Best sleeper/fun car?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 4' started by socomplayer2, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. socomplayer2

    United States New Jersey

    For me it would have to be the '76 VW Golf GTI

    * Its a blast.
    * It has top (tuned speed) of about 153mph (good for a 30 year old
    * Its quite light weight (in the 800 kg area).
    * Last but not least it must be one of the few FF cars that can drift (pretty good for an FF car) with no tcs and acm with racing slicks.

    When tuned correctly its is a fast lightweight car that can be loads of fun!

    How about you?:sly:

    United States NYC

    Suzuki Cappuccino and the Piazza are very fun to drive when fully tuned up. :tup:
  3. I really enjoy the 73 Alpine. Very demanding car to drive well, but once you learn its quirks it's a very satisfying drive. And with a slight infusion of power it becomes even more fun to toss around.

    Canada Right behind you

    Most fun to drive would have to be the 1987 Lotus Esprit Turbo HC. The car is an MR but behaves worse then a RR in regards to braking and turning, but when you get the hang of it, it can pull Nurb' track times only slightly higher than the BTR, with just over half the hp.
  5. AE86: I don't have to explain this ;)

    81' Celica XX 2800: fun car to drive stock or to mod the hell out of :tup:

    69' Bluebird: great little car that with the right tuning can own much newer cars :tup:

    86' MR2: loose handiling, but great handiling, also looks cool :tup:

    Delorean: I can't help but hum the theme song from Back To The Future when driving this car. :lol:

    Nissan 240RS: Good balance, likes to slide under power, good looks, Watanabe wheels. :tup:
  6. Jim Prower


    I'm surprised no-one said this one yet, for no-one expetcs the Spanish Inqui...I mean, the Volvo 240 GLT Estate!

    when tuned, an absolute sleeper, and too much fun to drive.
  7. I with you Jim! the "Uberwagon" as I like to call it is extremly fun to drive, I love braking hard downhill on the backstretch of Trial Mountain and watching the sparks fly from the scraping undercarrige. :scared: :lol:
  8. now driving round the nurb' in that is a laugh
  9. I like the '81 Celica, probably because because I owned one. I also enjoy the '91 Celica GT-Four (sorry I cannot remember the version) and the Shelby GT350.
  10. Lotus carlton,dont know why or how, just a cool car. Another one is the ford taruas SHO. When fully tyned, it will put out over 450 hp:tup:
  11. Before I would have said the Stratos, but I've found a new fun car:
    The '87 GNX. Fully tuned, 605 BHP. Stock transmission, R1's all 'round and softened suspension. Tops out at around 215, but it is a barrel of laughs getting there. Complete absense of tracion loss (but it will slide if you want it to), slow-but-sure handling and (if your okay with the hideous rear wing) a very good race car for the U.S. championship. And it looks mean.
  12. Sharky.

    New Zealand Christchurch, NZ

    Amen to that - my Cappucino is fully tuned, and is an absolute rocket. And I mean, rocket. :tup:
  13. AngelCreator


    I have a few sleepers/fun cars.

    Ford Taurus SHO '98- not fast but still fun to drive:)
    Chevrolet Corvette Convertible (C1) '54- SuperCar Killer:mischievous:
    Honda Odyssey '03-hauls more than just kids:D
    Honda Z ACT '70-It's fun beating a 280Z:)
    Fiat 500F '65-It's just fun to drive:)
  14. The Honda 800(and the like)... Fully done up and raced on Cita Di Aria is a BLAST!!! You could fit that thing into a suitcase...

    Clios (Both MR versions)... If you tune them right, you can get some serious motion on the back end... Really fun to race on any of the rally street races... Kind of feels like a poor man's NSX

    MGs (I'm not sure if it's the used version or not, or if they're different for that matter). But they're great fun to rip around in.

    Toyota MR Spyders (Another great car to bomb around in, though I'm not sure that I'd call it a sleeper as it looks real hot!
  15. Syntax error

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    Australia Kamino

    84' R30 RS-X.

    Great both as a track thrasher and a drift pig...always a fun drive... just remember to fix that damn cushiony suspension.
  16. Ha, the Honda CRX SiR is pretty fun to play with. I don't ever max out the power, so I'll keep it around 205hp or 210hp. I'll spend hours tweaking it and ****.

    It would return mid to high 13 second 1/4 mile times, and top out around 160mph. With nitrous it was a low 13 second to high 12 second car with a 200mph+ top speed! You wanna talk traction control, don't talk to the CRX SiR.

    I would end up taking on cars with twice the power. It kicked some serious ass. I'm waiting to buy it again with low mileage.
  17. socomplayer2

    United States New Jersey

    I also forgot to mention the s13 silvias ... those are great little cars to learn how to drift in and are a bargin in the historic car lot for around 5 to 7 thousand:dopey:
  18. I have another one, I think it's a sleeper because I never hear anyone talk about it. The Mitsubishi FTO GPX/GPR models, this has got to be the best handiling FF in GT4. In the same vein as the Civic Type R and Integra Type R it's fast, pretty, great handiling,and light. It's also good bone stock or tuned to hell. :)
  19. lmracer

    United States Wisconsin

    i like to boost the mk. IV golf gti mildly with a stage 1. gives it lots of torque low end, but keeps it out of the blazin' supercar category. i usually like it from the stock 150 hp to about 190 - 200. that thing is a sleeper i tell you what..
  20. socomplayer2

    United States New Jersey

    i had that one for a while it was pretty good to i just forgot to mention it that to is one on the few ff cars that can drift under the right circumstances:sly:
  21. A top of the line new evo is, for me, the best way of hooning around (without aids, of course!)
  22. Hmm lets see now..

    The - Nissan Cube.. haha
    Lotus Elise
    Honda Civic
    Volvo Estate
    Honda Prelude

    Prelude - rules!
  23. AngelCreator


    One car thats not a sleeper but is still fun to take and kill 700HP LM cars is the
    Suzuki GSX-R/4, and if your on the right track you can beat 900HP LM cars:scared:.
  24. Funny, I got over 605hp in that. Did you give it a oil change after buying the car?
  25. 74' Triumph Spitfire 1500...take it out, un modded, to el capitan...the tail en swings out on the corners for a sweet drift...ugh, its it. you wont be disappointed.
  26. SpectralDsrtRcr

    PSN:GRIMBLADE, i think...

    So far - it's my cousin's Midget II and my Copen DT '02. They both smoke serious tires.

    I thouht it would be fun helping my cousin out with some of his races - and decided to make a point - he is pretty young and don't like to be very technical - in his game, I took a beat up Midget 2 and maxed it out, took it to the drag strip and made 14 seconds - im sure it will hit sub-14s.

    He seemed to start to understand that it is not so much the car, as the driver. He's the type of kid that just jams the throttle and goes for broke, smacking into every wall or barrier, sand pit or whatnot.

    After doing that, I thought it would be cool - while getting some races finished - to max out that Diahatsu Copen... I call it my '180Z' now. Top speed at 180.001mph. Pulls around 140-150 under it's own power, does the Nurb at around 7'30" or so too! It stops so fast it's hard to get used to!


  27. Sounds unreal. If there was such a good Midget in real life then it would be in the 8 wonders of the world :lol: Id pay anything to go see that thing LOL
  28. I like the Isuzu Bellet 1600 GTR and the 117 coupe.
  29. niky

    Philippines Philippines

    Hmmm... seems this more a favorite "unusual" car thread rather than sleepers. Sleepers are cars you don't expect to be fun (the 240 is a good example) or fast.

    Stock? I'd say the Primera 20V and Legacy are both surprisingly good... but then, a Legacy counts only if you know absolutely nothing about Subarus.

    The Acura CL 3.2... very "entertaining" car... another FWD you can "drift" :lol: with very little provocation. The Volvo S60 T5 is another good one, and surprisingly, almost as quick as sports compacts over broken ground. (Read, nurb or el capitan)

    Oh, and the Mitsubishi Airtrek turbo... it definitely goes like stink. :lol:
  30. SpectralDsrtRcr

    PSN:GRIMBLADE, i think...

    Heh - neither the Midget or Copen are expected to be fun or fast... they don't count? Sleepers big time - compared to the Spider/Roadster Races where they bring in things like Elise's, BMW's, and the like. The Midget struggles to get 103BHP sopping wet, and the Copen eeks out around 136-138, wind at yer back and goin down hill!

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