Brake Bias FF Cars

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hello, new to the forum!

Loving the Gr4 RCZ for daily races at the mo and would consider myself a seasoned but casual player (and yes using a controller!)

Can anyone help with advise on brake bias using FF cars and effect after there is tyre wear? (which i cant find a thread about)
I tend towards -2 as i think it slows the wear on the front tyres with better turn in but notice I seem considerably slower in the later parts of the race.

Have i got this all wrong and it there a better setup? Any advice welcomed.

Thx in advance :)
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Have i got this all wrong and it there a better setup?

Yes, quite. By setting the BB to the front on FF cars, you wear the front tyres way more quickly because the front wheels brake more now (have more stopping power) than they normally do. Just think about it. With that BB, the front tyres have to do all the turning, transferring all the power to the ground and now most of the stopping too. That is very tyre wear heavy. Take a look at the rear tyres sometimes when you drive an FF car. There is almost no wear on rear tyres on FF cars even in high tyre wear races. That's because they do almost nothing but roll on the ground being towed. When I drive an FF car in a race with active tyre wear I always go BB all the way to the rear (+5). That helps tremendously with the front tyre wear plus the turn-in is much better because the front wheels don't brake as much. Just give it a shot next time you play to see what it does.