Buying first wheel, need advice. (Casual gamer)

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Sorry for my English, not my native language.

For occasional mounting and driving, mainly in F1 2k19 (2k20) FM7, I will probably refresh Asseto or P CARS 2.

I was thinking about 2 options, or the G920 if I find it below 200GBP (I am not interested in shifter and I will only use the paddles) or T300RS GT (it has better pedals than the RS right? I don't care about clutch pedal) and then later buy open wheel add-on. (which is very, very interesting tbh)

The only thing that makes me wonder is the Thrustmaster clamping system. I have a cheap desk and I see that Logitech would not be a problem (probably) to mount, with the other wheels I'm not quite sure.

The front desk looks like this: from the edge to this white bar there is about 6cm, the bar is about 5.5CM height maybe more.

If any thrustmaster could be attached to this desk, which one? and if not I will look for G920
There is also an option to buy a stand like wheelstand pro (
but thats another 110GBP to spend, although its a good option for every wheel as I can just unplug it from pc and move it somewhere without spending time take it from my desk.

Unless there is another option? T150 Pro instead of G920?

Basically, which wheel up to 300GBP? Probably mainly for F1 but who knows, maybe I'll start to like more asseto or project cars or even FM7

G920 is right now at amazon for 270gbp, or 230GBP in OC.UK but it's out of stock, so can be in a week or month or who knows.

T300 RS GT for 299 (out of stock but i thing it will be still for this price) +later open wheel add-on for F1 experience ;)

T150 Pro for 240GBP+

TMX and T150 are the same? ~180gbp (not available)

Which one would be good.
Don't want to buy some cheap like T80, but also not anything to expensive like fanatec as I play mainly FPS games and from time to time like to race on my xbox one gamepad.

I dont need h shifter or cluch pedal.
Thank you in advance for any reply.
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Check the T300 reliability poll thread and you'll see why despite owning one myself I would never recommend a T300 to anyone.
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United Kingdom
If you're on xbox then your options are:
Logitech G920
Thrustmaster TMX
Thrustmaster TX

If you're on PS4 then your options are:
Logitech G29
Thrustmaster T150
Thrustmaster T300

These are the Platforms equivalent, eg: a T300 is the same as a TX, a G920 is the same as the G29 etc...

All the above wheels come in different combination packages eg: a G920/G29 can include a shifter (on a deal).
You can get Pro version of the T150/TMX which come with a 3 pedal set (T3PA).
The T300/TX can come with the 3 pedal set (T3PA) & different wheel rims (Ferrari 599/GTE & Leather edition etc).
However the T300/TX & anything above (T-GT/TS-XW) have the ability for interchangeable wheel rims (but they all work across the board as per Thrustmasters eco system)

If you're on PC then you can use any of the above.
I was looking for information about warranty and found a thread about t300 here so that's why I'm asking. I'm on PC btw.
Looks like the Logitech support might be a bit better despite that t300 is better. Although price of both is very close atm and that's why I'm not sure which one buy. Probably gonna take g29 if o find it somewhere in stock for under 300£
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United Kingdom
Prices for G29 suck in the UK right now. It used to be subject to tons of discounts (at one point you could get wheel, pedals and shifter for under £150. Not seen it heavily discounted for a long time however.
Ye, it was even for less than 100GBP (used from amazon).
Problem solved ;)
Bought G920 for 230, T300 RS GT is gone from amazon, and in any other shop is for over 360 so in this case choice was simple.
Gonna probably buy springs if that makes a difference and should be good to go. For a start should be ok, I would be pissed if wheel for a 300gbp die within few months.