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Discussion in 'GT3 Race Reports' started by ving, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. ving


    my car is my prototype vx220 turbo (which is a standard vx220 with t2 tires, spot suspension, chip and NA stage1 (turbos cant be fitted apparently).

    10 laps of trial mountain.

    i started last place and by the first corner i knew i was in trouble as the pack all took of on me with the MS elise in the lead.

    3 laps down and the Jag pits handing me a handy lead over him and i took him on the last corner on lap one and he had been sticking to me like glue...

    7 laps down and i gain 4th as the vantage pits....

    I am not gaining much on the vanquish at all but he pits on 8th and i pull in behind his as he comes out, i am about 2secs down on him and closing cause his tires are new, but i take the 1st corner after the tunnel too fast and hit a wall....

    10th lap and i am over a min down on the leader and finishing in 4th. nice race. the vantage almost caught me at one stage tho :)

    the vx220 (turbo) was out classed in this field but is a real joy to drive.

    HP 198 (in RL the tubo has 200)
    sport suspension tighened slightly (tried for 7% front and 11% rear)

    handles well and accelerates pretty good too :)

    could have done with stickier tires as they had only just turned yellow/green at the end on the race.
  2. 68 Cuda

    68 Cuda

    i did this series with a 610 hp jaguar with T3's. that car is pretty quick, adn i think it handels damn good for a car its size.

    tire wear is much better than the stupid vanquish, and its supercharger means it never runs out fo torque.

    i won pretty easily with the jag, maybe 15 seconds a race. i pitted halfway through too on each course
  3. ving


    re visited the series.

    race i 10 laps of trial mt.

    my car, well at least i am keeping with the euro theme...
    3400s w/ race flywheel, t2 tires, oil change.

    race won by a mere .4 secs over MS elise in a titanic seesawing battle that very much came down to a little cheating (blushes) by me as the elise over took me on the last lap and i had to cut accross the grass at the end of the lap to regain the lead!!!!
    the other cars were not really in the race tho.
    had fun, but by god can that MS elise move!!!
    it was almost dizzying the amount of leadership changes!

    out tire wear was exactly the sam except opposite...
    my fronts were wearing as fast as his backs, and my back were still green at the ens as were his fronts...
    same colour wear too.... very strange...
  4. Integrale


    I used the TVR tuscan with over 400bhp, proved great fun and pulled slowly away from the MS Elise.

  5. ving


    too much power in the tuscan... try again :p
  6. Super-Supra

    Super-Supra (Banned)

    i did it in i think the fo9o/s im not sure though