Been away for a while. Whats the latest?

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So, i've been away from PC2 (and all other race games) for a while, due to house renovating/job/other excuses. I missed the PC3 introduction, but from what i've seen, it doesnt compare to PC2 (the SIM-feel).

Are people still enjoying PC2 online? When i played, it was on PS4, which i still have but it's buried in some closet, somewhere. So i've bought PC2 for my PC and going to get that started again, with the Logitech T150 RS Pro.

Btw, the CRAP time-attacks are still gone? Anyone else picking this up, maybe?

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Still here.
Shropshire, UK.
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other excuses.
Life in general? :-)
(PC3) it doesn't compare to PC2 (the SIM-feel).
In terms of motorsport features, no. The driving and racing element though has a lot going for it, there's still some decent physics going on underneath it's more glossy exterior. There is a slightly more forgiving feel to it which actually makes it more rewarding. For single player fun races I tend to choose it over PC2.

For its motorsports features, setup and game options plus the online lobbies PC2 still rules (PS4). Online is where I generally play it in the series I run. And still enjoy it.

Since you're on PC now you'll have access the the mods that are available for PC2 which will extend its appeal. Car creations mainly I think, although I know there are also FFB files to.

Time trials? Not sure.