Bit OT: Playing all GT games in HD

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo HD' started by amar212, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. amar212

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    Not in my praxis to post threads like this, but I wonder somehow:

    Will you play GT and GT2 on PS3 in HD (720p) once when you get the PS3 console?
    I'm pretty much excited to see the promised hardware-upscale of PSone games that Sony has promised to deliver with PS3. GT3 and GT4 will be intresting to see in true 720p, but I somehow prefer to drive Rome Night, Tahiti Road, Red Rock and Grundenwald with all time favourites like LM Cerbera or black JGTC Castrol Supra in HD from the first two PSone games.

    Time for some good old fashion nostalgia in HD, don't you think so?

  2. Earth


    The only PS1 game I will play on it will be Final Fantasy 7. I dont own GT1 anymore and never played GT2

    If I did have GT1 or 2 I dont think I would ever load them back up, even to see them upscaled
  3. Tenacious D

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    This is an interesting question. I'm wondering if GTHD will overshadow the previous versions, or even GT4. But it would be interesting at least to see GT2 upressed and see how it compares to the Bleemcast rendition.
  4. Diego440

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    Wasn't the PS2 supposed to play PSOne games with higher definition? GT2 looks quite choppy on PS2... Of course, HD is a giant leap forward in terms of definition, but still, I'm not holding my breath thinking how they'll look.
  5. RUI


    I never played GT (one) and never owned a PS1, only got into the series with the 3rd instalment (my 1st game for my brand new PS2 in the fall of 2001-and how I fell for it!).
    Subsequently I came across a copy of GT2 at a sales price and bought it more as a collector’s item; I played it a few times and all those cars – from a GT3 perspective – made it a very tempting game – but the poor graphics never let me play it for long.
    Now with GT4 (with even more cars and tracks) I guess that only the nostalgia for those lost tracks would make someone play the older games, and I’m afraid I don’t suffer from it.
    What I think I will be doing a lot is playing GT4 in the PS3 – especially if the infamous download prices for the classic version prove to be as high as rumoured
  6. MasterGT


    What made the PS1 game's graphics poor was mainly pixel size.

    The PS2 didn't help much to improve the image quality and I don't see the PS3 doing much more, either. A big block will always be a big block.