Best Rally car for Special Condition?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 4' started by Lightsped, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Lightsped


    I am having trouble winning some of the normal/hard Rally races that take place on dirt/snow. What is the best car to use to win these races? I have the Subaru WRC, Toyota Raid RSC, and a early 90s Celica Rally car.
  2. Dave A

    Dave A Premium

    United Kingdom
    Use the Impreza, tune it and win the RS200 rally car, then use that for everything off road.
  3. Shafted


    I got the lancer evo super rally car and couldn't do many of the hard races, then i got a Dodge RAM pickup truck,fully modded it and won EVERYTHING with it!

    No joke.
  4. SimRaceDriver


    United States
    I found that using the Subaru Impreza Rally Car suited me quite well...and when compared to the other rally cars, was the better choice...give it a shot & see what you think!
  5. justin_tyme


    I have found the newer Celica Rally car that you win to be perfect for most gravel races as it is very stable. The Lancer Evo VIII Rally Car '03 (that you need to buy) is also very stable and a tad more powerful. You can easily win all the hard races with this.

    Other cars are also good, but far more twitchy: among these are the Peugeot 206 Evo II Rally, the Delta S4 and the RS200. Find the one that better suits your style, but I think all of these I mentioned you can win the Hard races with (with very low A-Spec points unfortunately).

    Just DON'T add a stage 4 turbo as it kills your torque, play with the tranny and switch off ASM, while churning up TCS to maximum. Worked for me.
  6. MikeCUK28


    I use the Toyota RSC Rally Raid for most stuff. I think I've done the normal stuff with it and maybe some hard races.
  7. Z


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    This was the car I used for most of these races as well. There just seems to be much more grip up front compared to the other rally cars I've driven. I can't really say the same for this car on snow courses as much -- I prefer the Accent or Celica rally cars better for this setting.
  8. chenc544


    I'm using a Evo VII RS max out on mods with the org turbo.
    The best advice I have for the dirt is to tune your suspension to be pretty soft. The car will tend to over steer all by itself so you need to dial in some understeer to be stable. Other pointers...

    Don't be afraid to go fast
    Brake late and use your rear bumper
    Turn your gear ratio way down, you need accel more than top speed
    Get the NOS and use it when you come out of corners

    Personally I actually like regular cars for special condition hall better than rally cars. Most rally cars over steer way too easy for my taste. I actually use the Audi A3 with some mods for a lot of the races. That car is not particularly fast but it's super stable and lots low end torque. Good luck.
  9. Lemke


    i've used the subaru impreza wrc '03 for all the gravel stages. the only mod i have is NOS for getting out of the corners faster. for the snow i use the accent. it handles better.
  10. Shentar


    I think it depends on your driving style mostly. I noticed that at most times the Subaru Impreza cars understeer a little more than the Lancer Evo cars, but the Impreza's seem to have more grunt to them, power wise. The 206's seem to rotate very well, as do the Focus but just a little less so.

    My person driving style/preference works best with the Lancer Evos.
  11. insane


    I'm using the Suzuki Escudo. 1000hp with NOS, you cant beat it...the only thing is that its kinda big, but the acceleration of the car helps a TON, and the 200+ top speed :).
  12. toska1


    i used a skilne gtr !! fully tuned it with every hks performance part that was available and ive won every rally race striaght off, but this is my prefference and not everyone would choose this but i find it great, its fast and has good handeling what else do you need ??
  13. JohnBM01

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    Three letters, Lightspeed: R, S, C. Three words after it: Rally Raid Car. One company: Toyota. You can get it easily by winning the Capri Rally (Easy) races. What is Capri? In this case, it isn't those mid-length pants girls wear, it is the beautiful Costa di Amalfi course. Here's one important hint for you, Lightspeed, you don't need a rally car to win a race on tarmac. You want varification of this? You face Le Mans race cars with Tsukuba Circuit WET in the Hard races. So then, it leaves you wondering what you have to use.

    For the tarmac rallies, I tuned a Mitsubishi 3000GT MR from... I want to say 1998. It is already a powerful machine, with a few more mods, you can't lose. In fact, the only real trouble you're going to have on tarmac rallies is Citta di Aria. Anyhow, after you win the Easy version of Costa di Amalfi, you get the Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car. Unlike past GTs, you have to purchase off-road tires seperately. Having Dirt and Snow tires are important for even entering the off-road races. Both will cost you about 22,500 Cr for each one. So you're looking at around 50K credits to spend just on Dirt and Snow tires. The RSC Rally Raid Car has been the only rally car I've used except for when I won myself a Suzuki Escudo Rally Car. The RSC is very powerful, yet very controllable. As long as you can race as hard as you can and eventually win, you're almost unstoppable in this machine.

    Now go win you some rally races. Oh, and if you need money from them, most of the rally cars go for about 100K to 200K. Unless you're going to use all of your prize rally cars, you can easily make some money.
  14. Rising_Hell


    that beast from the good old days gt2. ESCUDO! 1000hp and riping the dirt apart. great wall rider also. (you can win this car second from the last special conditions race by the way)
  15. GunChaXXX


    Subaru Impreza is good car! Tune it to maximum and it will be best rally car! Suzuki Escudo is too overpowered, wheelspin is on every corner! Better Subaru! I personaly have Subaru Impreza 01! I won all hard races!
  16. faster than u

    faster than u

    why when i clip the opponants car on tahiti normal on special conditions ,i get a 5 sec penalty ,but when he clips me he gets off scott free it well annoying
  17. Crayola


    Why do I get so few A-spec points whe using a group B car even against an equally matched one? For example on Cathedral rocks 1 I had a stock RS200 road car against an Intergrale road car and only got 7 A-spec points.
  18. eastley


    Who knows man, this whole A-Spec thing is just a bug to me. I mean I just did the TVR Blackpool one make races. I Got a Speed 6, did a Oil Change and added a wing, and maxed out the downforce. I was against 2 speed 12's and was only getting 30 A-Spec points. So I don't worry about them now, I am 80% through the game and have about 10,500 A-Spec points, Its is not much but I don't care.

    I find the rally in GT4 to hard and will do what ever it takes to finish them, so I won't worry about A-Spec points.
  19. baja67


    my car of choice for the Rallies is the Mitsubishi Lancer Super rally car (cost's 1.2 mill but, to me, it was worth it).
  20. the hodge man

    the hodge man

    if i was you i would do rally' d' umbria on hard and get then lancia delta s4 mainly cos i think it handles better than the rs200 has better power dleivery and is quicker.:)
  21. bucket of water

    bucket of water

    205 t16 evo2 - it really sucks on road race (like grand valley - and its mostly becuse it had to keep up the conner speed) but its monster on the dirt/snow and tracks like nurburgring
  22. RenesisEvo


    Must you use exclamation marks instead of full stops? :crazy:

    Erm... I tried the RSC on Grand Canyon easy - and nearly got beaten by the Impreza the CPU had. And all for 1pt. But I understand that I cannot drive anything in GT4 on gravel... the physics are just shocking. Colin McRae feels infinitely better. 'Jack of all trades, master of none' comes to mind. Or few - tarmac i aint complaining!!

    If anyone has a set-up for the RSC Rally car I'd appreciate it hugely :tup:
  23. Teh_Loserer


    I bought a used WRX STi, tuned it fully except just a stage 1 turbo, and went to town. Create 2 settings, one for pavement and one for off road. Lower it and stiffen it for the pavement setting, with super soft tires. Leave it at factory height, change to 15% front power distribution, set the rear stablilizer to 1, and leave the front at like 4. Set the gearing for more acceleration as mentioned above. I beat EVERY special condition race with this.
  24. khdu7R


    You can actually use the Subaru Impreza Super Touring Car in the rally races!
    Got some dirt and snow tires, purchased a Stage 4 Turbo (which makes 600something HP)kit... then I killed all Easy races.

    AFAIK, the Escudo is the best rally car ever, but I'm still trying my best to win that hard race where you get the Escudo.
  25. Quattro20v

    Quattro20v Premium

    Special Conditions were all quite easy for me but I did have hard time with Grand Canyon Hard and Ice Arena Hard. To me the only way to beat the Ice Arena Hard was to play :grumpy: DIRTY :grumpy: in the first corner and to do some wallriding. I used several cars during Special Conditions. I found the Subaru Impreza Rally Car Prototype to be quite useful in the Hard races. To me the Escudo is totally useless with it's horrible turbo lag etc and I don't have the interest to tweak it's settings to make it driveable.
  26. j8mie


    Best Rally car for Special Condition? My advise. Don't bother! The drit/gravel/snow tracks are a joke. I've never played a game with such bad physics for rallying. The rest of the game is great and really feels nice. But this is taking the pi$$.

    The cars slide far too much through the corners, the tracks are too narrow, so when you do want to slide the back out, you hit the invisible wall. Grand Cranyon has far too many turns to be beliveable or playable. The 5sec penalty thing has to be the biggest joke of the lot. You only have to look funny at the other car and you get one. What a waste of my time. I also love the fact you buy a rally car (not the road version), and it comes with race's a rally car! They are raced on dirt, not race tracks. Tw@ts!

    If you want a rally game. Buy Colin McRae on PC. It wipes the floor with this pathetic attempt at rallying. For me this is the biggest let down of the whole game, and drops the games rating from 95% to a lowly 87%.

    The worst thing of all, is that it was fine in GTP. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    Must try harder next time PD
  27. Bart_g


    Just get a fast racing car, win George Paris hard vs Peugeot 205 t-16 - you will get this Peugeot, apply stage 3 turbo and have fun winning special conditions :)
  28. SRV2LOW4ME

    SRV2LOW4ME Premium

    I used the Peugeot 206, fully modded its amazing. Basically, ya don't have to worry about the 5 second penalty, because its easy to get the back end of the car around to bump your back end instead of your front, therefore, no penalty. Just learn to throttle jab around the corners to gain traction, brake early to get your back end around, and you'll be set.
  29. Wildhalcyon


    I completely killed that race in the RSC Rally Raid. I fully admit that it's probably not the best car (I like the old Mitsubishi Straion, but I havent won it yet...), but it was still completely easy to win those two races. They put you up against the newer Mitsubishi Rally car, and its like a 6 pt. race.
  30. londor


    So far I have only done the easy and normal races:

    Easy: Stock Lancer GSR Evo III (A-Spec points ranging from 15 to about 100 per race)
    Normal: Stock Impreza STI Prodrive Style (30 to 200 points per race)

    I still do not get why there is such difference on A-Spec points when you are doing similar races with the same car.

    Obviously you have never driven on gravel. If you had you would take it all back. Well, I agree that the 5 sec penalty is a joke. The AI rams you and you get the penalty, WTF?