BMW McLaren conquers la Sarthe II **PICS ADDED**

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    I started my maximum A-spec points quest some months ago :crazy: and now I decided to tackle my first 24h race. I wanted to save the Nurburgring last so I picked le Sarthe II to be the first race. 24 hours is a loooong time for me to spend in one race so I thought I should make it as challenging as possible to keep it interesting. After trying various cars on the track and comparing laptimes I finally decided my ride for the race. My choice was a stock BMW McLaren F1 GTR. My testing proved that with this car the race should be extremely close so I changed new oil for the car and headed towards the grid... :scared:

    Sarthe II 24h - 200pts. race

    Against first lineup which was:

    Nissan R89C Race Car - pits every 7 laps
    Mazda 787B Race Car - pits every 9 laps
    Sauber Mercedes C9 Race Car - pits every 8 laps
    Minolta Toyota 88C-V Race Car - pits every 7 laps
    Jaguar XJR-9 Race Car - pits every 8 laps
    BMW McLaren F1 GTR(me) - pits every 7 laps

    Car Setup: Stock, new oil and R3/R2 tyres

    susp: 9.0/10.5
    3/3 4/4
    brakes: 5/4
    lsd: 10/35/25
    gears: tranny trick, auto 1 final 2.700
    max downforce

    Pit Strategies:
    7 laps with R3/R2 and 52 units of fuel (2 units left when pitting in) <== laps ~ 3'15 mins
    11 laps with R2/R1 and 80 units of fuel, 0-1 units left when pitting in) <== laps ~ 3'20 mins

    The Race:

    I had a pretty good start for the race and I took the lead on the first lap. I couldn't keep it for long though, as I started to make small but time consuming mistakes. I pushed the car a little too much and made frequent trips to the many sandtraps on the track. My laptimes were horrible for many laps and I didn't found a good driving rhythm. I also tried R2/R1 tyres but this combo was too slow and the gap was only getting bigger instead of decreasing. Thus quite early on my gap to 1st place was already over a minute and 30 secs. At this point I seriously thought about retiring from the race... :ouch:



    Few hours later I continued again refusing to give up and I went to the pits to get a new set of tyres and fuel. After my tyres warmed up the laptimes started to improve to the level they needed to be. :) I made some good and consistent laps and I was getting closer to the leader which at the time was the Sauber. I also found out that the AI drivers did some wallbanging from time to time in Mulsanne straight and they lost about 10-20 secs each time. :banghead: :banghead: After hours of hard work I finally managed to get 1st place when the Sauber went to the pits. After that I slowly started building up my lead 1-2 seconds per lap.
    During this time I also made my fastest lap, 1'13.864. :tup: Despite my best efforts I never managed to beat this time later on because of the bad oil and handling in further stages of the race.

    At the beginning of the 8th hour my lead was getting "comfortable", 1 minute and 20 secs ahead of the 787B which was on 2nd place before the Sauber and rest of the gang. I was quite suprised by the fact that the Sauber was now slower than the Mazda. 10 hours and 15 minutes into the race I was on lap 182 and I lapped the Sauber (3rd place) for the first time.

    Time went by and I slowly got nearer the 787B which was the only car I hadn't lapped yet. During this time I lost my concentration many times and I found myself visiting sandtraps and hitting walls way too often. At this point the handling was also getting bad at high speeds and I began to truly fear the Mulsanne Kink/Indianapolis corners as the car was VERY hard to control in these sections.:nervous: I tested R2/R1 combo again for about 30-40 laps but I found out that my lead was diminishing and I was much faster with the R3/R2 tyres.

    14th hour came and on lap 249 the gap was little over 2 mins to the 787B.

    16th hour started and I finally managed to lap the 787B, he had eluded me for 285 laps!!! :tdown: My objective for the rest of the race was to lap the Mazda one more time. This proved to be very difficult because by now my laptimes were at best around 3'16-3'18 compared to 3'14 laps earlier in the race...

    By 20th hour (lap 355) the race order was the same as before and I couldn't increase the gap between me and the 787B. On some laps I was faster but then I always made some stupid mistake and the Mazda catched me up again :grumpy:

    As the final hour started I was on lap 408 and it became clear that I wasn't going catch the 787B. Despite some lightning fast laps the gap proved to be too much. The race clock finally stopped at 24:00'23.536 and I was only about 30 secs away from lapping the 787B again.

    Final standings:

    1st: BMW McLaren F1 GTR Race Car laps: 425 time 24:00'23.536
    2nd: Mazda 787B Race Car -1 lap
    3rd: Sauber Mercedes C9 Race Car -3 laps
    4th: Minolta Toyota 88C-V Race Car -3 laps
    5th: Jaguar XJR-9 Race Car -4 laps
    6th: Nissan R89C Race Car -5 laps

    After I completed my first 24h race I got 1000000 credits, Bentley Speed 8 Race Car and most importantly 200 A-spec points!!! :sly:
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  2. Smallhorses

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    Great job, Vash666, thanks for putting it into a report like that! Sounds like a good race, although not quite as tight as I'd have expected!
    +Rep from me. :tup:

    There's a rather obvious typo in your fastest lap time though! 1'!!!! :eek: That's at an average speed of over 450mph on Sarthe II! hehehehehehe! Think you meant 3'13 right?!!! :p
  3. FLK


    United Kingdom
    Nice work, I was put off from using this car due to it's slower times on R1 tyres (Sauber averages 3'15) but well done as I thought it would be a lot closer.
  4. Vash666


    Thanks guys. That fastest lap is indeed a typo, I naturally meant 3'13.

    Sadly the AI drivers did too much wallbanging in the Mulsanne straight and without it the race would have been very close till the end.

    Soon I'll try Sarthe I enduro and its good that the AI doesn't have any problems there. It should be an interesting race as I've found a nice car to use here...
  5. SkylineDK


    How did you spend 24 hrs on a game?? incredible. Not all at once, right??
  6. Vash666


    No, not all at once. It took me around 4 days to finish.
  7. SkylineDK


    Oh, ok, good. Meh, I just leave it in B-spec and let her loose.
  8. Yes


    You left your PS2 on for 4 days? Wow. I'm gonna be scared when I try those endurances out. :nervous: Though I'm probably gonna use B-spec, but nice job on the whole course using A-Spec.
  9. Smallhorses

    Smallhorses Staff Emeritus

    4 days is nothing! ;)
    I left mine on for 2 weeks at a time doing Sarthe I (2nd attempt) and Nurburgring 24hr. Mine's the big old fatty PS2 which is well ventilated, however, this post from Famine during his attempt at Sarthe II, shows that even the slimline PSTwo can be left on for weeks on end. 444 hours = 18.5 days, or just over 2.5 weeks! :eek:

    Do the endurances in stages, 2hrs here & there, pause in between by pressing start, and scroll down from "Continue", through "Exit" to "Screen Settings" before you turn off the TV. This way if anyone accidentally touches you controller, it'll go into the screen settings page rather than continuing and having you crash into the nearest wall, or exiting and losing hours of racing. :tup:
  10. Danny

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    United Kingdom
    Great report!

    +rep for that.
  11. mynameissport

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    United Kingdom
    Nice work Vash

    Pretty good to get 200 A-Spec points with a BMW McLaren. I did it exactly the same and the same field used, but won by about 2 laps. Slightly different rules I used, I used a R1/R1 combo at the start and changed to R2/R1 on my first pit stop to get 200 A-Spec points. As well I pitted every 10 laps, not 11 laps. I guess a mid 90 Le Mans winner can do it up against Group C LM Cars.

    But you beat me to writing it up. I have to say the BMW once tuned can take on the faster LMP and Group C cars in good hands.

    Overall a very good race report. Would give rep but I have to spread rep around, but will give you some once this is sorted.

  12. SonicSponic


    Did you race clean, or cut some corners? Please don't think I'm questioning your driving ability; I'm just having quite a hard time keeping up with those Group C's (More practice, eh?)
  13. Avery GT

    Avery GT

    woo nice :) i also want to do 24hr race all by myself this holiday, looking forward to must be fun and boring at the same time :p
  14. kamelin-nahka


    very nice describes about that race! =) i have only 3 more days to work (friday, monday and thuesday) and then im ready to relax for my holiday =) and the same time i gonna start my first 24h race for gt4. I think i drive first that n&#252;rburgring race. Only those 24h races and then i have passed the game 100% (oh maybe some of formula races is still whitout driving =) ) but almoust 100% :D