Car of the Week: Week 135 Honda FIT Hybrid

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    We are officially back on GTS for Beater or Sleeper COTW.

    This series allows everyone the chance to test out a car every week and be the judge of whether it receives the title of beater or sleeper. At the end of the year we will crown one special car as Car of the Year. We will test the cars every week on Tuesday at 10pm CST. Each car we race will be raced 100% stock but you can change rims and create liveries for your cars.

    COTW Meets:
    Ever Tuesday at 10pm CST (If you would like to join us, Contact @Racer283 or @Vic Reign93)
    Incase of a game update we race on Wednesday at 10pm CST.

    People can leave a review for the car, or share race footage, and others after each week.

    Previous Week Reviews:
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    COTW Week 93: Honda Beat: @MidFieldMaven
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    COTW Week 98: Lexus RCF '14: @Alex p.
    COTW Week 99: Dodge Challenger R/T '70: @05XR8
    COTW Week 100: Ford GT40 MK IV v. Ferrari 330 P4: Racer
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    COTW Week 102: Nissan GTR GT3: @Nismonath5
    COTW Week 103: VW Golf GTI '83: @Vic Reign93
    COTW Week 104: Mazda 787B: @XSquareStickIt
    COTW Week 105: Alpine A110 1600s: Racer
    COTW Week 106: Ford Mustang Gr4: @The_Nagger187
    COTW Week 107: Porsche 356 Carrera Speedster: @Baron Blitz Red
    COTW Week 108: Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary: @Alex p.
    COTW Week 109: Alfa Romero 4C Gr.3 Road Car: @AgentBlackDog
    COTW Week 110: Porsche 911 RSR Gr.3: @RobboGTAddict
    COTW Week 111: Toyota GR Yaris: @TonyJZX
    COTW Week 112: Ferrari Enzo: @MisterWaffles
    COTW Week 113: Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3: @JackRyanWMU
    COTW Week 114: Pontiac Firebird Trans Am '78: Racer
    COTW Week 115: Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren: @05XR8
    COTW Week 116: Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A: @XSquareStickIt
    COTW Week COTY 2020: Toyota GR Yaris

    COTW Week 117: Porsche Taycan Turbo S: @Vic Reign93
    COTW Week 118: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Final Edition: @Alex p.
    COTW Week 119: Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 Shifter: @Nismonath5
    COTW Week 120: Daihatsu Copen RJ VGT: Racer
    COTW Week 121: Toyota MR2 GT-S: @inkiphox
    COTW Week 122: Ferrari F40: @MisterWaffles
    COTW Week 123: Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat: @TonyJZX
    COTW Week 124: Alfa Romeo 4C Gr3: @RobboGTAddict
    COTW Week 125: Chaparral 2X VGT: @Baron Blitz Red
    COTW Week 126: BMW M4 GR.4: @JackRyanWMU
    COTW Week 127: Renault R8 Gordini: @Draggon
    COTW Week 128: Mercedes Benz SLS Trio: @05XR8
    COTW Week 129: Daihatsu Copen '02: @AgentBlackDog
    COTW Week 130: Porsche 911 Carrera RS Club Sport: Racer
    COTW Week 131: Toyota 2000GT: @jrbabbitt
    COTW Week 132: Nissan GT-R LM Nismo: @Nismonath5
    COTW Week 133: Mazda RX500: @RX8 Racer
    COTW Week 134: Hyundai Genesis Gr.B Rally Car: @Vic Reign93
    COTW Week 135: Honda FIT Hybrid: @XSquareStickIt

    With out further ado the first car for Car of the Week is the Honda Civic Type R '15
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  2. TonyJZX


    This is the free starter car that everyone gets right?
  3. Racer283


    United States
    Not sure but one of the cheaper cars you can get or earn from the daily reward wheel.
  4. MisterWaffles

    MisterWaffles Premium

    Ha, took you guys long enough.

    Greetings from Duel of the Week.
  5. Jmac279


    I got a Focus ST as my starter
  6. Racer283


    United States
    I'd figured I would take the reigns to get this started on GTS.
  7. ARTAsean

    ARTAsean (Banned)

    It's different for everyone, I got the WRX.

    Pretty funny though, considering at launch there wasn't GT League, so your 'starter car' was totally pointless. Pretty sure I never even used mine
  8. Alpha Cipher

    Alpha Cipher

    My starter was a Genesis (for all 4 of my accounts, funnily enough) but that's not what I'm here for :p :lol:

    Not quite sure how this all works, but that Civic is a beater. It screams that with its bodywork :lol:
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  9. JackRyanWMU


    United States
    Mitsubishi Evo Final Edition was my first car here.

    Very glad to see a return for COTW for Gran Turismo Sport. Thanks to Racer for getting the ball rolling on this!
  10. easygtsport11


    under braking the car jerks a bit. besides that I think it's a fine car.

    not bad at all.
  11. Racer283


    United States
    No problem been talking with @Rinsky about it and both of us have been missing it so it felt about time to start the series.
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  12. Rinsky


    United States
    I know we use to do the online time trials with the car in GT6 but that no longer exists.
    So do you have a certain track the testing should be done at?

    Another added note for everyone else the car should be tested and will be raced 100% stock the exact way it comes from Brand Central or the exact way it was given to you in the game. Not one change should be made to the car. All Assist have always been allowed though
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  13. MidFieldMaven


    United States
    Honda Civic Type R (FK2) '15
    1995 cc
    305 hp / 6,500 rpm
    295 ft-lbs / 2,500 rpm
    3,042 lbs

    At Tsukuba, 100% stock, this car is capable of 1:05's all day long. It is 2 tenths quicker than the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. It is the fastest front-engine, front-wheel-drive N-class car in the game. The second-fastest is the Renault Megane R.S. Trophy, which is a second slower.

    I'm not a huge fan of this generation of Civic. I am growing more and more nostalgic for the 80's and 90's. Cars were lighter, had fewer electronic aids and nannies, and oozed soul. The CTR lost a lot when it became turbocharged. If you put this car next to an EK9, it would be no contest. God bless the B16B engine.

    It's a beater for me. I'm 100% sure it's because of my age. If I were, I dunno, under 25-ish years old, I'd probably be in love with this car.
  14. Draggon


    Outstanding news! It's only been 6 months, but it feels like forever :crazy: See you guys Tuesday :cheers:

    I remember when this was featured in the daily races. :yuck: I'm going to wait till Tuesday to see if my opinion has changed.
  15. Racer283


    United States
    The room is open
  16. VXR


    United Kingdom
    I used to love doing test drives for Beater or Sleeper and now I have a wheel, it'll be even easier to test them and write them up.
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  17. Rinsky


    United States
    This weeks car is the Honda Civic Type R 2015 (N300)

    At first glance this car looks sharp. It has a nice factory appearance package giving it a real racing look. But will drive as good as it looks?

    Decided to take the car to the one place most would probably use this car in, GT League. To see if its capability of beating every race it's eligible to enter all in it's completely stock configuration.

    Amateur League.

    First up the Hot hatch Event N-300
    It took on all 3 races with ease.

    Next up J-Sports Meeting N-300
    I was only able to capture the win in 3 of the 5 races.

    Next The ClubmanCup N-500
    Was able to win 4 of the 5

    This car is fast in a straight line and will it can make up ground quickly but it's the corners that this car is difficult to make up time on. The cars understeer is massive and it takes a certain kind of finesse to overcome that. I often times find myself getting on the throttle way to soon even though it felt like I was waiting longer than normal.

    Despite this car being fast it doesn't respond well to being driven hard and it will show you that very quickly. It handles it's own and didn't do to bad in the GT League. With a simple tire upgrade it should win every race easily but there are definitely better cars to get the job done as well.

    Online race night was fun as always and showed me exactly why I had been missing COTW. Its been awhile since I've had that kinda close intense racing with people I can trust and it didn't disappoint.

    The car on the other hand was just horrible and once in the throws of racing everyone found that pushing the car just a tad to much was all it took to lose a position and sometimes worse. Finding that balance between being on the edge but still in control is one I could never come to grips with in this car.

    Unless you own this car in real life I see no reason to spend the amount of time it would take to truly master this cars massive understeer. Its just one of those things you either love it or hate it.

    It's fast and it's got a great look but this car is a Beater all day long.
  18. Draggon


    I can't believe I completely spaced out last night even though it was marked on my calendar :ouch:

    I agree with @Rinsky 's evaluation. I had to put a crazy tune on this one to get it to turn well. With SS or RH tires it does ok, but even a tune up cannot help it with the factory supplied SH. It's just not one that does well being driven hard.
  19. Rinsky


    United States
    Hope to see you at the next one. :cheers:
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  20. TamasToth


  21. JackRyanWMU


    United States
    Livery by StancE46
    It's a fairly safe assumption that most Gran Turismo players have piloted a Civic at some point in their virtual careers, and I'm no exception. I drove the previous generation Civic Type R in Gran Turismo 6, and found it quite competent and even preferable to an early 2000s Integra. Unfortunately, the new Civic feels like a step backwards from its older iteration. While it certainly mimics a touring car quite well, the styling is a bit loud if you'd prefer to drive under the radar. And the change to a sportback was perhaps inevitable in this world where SUVs and crossovers are pushing trunks towards extinction, but I much preferred the traditional sedan look of the previous gen car.

    I could forgive all this if the car was a pleasure to drive.....yeah, about that. It is plenty fast with over 300 horsepower, and it's capable of harassing JDM legends of the '90s. Unlike an old NSX or RX7 though, it's not a rewarding car to drive fast. The front wheels feel constantly overwhelmed by the task of getting 300 horsepower to the road and the car will constantly understeer even when you feel like you've slowed to a crawl for a corner. It might rankle the Type R purists to say this, but it feels like Honda has reached the limit of what they could do with front drive alone. In comparison, the Audi TT has almost identical power and weight, but its ability to send some of its power to the rear with its all wheel drive system makes it head and shoulders easier to drive fast and more fun to drive fast. Some Civics of the past are certain sleepers, but the current generation is sadly a Beater.

  22. Racer283


    United States
    The next car we are testing this week was chosen by @Rinsky

    Let's do an all new car to the GT Series
    A110 Premiere Edition 2017 (N300)

    Feel free to join us tomorrow Tuesday, September 11 at 10pm CST to put Alpine A110 through it's paces and determine whether it's a beater or sleeper. Also I should have a video up soon from the Honda Civic from last week.


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  23. MisterWaffles

    MisterWaffles Premium

    Sucks you guys have to race on Tuesday nights. That night I'm incredibly busy every week so I won't ever be able to make the race except for rare occasions.
  24. Obelisk

    Obelisk Premium

    How did this get under my radar?!

    Hello everyone! I'll do something for the A110 this week.
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  25. Racer283


    United States
    We try and keep the same day as we did in GT6 as it seems to work with everyone else.
  26. TonyJZX


    The Alpine is OP isnt it? In 200 n300 n400 classes it tends to perform outside its class like the 911 GT3. Using it in the French campaign was too easy.

    I also like the car IRL but I beleive its not available as RHD and its one of those cars in the Alfa 4c class where you may as well get a Cayman, or better yet, a Cayman GT4 w/ manual and the 3.8 motor and clean up.

    Also memorable as a car the Top Gear slash GT Amazon crew burnt to the ground.
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  27. MidFieldMaven


    United States
    It's not OP, at least in factory specs, at Tsukuba.

    1:01.555 - KTM X-Bow R
    1:04.081 - Nissan R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nur
    1:04.549 - Audi TTS Coupe
    1:04.561 - Nissan R33 GT-R V-Spec
    1:04.572 - De Tomaso Pantera
    1:04.659 - Subaru WRX STI Type S
    1:04.748 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.X
    1:04.780 - Nissan R32 GT-R V-Spec II
    1:04.859 - Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD)
    1:04.860 - Alpine A110
    1:05.237 - Toyota Supra RZ
    1:05.628 - Honda Civic Type R (FK2)
    1:05.828 - Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8
    1:06.249 - Ford Mustang Mach 1
    1:06.435 - Chevrolet Corvette C3
    1:06.617 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.IV GSR
    1:06.741 - Renault Sport Megane R.S. Trophy
    1:07.163 - Ford Focus ST
    1:07.896 - Toyota Supra 3.0GT Turbo A

    You might be thinking of the N100 version?

    1:09.015 - Alpine A110
    1:10.595 - Mazda Roadster S (ND)
    1:11.203 - Toyota S-FR
    1:12.938 - Suzuki Swift Sport
    1:13.101 - Abarth 500
    1:15.995 - Honda S660
    1:16.619 - Honda Beat
    1:17.516 - Daihatsu Copen
    1:19.130 - Mini Mini-Cooper S
    1:27.539 - Volkswagen 1200
    1:32.459 - Volkswagen Sambabus Typ 2
    1:37.861 - Fiat 500 F
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  28. Baron Blitz Red

    Baron Blitz Red

    Just wanted to shout out to @Racer283 for hosting and racing last night and letting me pop by! Thanks for reviving COTW!!!

    Also thanks to @Draggon , @JackRyanWMU , @Rinsky @Infineon ... it was nice to see some friendly faces again. Been a long time guys, hopefully I can pop by again!

    Cheers to all
  29. Draggon


  30. Rinsky


    United States

    It was really good to see you guys again. The racing was phenomenal like always and long overdue. It's nice to have everyone back in the same lobby again and we just need two more people to join us Nate & Vic.
    I had a blast racing last night because everyone in the room was capable of winning and that made for some great racing battles. :cheers: