M5 F90 LCI BASE (kinda), COMPETITION, CS & other configs with different rims and bits.
CM Showroom customizable items:
  • body paint
  • rim paint
  • caliper paint
  • headlight lasers
  • license plates
  • windows
  • high beams
  • low beams
  • badges
  • wingmirrors
  • fender vents
  • fender vents logo plates
  • comp badges
  • rim bolts
  • wheel hubs
  • some headlight detail
  • grille border
  • headliner
  • leather
  • dashboard
  • stitching
  • plastic trim
  • wood trim
  • chrome trim
Launch control is exactly like the one on my 992!
What was not stated above is still W.I.P.!
I'm sorry if it's not optimized. Optimization will come after the car is in a finished state.
Credits: Nizar Razzouk, Buja Gili, Paulo Pereira, Max Reusch, Timon Roelandt, Aldin Pezo, Mike Rudland, Jerome Hankins, Forceful.

great mate! thank you!
this comes for my weekend!
just creating an oldschool NFS championship...
collecting stuff and preparing tracks and cars for some time now.
i will share, when i am finished. but do not expect something 100% accurate in NFS content.
i am missing cars like Aston Martin DB7 , Italdesign Cala ,... BMW nazca

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NFS2-SE Soundtrack
I have the BMW Nazca C2. I can share if you'd like
Not sure if i just didn't notice it before or not, but i have this weird pixelated thing going on around door frames etc, like its the sun glinting but looks weird, does anyone else see this?
Full AA used plus even with TAA on too its there.
Had to do pics via phone as phot mode makes them disappear.

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Be advised, the Modena Junior ST60 recently added to Assettoland has the same folder name as the Miker F Junior 60 paid mod. If you have the paid mod, don't install this new mod and overwrite the other, as you will "lose" the Miker F Junior 60, and end up with two Modena Junior ST60 mods.

I guess whoever edited the Modena Junior ST60 paid mod, and uploaded it the Assettoland, mixed up the folder names.

Modena Junior ST60, folder name fjunior_st60

[EDIT] Assettoland contacted me, and they should be correcting this issue.


Miker F Junior 60, folder name fjunior_60.
You will lose or overwrite this mod with the Modena version if you install the Assettoland mod.

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hello beautiful liveries Gulf but where did you get the 2 versions of the Mirage ? you are a man of 1000 surprises.
Le Mans and World Endurance car pack is from GTR2 (the most complete there is), and I downloaded it from another site. That's where I got the skins and cars from there, and I made these conversions with a lot of mistakes.

Amazing. will you release these as they are. Fingers crossed.
I don't think I can make it available, because some cars I used as a base, are paid, others are free (but from other people), and conversion has many errors, some cars were left with the steering column, when I put it on the track, with problems, other problems in the suspension, missing parts, decentralized mirrors, etc...These were cars that I've always been waiting for the Assetto Corsa, and they never I tried to do it the way I did, as I have no knowledge deep in 3d programs (I used 3dsimed, my free license ends in 3 or 4 days). Waiting for someone to do something more complete. But for my personal use, for now I will be able to fill the grids.
Honda NSX-R GT v1.1
Assetto Garage / ACTK
Fix or update:
Add lod
Add wipers
Add damage glass
Add shaking exhaust
Add brakedisc fx
Add tyres fx

I don't get what kind of workflow in "updating" mods prioritize stuff like shaking exhaust to things like mapping it properly and baking Ao for it
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I don't get what kind of workflow in "updating" mods prioritize stuff like shaking exhaust to things like mapping it properly and baking Ao for it
I don't get what kind of person throws a stick to make their pet dog run. I mean, if the dog is dumb enough to think a stick is worth running after maybe we should just shoot it.


Ferrari Shill
Yay, thanks for the Paris update Reboot team. I know you guys do some pretty awesome stuff and I don't mean to take away from that but the old Paris AI was hot garbage, couldn't complete a single clean lap in many different cars, so nice to see some improvements on that front. 👍
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There are a couple of new 'rare gems' on Legion's blog:

Great cars !
Would it be possible to add a roll bar to the Cooper King Cobra ?

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
ks_porsche_718_spyder_rs GB (Fictional) Skins
Added some more fictional skins - CSP required for Pearlescent and Chrome effects
Thanks also to @Hosku for his wonderful McLaren F1 GTR Vodafone chrome/red skin that pointed me in the right direction to get the chrome effect for car #03
Hosku Skin here;



    3.9 MB · Views: 21
    5.5 MB · Views: 19
    4.5 MB · Views: 20
    5 MB · Views: 17
    6.2 MB · Views: 17
    4.2 MB · Views: 16
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Yay, thanks for the Paris update Reboot team. I know you guys do some pretty awesome stuff and I don't mean to take away from that but the old Paris AI was hot garbage, couldn't complete a single clean lap in many different cars, so nice to see some improvements on that front. 👍
Thanks for noticing- I tried. Can't guarantee it will work for every mod out there. Walled in tracks are always unforgiving. A lot of work has been done by the guys to help improve the track, including some new layouts.

Have fun.
Russian Federation
Just in case they get missed in the deep ocean of half-assed flotsam, a couple of very nice Ferrari 355 Berlinettas popped up on AL earlier:
Refractive lights, AO, emissive instruments, animated gearstick, wipers, LODs, interior trim options...
This legendary car is finally getting the mod it deserves.
Top job.
Such an amazing and high-quality work! All these fixes would come up perfect to the Challenge version...
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United States
This is a progress video for Casual Sim Studios' first mod release. The 1937 Mercedes W25 Streamliner. I didn't want to create t-shirts or a patreon account, instead I wanted something awesome for those of you who want to support this channel. That decision led to me creating Casual Sim Studios last year.

Hi, i'm looking for csp rain/wipers updates for cars:

porsche 959 rs
aston v8 vantage s
bugatti eb110 ss
porsche 911 turbo leib 1993
acura nsx/honda
maclaren artura
porsche 912r

Maybe do you have it somewhere?
The car is free on the creator's site , so I don't see a reason to download it from assettoland.
Yeah, Assettoland do a fair bit of unnecessary reuploading rather than just linking to the original source, often in the guise of some unspecified updated by Assettoland "improvements" which somehow manage to ignore a whole stack of obvious (and easily-fixable) errors.
They also seem increasingly happy to upload broken/untested/unfinished crapola. It'd be nice if at least some effort was taken to filter the utter garbage out and apply some QC.
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this mod has nothing to do with a possible ripped work Raceroom from Skyten !!!! which I am not aware of 😉

this exclusive mod for the GTPlanet community was started at my request because some people like me needed the Ningbo International circuit for the WTCC, WTCR and Blancpain GT Series Asia. The GTPlanet modders worked for free in their time to improve the original version of this track found for free on a Chinese website. An overpriced paid version exists in China therefore not accessible for some here. So I started the project but obviously the track is not perfect since the modders of GTPlanet are not responsible for the original basic work of this free mod. But with already the excellent work of the community the track is perfectly usable for racing, but it would require a lot of improvement work of course but I remind you that this mod is free and that the GTPlanet modders who worked on this project have already given a lot of their time. I'm not a modder so I can't do anything more.
If obviously people here want to convert the Raceroom version, good luck and we will be happy with that of course !!!

Official link here :

View attachment 1067098
I know many people don't have the expensive (and inaccurate) version of Ningbo made by POLYCODE (I have btw), and are able to find a "free" version on a website, but the so-called free version, though with extremely low quality which needs reworking, is a non-public version with copyright owned by the circuit's official administration, made by a Japanese team (shame on them for the easy money...:crazy:). People can find it for free just because it was not public (so it's not for sale), but got leaked.
I got that version from the circuit officials as I have connections with them through a racing team. It might sound hilarious but we had to sign an NDA to get the mod which you have been using to do this rework. I already knew that the circuit was leaked by the time I got it but we'd use that mod for some commercial use (did not really use due to the low quality though) and don't want any trouble as we have some connections with the circuit officials as mentioned.
You can continue the rework that's no problem the circuit won't mind actually and even if they do they won't be able to take any measures:lol: Just want to clarify that the free version is not actually free but a non-public version which got leaked