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So I bought an F1 just before it sold out last night and saw that it boosted me from 40-something to level 50. Didn't think much of it but after buying the NSX from Brand Central a min ago it became apparent that level 50 is the end! I have 120 cars, 28-ish% (I believe) of the launch total, and I've maxed-out the collector level. Okay... Man does this game feel more and more like a demo every day, lol.

Shouldn't there be a big prize for getting the level to max? Like a prize car, credits, an engine... anything! Didn't even get another piece of clothing or helmet that I don't know how/why to use even if I wanted to use it. So just as there are IB/IA/S licenses with no corresponding races, so too is there a collector level that leads to majestic pile of nothing. It's pretty obvious it is supposed to be a 200 level system, and since the xp keeps racking up I assume it will eventually lead somewhere. Someday. Maybe...

I know we've got updates in-coming, but man they need to get here ASAP as with every new system/mechanic that I complete the more hollow the game appears.
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it doesnt make any sense to me why we have a car collector level in a DRIVING simulator they may as well write collector simulator on the box instead.. We should have a driver level, and we need our milestones back every other gt ive played counted all types of stats and gave you rewards for everything.. GT7 is really an eye oppening experience to what AAA games are trying to become, cash cows, turn 2 or 3 of your old versions into one new version of the game change some features in this case for the WORST and call it a day smh..
GRID legends kept me occupied for like 3 days and is a terrible overall game but they have a great driver level system you collect points for drafting overtakes drifting etc. Not collecting cars i didnt know gran turismo wanted to be a car collector simulator or i may not have purchased it..
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I heard it gives you more chances at higher Star tickets.

Been level 50 since a couple of days ago... And got one 1 star ticket and a 2 star ticket. Maybe tomorrow I'm 3rd time lucky?
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It should affect how frequently you get car invitations as well as the quality of your roulette prizes. As of now, it’s meaningless (as others have said).