United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hi, I'm Bornin1980s (Bornin1980something on forums which allow longer usernames). I first used this name on a Lego forum, in honor of The Lego Movie's 1980 something space guy. I am a 35-year-old autistic male living in Middlesbrough, North-East England.
I can't afford all the latest stuff, but I do own a few old consoles, namely Nintendo 64 and Wii, both still in use, and also some old Segas, currently out of use. Nevertheless, I would never call myself a core gamer or a sim racer. I have found that racing games are the games I spend most time with, and Gran Turismo is easily the best fit for my interests and skill level. I always use a controller. Indeed, I can't drive in real life.
The first Gran Turismo game I ever owned was GT2 on an old PSone, around 2011. I later bought GT1, but never got as far with it. I never owned a PS2, but I bought a PS3 second-hand in 2015, and I bought GT5 and 6, though I actually played 6 first. The PS3 cannot play PS2 games. I might 'skip generations' again and get a PS five, but only if GT7 is good enough!
In the meantime, I am intending to replace my near 10-year-old laptop. As I need a rather powerful one for my photographic work, I should be able to take my PC gaming further on the new one. I intend to try Forza on it.
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