Aston Martin Confirms its Valkyrie Hypercar Will Race at Le Mans in 2025

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Aston Martin Confirms its Valkyrie Hypercar Will Race at Le Mans in 2025

Aston Martin has confirmed that, at long last, it will enter a pair of its halo Valkyrie supercars into the Le Mans Hypercar category for the whole of the 2025 FIA World Endurance Championship — including the 24 Hours of Le Mans itself...
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Cool. It’s definitely a car I was hoping would compete someday. When GT7 got the Valkyrie I said it reminded of a Le Man hyper car but for the road. Wouldn’t mind GT7 getting the track version.
So with that IMSA confirmation, definately expecting to see that at the end of year Daytona Test. The high banks will be alive with that distinctive wail.
If my chat with a team driver is to come to fruition, I might be able to see them in a static preview event in Seattle in the coming months. 3 racing chassis and 2 tubs for spares is what I was told.

Either way I’ll get to see its racing debut in Daytona in January, I got my 4 day passes 2 months ago.

Got the new GT3 Vantage debut with them this past Daytona:




With the operations and sponsor being local I’m hoping I can make more connections and network with folks from the HoR team, maybe get some behind the scenes looks here and there. We’ll see if I can position myself into that this year, but media work is very competitive these days.
Shame Glickenhaus were never a serious contender... None of the non-hybrid teams have the resources to compete properly
They always did a decent job with what they had until this year with Lamborghini and Isotta Fraschini they were the only Hypercar entry with a 100% finishing record at Le Mans (from 6 entries with a worst finish of 7th.

Those small constructors embody the spirit of endurance racing for me, hopefully they get on top of the reliability 004.
Anybody have a read on the potential fuel economy of a high RPM V12 compared to a bunch of much smaller turbo engines? Seems like a distinct disadvantage, although it should be able to run a leaner fuel mix all else being equal. The Cadillac fuel economy seems to be comparable, but that's a relatively low revving engine.

Silverstone struggling to sell tickets, blaming Red Bull dominance.

Nothing to do with the fact it's cheaper to go to the Hungarian GP, including flights and hotels, than it is for general admission to Silverstone..

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