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    What are some of the best hybrid parts? I have a 6000+ hp Diablo that will only go 400 mph becuase the gearbox is limiting it. I need one that will go to a higher setting and allow the car to reach its optimum speed. Anyone know which car has one?

    Btw, I made some F1 cars to race on rally. They turn just as good as on the asphault. I tried to boost up the horse power, but they would go airborn and slap into the wall at 300 mph everytime they hit a bump.

    I like to use the engine from the F686/M
    Racing transmission from the Escudo(not working, limits the cars speed at 400 mph)
    Stage 3 N/A tune from the Viper
    Both Flywheel and Clutch from the Viper
    Displacement from the Skyline R34 V-spec II
    Polish and balance from the MotorSport Elise.

    Btw, anyone have a copy of that NSX that does 500+ mph that I can have? If not, what transmission does it use? I hate having a car with 6200+ horsepower that will reach 400 mph in ten seconds but cant go anywhere else becuase of it. I think in 30 seconds i could have speeds nearing 550+ mph.

    What do u guys think are the best parts to use? and why?

    One more thing, I think the number of different parts on the game is too limited. You should be able to buy superchargers, Blowers, NOS, some stuff like that. And where is all of the American Muscle in these games??? I would die to see some of the old 67-72 cars from Chevrolet in there somewhere. They kickass. It needs a 1/4 mile track too. So u can build up a car and drag if u want. Max speed doesnt help too much :( I wouldnt mind then allowing Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porche, and maybe some of the top car manufacturers in there. It would be awsome if they allowed dragsters. I would build a top-fuel dragster with 6000 horsepower running on alchohol or Nitromethane and put F1 handling on it :) I could hit 0-400 mph in 4.5 seconds and turn on a dime. Even though this is a great game, they put a huge limit on the number of cars and car types, as well as parts.

    So whats the best parts for hybrids?
    Most of all, whats the best transmission.
  2. too cold

    too cold

    This will give ya over 8000hp.

    8,037bhp parts
    Engine 2CF8 57C8 5648 4614
    Polish CDC8 1609 BB5A 3EDB
    Balance 315A 1809 BB5A 3E5B
    Displace EBB8 57F7 3660 3329
    Computer 6EAA 1709 BB5A 3E1B
    NA tune AECA 6FE7 C78E B093
    Turbo 0713 1DB6 9665 8489
    Muffler 2A89 1609 BB5A 3E9B
    Intercooler 0C13 1DB6 9665 482C
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    Are those the best parts to increase hp? I think we should get a list that tells things like... how much each turbo increases hp: example: skyline turbo stage 4 increases hp 235% ; 3000 gt stage 4 increases hp 210% ; and so on... You know what Im saying, how much each upgrade increases your hp. Then we can find out which parts are BEST, and which will increase overall performance the most.
  4. too cold

    too cold

    A list would be cool, although time consuming to make. IMO anything above 5000hp or so is not to good. Alot of the parts above are from the mini. They give the biggest % increase. The engine is the ecscudo. I found a cool combo that I like, using the 787b motor. Believe I used most the other parts above for hp. It was 5000hp or so. Very torquey(don't know if thats a word) and sounded too cool when idleing. Think i'll toy with that and try to leave turbo's off to see if it will still sound good while driving. I guess the thing about hybrid's is to use the best combo that will fit what your trying to make. Heh, thats one of the things i love about it.