best of the british!

Discussion in 'GT3 Race Reports' started by ving, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. ving


    British GT car cup pro

    race 2: ssr11 - 10 laps

    My car: brandnew lotus espirt v8 w/ chip, race exhaust, semi race suspension and t3 tires.
    (note was going to use my vx220 TURBO (slightly tightened susp, n/a tune1) but after a trail run of 7 laps and only just getting 3rd i decided not to.

    Last on the starting grid due to missing quallifing, due to arguements in middle-level management in my racing team. I eye off the rear ends of the competition, MS elise and speed 6 take the front row of the grid, followed by the 2 aston martins (vanquish and vantage v8) and the xkr and myself bringing up the rear.

    Light turn green and I'm off like a prawn in the sun weaving my way up to 3rd place by turn 4.
    only the elise and tvr ahead of me.

    half way thru lap one and the tvr bites the dust as it were, and i am close on the tail of the elise.....
    at this point i am paying attention the what the elise is doing. he is sliding all over the place (actually drifting some corners!)

    anyhow i take him in a late braking manouver and go easy the rest of the way so save my tires.

    i criuse in for a 15sec 1st place :)

    why is it that the vx was so slow and the esprit blitzaed them?
    cause esprits rox my jox!
  2. RVDNuT374


    United States
    The Espirit is faster than the VX220.;) :p
  3. ving


    well that too...
    the vx was really close to stock
  4. GT3-Ownage


    wow! the elise actually drifted some corners? that must have been cool to watch