Backing The Bike In

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I was just wondering if anyone has perfected a technique for "backing" the bike into bends. I have been trying and have had limeted success, I always seem to get the back wheel in the air as apposed to just breakng traction slightly. I am shifting my weight forward but always lift the back wheel.

Any suggestions


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the best way i've found to back the bike in in just to use the back brake as well as the front while the bike's leant over going into a corner. As long as the bike isn't leant too far over, you should be able to get a fairly nice slide.
Hope this helps :)
I Find That the bike starts to back in naturally on certain corners if the bike is set up well and balanced, the corner that comes to mind is the enterence into the last corner @ Valencia as it's hard breaking and downhill but overstep the mark and you find the ice effect and you just slide off track gravel bound.

Get it just right and it looks awsome on replay just like Hayden :D

Another corner is the first @ seattle you can literally fishtail the back end in that breaking zone 👍

You may find that Pro Mode helps due to individual front and rear break control, If balanced and used correctly the effect can be induced.
Got it! Just incase anybody wants to know my technique (may be the same as someone elses, im not trying to say i invented this, i just think it works best :D) When entering a corner, start braking with the rear brake sooner than you do with the front whilst shifting your weight forward. Then, as you start to turn the bike in apply a small amount of front brake to put the load on the front tyre and the back starts to come round :D Then just release the back brake, shift the weight back and take the turn as usual. (Don't apply to much front brake on corner entry for this because when you turn the bars the rear will kick up and come round far to fast, ultimately ending with you falling off :D