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    I have created this thread to make it easier for others to get to the "true meat" of the B-spec ( Bspec ) discussions, and learn how to maximize their B-spec points. Preferably don't start discussions in this thread here. Well, a good thing to post here might be suggestions of links to be added here.

    This thread is referenced by the stickied/locked FAQ thread/posts, to make it hopefully easy-to-find.

    Anyway, here's my current list of useful links, mostly to single posts.

    Initial post by TigJackson

    Orion_SR's version

    Orion_SR notes that points are never totally "lost"

    Orion_SR resummarizes:

    Orion_SR discusses the meaning of pace numbers and overtake selector:

    The following are the main Bspec point threads. (They contain the above posts, but are long and difficult to read in their entirety, and even contain some misinformation; I found printed-out copies of most of the above single posts to be invaluable, yet sufficient)

    B-Spec "Scientific" Study at https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?t=64863
    Obtaining Better B-Spec Stats ?? at https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?t=61033

    Also 10,000 B-Spec Club at https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?t=75122

    Major Edit: 2006-Apr-11 Orion_SR added the following a while ago . . .
    Sometime I'll probably completely re-order and/or edit this whole message . . .

    List of 58 B-spec Tracks

    New B-spec Car Tunings from the Original JP Author

    Updated Web Site of the Original JP Author

    Sequence of a B-spec point progression through a cycle of 29 races.
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    Done. Good work.
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    Bspec is properly spelled B-spec .

    I have corrected it in the thread title, but am adding this post with "Bspec" in the post title so that searches will find that, too.

    Edit: Initially that didn't seem to work, but it seems to now, Something to do with the ordering of search results.
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    Edit: Following quote has since been changed by Orion_SR . . .
    Wow. That automatic translator is weird sometimes.

    I think lots of Japanese names must be phonetic approximations of the foreign names.

    So "Circuit de la Sarthe" becomes "Monkey Tosser Kit". "Tosser Kit" might be phonetic for "Tah Circuit", but I can't quite figure out the Monkey. And it is weird if the apparent translation of the words have those appropriate English sounds. (So perhaps the Japanese for Monkey sounds like the appropriate name in English (actually French); but perhaps, "Kit", for example is an invented Japanese word for use in matching foreign names; or perhaps the fact "ser Kit" sounds like "Circuit" is pure coincidence--after all, in French it is more like "serkey" anyway).

    Anyway, when I'm trying to improve my S-15 license times, I will occasionally giggle inexplicably when I think about tossing monkeys.

    Edit: But, in fact, I see no occurrences of the "Monkey Tosser Kit" phenomenon when I use the above translation links today...

    Er. Yes I do. But it seems today followed links no longer get automatically translated, or something. E.g.
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    Thanks for the links and instructions.

    I may be missing something, but I can't find the "Nissan Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car '02" listed as the D car. I check three sources, including the official Play Station web site. I do find the "350Z Concept LM Race Car" - is this the same?
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    That's the right car. It's the prize from the JP Championship. Fairlady is the name from the Japanese version used by the original author. BTW, the best place to ask B-spec questions is on the thread below. We prefer to use this topic for managing reference links to messages that provide the most useful information.

    Best Place to ask B-spec Questions ==> Obtaining Better B-Spec Stats ??

    If you are using the updated car list from the original JP author, then use the Nissan Micra '03 for the Nissan March 12c 5 door `01 default (A-1). Even if it isn't the same car, I have tested the Micra for A-1 floating points and would recommend it over the Lupo.