Beater or Sleeper? COTW! Week 65: Tips over a lot... (Reliant Supervan)

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Just ask @PJTierney how many times his Jimmy decided to bury its wheels in the ground while fighting for the lead. :lol:
Yup, go off a big enough jump and the wheels will clip through the ground, locking you in place 🙃

I've tried tunes for the car in multiple classes and it definitely has meta pace, but you have the constant fear of getting a DNF in every race.

If anyone wants a livery, here you go.

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Jimmy scored a Sleeper rating, so we're not rust(l)ing any jimmies anytime soon.

And for this week, let me sum up what's going on here:
UKMikey's post, with my reply + Vic's reply directly under.

We are taking a little field trip to a 5 mile replica of the Great Wall of China and to traverse such narrow scenery, we'll need an appropriately narrow car. And what better car to choose than a cult classic?

We're all tripping over ourselves to see what this car is so let's welcome the- CRASH!


Can we get someone out to go check on our demo driver? And order a new demo Supervan?


The Supervan III will be going to a Custom Eventlab rather than a normal track this week, but the same basic courtesy of clean times counts. If you manage to flip the vehicle and land it on its wheels I will look away from that but any other flip is dirty. Event Code is 543 968 148.

Try not to flip.

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“Only Fools & China Walls” :lol:

Admittedly the Reliant Supervan wasn’t what I had in mind when @Obelisk asked me if we could run the Great Wall Of China Custom Route for this week.

But nevertheless, the show must go on. :P

Packing a 0.7 litre 4 cylinder engine, the 32hp it makes pushes the 1004lbs of Supervan along via a 4 speed manual gearbox.

As you’ll discover at the start as you climb up on the wall, this car has an open diff so all that 32hp will spin one tyre needlessly and restrict your performance.

Now yes, it is a 3 wheeler with the single tyre upfront, but I found it’s not as rollover prone as you might’ve been lead to believe. :odd: In fact the the only time I technically rolled it was because I went too fast on one jump, slightly overshot the landing zone, clipped it with the rear tyres and pretty much lawn darted it into the ground. :D

Aside from that, it didn’t flip over for me despite doing 80mph+ and catching air on the downhill sections. :scared:

Uphill sections however…

Well let’s just say it reminded me of the times while growing up we were driven about in my Granddad’s later model Reliant 3 Wheeler, drop a gear or two and hoped you got over the hill. :lol:

For 20k or so, it’s a cult classic, a proper Meme Machine. ;)

In stock form it’s Neutral, but with the right tune and matching level of throttle control and talent, it’s quite the Mean Machine in C class or B class. :sly:

Verdict: Neutral(But definitely pick one up. 👍)