Brook Superconverter. Driving Force GT PS3 to PS4.

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hi all, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.
My wife bought me a Brook Superconverter to use my old Logitech Driving Force GT with GT Sport on PS4.
After initial setup and installation it worked perfectly for several months, lately however the steering wont initialise. Pedals and buttons still work and are registered by the game but no steering! :confused:
I've tried updating the bios but no change.
Anyone experienced similar issues?


United States
Charleston, SC
Is this converter hardware or software? if hardware, try to find out if there is a battery for retaining memory, or you may just have to unplug it, wait few minutes (or press a reset button) and re-install from start.
if Software, try to see if there are any updates available?
good luck
(i do not have this converter nor do i use a wheel, this is just troubleshooting tip)