Can Gran Turismo Sport Help Teach Police Drivers to Drive Better?

Almost any recent racing game can. Most racing games do 'driving under the limit' and basic over the limit in a predictable way. What they don't do is over the limit on a varying surface: dusty, dirty, wet, potholes, bumps, stones, rubber etc at a detailed level. It's all nice smooth (particularly GT) race track of constant temperature and condition..

So yeah, it's going to give you some preparation, especially reading corners and speed and not panicking when grip is lost, but it's definitely not going to have you become a master driver of any sort.

Oh and please don't use those terrible click-bait titles :/
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The instructors improved their driving, not GT. Plug almost any other racing game in and you get the same result. You could have just as easily titled the article “does a bmw wagon with a bunch of stripes on it help teach police drivers to drive better?”, when really any other similar car would be just as effective.
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