Based on RDR2, what gameplay features/elements/mechanics do you hope for in GTA VI

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For those who have picked up RDR-2, what are some elements from that game that you hope make it to the next edition of GTA VI?

For me:

1. Fishing - I've really, strangely, enjoyed fishing a lot in RDR2. The mechanic is fairly primitive, but its also somehow fun, especially with the gorgeous visuals and dynamic soundtrack. Going from flying militarized motorcycles in GTA Online to fishing would be quite a refreshing slow down, IMO.

2. Car care and deeper interaction with vehicles - I like that you have separate status monitors for your horse in RDR2. In GTA VI maybe you have to make sure your car doesn't overheat (no full throttle for 5m +) and that it doesn't run out of fuel or oil. Maybe the opportunity to wash your car by hand or change the oil?

3. Health & Stamina "Core". This was an interesting addition for me and I like it. Gives you a reason to eat food without making it an annoyance.

I'm not sure all of the crafting elements from RDR would really fit in a GTA game, but I personally wouldn't mind it. RDR2 feels like much more of an RPG than any GTA since San Andreas.
Ocho Rios
Along the same lines, I like most of the sim stuff in RDR. Some of it is tedious, particularly during and after the epilogue where certain chores take longer in the game than they do in real life....but anyway. I should probably note that San Andreas remains my favourite R* game, so I am completely on board with more activities like that.

There is no secret that I wanted more sim-like stuff in GTA. I missed the eating, vomiting, getting fat and made fun of by npcs, going to gym and getting jacked, etc. However, I would not be psyched at the RDR equivalent of go to the store, shop for food, bring home groceries, wash vegetables, peel vegetables, steam vegetables, plate vegetables, cut butter, etc all being separate press to hold functions. I would like there to be a happy medium. Frankly, I see RDR wearing on me after a while. And if it wears on me, it's going to wear on just about everyone. It is still a video game, and while I don't mind mundane activities and even inconveniences(I stop at traffic signals on GTA V...) I prefer those activities are both less hassle and time consuming than the real life equivalent. Hauling eggs to the wagon in the epilogue is painful, for example. That's too much. Not expected, though, as there has always been a disconnect with the games. What CEO maintains a CDL and drives his own tractor trailer to deliveries? When is the last time anyone heard of some $100mil+ drug lord out slinging bags to residences, or a ranch owner shoveling manure? While the last one is perhaps more common than the prior, the whole point in buying a business, being the boss, etc is that you pay to put people in place to handle that. If the GTA progression was more 'real,' I would tolerate more 'real' activities. Unfortunately, I see R* having us as CEO and cleaning out the toilets with long presses of X and scrubbing the sinks with alternating joystick oscillations. :lol:

I hope they take the best of both worlds, preferably with options as how you want to play. That said, I think the demographic that is keeping GTA alive for so long is probably not very receptive to that type of play. Without rambling any further, I love the fishing, hunting, even the leisure activities. I wish they include all of those. Overall, I think RDR swung just a little too far in the direction that I was complaining GTA should be moving for the past several years. Careful what you wish for!