BMW M3 DTM Drivers Challenge by Snail: Congrats to all our 2021 Holiday Event Winners. See you again next year

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Sydney, Australia
@JDMKING13 I knew we should have taken @MrDonovan out in those last couple laps when we had the chance!
All joking aside, I couldn’t believe how quickly you caught me Donovan. I had no chance to keep you behind me.
Cheers mate! Stoked to take the race win, can’t believe how close the final points were.

I tried to save tyres all race, hoping it would make a difference at the end.
Once I cleared Nova’s notoriously wide vehicle I still had fresh rubber and just enough time to chase down you & @JDMKING13 before the finish.
Great fun race, thanks everyone!

@aldy13 & @GTP_Guido well done on the race wins!

@Megabytesize congrats on taking out Race 2 overall! I better start practicing for 2022, only 52wks to go…

Thanks heaps @llNovall & everyone.
Happy New Year, see you on track soon :cheers:
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Congrats to all the winners, this format is really good for both racing and reward, there's also an element of less pressure on hards with everything to gain and nothing to lose, mediums the same but not as much, whereas soft runners have the best chance to run away with the most pressure of others possibly catching so focus is key.