Car of the Week | Week 62: The Red Standard (Red Bull X2014 Standard Car)

Truly is. Add slicks and much needed Racing Exhaust for aural pleasure. Some of the most fun to be had. Even the AI agree. ;)

Off topic kinda. But do you do an IG recording then use share factory to upload your vids to
So this is recorded from a saved replay?
It’s saved from live play. Once I start playing the game, the system starts recording game play automatically. I then press the Share button on the PS5 controller and choose Save Recent Gameplay. Depending how long I played, I can share from 15seconds to 60 minutes.
Saving the replay and using that recording is different and an option.
“Breaking news, It’s been officially confirmed that Priaiano Motorsports has signed a deal with GT Auto and Understeer Tuning to provide rare motorsport parts and drop in Engine Swaps for the public to buy.”

“A spokesperson for Priaiano Motorsports said the following in regards to the deal.”

PM: “We’re delighted that we can finally offer our high end performance parts to those with well established car collections without any pointless “Lottery Tickets” being the only way to do so, a limitation imposed on us by a former shareholder in the form of “Eccentric Automotive”.”

“The shareholder in question was alleged to have been intentionally rigging the odds to ensure certain associates always got the parts they wanted and denying their rivals the parts they wanted.”

“Priaiano Motorsports hopes to have the books open for parts orders within the next 24hrs, This has been Nenkai reporting from Priaiano HQ, back to you in the studio.”

“Thanks Nenkai, now on to todays story’s, The Saturday To Remember For COTW.”

“Last Saturday, COTW and SRC hosted a few Exhibition Races in the Radical SR3 SL, one race under COTW’s rule set and one under SRC’s rule set.”

“Despite a last minute change to COTW’s driver lineup due to illness’s, COTW put on a hell of show with SRC and while SRC won both events as a Team, COTW’s Tricky Vic ensured that SRC didn’t get near the top step of the podium by winning both races, including a win with a bold No-Stop strategy at Deep Forrest.”

“But while COTW lost both rounds there, Vic had a bigger target to aim for that day, The RXGT Super Final at Laguna Seca hosted by @RallycrossGT himself.”

“Both he, Rick & Rob qualified for the Super Final where the 4 best drivers from 2 different divisions squared off in 4 twenty minute sprint races, but unfortunately 3 drivers would be unable to attend the Final.”

“Both Vic and defending Champion Rollbay entered the Super Final as the number 1 drivers for each division, the 2wd KTM’s for the Champ and the 4wd Mini VGT Division for Vic.”

”In Race 1, Vic got the jump on Rollbay at the start and whilst under heavy pressure from the Champ, he held on to take the 1st win from Rollbay, Oni-Chan finished 3rd, Rick in 4th and Rob in 5th.”

“In Race 2 which was a reverse grid, Rollbay knocked Rick out the way at T1, also allowing Vic to slip through and chase down Rollbay, while Vic wasn’t reeling him in, he wasn’t losing too much ground either.”

“But with around 6:30 mins to go in Race 2, everything changed at T9, Rollbay made a mistake, by accidentally dropping down too many gears, the rear stepped out and sent him off track, he kept off the wall, but had let Vic through in the process.”

“Rollbay chased him down and was starting to catch back up, but with just over 90 seconds left on lap 13, the champion lost it going into T1 and landed in the gravel trap and that was game over for Race 2.”

“And so as it would also turn out to be game over for Rollbay too as he either DC’d or Rage Quit, Jury’s still out there.”

“Oni-Chan in 2nd, Rick 3rd and Rob 4th.”

“Race 3 and the Mini VGT’s, Vic needed to win one more to lock out the title with one race to go, thanks to the dropped score system of their 3 best results counting towards the final score.”

“Vic lead the pack away and while Rick put up a serious fight against both him and Oni-Chan, Rick eventually settled for 3rd, Oni-Chan ended in 2nd, Rob in 4th and Vic taking 1st and secured his first ever RXGT Championship Title.”

“Race 4, once again a reverse grid, but with the title wrapped up, Oni-Chan stepped up to ensure he got the Silver secured from Rick and after Vic made a mistake and fell behind, went on to win the final race.”

“Vic let Rick by to let him fight for the Silver, but Rick finished 2nd to Oni-Chan. Nevertheless, he’s still walking away with his first ever RXGT Medal and Rob finished 4th to finish higher than the former champ.” :lol:

“As for Vic? he finished his season the same way he started it, with celebration dounts.” :cool:

“With results like that from COTW’s drivers, there’s no doubt that while they have a reputation for spontaneous chaos and solid car reviews, the folks at COTW certainly can put on a good show behind the wheel.”

“This has been Seven Haven News, now over to the weather report.”

(TV turned off)

Vic: “Now THAT’S a headline act.”
Rick: “You said it man.”

Rob: “Great work guys.”

(Bottles Clinking)

All: “Cheers”

(And Cut 🎞️)

And back to the present and two track toys, one race ready, one road legal.

They are the Radical SR3 SL and the Honda Civic Type R Touring Car.

The Radical SR3 SL comes from a lineage of open top track toys, sometimes with bike engines, sometimes with turbos and sometimes with V6’s and V8’s as well.

The SL(Street Legal) packs a 2.0 Turbo Inline 4 from a Focus ST and makes a modest 240hp and it sends that power to the via a 6 speed sequential paddle shift gearbox(admittedly it shifts like a manual in game.).

Weighing in a 775kgs, that 240hp can go further than you think, but don’t rev it too far past 6200rpm as the power tends to drop off after that, heck it’s pretty beneficial to skip 5th gear and go from 4th to 6th with the factory gearing and power curve.

Handling is beginner friendly, it tends to understeer on corner entry with the factory brake bias, but with ABS on Weak and the right amount of input, you can lessen that effect.

While it’s possible the Brands Hatch CE in the SR3 may have soured you on its performance, I whole heartedly recommend you give it a fair shake now(or after tomorrows update. :P) as you might be pleasantly surprised by it. 😁

Verdict: Sleeper 😉👍

On to the Civic TC.

Packing a race tuned version of the factory 1.6 VTEC Inline 4, it’s pumping out 247hp at nearly 9000rpm and revs past 9500rpm in stock form. :embarrassed:

It’s power is sent to the front tyres via 6 speed close ratio manual gearbox and all the weight savings in turning it into a racer has brought the weight down to 845kgs.

Despite being a Touring Car, it’s equipped with Sports Hards from the factory, I was expecting Sports Softs or Racing Hards to be honest.

It did struggle with putting the power down and you had be lightly on throttle to make the diff help it rotate through the turns, it certainly teaches you not to be always gung-ho with the throttle.

On the majority of tracks the gearing will be sufficient, but tracks like Tokyo Expressway or Le Mans will be torture with stock gearing, capping out at around 150mph.

Compared to the Radical, it’s less of a ‘Pick up and play.’ sorta car and something more on the lines of a car you use when you want to learn how to improve your skills in driving and tuning further.

Overall, I would pick the SR3 over the Civic TC, but it’s a decent car on its own merits.

Just give it some better rubber. ;)

Verdict: Neutral 🙂
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“Breaking news, It’s been officially confirmed that Priaiano Motorsports has signed a deal with GT Auto and Understeer Tuning to provide rare motorsport parts and drop in Engine Swaps for the public to buy.”

“A spokesperson for Priaiano Motorsports said the following in regards to the deal.”

PM: “We’re delighted that we can finally offer our high end performance parts to those with well established car collections without any pointless “Lottery Tickets” being the only way to do so, a limitation imposed on us by a former shareholder in the form of “Eccentric Automotive”.”

“The shareholder in question was alleged to have been intentionally rigging the odds to ensure certain associates always got the parts they wanted and denying their rivals the parts they wanted.”

“Priaiano Motorsports hopes to have the books open for parts orders within the next 24hrs, This has been Nenkai reporting from Priaiano HQ, back to you in the studio.”

“Thanks Nenkai, now on to todays story’s, The Saturday To Remember For COTW.”

“Last Saturday, COTW and SRC hosted a few Exhibition Races in the Radical SR3 SL, one race under COTW’s rule set and one under SRC’s rule set.”

“Despite a last minute change to COTW’s driver lineup due to illness’s, COTW put on a hell of show with SRC and while SRC won both events as a Team, COTW’s Tricky Vic ensured that SRC didn’t get near the top step of the podium by winning both races, including a win with a bold No-Stop strategy at Deep Forrest.”

“But while COTW lost both rounds there, Vic had a bigger target to aim for that day, The RXGT Super Final at Laguna Seca hosted by @RallycrossGT himself.”

“Both he, Rick & Rob qualified for the Super Final where the 4 best drivers from 2 different divisions squared off in 4 twenty minute sprint races, but unfortunately 3 drivers would be unable to attend the Final.”

“Both Vic and defending Champion Rollbay entered the Super Final as the number 1 drivers for each division, the 2wd KTM’s for the Champ and the 4wd Mini VGT Division for Vic.”

(Editors note, Will replace with Youtube version when available. ;))

”In Race 1, Vic got the jump on Rollbay at the start and whilst under heavy pressure from the Champ, he held on to take the 1st win from Rollbay, Oni-Chan finished 3rd, Rick in 4th and Rob in 5th.”

“In Race 2 which was a reverse grid, Rollbay knocked Rick out the way at T1, also allowing Vic to slip through and chase down Rollbay, while Vic wasn’t reeling him in, he wasn’t losing too much ground either.”

“But with around 6:30 mins to go in Race 2, everything changed at T9, Rollbay made a mistake, by accidentally dropping down too many gears, the rear stepped out and sent him off track, he kept off the wall, but had let Vic through in the process.”

“Rollbay chased him down and was starting to catch back up, but with just over 90 seconds left on lap 13, the champion lost it going into T1 and landed in the gravel trap and that was game over for Race 2.”

“And so as it would also turn out to be game over for Rollbay too as he either DC’d or Rage Quit, Jury’s still out there.”

“Oni-Chan in 2nd, Rick 3rd and Rob 4th.”

“Race 3 and the Mini VGT’s, Vic needed to win one more to lock out the title with one race to go, thanks to the dropped score system of their 3 best results counting towards the final score.”

“Vic lead the pack away and while Rick put up a serious fight against both him and Oni-Chan, Rick eventually settled for 3rd, Oni-Chan ended in 2nd, Rob in 4th and Vic taking 1st and secured his first ever RXGT Championship Title.”

“Race 4, once again a reverse grid, but with the title wrapped up, Oni-Chan stepped up to ensure he got the Silver secured from Rick and after Vic made a mistake and fell behind, went on to win the final race.”

“Vic let Rick by to let him fight for the Silver, but Rick finished 2nd to Oni-Chan. Nevertheless, he’s still walking away with his first ever RXGT Medal and Rob finished 4th to finish higher than the former champ.” :lol:

“As for Vic? he finished his season the same way he started it, with celebration dounts.” :cool:

“With results like that from COTW’s drivers, there’s no doubt that while they have a reputation for spontaneous chaos and solid car reviews, the folks at COTW certainly can put on a good show behind the wheel.”

“This has been Seven Haven News, now over to the weather report.”

(TV turned off)

Vic: “Now THAT’S a headline act.”
Rick: “You said it man.”

Rob: “Great work guys.”

(Bottles Clinking)

All: “Cheers”

(And Cut 🎞️)

And back to the present and two track toys, one race ready, one road legal.

They are the Radical SR3 SL and the Honda Civic Type R Touring Car.

The Radical SR3 SL comes from a lineage of open top track toys, sometimes with bike engines, sometimes with turbos and sometimes with V6’s and V8’s as well.

The SL(Street Legal) packs a 2.0 Turbo Inline 4 from a Focus ST and makes a modest 240hp and it sends that power to the via a 6 speed sequential paddle shift gearbox(admittedly it shifts like a manual in game.).

Weighing in a 775kgs, that 240hp can go further than you think, but don’t rev it too far past 6200rpm as the power tends to drop off after that, heck it’s pretty beneficial to skip 5th gear and go from 4th to 6th with the factory gearing and power curve.

Handling is beginner friendly, it tends to understeer on corner entry with the factory brake bias, but with ABS on Weak and the right amount of input, you can lessen that effect.

While it’s possible the Brands Hatch CE in the SR3 may have soured you on its performance, I whole heartedly recommend you give it a fair shake now(or after tomorrows update. :P) as you might be pleasantly surprised by it. 😁

Verdict: Sleeper 😉👍

On to the Civic TC.

Packing a race tuned version of the factory 1.6 VTEC Inline 4, it’s pumping out 247hp at nearly 9000rpm and revs past 9500rpm in stock form. :embarrassed:

It’s power is sent to the front tyres via 6 speed close ratio manual gearbox and all the weight savings in turning it into a racer has brought the weight down to 845kgs.

Despite being a Touring Car, it’s equipped with Sports Hards from the factory, I was expecting Sports Softs or Racing Hards to be honest.

It did struggle with putting the power down and you had be lightly on throttle to make the diff help it rotate through the turns, it certainly teaches you not to be always gung-ho with the throttle.

On the majority of tracks the gearing will be sufficient, but tracks like Tokyo Expressway or Le Mans will be torture with stock gearing, capping out at around 150mph.

Compared to the Radical, it’s less of a ‘Pick up and play.’ sorta car and something more on the lines of a car you use when you want to learn how to improve your skills in driving and tuning further.

Overall, I would pick the SR3 over the Civic TC, but it’s a decent car on its own merits.

Just give it some better rubber. ;)

Verdict: Neutral 🙂

I like the Civic A LOT more, than the Radical. And no, that's not only because I sucked in the Radical. It really just does not suit my driving style. The Civic feels heavenly to drive compared to the Radical. To each his own I guess...
A really interesting comment/complaint from one of the SRC drivers in the VS event is that the SR3 seems to have a narrow band where the required corner speed sits between the upper limit of mechanical grip and the lower bound of downforce assistance which leads to the front tires getting up to all sorts of shenanigans like washing out. The double right at the sector 1 checkpoint was one such corner - car was washing out with understeer sometimes, perfectly fine other times.

That comment aside, I still think the SR3 is a very competent car.
A really interesting comment/complaint from one of the SRC drivers in the VS event is that the SR3 seems to have a narrow band where the required corner speed sits between the upper limit of mechanical grip and the lower bound of downforce assistance which leads to the front tires getting up to all sorts of shenanigans like washing out. The double right at the sector 1 checkpoint was one such corner - car was washing out with understeer sometimes, perfectly fine other times.

That comment aside, I still think the SR3 is a very competent car.
I see they ran into what I call the ‘Grey Area’, which is past the limit of mechanical grip and below the threshold for aerodynamic grip.

Too fast for the tyres alone to keep you on track, but too slow for the aerodynamic downforce to be of any help to you, it’s more noticeable with something like the SR3 with a tamer aero package and street legal tyres.
The "Touring Car" suffix stuck onto the back of this peculiar example of a 1997 EK Civic Type R is not very telling of what it is, is it? It could mean that the car's a fire breathing, soulless battle machine bred for competition and born in the fires of conflict. Or it could mean that it's a date car to impress a partner and bring them to the beaches and mountains while going 5 over the speed limit just to show how much of a badass you are.

So which is it, exactly?

ROHM Theatre Kyoto_.jpeg

Having started its life as an expensive 110,000 Credit Racing Modification operation on a run off the mill 1997 EK generation Civic Type R, you might be forgiven for thinking that this Civic Touring Car is just a show over go kind of date car built, or rather, commissioned, by a slightly wealthy kid to impress others. However, look even just slightly deeper past the colourful skins of the EKTC and into the spec sheets, and you'll very quickly find that this expensive bit of kit carries with it some very real racing hardware. As with any racing car, power and mass are the two main factors that determine how fast they can go, with everything else being secondary at best, and with the EKTC, it has both of these all–governing stats firmly locked down in its iron hands: an astonishingly lightweight 845kg (1,863lbs) body propelled by a highly tuned NA 1.6L Inline 4 B16B engine now capable of a stonking 247HP (184kW) without the breathing aid of forced induction, and all that power goes through a proper 6 speed manual with gears somehow even shorter and closer together than those of the base car, to ensure that the peaky and soulful B16 engine can sing its cylinders out as often as possible.

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca__2.jpeg

The engine is easily the highlight of this car! I don't know what it is exactly about 90s engines, but they all seem to have a proper, mechanical wail to each of them, while each having their own distinct flair to set them apart from each other, all without the aid of speakers in the cabin. Equipped with a full control computer and Semi–Racing exhaust as standard, this engine is not just proper screamer, but it also in my opinion, makes this race prepped, road derived EKTC among some of the best and most distinctive sounding cars in the hall of fame like list that is Gran Turismo 7's car roster!

Trial Mountain Circuit Reverse__1.jpeg

Now, if you've ever driven a stock EK Civic, you most likely know that the engine doesn't do much of anything if not near its 9,000rpm redline. However, I'm happy to report that the tuned engine in the EKTC has very solid shove from just 6,500rpm, which gives the EKTC a healthy pep in its step out of corners. Now, you might be thinking at this point, "that's still super high in the rev range; my daily can't even get to 6,5!" That may be true, but I also haven't told you the rev limit on the EKTC just yet... 9,800rpm. Yes, it's still a peaky engine. Yes, revving it out every gear is still a no brainer on the straights. But that also means that you have more than 3 thousand revs of very usable power to play with, and a close ratio box to keep the engine singing! In fact, the close ratios and versatile powerband often mean you'll have more than one correct gear to be in; I don't even use 2nd gear out of most tight corners, instead upshifting to 3rd just before the apex to power out of it, which feels much faster to me than banging the limiter in 2nd and then having to shift in the power zone.

And that's all I have to say about the best part of the car, this early into the review. You know what that means, don't you...?
Trial Mountain Circuit_.jpeg

The rest of the car feels like an incoherent mish mash of random parts that don't work together at all. The damn thing doesn't have a speedo or a fuel gauge, for starters. Peak power happens only at 8,8 in the rev range, but the shift light in the dash lights up at around 8,7, even before the engine makes peak power. Seriously, the car would've been much better off with its original dash. The brakes hardly work. The Sport Hard tyres it comes with are barely an upgrade from the stock car's Comfort Softs, and despite the unhealthy mass loss of the EKTC, the car still struggles obnoxiously for front grip in every section of every corner, from entry to exit. The car has excellent off centre steering response, but the EKTC can't follow up on this at all, very quickly hitting an almost literal wall in the steering lock travel as the tyres immediately start screaming and the wheel vibrates violently the moment you ask of it to bite into the apex of a corner. It feels almost as though the low slung car sitting a mere 80mm (3.15in) off the ground is hitting the end of the front springs' travel on every braking zone, and the car just can't put enough weight over the front tyres despite its lopsided 65:35 weight balance. As a result of all that, you'll have to brake entire rice fields before every corner to get the anorexic car to slow down in time, and then let off the brakes almost entirely for the front tyres to begrudgingly slip into any corner. It's a car that inspires a lot of doubt and fear in a racing scenario, as wanting to take a tighter inside line for an overtake counterproductively forces you to brake so much earlier for said corner, and for someone who's still struggling to learn how much space to leave a competitor in GT7's laggy lobbies, it's a very stressful chore at best to race this thing. And that's such a bummer, given how much I enjoyed the DC2 Integra R and hold it as a benchmark for every FF sports car out there. The EKTC really didn't live up to the expectations I had set for it, especially after all the rave reviews prior to the week's meets.

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta _.jpeg

And so, I began to look for alternatives to the 115,600 Credit UCD exclusive EKTC. For less money, you could've had a freaking Amemiya tuned RX-7, an FR car with much more outright performance and an even higher skill and tuning ceiling, readily available to purchase from Brand Central at any time with a fresh odometer. If you're willing to spend about 10k Credits more, you can have a bona fide, from the ground up track toy in the Radical SR3 SL, which will effortlessly smoke the EKTC both in lap times and driving feel. Admittedly, both of those cars will have to go through some very uncomfortable detuning to fit into 550PP events, and so for those, I'd recommend the NA Roadster Touring Car, which is also readily available in Brand Central unlike the EKTC, but it's also substantially cheaper as well at 90,000 Credits. It's FR, has an instantaneous sequential gearbox, and lighter than the EKTC. You might be thinking I'm comparing a drunk bar brawler to a professional boxer at this point, but the fact of the matter is that the Roadster, in spite of all that, still sits some 20PP below the Civic. In the eyes of the game, if I'm being unfair in this comparison, it's to the Roadster's detriment rather than the Civic's!

Tsukuba Circuit_.jpeg

Off the line, things immediately felt unfair. Even when starting near the back end of the grid, I was more than a second ahead by Turn 2 in both races I brought my Roadster against the Civics, thanks to the standing starts we use in our weekly lobbies. The underpowered Roadster hung with the Civics in the straights thanks to its sequential box, and out of corners, the nervous FR turd of a car couldn't much show why RWDs are superior, but it's in the entry to every corner where I felt like I was about to have a very ugly incident each time, simply because of how much more speed I could carry into apexes, where the Civics had to struggle with classic understeer. I was driving like utter bollocks the whole afternoon, and even I could snatch FLs away from COTW's resident Stig, Vic, like it was my birthright, simply because I was in the much better car.

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca__1.jpeg

I have to say though, that neither car was good to drive. There's just something weird about these PS3 era fictional cars that just don't feel like they've been adapted well to the PS4 era games. Both cars feel like they ought to have more grip than they do, and when they let go, it happens with no warning and no transition; they just let go instantly. It feels like the suspension isn't set up or aligned properly. It's just a question of whether you want to see the wall coming to claim you or not when deciding between these two cars. If I had any other choice, there is no way in hell the EKTC would even be on my radar. It's hard to obtain, offers poor value for money, drives terrible, and I'm yet to see what it can do that other cars can't. It's a hell of a looker that's a fantastic base for race and road liveries alike, and with a revised setup, I can see it being an absolute menace in the right hands. That is to say, if you really want the EKTC, you'll have to get very personal and involved with it to get the most out of it; it's not something you can just drive off a dealership with and expect it to serve you immediately.

Tokyo Expressway - Central Clockwise_.jpeg

As it is fresh from the ripoff car dealer though, it's neither a formidable racer nor a car I'd want to bring out on a date.
SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 8 - Honda CIVIC TYPE R (EK) Touring Car


We're STILL on a roll on nominating these lightweight street legal track cars. I have a headache even without thinking about it.

Oooohhh, a completely fictional vehicle based off a real one. To be fair, this is pretty much a rule for the GT series in general. But.. let's face it, since there are 3 whole EK Type R models in the game. The real history writeup's for whenever that comes, and which one of the two? It's going to be whichever Civic that comes first.

Introduced as one of the many sparse choices of race modded Premium cars in Gran Turismo 5, this EK Civic Type R embodies the spirit of Honda's Type R philosophy: one known as the trim of Hondas that puts performance and racing spirit for the everyday people on the roads. To say this thinking is a success would be a complete understatement. The first of this kind: the NSX Type R, would get its own praises from the late Ayrton Senna.

The 6th Generation EK Civic, probably one of the most well known and respected generations of this model, received its own Type R branding in 1997, two years after its debut. Uniquely carrying the 1.6 liter inline 4 named the B16B with Honda's VTEC technology, this Gran Turismo special would crank that engine to the best it could muster, with 194 horses bringing a 845 kilogram load. Just remember that up to today, only the Civic keeps getting the Type R name, meaning we've got a car that started this trend to push out this week.

Story time? I'm still sick these days, so I don't feel the festival vibe coming in this week. I'm going with simple this time around.


Episode 8: A Bizarre Interlude

Lucia's apartment
Ahrweiler, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Eifel, Germany

With a few days remaining to what's being called as the 'Street Racer's convention', Candy, alone at the couch, sits in thought on what's to come, and how she can fit in this league of racers that she didn't feel deserving to be apart of.

Stirring a hot coffee with her left, her right has her smartphone swiping to check her online finances. Not long after, a phone call came.

Seeing Boniface's name gave her a short lived burst of excitement, but she puts that aside and soothes as she answers.

Candy: "H-hello."

Boniface: "Bonj-I.. hello? Candy."

Candy: "Bon! Uhh.. hello. To what do I owe this pleasure?"

Boniface: "Not much. I have a schedule today, but I thought you'd like to know something to fill you in today.."

Candy: "Oh? Intrigue me."

Boniface: "See, your MINI.. you've told me of your extensive knowledge on it, and I'm thinking this will help. Some groups of racers have been appearing around Europe in anticipation of the upcoming street racers convention, and I think some of my Prophecy ties can come in handy for you.. am I boring you, ma cherie?"

Candy: "..uh... Oh, no! Please continue."

Boniface: "You don't have to lie to me, Candy.. I'll be quick. A notable touring car specialist has appeared on my radar: prominent Civic Type R racer.. and he's meeting some others in Alsace this evening. Someone of your.. credentials can surely convince them to assist you with your shady client and the car."

Candy: "And what if they don't?"

Boniface: "These people may be of different origins, but in the end: they are top of the line street racers, like me and you. You know what to do. And should that even fail, perhaps Lucia can assist you if that has to be."

Candy: "Well, looks to me you have all the bases covered for me.. thanks, Bon."

Boniface: "Au revoir."

As the call ends, she finds herself in joy, holding her phone in embrace after hearing Boniface's soft talk.

Being alone for the time being, Candy celebrates with a few steps to a happy beat and a few swings across the room's space.

Obersteinbach, France


As evening comes, the track's population comes to a minimum.

While that fact stands, the noise from one car making rounds still means the action remains hot no matter the hour.

Just One Second
London Elektricity feat. Elsa Esmeralda
Hospital Records


A young man tames the reins of a race modified Civic Type R, with an intensity in his eyes and a fire in his efforts.

Once an infamous Japanese street racing icon, Isamu Adachi takes his skills honed on the public roads the best he can around the FIA officiated Alsace-Village race circuit.

He might be alone, but as the Civic revs up high, he can't stop expressing in joy about the VTEC as he pumps his left arm..

Isamu: "YAAH! This is.. the greatest high!!"

With its PP sitting in the centre of the 500 regions, this lightweight hatchback racer finds itself competing with a great selection of performance vehicles. Such as the likes of BMW's M2, Lexus RC F, or even the J29 Supra. It even has this cute little track racing street legal trinity with the once infamous S-FR Racing Concept, and last week's Radical SR3 SL, with their PP being quite close. The Honda might be the cheapest of the bunch, but it's the one that's locked behind the used car dealership's scheduling, so you can't grab one whenever.

Upon driving it with intensity, three main points have to come up so you can maximize your Civic's potential.


The first is to NOT short shift. This is the kind of car you want to rev up all the way, just until the hud shifter light flashes. Looking at the powerband, you can see that there's a dropoff at the absolute edge. I'm unsure if it's the same 6000 RPM zone, but this is the car that pioneered the memes around VTEC: a functionality in the engine that gives it more power as it reaches a certain RPM, sort of like turbo but without the hissing. Another thing: if you do short shift, you will have issues in the car's front wheels spinning in its current sports hards, which brings me to..

Traction control (no, not the driver assist) as the next point. This isn't an issue exclusive to this car, but rather with FWD cars that have a good chunk of power but weaksauce tires. Which is why this behaviour is exempt from the Group 4 machinery and the GT-R LM Nismo. So, if you exit the turn and put the power down without thinking, you're going to spin those front tires, getting you a nasty case of understeer. The way you're going to get through this weakness is easily be disciplined, or just turn on the traction control. Nobody's going to rat you out or anything if you use traction control. Though I don't feel that last advice is good advice, but don't be afraid to try.


Of course being a FWD car, that last point has to cover getting more angle on to the turns, also mentioning the car's turning tendencies. It's got a middling acceleration setting, but a lower, more notable deceleration setting. To me, having that deceleration above 10 is sort of punishable by fire if you're tuning a FWD car. Due to this, you're welcome to keep a bit of power while turning so that you get some momentum.

For other turning tidbits like bouncing the throttle or engine braking or trail braking.. you can do those without issue in this car, but be generous with the amount. Too much, and you're going to understeer, unsettle the rear axle, and bog down the car, in that order. Too little, and well, you get nothing.

If there's a notable good coming from the car, it's the acceleration. On certain tracks with large straights like Deep Forest or Fuji, you might get yourself to the edge of that 6 speed manual it's got. And that's because a track car with downforce and low power like this don't really have a need or viability to go above 160. And since it has downforce values, handling on the whole is very nice, though of course watch your power input.

On the whole, it is comparable to last week's Radical. Someone can nominate the S-FR Racing Concept, and I can get Throwbacks started around here. I'm still thinking how this will happen. It's more likely just a quick 3 lap custom race event.

a few moments later.jpg


The race spec EK Civic heads in to the pit lane.

With the car settled, Isamu heads to the hub building, and not long after approached by a certain chubby American who plays a major role in the worldwide car smuggling enterprise.

Carlyle: "So? How'd it go, Sam? You's look like you had a smashing good time."

Isamu: "Well, mister Lyle.. does the expression on my face say otherwise?"

Isamu might not be hiding anything, but it's hard to tell for visually impaired Carlyle if he's hinting anything on that young man's face.

Not to mention Isamu himself wearing a special pair of retro sunglasses himself that hides his upper face quite well.

Carlyle: "Heck, I don't doubt it.. You's messing with my lingo, bub?"

Isamu: "Nah. After such a grand ride, I'd like to keep these vibes as much as I can. Shin?"

Carlyle: "Napping in your car, windows all down, and.. we gots us this cool French breeze."

Satisfied, Isamu responds with relief.

Isamu: "The way he likes it.. Let's find that snake J.J."

Carlyle: "He be greeting his friend. They be at the inside area."

As the men head to this usual place, they already found the people they're looking for.

The first: a thin, eccentric German playing with a small handgun's mechanisms, who goes by Jovan Jensen, usually through his initals of J.J.

The other is the owner of said gun: a short, hard headed gangster exiled from his Californian based home turf: Gary D-To.

Isamu and Carlyle closens in, eventually overhears the conversation.

J.J.: "So, the key to understanding how a this fascinating weapon works is the mechanisms all working together, you see, ja? I pull this, that comes in, and.."

The safety's on, but Gary has reason to feel attacked as his gun gets pointed to his own head.

Gary D: "Point that thing somewhere else, dog!"

J.J finds it puzzling with that reaction.

J.J.: "What's the matter? Didn't you tell me the gun's not loaded?"

Gary D: "It's got blanks, dog. And the homeboy like me easily gets antsy when they get pointed towards, loaded or not!"

It's not going to escalate, Isamu thought, but he felt it shouldn't continue, thus the intervention.

Isamu: "Alright, enough gun maintenance, J.J. Put that toy away."

J.J turns to see the two men closing in as he hands the gun back to Gary, of which he stows aside on his gun belt instantly.

Between this eccentric German and the slacker of a Japanese man, the first order of business relates to..

J.J.: "Ahh, I knew the silence would mean something? So, how was the masterpiece?"

Isamu: "Good.. but not excellent. Some additional traction up front would fare better."

J.J.: "In all honesty, Adachi, I'm truly putting that EK at its wits end. Maybe, perhaps we swap to the sprint compound for later. That usually changes minds."

Unsure on how to continue, Isamu looks towards the other man, not taking 5 seconds to note Gary's unusually placed birthmark.

Isamu: "Who's your friend? Looks like he got punched in real good there.."

And that small taunt worked, ruining what's left of the serenity..

Gary D: "You say that again about my eye, and I'mma fill yours with lead, punk mother[BLEEP]er!"

Isamu: "Hehey, alright. Calm your testicles."

The chaos prompts Carlyle to make his steps in.

Carlyle: "Figures you's all need to know a little more of each other.. usually the business goes on without that Chosen guy like him."

Followed with J.J also chiming in with a short analysis in mind..

J.J.: "Usually, but not today. He's right of course. Adachi, this is Gary.. perhaps you know him as one of the Prophecy's current Chosen. And whatever thoughts you have on American racing, let's just say he's always considered a big shot on the London masses."

As if that sentence ended on a perfect note, Isamu playfully goes on with the perfect follow up.

Isamu: "Big shot, ehh? How comes he comes in such a little package?"

Hearing various takes in all his life, Gary's not offended by his smaller size, but his thoughts now go to silencing the naysayers.

Gary D: "For real? I'm a tiny frame dude, but I ain't useless, for sure."

Isamu then thought about the street racing threat of The Prophecy having people like him around, and also about J.J's casual demeanor.

Isamu: "Interesting that.. you of all people chose to collaborate with the Prophecy."

Smugly, J.J decides to reply while posturing in a rather unusual, but fashionable way.

J.J.: "JA! All hands on deck for the incoming List invasion. Our bosses are priding on this quite hard, I assure you."

Gary D: "C.K. ain't gonna be down with us handing out white flags like napkins."

Confused, Isamu turns to Carlyle, quietly mentioning..

Isamu: "Perhaps they haven't a clue we're running for The List.."

Carlyle: "They's know, but we's as underlings don't really gots real beef with them dudes."

They're being discreet, but not discreet enough for J.J to come close and mention..

J.J.: "He's right, you know. I've done my background checks on you. We can still be friends, right?"

Gary D: "Byeah. I would be nothing without old Lyle's company works, yo."

Hearing his values, Carlyle poses with pride and speaks up..

Carlyle: "With that conference up in a few days, I be's a busy like a horny little bee. We be working, yup."

Not as caring, Isamu has thoughts for another important bodily function.

Isamu: "By the way, what's good around for food? J.J?"

J.J.: "I got that. Hoohh HAH!"

With his stylish flair for another pose, he takes out his phone and shows off a small messaging discussion, revealing a receipt for food.

Gary D: "Pastries? Where's your manlihood, yo?!"

Isamu: "Uh oh. Why do I hear someone not appreciating local delicacies?"

With a smidge of confidence, Gary makes a rebuttal about his argument.

Gary D: "Ain't no arguing that a balanced diet needs some protein, y'know."

And in an instant gets backed by the other American in the room.

Carlyle: "I second that!"

Hearing all this, J.J takes the criticisms and reveals his action plan.

J.J.: "Don't you worry! We're going to have our own bachelor party on this track! I'm sure some local fast food joints are getting a rather tall order in a minute.."

A jovial Carlyle responds with massive approval in mind.

Carlyle: "To the Lord we's say our prayers, then a quick A-MEN!"

Mostly indifferent, Isamu replies to his mate's enthusiasm with at most half of it.

Isamu: "A-freaking-men.."

much much much later.jpg

A familiar blue MINI arrives on the track grounds and finds itself on the racer's parking lot.

Being her first time around, Candy notes..

Candy: "This is the FIA approved Alsace-Village race track, huh?"

Lucia: "I've never been here when it's dark.."

Past the track keeper's security, the MINI reaches a parking lot and stops at the first empty space.

The driver and her friend exits the MINI, stretching after a long drive.

Candy: "So, Bon mentioned to look for a street racer.. a Civic Type R specialist. It'd help if he told us who we're looking for.."

Lucia: "Look over there, Frau.."

Lucia points to a set of cars that stand out in the night.


Candy: "That's more than just a Civic. NSX, S2000.."

The one lone car that stood out however resonated with Lucia's memories.


Lucia: "Gott.. I know that Viper. That's.. one of the Chosen."

Hearing Chosen had Candy remember that word in association with..

Candy: "Cierra?!"

Lucia: "No, no! The other Chosen that's not Boniface.. or Cierra. Kleiner mann with an unusual background."

Hearing Lucia's uncommon mentions of her language, Candy replies while thinking..

Candy: "Small? Ugh, size aside, you think he can help us?"

Lucia: "I fear he might not because of his.. repulsive personality against women."

To Candy, hearing Lucia give opinionated facts wasn't convincing enough.

Candy: "I'll be the judge of that. Let's find him."

They head to the main hub building, not knowing they're being followed by something much smaller.

Inside the lone pantry, the 4 men find themselves enjoying their meal more than usual.

Surrounding a table crowded with various foodstuffs, they pick off what they want at a pace that it might all be gone in a moment.


A euphoric air fills the room as the laughing and relating goes up a notch as time passes.

J.J.: "So, why haven't YOU made your holy bonds in matrimony yet, Gary?"

Gary D: "Well, life's too short to stay settled. And ya'll better don't tell Ginnie I've been hitting it REAL hard lately."

J.J.: "Ja, I heard about your situation! Sucks to be in exile, right?!"

Gary D: "Say it with me, Adachi homie: A to the MEN!"


Isamu: "Heh heh. You're next, J.J!"

J.J.: "Well, I'll be honest: life with a woman.. just is not for me."

Gary D: "What, you chicken? [mock chicken sounds]"

Isamu: "No, you dullards! Just look at him: he's like that one character from Fantastic Mr. Fox."

Despite the unusual Roald Dahl reference, Carlyle follows up with a booming reaction.

Carlyle: "Wait... YEAH! AHHAAAHAH!! You's be that cider drinking guy! BEAN!"

J.J.: "Psshh, oh shut up!"

Isamu: "Or what? You're going to throw apples, or turkeys or something?!"


Just outside the room are the two women from earlier, on approach due to their laughing and enjoying.

They peek through the doorway, strangely not noticed yet.

Candy: "There looks to be the men we're looking for."

Lucia: "That's not drunk, is it? It's not Oktoberfest yet."

Checking the table of foods and drinks, Candy sees a whole roster of brands and names, relieved none are alcohol related.

Candy: "No.. just.. friends having a good time. Looking at how it's going, there's nobody to carry home tonight."

Lucia: "Oh.. good. Huh?"

Lucia turns to see a small Shiba Inu, sitting and mouth wide as it wags its tail in joy.

Lucia: "Look! It's one of those Asian meme dogs.. has it been following us for a while?"

Timing a count to 3, Candy reacted with a violent leap as the 2 count is made..

Candy: "ULP! STAY BACK!"

Lucia: "Ehh?"

As Candy keeps shuffling to the side, Lucia couldn't quite agree with her discovery on a friend's fear.

Lucia: "A fear for such an adorable little mutt?? How dare you."

Without that restriction, Lucia kneeled down and the small dog jumped on her elbows in a relaxed position.

Lucia: "Look at that! Such a good pup allowing me to carry like this."

And afterwards, she gestured the dog towards Candy, prompting a hostile reply..

Candy: "Lulu.. be a dear and GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!!"

Lucia: "Calm yourself, Candy! The longer this keeps up, the men are going to hear us. I mean.."

She had a hunch, and a quick turn to her rear confirms it.

Lucia: "He's right behind me, is he?"

Isamu: "Yes, hello. My little Shin seems to enjoy the company of good people, though I cannot say the same for you two so far.. SHIN. Koi!"

Responding to his master, the small dog leaps down and leaps up to his shoulder.

Candy: "Ohh, finally. Thanks for.. dealing with that."

Isamu: "Don't mention it. J.J?"

Following Isamu, the other men make their way out of their jolly party space.

J.J.: "I see our guests have arrived, Adachi."

Candy: "We were expected?"

J.J.: "Why yes. Not by all of us, mind you. Particularly by him."

He points towards Gary, now doing his streetwise gestures combined with his more casual mood towards Lucia.

Gary D: "Luce! What up, girl! Long time!"

Lucia: "Gary.. much as I hate to admit it, it's good to see you again. You heard right?"

Gary D: "You talking about the darkening of JR, right? Hell yeah, I heard. But enough gloom and doom, baby. Who's your friend?"

While surprised, Candy finds a soothing relief hearing her fame's limited reach.

Candy: "Ain't that a breath of fresh air.. someone who doesn't know me."

With that in mind, Carlyle has other thoughts and made himself stand out with a raised voice and his nasty grin.

Carlyle: "Well, HOWDY, missy."

Candy: "Oh? Lyle? The lion is here too. Uhh, howdy?"

Hands on his hips, Carlyle greets her with the same passion as he would meet with other women.

Carlyle: "Great to see ya! Yup, I'm here. Gots me some work moving some product around Switzerland. Product meaning cars, don't you's think it otherwise."

Candy: "And you've not retreated back to the States?"

Carlyle: "Maybe after that convention, but if business comes, might be later that the usuals, doll."

Her expectations weren't that high, but these men were definitely what she seeked.

Candy: "Well, looks to me you're the bunch Bon told me about.. I'm looking for a Honda Type R specialist."

Those key words prompted J.J to leap into the front of Candy.

J.J.: "TUT! Not a specialist: more a complete GENIUS in the subject, hoohoo. STRIKE A POSE!"

An avid man with habits of posing: facts that got Candy to take note on its unusual presence.

Candy: "The people are just getting more and more wacky.."

Lucia: "Tell me about it."

J.J.: "It is RUDE of me to leave you ladies in the unknown by the way. I am Jovan Jensen! Just call me J.J, not just one J. Jovan is also okay.. but everyone I know calls me J.J. Not a matter of choice for me, heh, but I take these signs of simplicity."

His strange behaviour doesn't hint of anything suspect, so Candy accepts this and replies without hesitation.

Candy: "Nice to meet you.. J.J."

J.J.: "Likewise to you.. Le Glace Pacer herself. I don't compare to you on the track, but the streets can be.. a different beast."

Candy: "I started off from the streets, but.. that time's long past. So who's your motley crew?"

J.J.: "Umm.. they're not MY crew, per se, but they are who I end up running with tonight. Since you're considered within the 'in' of the European elite of street racers, I figure it's okay to tell you about these men best I can."

Candy: "I say go for it."

J.J turns back to his small group and asks..

J.J.: "Form a line, gang."

Gary D: "Do we gotta?"

J.J.: "DO AS I SAY!!"

With an initial hesitation, this line then forms, and J.J gets started with the man with the dog on his arms.

J.J.: "This one's Isamu Adachi and his braver junge Shin. Known as Raiko: the death cursed street racing Oni. Spooky! My research suggests he's the latest addition of The List's ever growing repertoire of street racing kings and queens."

While she hasn't been in that business in a long time, hearing the Raiko name rang some bells in Candy's memories.

Candy: "Raiko, was it? I heard a thing or two about this man. A red shaded spirit haunting the mountains of Gunma. Tell me, Isamu-san.. what took their attention?"

While petting his dog, Isamu replies with his usual sleazy tone.

Isamu: "I'd say go find out on the Internet somewhere, but.. would you believe.. one of their big wigs? Me and him got through this 2 hour stint. And when I mean big wig, I mean he's a long haired fool. Egoist goes by Sonny Meng."

Candy: "No.. What's with that clown?"

Isamu: "Heh heh, that's a long story. If I feel like it needs mention, that will come."

He's a mystery, but Candy has no desire to pursue this further.

The next man however is a familiar face, as Candy describes with a small smile.

Candy: "Medical sunglasses and that twirl of hair. I've met the lion Carlyle before."

Carlyle: "Candy! Of course you's do. I prefer you's not hint any mention what happened on that day."

J.J.: "He talks a little odd, but Carlyle's business is a valauble asset, even moreso to the street racer in us."

Candy: "The dark one mentioned you're selling.. can I browse later?"

Carlyle: "We can go for tomorrow morning... no innuendo intend, mind you's, heh."

And the last man stands tall, but has a size matching Candy in that regard.

J.J.: "And this one's Gary."

Combining the shady nature of Adachi, and the enthusiasm of Carlyle gets a quick outside summary of this downsized man.

From Boniface's own advice, Candy has heard about this man before, thus the sudden reaction.

Candy: "Hold up! He's THE Gary? I've heard from reputable sources, telling me a solid base about him.. notably on steering clear."

To toy with him, Lucia coyly adds..

Lucia: "You know, I've just forgotten why, think you can enthuse me?"

Gary D: "For sure, Luce. [clears throat]. Hey hot stuff! I drive fast like a rocket.. wanna come over and [BLEEP] it?!"

Gary's flirting abilities silenced the entire scene in how smooth and true its delivery was, while it's everything else came to question.

Lucia: "See? Dumb, altruistic, charmless and incredibly attractive to lay a fist upon. These are your fortes, Gary."

Gary D: "I dunno if that's a compliment or an insult.. but for sure: I dig it."

Being in a similar seat, J.J wanted to put Gary back in good standing after this show of poor intelligence.

J.J.: "I thought you'd be more interested in how Gary's a Chosen too.."

Candy: "Uhh.. Bon did tell me.. but after hearing all that, it's tough to process. How's Cierra? Doing any good?"

Hearing Cierra raised Gary's eyes to suspicion.

Gary D: "Umm.. This ain't a trick question, Luce?"

Lucia: "She's inquiring legitimately, D-To. I suggest you answer."

Pulling down his cap, Gary tries to resist that request even though he wouldn't do so in front of women.

Gary D: "Great.. Why do I have the feeling someone's going to punish me for telling straight hard facts about our precious double R?"

Candy: "Double R?"

Lucia: "Double R.."

Realizing the situation, J.J thinks this is a good time to move on.

J.J.: "Perhaps I'll leave you to the confides of these two ladies. It's something I know you enjoy. FARE THE WELL, SHAA~"

Gary D: "Yeah, do your thing, dog. Get the heck away from where all the pressure's at."

While the rest of the men leave, Gary scratches his skin, thinking what to do to satisfy his new guests.

Gary D: "It sounds hostile and all, but you sexy ladies have questions. And he's right.. I'm just looking for company from the particular fine ones such as yourselves.. don't tell Bern, okay?"

Out of nowhere, Gary's mention of Bern gives Candy the idea he's also in their smaller circle of close friends.

Candy: "Bern? He's in contact with your lot too?"

Lucia: "D-To was in Japan around when we were doing our thing in Toyota. That's how I know him to begin.."

Candy: "How come I've never gotten to even meeting your kind?"

Gary D: "Unless you got yourselves involved with expats running the expressways, the chance we meeting is near zilch."

The out of place accent aside, Candy has no reason to distrust him, but her mind did raise a flag.

Candy: "Understandable, but.. I can't help but feel.. Wait.. wait wait wait.. that black mark on your eye.. I know! You were the priest!"

Gary D: "Priest? Hey.. I haven't wedded somebody's ass in the longest age, yo."

Candy: "It was your wedding, Lulu!"

The lightbulbs shine brightly as Lucia brightens upon realization of such an ancient fact.

Lucia: "Oh?! Oh right! Ja, you have a good memory, Candy."

Gary D: "Why'd I forget that.. I think it's because I was still going ham on Ginnie then.."

Candy: "Who's Ginnie?"

Forgetting such a taboo name being quite taboo, Gary stumbled, as Lucia tried to clean this mess.

Lucia: "Oh shoot! Gary, you f[BLEEP]ed up."

Gary D: "Jyeah, I think we're gonna stop there. For yours, ours, and most definitely YOUR sakes, yo."

With no reason to bring that name up again, Candy has another name she's been dying to correlate with..

Candy: "It irritates you, I know, but I will bring up Cierra. And if you're not comfortable with that, we'll take the heat from the Messiah together, Gary."

He wasn't sure at first, but he accepted those terms happily.

Gary D: "Nice to hear that, baby. But I'm sure boney face told you she's a closed, locked up, sealed shut book as books in the big ass library of the world gets."

Another unusual trait raised, Candy questions..

Candy: "For a dummy, guy has a way with metaphors. Sounds like you're.. kind of close?"

Gary D: "Yeah, double R's close to the G-Dog and all. We hang out, have dinner.. not romantically, yet. But you know.. I know I feel there's more to her character than being a runaway mechanic from the 415."

Having spent some time, a more confident Gary now fires back with..

Gary D: "You know what: I'm owed a question, yo. Can I get your deets? You presume to be quite famous, from what I hear.."

And unlike certain weeks back, Candy replies..

Candy: "Candy Lam. GT racer. Also coming back into this street racing thing with that.. sloppy Initiation."

Her memories of a major loss last week still shook her, even though winning wasn't the focus of the Initiation.

Lucia comments as Gary watches the Hong Kongese lady slump down.

Lucia: "She's beating herself over spoiled milk again.."

Gary D: "I thought Bon's sweet talking would solve that kind of crap, Luce."

Lucia: "You might be the idiot Gary, but I'm glad you agree with how I think too."

Guessing Boniface did do some sweet talking, he thought hard on how she lost drastically. And the advice that came out of his head was..

Gary D: "Hey, I know a little something that'll knock you back in: Cierra also lost her Initiation too, yo. But a couple of intense years later, she's gotten into the game good. Today, she got a reputation and a title. Double R got in double trouble!"

She thought a kind of girl like Cierra going racing as a farce if it was the same woman when they first met, but this new levelled up Cierra got her interested, putting away that bad memory.

Candy: "Well.. that's news!"

Gary D: "Yeah hey! Only me and the big man knows of this. Don't take Initiations so seriously. I've shooed away much worse hornets than you, girl. It's just a quick yes or no question. There ain't a score or some expectation just after. You gotta build that."

As Gary puts out a wide, eye winking smile showing his well kept teeth, Candy questions again about his metaphor dictionary.

Candy: "Again with the 'dummy' sharing metaphors. Lulu, I'm starting to think he's not just some dumb meat."

Lucia: "Hmm.. you seem more of an intellect than what I usually find you doing, D-To. Any idea why?"

Gary D: "Hell if I know. Maybe V's chinese proverbs finally got into me. Maybe Ginnie knocked me good that one time. Who knows?"

Candy: "As long as he stays away from the dark one's gaseous assaults, he should be fine."

As Gary was ready for more, the Japanese moutain runner returned with his companion.

Isamu: "Excuse me for intruding, oh purple wearing one."

Gary D: "Sam? What up, g?"

Isamu: "Candy, was it? J.J. wants to have a look at that MINI. That flamboyant lizard.. glanced, spun out of control and landed gracefully by its presence."

Gary D: "Yeah, that's J.J on ecstacy alright. You ladies okay with it?"

Candy: "Sure. I'll be there. How about you two?"

As Candy prepares to leave, her canine replacement already puts the mood into sky high.

Lucia: "Who's the dog? He is JUST the perfect stress reliever, ja?"

Gary D: "Aww yeah, it's dog on dog time with G-Dog and his little homie SHIN!"

Her thoughts on dogs on another wavelength, Candy walks off slowly..

Candy: "Guess I'll head off by my lonesome.."

Heading back out to the car park, Candy notices the scene differing when flashlights from smartphones are involved.

With Carlyle looking inside as if he's a car thief, J.J floats about in serenity.

Candy: "This cool humid air.. J.J?"

J.J.: "Fabulous, just fabulous.. oh there you are, Frau. Come come! You have to tell me all you know about this car of yours."

Gesturing around her and moving towards the blue MINI, Candy feels an uneasy air.


Candy: "You sound like one of those snooty fashionistas."

Thinking she wants to offend, Carlyle, still looking at a car he once raced against, can't think of a proper response with two things to think about.

Carlyle: "I.. got nothing, doll. 200 MPH Superbird's got more work put in, and.. I could eat this kind of work for days."

J.J puts that aside and comforts the car's current driver.

J.J.: "Do not let my.. personality distract you from what I desire, Candy. A man such as I wants to see what makes this bomb.. tick."

Candy: "Well, I fail to see why but here: unlocked. Enjoy.."

She takes the keys out and pushes a button, allowing J.J to have a quick look inside, with a inquisitive, honest and casual energy.

J.J.: "Danke schon! But I might as well show some honesty.. Carlyle told me what he knows. I heard this car and it's shady client evaded even the best of Carlyle's snooping hounds. Perhaps a pattern I can find can help triangulate the search down. I do wonder.. how often have they contacted you after the initial hand over."

Candy: "For the long month and a half I had the car.. strangely no."

Carlyle: "You's think it's some elaborate prank?"

Candy: "It did come to me one day on my front porch, with a note.. which details I forget. I know: such an old fashioned way. I have a business e-mail, you know."

Holding his tattoo on his chin with his hand, he thinks..

J.J.: "Well tuned hatchbacks like this don't shout elaborate prank."

Carlyle: "Yeah, so does the lack of any link from the great van Orrin connection's major players. But anything else coming in, cutie pie?"

Candy: "You can guess it's money. I'm paid a 4 figure sum of credits every week. And statements say they're transferred from a different bank each week."

All eyes goes to J.J putting some pressure on his own brain.

J.J.: "More the reason to investigate that covering of the footprint, ja?"

Candy: "I'm very impartial to that.. I mean: I too want to find out, but I might risk losing if their confidentiality gets hit. Free steady income is just too good to lose."

Now out of the car, the thinking men lean together to summarize what they know..

Carlyle: "We gots a currently anonymous investor who got money and a reason to hide. Fishy. In-te-res-ting-ly fishy."

Not to ruin the mood, Candy proposes another activity.

Candy: "I don't feel it's warranted, but.. do you want to have a go yourself, mister J.J?"

J.J.: "That'd be nice. Perhaps I'll just have a feel just around this empty parking lot.. But to take a request from you without repercussion? Hmm.. it'd be nicer if I'm scratching your back, you'll have to scratch mine."

Carlyle: "Someone this pretty don't look the type to scratch backs."

J.J.: "I definitely do not mean it that way, Carlyle."

Carlyle: "Right.. girl like her's more of a masseuse."

Not a fan of Carlyle's suave talking, Candy hinted a personality quirk of hers from Big Sur..

Candy: "Fair warning: I do lose my temper a lot these days. Some people on this roster can bring that out quite.. amicably."

And Carlyle looked back with his legs bent to each other in fear.

Carlyle: "Yeah. She.. knocked the low hanging fruits out of me.."

Candy: "Glad someone remembers."

J.J.: "May I suggest you zip that mouth of yours for a moment, then?"

As Carlyle distances himself for the time being, Candy goes back to the point.

Candy: "So, about scratching backs?"

J.J.: "Well, yes. The Type R Civic over there. The EK, in red. FK one's my own masterpiece, still exclusive to me.."


Perhaps many others too will have a need to mention Candy's first look at the car's windows.

Candy: "These art on the windows? That's not part of your handiwork, is it?"

J.J.: "That's your first point? Not how amazing you see an EK9 ready to race at a moment's notice, or how well kept it is for having all these miles? I guess it's all irrelevant, eh? What I do know is that the man who used to own it now serves a life sentence for.. unfathomable things. So it lies under the care of a certain.. let's call him a God.. the Yamagami."

She didn't think to hear that term again, especially with the mental scarring of that day still lingering.

Candy: "Yamagami? Goodness.. I heard that from somewhere.. umm.."

Nearly losing one's free will was one thing, but the person that was a strong part of those activities suddenly came back in echoing voices..


"She's steaming like granny's kettle on boil! There's heat coming off them holes! SQUEEE~"

"The silence speaks to me. They say it's a resounding YES, HEEHEE. NO TAKE BACKSIES!!"

"I hardly meet anyone my size.. Kee.. keekee..guukeekeekikeeki.."

"I'll find you, Candy-san. Remember.. I'm your DJ.."

After all that's passed, she can't resist the urge to hide that name..

Candy: "Peggy.."

Hearing the name of who he calls the little princess, J.J reacts, intrigued.

J.J.: "Oooh, she knows. How fascinating.. POSE!"

As that moment passes, Carlyle steps back closer in to investigate yet another manga inspired pose.

Carlyle: "What? There something I's should know?"

J.J.: "It's our little secret now, Candy. Don't want the lion over there figuring that out."

A curious Carlyle now gets shut down, crossed arms disappointed.

Carlyle: "Ahh shucks.."

Candy: "To be honest, it's irrelevant for time being."

J.J takes the opportunity of this shutdown to bring the focus back to the car.

J.J.: "But what is relevant is that I want you to have a go around this track with it. Note the handling improvements, make comparisons with your MINI. I'll have Adachi and Carlyle come along in their cars if you want an.. incentive."

If that sounded like a high pace excuse to run on track, and it was, Candy didn't hesitate to tell him..

Candy: "Say no more."


Carlyle: "This is Leo, baby, you's hear me good? Over."

Isamu: "I hear you fine, big one."

Candy: "Volume check.. I say we're loud and clear, Lyle."

Carlyle: "Right. So we's are on the same frequency about this: we ain't doing no race. Just give Candy an idea on what we do as street racing folk if we want a quick drive in high pace."

Isamu: "Hmm.. do show me your abilities as the scion of that delinquent master Shinzo."

Candy: "How fascinating.. He knows?"

Isamu: "There might be more.. Don't lose yourself yet, Candy-chan. Over."

Just One Second (Apex Remix)
London Elektricity feat. Elsa Esmeralda
Hospital Records

Just like last week's Radical, the EK Touring Car comes with a good selection of its stock parts as adjustable.


The ones that aren't are those you should head to the shops for, namely brakes, aero kits, suspension, transmission, and those select engine parts. You can put the EK up to 370 horses with it's sub 1 ton body, but you can see that's actually the power to weight ratio that's quicker than a majority of Group 4, so you better be racing with slicks or you may be blown away with understeer.

Speaking of blown, you can put a turbo in the EK Touring Car. Now, with the Radical last week, the turbo is the only way to kick the car's power up a notch, but unlike the Radical, this one doesn't mess up the car's powerband in terms of how we're treating it: stay on the high revs. The medium is the one I go for since that's where the VTEC works. Beware that this would cause the torque to interact differently than it would without a turbo, as a turbo'd B16B would have this much steeper incline up for its torque and power.


If you have swapped the car's aero, you'll see that the levels itself can be changed. Usually stuck at 100 for both, choosing the right parts can get you up to 100-200 on the front, while the rear has an adjustable 150-250 downforce level rating. My advice? Well, if you still want a subtle look on your Civic, you can put aside the custom rear wings. Front downforce is super nice on any car, unless you prefer the stock look.

Moving to the suspension, well.. this is a car that doesn't rely on a custom tune to get all of its potential out. You're welcome to change some numbers, such as having it more stiff on the rear, adding more negative camber on the front, tougher frequency for higher compounds. Above all, don't go too far. Do enough that will serve you, and change if required.


The other minor numbers? Differential is next, and braking sensitivity must go down down DOWN to 5. I can't express it much more than that for now. Transmission wise, just 'a wide 1st-2nd setup with thin gears further on' looks to be the way I go for. Also consider if you added a turbo that you might want a high top speed, but how high is, of course, track and downforce level dependent.

Candy: "So now I see why they call him the Oni."

Isamu: "You talk to yourself a lot? Sure explains that part that says lone wolf.."


The night grows darker and colder, but those that remain on the track bounds decide it's time to get some laps in before closure.



Needing some time to relax after an intense helping of Type R, Candy sits alone on a set of chairs by the pit wall, finishing up a croissant as she watches cars occupied by the people she met pass.

Not hiding it, the only other notable duo comes in to meet.

Isamu: "Mind if we join?"

Unsure about it for the moment, Candy took no time to figure out the 'we' consists of Isamu and his dog.

Candy: "We? Oh.. of course."

Isamu settles in, putting Shin apart from the woman; an act he plans to follow up to begin conversation.

Isamu: "That German mechanic lady told me you have something against dogs."

Candy: "I kind of do.."

Isamu: "Let me clarify that a being like Shin here must be an exception. Just look at his amber fur, and the smile off that face. And should he even howl.."

He picks up the dog as it howls happily and pants in excitement.

Isamu: "All he does is melt my heart as much as I want to melt anyone lesser. This fluffy tail wags like the beats in my heart."

Candy: "Ohh.. [uninterested] charming.. huhuhh.."

She's not hiding her lack of interest, and through his futuristic sunglasses he sees it.

Isamu: "Answer this riddle.. the fear of the dog? Allergies?"

Candy: "No. Nothing of that sort, just.. don't talk to me about why I hate dogs, okay?"

Isamu: "Huhh. A reason has to come sooner or later, but I refuse to let that be how it will fly tonight."

Candy: "You'll have to agree to disagree."

As if he's the one being taunted, Isamu raised his voice a little.

Isamu: "And YOU cannot afford to be this cowardly. I've faced the reaper and lived. In comparison, your excuse is weak, Candy-chan."

Not getting a response, he leans back, and plays the card that says 'trick'..

Isamu: "What's that?!"

Candy: "Where?"

Isamu: "Shin.. attack!"

In response of his beloved master, Shin the dog hops aside and lands on Candy's lap, then rolling.

As she was to jump, Isamu rose up and held her down with his right arm.

Candy: "BWAAAHH!"

Isamu: "Shaking, but you've got him in his favorite position: belly rubs. Even a nobody can do that.. how much of a nobody are you?"

The scene was set: Isamu pinned the now feared, shaking Candy with Shin awaiting a certain action.

Isamu: "Don't keep him waiting."

His tone now with a hint of threatening, Candy had to push out whatever courage she had left as it was sapped.

Candy: "R-right.. good boy. Iiko.."

The Shiba Inu takes the rubs happily, and that reaction gave Candy the encouragement to continue: as Isamu planned.

Isamu: "Your shaking has gone down.."

Candy: "The fear's not entirely gone, however. Why do you have a dog everywhere you go?"

Isamu: "He was my emotional support animal, eventually he's become part of me."

Curious, Candy followed up on Shin's role..

Candy: "Emotional support? For what?"

Isamu: "I did mention me facing the reaper.. I lost more than anyone can care about.."

As Isamu raised his right arm and clenches it, Candy thoughts that the motion of it feels unnatural.

Closer inspection has her notice the signs of its artificial nature.

Candy: "Your right arm? That's.."

Isamu: "Not normal? Unfortunately, like you holding back your fear from taking flight, that's all I feel you need to know about the subject."

Once again, Isamu wants to remain a mystery, and quickly changes the subject as he tries to remain his cool about his own biggest fear.

Isamu: "I heard that.. your street racing master has moved on."

Still rubbing the dog's fur, Candy asks back with mild annoyance.

Candy: "Your point being.."

Isamu: "Forgive me for prying, but this is why you left the street racing business, correct?"

Candy: "..that's quite correct. Usually I never share this sort of news."

Isamu: "It was a good guess, right? Not to mention you still have Shin on your lap."

Candy: "Oh! Emotional support! You really set me up, Adachi."

Letting out a small laugh, Isamu thinks his dog's getting too much pampering and thinks of leaving.

Isamu: "I think I'll make my leave in a few minutes. But can you answer me.. how do you preserve your sensei's teachings?"

Candy: "By.. remembering him as a father, not my master."

Isamu: "Ehh.. If so.. I think any good father wants to see their child prosper. Is being this lone lady, also the regional points leader for Group 3 racing that for you?"

Candy: "Umm.."

Getting up and walking away, Isamu looks back at Candy for the final time tonight.

Isamu: "Think about it, Candy-chan.. so long. SHIN, koi!"

The man and his dog gone, Candy then thought about that last sentence, and twisted it so it sounded like..

Candy: "Is winning the right way to prosperity?"

To the Candy in the past, that statement remains true to her heart.

But to the Candy of this present era, she's seen enough times that while winning is good, it's not the be-all and end-all of what brings these people together in this sport.

She had a moment on her own, but abruptly gets up and realizes what made her change on the whole is the time she's had with these people: a luxury she never had while she reigned as the sweet toothed lone wolf of Asia.


It's dead at night, but the snuffed out fire in her still smoulders, thanks to this unusual cast of characters she's met over the weeks and the situation she finds herself in to rekindle the last link of a past era.


J.J.: "She's driven. You know how to light a fire in someone like her, Adachi.."


So, we get a small FWD hatchback when I'm currently going through illness. That sounds to me like a familiar quandary with when the Corrado VR6 got nominated on Forza Horizon 5's COTW. I was hoping that 'Corrado being the absolute Sleeper of Sleepers' would rub into the car we got this week, but I'd say it fell short. It felt odd to try pushing, as if it was forced to go this fast.

But I say it's unfair to compare to what the Corrado can do that's better than the Civic, while that doesn't mean the Civic is any ways bad. It's a great car to get acquainted to high performance FWD aside Group 4, and I say it does it better since it points out the weaknesses of this drivetrain much more. To me, the best kind of cars aren't just pick up and drive. This variation of the EK wants you to learn its quirks, and use it for the next steps ahead. It's a lot like the Peugeot RCZ Gr.4 I often take out for Group 4 excursions.

My head hurts, and my throat refuses to let me speak proper, so I'll just be nice and say it's a Sleeper. But barely. It's amazing how my invasions of this week's weekly events have me leaning on my head but still letting me pace fine.


To say we don't have something track worthy today is sort of a lie. It's a superb car, but to me it misses out on what makes a quintessential FWD driver's car. It didn't quite have that Corrado magic. Yes, I too feel it should've come with better compounds.

Short writeup? I'm still feeling sick, so yeah. Lots of minor characters this week, with J.J on the whole making his written debut as he's made for my Gran Turismo 7 writing.

I was thinking, back when I started off writing, everyone was writing typical young Japanese protagonist: completely boring if everyone's doing it, no? That's the main idea on how I thought of Isamu Adachi. But there's a lot of him I can bring out as long as he's not main character.

J.J, being obvious Jojo reference, is the first of the Gran Turismo 7 debutees. Skinny German guy might be a little on the eccentric side, but be glad no Star Platinum's coming.

Gary is one of my oldest creations, as he represents that Saints' Row Playa inspired side of 18 year old me when that SPD name came to fruition.

If you've come back from the beginning of Week 13, you've see I'll have done categorize the characters. Me at the time really has deep thoughts that he should still be on a bed or something.

For Carlyle van Orrin (Sport)
see Episode 2

For Lucia Weiss (5)
see Episode 6

Hailed as one of the fastest street racers in the treacherous mountains of Japan, Isamu brings a curse he so willingly carries to prove he is more than your usual unbeatable hothead behind the wheel.

Theme Song: Linkin Park - Lost in The Echo
Racing Duel Music: Linkin Park - Blackout
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 28
Current occupation: Track racing personality
Distinct features: Black, short/medium spiky hair, with a hachimaki underneath. Notably handsome, thin rounded Asian face with some skin blemishes. Average height, but slightly thin build.
Choice of clothing: Wears a retro 80s style sunglasses at all times, due to issues in his vision. Isn't one for a particular fashion style, but his clothes are always white with red accents. Some parts of clothing might not be tied or secured properly.
Cars: Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo, Nissan SKYLINE 2000GT-R (KPGC110), Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo

Up above the mountains of Gunma prefecture, there was a folk legend from the 80's. They said those who raced and survived down the dubbed 9 Valleys of Hell would be granted audience by the mysterious, but all inspiring Raiko: the fastest street racer in those parts of Japan. A challenge usually follows, and those who failed would be brought to shame in a level that usually has them retire from street racing, and those who succeed would take the mantle and become the all new Raiko.

Gunma native Isamu would be the forty ninth challenger for this mantle, and he would not only successfully take the role of Raiko, but also be assassinated the very night he was to celebrate this achievement. The legend of Raiko would sizzle away due to fears surrounding the curse of the 49: the number of death and agony, with Isamu's soul to burn in purgatory forever.. as it was to be written.

Years later, thanks to some efforts within certain criminal organizations, Isamu would come back, but something was off, especially with his new habit of wearing a strange pair of sunglasses at all times. Nobody would believe he was the same man, so Isamu decided the whole of Japan would find out he's the real deal: by being the fastest racing down the roads of Japan as The Oni. Behind the wheel of what's known as a cursed S2000, we find Isamu as a bit of a slacker, an enthusiast on speedcubing and a confident goof who likes to taunt others, making fire out of any situation. This latter aspect of character is stemmed mainly from his Kabuki theatre upbringing, with rumors of certain Yakuza families floating around this whole new reborn character.

Often referred as a sleek and slithering reptile with a talent for FWD racing. A geek who often follows unusual trends, but his smarts, observations and general know it all brings brings whatever affiliations to his to relevance, most recently the UK based racing crew known as the Mountain Blazers.

Theme Song: Europe - Seven Doors Hotel
Racing Duel Music: Kraftwerk - Radioaktivität (The Mix)
Gender: Male
Nationality: Half British, half German
Age: 27
Current occupation: Weather analyst
Distinct features: Short black ponytail. Thin tall triangular face with tall forehead. Small 8 pronged star tattoo on his chin. Thin eyes with skinny cheeks and nose. Misshapen, but clean white teeth, and wears orange tinted contacts. Reddish pale skin. Average height on a skinny body shape.
Choice of clothing: Usually wears a turtleneck sweater under a pointy jacket, combined with skinny slacks and pointy slip-on shoes.
Cars: Honda Civic Type R FK2

A sickly thin man, born and raised in Nottingham. While grades are his forte and his work allowing him to live a good life, he's more known as this UK underworld genius who serves as the sanity check, as well as the brains behind the Mountain Blazers in nation operations. Before The Big 3 was formed, The Prophecy's dominance under The Messiah would remain untouched until Jovan and another bright individual from a rival crew would make moves that develop into the instrumental push of their respective groups to set in stone the Big 3 known today.

Careful and calculated, Jovan is a stylish man who often doesn't leave behind details unchecked. He's a perfectionist in many ways, but usually finds excuses to demerit his own achievements, and try to make even the smallest flaws work eventually. Jovan would be the kind of person who would like to intellectually argue with anyone, even with himself. Odd enough, nobody truly knows how Jovan got into said business to begin with, but it's these personality details that tell us why.

Outside of his work, he is usually never seen without this other Mountain Blaze in tow: a quiet, strict but caring sumo wrestler. He can be a bit of a weird thinking hipster, and habitually does odd postures of a bizarre origin: something said sumo wrestler often grunts negatively about.

The one odd case of a wannabe gangster turned up to eleven. A hard headed, figuratively and literally, young man whose ties to the international crime syndicate brings him all over the world, with the UK now his latest stop.

Theme Song: Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)
Racing Duel Music: Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop (The Black Cat Crossing mix)
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Age: 27
Current occupation: Gang leader
Distinct features: Messy medium side fringed brown hair shaped like a bob. Attractive heart shaped face akin to a young popstar. Black birthmark surrounds the left eye in a round circular shape. Caucasian skin. Short and semi-thin.
Choice of clothing: Street themed clothing, leaned more towards comfort, and often hued in his gang's signature purple. Never without his purple cap with his name on it. Various golden jewelleries are observed, but usually isn't there when the moment isn't right.
Cars: Shelby Cobra, Dodge Viper SRT10

While Gary might seem like a pampered child, his 'boys in the hood' Californian ghetto life has been full of challenge. His ambitious actions in the past got him to be betrayed by the closest of family and friends. He was also denied moments of glory and fame, and narrowly escaped death row for a crime he didn't do. But it never meant his exploits remain unnoticed. Deemed useful by a Japan based Chinese investor, Gary got out of prison and started working for him as his top branded muscle... even though that's not the best way to describe the short and skinny gangster. His swift speed would instead be his physical stand out trait.

With his debts done for said investor, Gary-D finds himself in the UK, forcefully exiled after stints involving a large crime family in his home turf of Los Angeles. Just before that, Gary has taken his time to get himself involved in high level street racing, thanks to a certain dark one. His quick reflexes and street smarts means that the sight of his Viper, Cobra or Challenger would be respected. While in the UK, he would make his actions straight with the Kirkham Foundation as their errand boy of sorts, while also helping out new friends and planning his big return to the States. Eventually, he found himself racing in the top street racing leagues as one of the Prophecy's Chosen.

Although he lacks in general smarts, manners and perhaps luck, Gary-D has the reputation as a battle hardened fighter, an even more hardened pervert, and an abnormally great host for leadership. Despite his exile, he's incredibly popular to those exposed to his talents. He's eagerly awaited by many friends and his old gang to make his return to the States.

Nash Kirkham: current head honcho of the Kirkham Foundation
Keith Ross: Jacob's much younger brother.
Clark of Sim Gear
Someone Peigi refers as 'Gilesie', also referred by Paul (because let's face it I don't do double names)
Isamu Adachi: Japan's Street Racing Oni
Someone Peigi refers as The Cinderella
The Messiah: Big 3 member, leader of UK street racing crew The Prophecy
3 women, part of the unbeatable Trinitia L'Assassina
The Bristol Harbinger
Toyota trained racing mechanic Cierra
Someone Murph refers as the G-Dog
'Ginnie': Gary's current long distance girlfriend who he's strangely trying to keep discreet
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For Week 9 of GT7 Car of the Week, our newest contributor and fellow wrestling fan, @CamGearz , has chosen to feature in the spotlight, the five time, five time, five time, five time, five time, AYC Champion, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR '98!

Shiretoko Peninsula_.jpeg

Long story short (I'll elaborate and bore others in a post), GT and video games introduced me these Japanese cars I never heard of. My young mind couldn't process the idea of a car with close to 300hp and all wheel drive, four doors and looked awesome. So from GT1, 2 and 3 I immediately switched my dream car from the Lamborgini poster from my wall, to a bright yellow Evo VII. Since the VII isn't in the current game, I still wanna recognize the lineage and pick the V.

All are welcome to join us to see if the Evo V can blow the scissor doors off a Diablo in our weekly meets, at Tuesday, 10 P.M. CST and Saturday, 5 P.M. Singapore time! If racing isn't your cup of tea, then maybe writing is? Feel free to chime in and make our newest member feel special! Only fair that we bore them back after they bore us, right? ;)
SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 9 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR


When you think the peace of sakura trees blossoming, this probably isn't the right car. This one's more.. perhaps the nose of a sailfish piercing the ocean blue. There's probably a better nature themed metaphor. Umm.. Gary Numan is 13 days older than Gary Oldman?

Back when Mitsubishi cared about being functional and fast, they had credentials in motorsports. Nowadays, they're big business into the domestic crowd by dropping that title. If it's a wonder you don't see new Mitsubishi cars in games these days, there you go.

In terms of their flagship sports car, Mitsubishi rode with a 4 door sedan that has taken the rallying world by storm thanks to one Tommi Makinen. Said to have peaked with the Evolution III winning it's first WRC driver's title in 1996. As if the timing was right, the 4th Lancer Evolution came just after.. but if you're really nit picking, that 4 branded Lancer was the start of the 2nd Generation of Lancer Evolution.

While how good that car was has to come when that car gets nominated, heh, the Evolution V came by early 1998, notably with a more stylish, aggressive look, bigger rims for fitting bigger brakes, the newly Mitsubishi developed Active Yaw Control, and better aero. It's also larger, to go along with new WRC Group A regulations. While it didn't have a power boost because gentlemen's agreement, it's got an improved turbo that increased its torque.

This Lancer would be the very car that put Tommi Makinen on the rallying superstar map, thanks to his efforts with this car that got Mitsubishi winning the WRC's manufacturer title in 1998, and adding to that driver's title twice in 98 and 99.

In other media, I'm sure everyone knows about the meme that combines these elements: Gran Turismo 2000 tech demo, Dandelion Yellow Evo 5, and Mirage by Daiki Kasho. Yup, this is the very car. I feel this is the real reason why it's in Gran Turismo 7, actually.

Next writing thing? Well, internal notes say these next 2 entries are a 2 parter. It's also going to either really satisfy me by setting an entire plot point or stress the heck out of me. Hmm..


Episode 9: Congregations

A small community
Just outside of Zurich, Switzerland

Just as the sky starts to light, the power of a she devil's bull roars to bring hell across this small rustic town.


Still warmed and ready for more, this red Diablo finds a small parking spot, and its driver steps out to have a smoke, while also awaiting somebody.

But as the alluring scent of a deadly toxin floods her system, she can't help but feel..

Nirvana: "Something is not right.."

It's not explained what is, as Nirvana even tries to figure out what, but as Candy exits her homestay and checks her handbag pockets in distress, she gets a clue what that might be.

Candy: "N-n-what?!"

Just as the riddle gets solved, the games are up, and Candy, holding medication for her recently diagnosed hypertension, gets a small burst in her blood pressure..


The mysterious Nirvana finds such a revelation so baffling, she dropped her lit cigarette by unwillingly letting it drop from her shocked open mouth.

Quickly back to her usual facade, Nirvana comes close, quickly noticed, as Candy once again greets her with a leap back in surprise.

Candy: "HUWAHHH!! I hope you have NO idea what just transpired, Nirvana!"

Nirvana: "That much is true. Nirvana has arrived with your.. mode of transport already missing."

Candy: "And to think who this genius is also managed to sneak in and snatch those keys straight from my pockets! Just incredible!"

She's clenching her palms and grinding her teeth, Nirvana thought without relate.

Rather than defuse the situation, Nirvana has an idea in relation to her reason being around.

Nirvana: "There is no calming you, is there?"

Candy: "What do you want, really?"

Gesturing her mysterious ego, Nirvana begins to explain in her usual mysterious calm self.

Nirvana: "Nirvana arrives bearing news. Big street crews arrive in Deep Forest at nearby hours to come."

Candy: "Today? Just my luck!! Isn't the big conference thing tomorrow?!"

Nirvana: "In it's officiality, that is such. But those coming today has plans. They want you."

With her car out and about, Candy thinks for a moment on how she can get there..

Candy: "Perhaps the dark one might hel.."

Nirvana: "Nirvana hasn't finished!"

Stepping in her line of talking, Candy fumes.

Candy: "Rude! But unless it's good news, I'll let that slide."

Nirvana: "As a matter of fact, Nirvana has this 'good news'. Nirvana has informed your new friends, as they are able to help you."

Candy: "New friends?"

As if it was timed perfectly, Nirvana points to the streets with a car just parked as she pulls out another cigarette.


Such a car would come in the form of a heavily modified 2nd generation Lancer, and Candy sees the two people on the front seat as friends, not new, but maybe the first she's met on this adventure.

Candy: "Deki-san and Yumi-san?"

The windows roll down to see the young Japanese couple now aglow with enthusiasm seeing their now favorite famous racing personality.

Hideki: "Ohaiyo! If this is morning. It doesn't take a sharp eye to tell you've changed, Candy-san."

Ayumi: "Uhuh!"

Candy: "Morning to you too.. Why are you here?"

As she puffs out the deathly smoke, Nirvana chose to be the one answering..

Nirvana: "Official List invitees, personally selected by Ross. Not to mention this young man has earned his way into the street racing elite quite recently."

Hideki: "You see it? I told you my feats on Mt. Aso are no fluke, Candy-san!"

She's still enraged about her car, but there's no way she couldn't resist congratulating that.

Candy: "Haha, good for you, then. Compared to that, my rite of passage was.."

Again and again, she's been told it wasn't a big deal that she lost that race, but she still hasn't broken free of that chain.

Nevertheless, the sudden and brief thought of Boniface changed that all, as she starts to feel this shy sensation..

Candy: "..just lovely.. huhu.."

Hideki: "She's blushing, like.. red as a fuji apple, Yumi-san. Should I be worried?"

Ayumi: "When you think of me a whole lot that's how YOUR face looked, Deki-san!!"

Nirvana, now done with another cigarette, disposes of it and walks towards her V12 demon, showing her intentions..

Nirvana: "Now, I do want to be at Deep Forest early because of.."

She snaps her finger, playing a small beat, then snaps again a moment later to mute that song.

Nirvana: "And Sonny Meng's many layers of disgrace begins with the lack of punctuality."

Mention of that name provided Candy with thoughts that slowly go sour.

Candy: "I haven't seen that ass for a face in a long time too.."

Nirvana: "You will see that pompous ass.. and I, Nirvana, lay waste to those who dare oppose our legendary battles. Ciao."

Nirvana roared her Diablo to life, and didn't take any more of the Asian group's time as she departs.

Leaving the Lancer in the middle of the street by itself, the passengers head out and start discussing about this rallying tuner extraordinare in detail.

Hideki: "By the way, Candy-san.. we hear you're in need of a ride. Did you like that delivery, Yumi-san?"

Ayumi: "Perfect to a T!"

Candy: "Oh?"

Hideki: "Yes. Oh."

And Candy begins to inspect the details on the car.

Candy: "A track spec Evolution V? This is your handiwork, I presume."

Hideki: "Our handiwork is correct. This specced up 4 door is ready to be a part of a high credit auction hosted that Carlyle Hotshot's Smuggling company.. that's not its name, right?"

Ayumi: "Heehee, no! But before it comes to him, looks to me we have to return a favor for getting our company record profits for weeks! You can have it for a few days or until that MINI somehow gets back to you. Here you go."

Given a clear path to the driver's seat, Candy puts aside her rage as a merry spark overwhelms her emotions that moment.

Candy: "The perks of companionship.."

She hops in and gets adjusted to the car as Ayumi and Hideki too enter from the other doors.

As Candy notes the many aftermarket adjustments, the rollcage and the lightweight replacement parts, Hideki at the back notes his excitement.

Hideki: "Well, I can't wait to see the legendary Deep Forest! It's been a long time coming. But firstly we want you to drop us off at the hotel.. our cars."

Candy: "Say no more, Deki-san."

Ayumi: "Let's go go GO!"

Candy: "So, where is Deep Forest.. If only we had comms or some radio.. GPS to the rescue, then."


The Lancer V is the first Lancer equipped with its signature AYC, which means handling is going to be a... handful!

[booing sounds]

I know. Anyways, despite that lame joke, that is very true: the handling is the first thing you'll notice with the car. If you brake it funny, it's very prone to losing its rear. And if you don't do anything funny at all, it's understeer for the duration of the turn you're in. Maybe I'm not sure if I'm hinting it enough that this is a rally car, with tall suspension and soft settings as is, with some extra hardness to the rear.


The AYC translates to the in game tuning with some interesting numbers. It's got a 30:70 torque distribution, allowing one to get some sick drifts, but that's only going to hinder the road racer. You're also going to see an initial torque on the rear to empty values.. which explains the nasty snap of the rear if you put off the power. The way I solve this is by having minimal application of power when there's supposedly none, of which it works well due to its rear focused torque distribution. That also means it loves it when you bounce the throttle.

Another thing that it stands out with is acceleration. This is Mitsubishi's notable trait in the gentlemen's agreement. Be it with the GTO or their Lancers, this is what makes them fearsome. While the GTO has weight to slow that down a notch, the Lancers acceleration and overall swiftness isn't hampered by its poor diet. It can accelerate, so well I bet it can top out its 150 MPH top speed in Fuji. I said this last week with the Civic actually.

Speaking of its short gears, the car has funny snap out tendencies if you engine brake, especially from 3rd to 2nd. Not to mention while the powerband says please short shift me, it's not gotten any notable steps ahead. From my end, anyways.


I'm running out of things to say. Funny handling.. Sick drifting.. Acceleration.. Engine brake nightmares.. oh, how about a quick dirt racer's analysis, ehh? It's actually quite good if you can handle the rather stiff steering that comes with the stock car. This is the right, more stable feeling for the car, and if only that was the case on the road.

You'd want to be aggressive with an AWD car, but this rally themed oversteering monster wants you to not just be aggressive.. you have to embrace this aggressive nature properly. It's not a mindless car, and if there do exist someone like Tommi Makinen, that does mean this champion's car has more to it than just being a mindless medium for putting out the rear while still being in control.

Her GPS doing it's intended function, Candy knows they're getting closer.


But as the clouds come in to shadow the asphalt, a German menace appears in full force.


Candy: "That Mercedes is flashing at me.."

She didn't hesitate to speed dial Deki-san, feeling urgent something is needed.

Candy: "Deki-san.."

Hideki: "Flashing lights at this speed means a duel. Don't disappoint him now, Candy-san."

Candy: "Right.."

The call finished, Candy put the turbocharged 4G63T inline-4 to blast ahead full force, so did the AMG roaring away the brutal might from its turbocharged M178 V8.

The Poet and the Pendulum: Part 2 - Home
Dark Passion Play

As the cars begin to play their choice of melody, a song plays in Candy's head, unable to mute it as if it's part of this transaction.


Candy: "What a menacing vibe.."

Deep Forest Raceway
Early Morning


A few cars make their way around, being a blend of both local tuning efforts, and various longstanding members of Jacob Ross' infamous street crew we know as The List.

The Lancer makes its way to the racer's parking lot, with the AMG it raced with earlier just behind.

As Candy, with a pinch of ecstasy, exits her rented Lancer, she notes..

Candy: "Whooh.. To think I managed to get ahead of that AMG.. just what kind of monster drives with such an aggressive streak?"

And the person that exits the orange AMG came out legs first, wearing stockings.

This kind of AMG would provide Candy a small hint of surprise that inside's another woman.

Candy: "Not a man but a woman? This I must pursue.."

She observes this thick skinned, suit wearing office lady, eyes homed towards her tablet as she scribbles down details.

Intelligent and also quite an intimidating figure, Samantha Walsh enters the close proximity range of Candy, somehow knowing where she's headed with the tablet still her main focus.

Samantha: "As I've noted.. Your reputation precedes you, Le Glace Pacer. It's a wonder how that French piece of work thought you'd be an okay addition to this tight knit community. Convinced or not, I can jot down that fact now.."

Candy: "You.. talk to me with those eyes elsewhere, miss.."

Samantha: "Walsh, Samantha Walsh. Yes, of the Walsh family crops out East Anglia. But why bother with family? My passion now lies for what truly is fast and furious. That Lancer is a potent host.."

Candy: "There's a pair of excellent tuners on their way here if you need to give praise."

Samantha: "Duly noted.. but I must say: that was a fine run, but I sate for something else. No offense.. these days, my tastes are.. hard to satisfy."

Candy: "From what I hear.. there might be someone.."

And as it happens, Samantha takes note of the next person in sight at a distance: a familiar, infamous street racer with his second in command casually prancing nearby..

These two react with interest and a slight hint of fear in their heads.

Samantha: "Blow me away.. The Outlaw IS here.."

Candy: "The dark one's.. terrible dark form. How's he for a change?"

Adjusting her specs, she raises them as it shines, the owner feeling blessed and smug that such a moment came.

Samantha: "The Lord smiles at me for such an opportunity to test my mettle! And thicken this notebook of his many sins. Get my back, Candy."

Candy: "Goodby-"

Candy's uncaring demeanor however got her the ire of Samantha as she extends a roundhouse kick, but purposely extends the leg, getting her to use her thighs as a means for a nasty chokehold.

Using this, Samantha expects now for Candy to co-operate as the latter tries to loosen the legs that bind her windpipe.

Samantha: "I hope you misheard me when I said GET. MY. BACK."

Candy: "Gckk.. Th-thick thighs.. aren't for show??"

This isn't the time for more incapacitated drama, Samantha thought, prompting her to let go of her victim.

Getting air back was one thing, but to her, the most important thing was that Candy can feel that her ashen braids were in disarray.

Candy: "My precious hair.."

Samantha: "Well, when I do say get my back, I mean.."

And without any sign, she leaps onto Samantha, surrounded by a bitter flame all over her.

Candy: "HOW DARE YOU!!"

Samantha: "Bollocks.."

And the noise this confrontation caused isn't in any way discreet, specifically by the men they were observing earlier.


Murph: "No need to mention it any more, boss! I'm on the case, ay!"

Being the only ones on the scene by the parking lot, The Outlaw didn't think twice to step in, with Murph following suit.


Murph: "Roger roger."

Candy's small frame makes it easy for Murph to grab her shoulders and drag the furious little sweet one..

Murph: "Sorry, darling. Nothing personal."


And as The Outlaw was about to release a chemical agent, Samantha was definitely more composed in comparison and didn't even make a struggle.

Samantha: "Mister Outlaw.. I have this starlet under control."


As Candy distances away from Samantha's dangerous limbs, she gets her breathing in check and mentions her latest woes.

Candy: "First my car's gone nicked, and my hair's ruined so quickly.. At this rate, my hypertension's not going to go anywhere soon.. Why's the dark one already in costume?"

The Outlaw: "HER."

Samantha may be the accused, but her face hints she's guilty and accepts that already.

Samantha: "Of course.."


Candy: "Seems like this gang warfare thing is real hostile."

The mention of hostility raised, The Outlaw reassures this fact sternly..


Murph: "She's busy on that book like me scoffing on fresh bacon, ay. Mmmmhmm.."

Still in her sassy but interested tone, Samantha rounds around, inspecting the missing elements that'll satisfy her.

Samantha: "I can see this man's not all just a psycho under a well armored shell. In what way can you sate this appetite, hmm?"

The Outlaw: "QUEENIE."

Upon mention of that nickname, another figure approached with impeccable timing.

This figure: a platinum coated, classy but bitter woman, walks in with her heels not hiding her prominence as she steps in the scene with a face full of herself.

To many, she's the well known road racing individual, often dubbed the Queen of the Nurburgring, and to those in her exclusive circle of close friends, this is Lena Mashakov.

Lena: "Da, you called?"

At first sight of this queen's lofty dress and specially made seaquinned heels slash racing boots, Candy finds herself at awe again of both her majestic presence, and Jacob's distrustful far reaching influence in the multitudes of racing disciplines.

Candy: "Lena Mashakov.. the Queen of the Nurburgring herself.."

Lena: "Someone looks up to me. But you are not focus."

The focus then shifts to Samantha, still unfazed.

Lena: "Crown Jewels' Samantha Walsh? Like myself.. a racer with monster AMG. Able for ten laps?"

Lena acts like a smug piece of royalty, meant to waver any opposition, but Samantha replies amicably, still retaining that intelligent smug face.

Samantha: "Ten? You, madam, have a deal. Let's disturb the peace."

The two maidens riding AMGs make their departure, leaving The Outlaw to depressurize his mask and open the mouthpiece when Candy's all that's left.

The Outlaw: "Perhaps this side of the mask can come off for now. Candy."

Candy: "Dark one. You too have influence within elite Ring ramblers?"

The Outlaw: "You'd be surprised. Raised her in the art of racing in strong relation to these hands."

Trying to get attention, Murph jumps in..

Murph: "Better hope you didn't forget the rest of us, boss?"

The Outlaw: "I was getting to that. Where are those two.. my special guests from out East?"

Directed at her, Candy makes a solid assumption.

Candy: "Deki-san and Yumi-san, I presume? We were together; I got here first because that Samantha person wanted to.. be indulged."

The Outlaw: "So, I see you caught sight of a forward scout. Any sighting of any other of the UK's street racing crews?"

Murph: "I'll check if Adachi's caught whiff. Be back in a jiff."

The still energetic Murph hops aside and jigs out of scene, just as Candy pulls out the next question with her hand on her chin.

Candy: "So, that Samantha.. Lena said she's a part of what now?"

The Outlaw: "Crown Jewels? That's also Big 3. You know about the Prophecy, and them. Then there's The Mountain Blazers.. 3 groups make of one supergroup."

Now the 3 value on the Big 3 satisfied mentally, Candy answers back about the last group.

Candy: "I had a hint on that last bunch. Their leader hinted its existing presence to me once.."

The Outlaw: "Perhaps they've hinted their reliance on secrecy like I am. I would hope that rule would break soon, but.."

Candy: "We'll see. Ahumm.."

They then move towards the lone car standing behind.


With knowledge on Candy's MINI ownership, The Outlaw didn't think twice..

The Outlaw: "That Lancer isn't yours.."

Candy: "True, but it's still a mighty quick beast, courtesy of your fan club. It's equal.. maybe better than that orange AMG earlier.."

The Outlaw: "You raced on public roads?"

Candy: "And nothing of value was lost."

The Outlaw: "To be apart of these people, those tenets are whats important. Cost to state's bad, but if someone's hurt, what good are we?"

Candy: "Hmm.."

He let out one of his rare smiles, this time of approval, but Murph's hasty arrival kept that moment at a quick missable glimpse.

Murph: "Oi oi! Scout report complete, boss. And if I may add.. erhh, we're in trouble."

The Outlaw: "I s[BLEEP]t you not it's The Messiah. After our Initiation caused them to fumble, it ain't a surprise they come quick."

Hearing The Prophecy, Candy of course had to ask in an instant..

Candy: "Cars?"

Murph: "Not much, but it's them royal guard Chosen lot: Bon, Gary, Cierra and the Messiah big man himself."

The answer she wanted was there in the middle of it, and Candy mentally prepares for this reunion with a soft smile..

Candy: "Cierra.. finally it's time."

The Outlaw: "I suggest you stay out of sight. Considering how you interract with.. tense crowds, the animosity might.. not be to your liking."

The small group then hears the sounds Candy remembers when she was at Sainte-Croix weeks back: it's definitely the Prophecy, and there's no denying it.

Readying his intentions, The Outlaw makes his departure slowly but not without a show of power.

Candy: "You're going?"

The Outlaw: "Yes. I worry that.. soon you're to be expected. Come forth when you're ready, my little Asian flower."

Later 3.jpg

Watching from inside a garage a storey above, Candy sits by with Ayumi and Hideki, eyes above The Outlaw as he's standing by.

Ayumi: "Candy-san.. it's a thick air around. Best we not try to get their attention, hopefully that's sufficient from up here."

Unusually, as Candy puts her sights on the scene from a good distance, her hypertension comes up and unsettles her whole bodily actions.

Candy: "Arh... I understand us, but HIM?"

Murph's also here, and it's obvious he's really good at being the elephant in the room.

Murph: "Calm down, dearies. Like the boss said.. we ain't here to harm one another, ay."

Ayumi: "He's not all bad, y'know. But.. English man? I've seen you before, but we've never had a moment for ourselves. You're his 2nd in command, right?"

Murph: "Yup. Seen but never met, that's accurate. Murph Barrington, Milton-Keynes. The boss call you couple the fan club, right? Seen you lot at Fuji before.. long time's, a matter of fact"

Ayumi: "That's quite accurate for a description, teehee. Deki-san, go and say something."

Hideki: "S-something.. OWW!"

Ayumi's reaction for a bad joke was on lightning speed with the unseen warning of that thwacking.

Ayumi: "This isn't the time to be acting funny!"

Murph: "True that. Have a look out there.."

The scene changed, with the presence of The Outlaw now joined with another: a man wearing a longcoat and a wrapped head with a cap up top.

Much to be questioned about this fashion style, this is undeniably The Messiah: the brutal, unquestioned, self declared leader of The Prophecy.

Candy: "The Outlaw and The Messiah.. alone."

And a third figure comes in with a big smile and an intensely informal arms wide open backing his big smile.

Famous enough for anyone to know, Hideki notes with a small puff of excitement..

Hideki: "Not for long. That face.. is Sonny Meng's."

Candy: "He told me the Messiah was his mentor. It makes sense he can play the intermediary role."

Ayumi: "More people coming over.."

From behind The Messiah is someone Candy recognizes: a kitsune mask wearing self proclaimed boy who's actually a Hammersmith DJ she's once made contact in Tsukuba all those weeks ago.

But she's being carried on the shoulders of a larger wider man: Daijiro Sasaki, whose clothing and mannerisms fail to hide his sumo wrestling past.

Candy: "The Yamagami.. Peggy.."

And behind them is another man, wearing a puffy jacket and army fatigues combined with a modernized World War II pilot's helmet.

A UK native like Murph would identify this UK themed racer quickly.

Murph: "Such stiffs.. that's The Spitfire for you. Blimey, that's the Big 3 complete."

A lot of opposition would make it hard for The Outlaw to stand strong, Candy thought in worry.

Candy: "How can one man carry this much pressure without breaking?"

Murph: "He's an iron spirit, that one, ay. Then again, Boss never comes without backup. You can say the List has grown considerably since our last tango with huge crews, though not one that's made an alliance, ay."

As if the timing's right, a tobacco loving, all knowing brunette stands behind The Outlaw.

Hideki: "Nirvana? Where'd she come from??"

And Ayumi also spots a young Japanese man wearing those 80's sunglasses and a hachimaki: the combination exclusive to one Isamu.

Ayumi: "WAWW.. that's the Street Racing Oni.."

It's not rehearsed, but Murph had this sixth sense for insanity, and that sense tells him now to..

Murph: "Adachi coming in means.. geez, as his right hand man too. I should be backing the boss.."

Candy: "Wuh-wait! Thief man!"

He dashes out the windowed room and speeds down the stairs, passing by a couple of people heading up.

Hideki: "What do you propose they're doing over there?"

Ayumi: "You know as much as I do, Deki-san."

Candy: "Standing around and making a big deal of who they are is what this looks.. I've seen this before."

The men who passed by Murph earlier make their entrance: UK hub regulars in Scottish racing representative Paul Henderson, and persistent, unshakeable player Gary D-To.

Hideki: "Not to ruin your focus, Candy-san, but we have company."

They might be of the other side, but Gary starts off cordial with these people he knows well and have no quarrel with.

Gary D: "Yo! What's up, my dudes?!"

Candy: "Gary? And in cahoots with Paul? Your friend circle sure extends to strange reaches.."

Paul: "Aye, true, but.. sorry to be interfering with yer business, but The Messiah wants her in the scene. We was gonna be gentle, lassie, but.. this be a moment, aight?"

Cracking his fists, Paul readied to act as everyone tensed up, but he aimed for Candy's recently readjusted braids, much to her dread.

With a firm grasp, he pulls her back through them, then the rear of her neck comes, quickly grabbing the collared side.

Unable to process this happening, Candy helplessly gets dragged away from this Scotsman pulling her away just like her friend she calls Lulu.

Candy: "ARGHH! NO! Perhaps it's seen a lot! BUT the dress isn't for pulling! Help! HELP!!"

A moment like this has Gary pull out his gun from his holster, but he didn't even pull the safety, knowing there's no resistance in the scene.

Gary D: "Hear that, you two? That be the time to smile and wave, aight?"

Hideki: "Y-yes.. Smile and wave."

Hesitant he might be with the waving, but his girlfriend had a strange, more optimistic belief in all this happening.

Ayumi: "Good luck, Candy-san!!"

Candy: "NOOOOO!!"

In his usual casual side, Gary enters with hands behind his head, and Paul looking more and more exhausted as he drags along the short and furious Candy.

Placed in the eye of this encounter, Paul drops her, breaking a sweat.

The Outlaw: "Much appreciated, Paul.. Here she is, in person."

Paul: "Achh.. bit of a stretch she be making to me glutes. [wheezing] How does Lucia get these done with a little wee effort?"

Standing out of sight, Boniface decides this is the time to taunt his rival as he makes his exit.

Boniface: "You brutish oaf. Even in such man favored situations she's a step ahead.."

Paul: "Oi! Stow it. Bleeding tosser, you are."

She's placed in the eyes of the familiar, but she can't keep any of her body's issues in check, causing her to panic in pain.

Candy: "W-what's going on?"

The Messiah: "I'll be f[BLEEP]ing clear on the matter: YOU are what's going on."

The Spitfire: "Perhaps it's better you describe why she's the main point of debacle, hmm?"

She thought to run, and with sufficient energy, she announces her intentions.

Candy: "Ulp.. I-if I'm not getting a straight answer in 10 seconds, I'll just be off before.."

But the direction she's headed for was blocked by a certain Mountain Blazer known as the Ogre, meeting through a quick collision of his unshakeable posture.

Candy: "Eyaah! I mean nothing of the sort, big man.."

Daijiro: "HMPH!"

The small boy (who's Peggy so there's no confusion) on his shoulders note this happening, thinking it funny.

Yama-no-Kami: "Keekee.. Keeekeekee! Oh, where's J.J when you need him?! Oh well!"

From behind The Outlaw watching was his crew noting on the situation their own way.

Sonny: "Candy, baby.. look at you. In the center of the spotlight once again. I'd be lying to say I'm freaking jealous!"

Nirvana: "Does anyone consider her greatest fear has once again raised back up into relevancy?"

Isamu: "Fear? Shin is not in sight, I'm afraid.."

Her chest in more pain and an onset of dizziness coming in, Candy can't control her sights going haywire.

Candy: "Ugh.. there isn't a stranger in these crowds.. but.. ohh.."

Murph, part of this crowd, notes to his crew about the situation with worry.

Murph: "She be looking a bit on the pale side, ay. Don't look good."

Sonny: "Wor.. I know this. Jake? High blood pressure's a [BLEEP]."

The Outlaw: "Agreed. Seen this mess before.. keep a path open to medical.."

Nirvana: "Nirvana suggests we clear the air.."

Isamu: "Might I add that if you see, looks to me those other bozos are at the planning table."

Isamu notes this truly with the Big 3's side coming together, plotting away similarly to a rugby huddle.

The Spitfire: "Spot of bother here, lads. She's on the cusp of a breakdown."

The Messiah: "Humm.. there's only one way to get her nerves in check. Gary, grab the reserves, and get ready to use those f[BLEEP]ing legs of yours."

Gary D: "Yeah, for sure, C to the K. Don't mind a little 200 meter sprint. Sure to time me, homies; record's gonna be broke, yo!"

And the small peppy Gary dashes away.

Paul: "And what'd we do to help?"

The Messiah: "You two can block out potential exit spots. The last thing I want is her out and gone. She's DEFINITELY thinking of that, the hag.. I desire to see some action by my own eyes from her, but in a controlled spot. Being on a race track's SUPPOSED to help with that."

Boniface: "Perhaps I would calm her.."

The Messiah: "Your emotional connection might be too risky.. your suggestion has merit, but I'm sticking my guns with my Los Angeles gangster."

Boniface: "Understandable.."

The Messiah: "I don't have to bat an eye, but I can hear her breathing gone awry; she looks to pounce soon.."

She's on her behind, but slowly tries to slink away, sweating and panicking in pain.

Candy: "N-no.. get away from me! Aghh.. I'm not who you want!!"

And before anyone can gather themselves to catch her, she dashes away: leaving in tears for fears.

The Outlaw's presentation in ruins, he shakes his head in disappointment.

The Outlaw: "Goodness.. Spooked. I'm sorry it had to happen."

The Messiah: "Tis not a fault of yours, Ross. I have my speedster on the move with the right pieces to play."

The Outlaw: "I've backup for him. The superfans. They're getting the memo and acting, I hope.."

The Messiah: "She's just one. We are so much more. I look forward to bringing the Mythic welcome, strong and official."

His half mask can't hide the smile coming from him, prompting the Messiah to lighten the tensioned air as he remembers an age of past camaraderie.

The Messiah: "Let out a small beam of the lips?"

The Outlaw: "More to say I really want this Big 3 to become one already.."

The Spitfire: "Enough sentimental nonsense, you blighter. Should we come and.."

Yama-no-Kami: "Last one is a ROTTEN EGG! Keekee!"

Still without sense, Candy heads for the Lancer: her only way out, she thought, but came a young artistic man in between.

Candy: "I'm.. not cut out to be here!"

And he shows no sign of moving, hesitating to show this confidence for his dark friend.

Candy: "Deki-san. You'd be wise and step aside!"

Hideki: "Th-those people want you, and there's no reason to distrust their intentions. N-not yet."

Candy: "GET. AWAY!!"

She was ready to leap, but a cold presence made that moment halt, now getting in between what's already between.

Lena: "You do not talk to his guests like that."

Candy: "Lena.. you're here to apprehend me too?"

Lena: "We come for one purpose.. to race, and not harm or exploit or whatever crime it is you think we are capable. What? Is hard for you to understand?"

Lena's not ready for physical alterations, but her agitation settles down seeing Gary and his backup.

Lena: "Calm your breaths.. this entourage arrives."

And Gary's party readies to bring this situation to a halt, starting with the tall German youth with a known mean streak.

Gary D: "Phew. Have a good one, Luce."

Lucia steps in, and sees Candy's face, more broken, negatively emotional and less of her composed self she's usually seen in.

Lucia: "Candy! Her hypertension.. It's gotten worse.."

Candy: "Lulu.. save me, Lulu!"

Lucia: "Candy. She's here! And.. and.."

Usually hesitant to get ahead, this other woman, hidden behind, now steps forwards, slowly.

Lucia: "Frau.."

Clacking sandals, a flat top beret and smudgy makeup easily mistaken for oil.

The individual stepping up for her friend is Cierra Mercer, carrying good intentions, but can't control the sad feeling of this reunion of her imitated source of confidence in shambles.

Cierra: "Awww.. Hi there.. c-c-Candy.. now it's my turn to... make you FEEL BETTER!"

Cierra didn't take her time and went for a quick wrap with her arms around Candy, putting the back of her head around Candy's chest.

Eventually transitioning to sitting aside together, it took minutes of them by the rear tire of the Lancer to get this intensity slowed.

Cierra finds her shirt's all wet up front, but the stresses Candy went through seemed to have lifted to have her back in regular levels minutes after.

Candy: "I.. uhh.. hey. thank you.."

Cierra: "Hee.."

Taking her anxiety medicine, Candy's ideas of leaving changed with that and the sight of others watching her in a more positive outlook.

This reunited trio get back up and Cierra just has the words for the moment.

Cierra: "A-and look at you.. shorter than my favorite toolbox. J-just brings me b-back on how cute you are.."

For Candy, those were the wrong words as she pinches her friend's nose.

Cierra: "ARGH, not the nose.."

Lucia: "Heh. Naughty Candy."

Candy: "Lulu.. you're not my mother.. heehee.."

Cierra: "Heh.. owwoww.."

And those not in this ternion felt the moment to leave them be being now, faithful she won't be away.

Hideki: "Our roles are done here, don't you say. I'll head over there."

Lena: "Behind you."

Gary D: "Lena! Nice to see JR's not forgotten a real blast to the past. How goes the Ring these days, yo?"

He raised a hand expecting a high five.

Lena: "Talk later, Gary."

But was left hanging, while his optimism remains as he turns his head and follows the Russian.

Back towards the three, they now stand apart closely as Candy rubs out her face and asks the question she's got nagging in her head for minutes.

Candy: "Lulu, you said you were coming tomorrow. How are you here now?"

Lucia: "Well.. it's her fault and she told me EVERYTHING. Surprise visit."

Cierra: "I knocked, walked in and.. suddenly she's a.. Streets Of Rage boss fight.. hee.."

A lift of the fist was playful, but Cierra's reaction was for if it was like she swapped playful with painful, flinching in record time.

Cierra: "LULU NO!"

Lucia: "That was more on Gary's fault, actually. The mess hasn't cleaned up since we left.. Bernardo will handle it."

Cierra: "Well, it looks to me.. you too got here earlier than usual."

Candy: "I was around to get a headstart on this convention of yours. After some treatment for that hypertension in me.. then came a messenger bird."

Cierra: "Oh? W-who? N-never MIND I asked, actually."

Candy: "Ohhh... Cierra's not changed much.. Nice to see we're back in business, but those men in masks want something with me.. what is it?"

Cierra: "Eeep! Umm.. I mean, I'll let them.. have their say. I promise it's not anything sinister or anything.. ulp.."

The sight of these street racing elite leaders would usually give Candy a flight response, but with Lucia and Cierra behind, that response isn't even considered.

Seeing this confidence, The Outlaw steps forward and holds his head in a specific way by the side, releasing gases as it opens to reveal Jacob Ross in his.

At about the same time, the Messiah takes off his cap and unwraps his mummy styled wrappings around his head, showing a red head behind all this religious themed racing elite being a famed motoring car show host Clark Kayne, known for his unrivalled streetwise talent and intelligence.

Jake Ross: "This is this Toyota Trio I've been laying my ears on, huh? What you reckon, Max?"

Clark: "Lucia handling the team, Cierra with the engineering, and Candy doing the hard racing. Bring these women together, and you've a fledgling team, capable of results. I guarantee it."

Lucia knows who these are, and Cierra didn't bat an eye for who Jacob is.

Candy, however, found the role of Clark as a major surprise.

Candy: "The Sim Gear host Clark Kayne.. is the Messiah??"

He replied with the tone he usually has when introducing the show, aside his usual foul mouth.

Clark: "Heh heh.. Hello and A VERY good morning to you too, Candy. Shame we're not at the studio if you'd like to be the star at Auto Plus' heroes on a budget. It's how I would rate the stars of f[BLEEP]ing today."

The fancy dressed Spitfire comes close, but now without his headgear.

Not an obvious person, but Giles Crowden is famous for being the man eclipsed by someone else or more within his illustrious touring car career.

He's careful, and cautious, questioning the recent actions, but doubles down leter on in his words.

Giles: "I'm looking at this from every angle, Max, and.. I know this is a bad idea.. Excuse my overly withdrawing sense come in to play. Giles Crowden, of the Crowden Automotive Museum of Kent: an official Legend Cars dealership branch. Here's my card."

His business card out, Candy didn't hesitate to take it, while remaining silent.

Now without the Ogre, the Yamagami enters next, revealing Peigi's face instead of the kitsune mask she's usually with.

Peigi: "That Gilesie.. a worrywart but look he's already pitching in. Not while I'm your DJ, we're safe as pillows! Hiya, Candy! Ready for round 2 of stark bare faced body? Keekee.. keeekeeekee!"

Giles: "Blimey, can't she just shut up already.."

It's a more comforting sight, but Candy feels it's not all right..

Candy: "You've all taken off your masks, for me? That's unreasonable, really."

Jake Ross: "I believe, even as we stand apart, we've begun on the wrong foot regarding the main point of interest: you."

Clark: "So, for today.. me and my significant's dealings with The List will have to be put on hold. Capable as you might be, you're someone haunted by ghosts. I can't have that around. No."

Giles: "Ghosts, robots, scouts.. you name it, we'll bring them tumbling down, oh yes. Though, I've yet to wonder why Peggy's in this discussion."

Peigi: "Nyaaaaa..."

And that leads to why specifically Candy Lam, not anyone else.

Candy: "I fail to understand why you people want me, not just any other up and coming racing legend all over the world.."

Clark: "Mythic. Of f[BLEEP]ing course. That's what. We're interested in getting another worthy adversary to THE cause."

Giles: "Not to mention you've already a grasp on what's it about, courtesy of your old master. Peggy, are you catching on?"

Peigi: "Of course not. What are you blokes babbling about anyways? I'm not the type to leave girl friends hanging out by their lonesome [slurping]."

She hasn't heard that word and any significance of it since Paul mentioned it in Suzuka, but it finds itself back to the front now.

Candy: "So today's the day? The Mythic web finally entangles me.."

Jake Ross: "Surprise."

Candy: "And tell me: you get me on this race track early in the morning just to tell me something an e-mail can sufficiently do?"

Jake Ross: "We're not just delivering.. you too we want deliver to us."

She's standing in front of a race worthy Lancer, forgetting it's there upon solving that riddle.

Candy: "A race? Just my luck.. when the MINI's not around.. But what's your idea of delivery?"

And this is where Clark's naturally hoarse voice stands out as he speaks out.

Clark: "Alright. No cutting corners. Cierra's been dying to have a taste of what her old friend the GT racing champion is like against on our rules."

Candy: "Once again, I'll have to play that card that my car's not around."

Up and above with this situation, Giles has had enough of the excuses.

Giles: "Not so fast, you blighter. Samantha's relayed to me about that Lancer. You're a natural with it."

Candy realizes that, and looks back, noting this modified car in her head as a certified 'oh yeah' moment.

But as she turns, she notices Cierra's more timid look's now replaced with one that beams in confidence.

Candy: "Cierra.. what's with her eyes?"

Cierra: "I've been waiting for this moment."

She speaks loudly, possessed with a super hero's confidence: something new to Candy.

Candy: "This is new.."

She looks back at the united underground racing crew leaders, still unsure with her hypertension acting up earlier.

Candy: "Well, I know you see the pieces are in place, but.."

Peigi too has a thing against this apprehensive behaviour.

Peigi: "NO BUTS! You have a car, you have an opponent, you have a track under watch by the elite. Besides, just moments ago we have a Samantha with working eyes. And when they work, they be like her hips: they don't lie!"

They're all confident for Candy, and even for this brief moment, it worked.

Peigi however was the only one that acted out of this joyous moment.

Peigi: "You know what I think, bruv?"

And in an unusual act decides to slap someone on the bottom as she makes a laughing escape after being watched about it.

The person she slapped had not much of a reaction, however..

Jake Ross: "She's.. interesting."

But he remains focused to the end on what's important, and gave his final word.

Jake Ross: "At any rate, it's showtime."


Cierra: "One l-last thing, Candy.."

Candy: "Hit me."

Cierra: "Heh.. no. But what I meant was.. well.. Lulu drove here, and insisted.."


Candy: "I didn't see that M4 earlier.. Lulu.. she's had us as her inspirations since our split."

Lucia: "Frau, again, these comms are working perfectly fine."

Cierra: "Heehee.. w-we go on.. THE LINE."

Def Leppard, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Robert Ziegler, Ian McClay
Drastic Symphonies

So there's a conundrum with the Lancer, you see.. the car's various mixed feeling traits sort of disappear when you do add on modifications to the car to fix its many issues. That's sort of the point with tuning. So, if you like you Lancer V's characteristics from the dealership, you'd probably not want to stay and listen. You can punch on power, better sports tires and a different gearbox if so.


Anyways, let's see what's to add that'll give the Lancer away its more unusual traits. Funny handling's gone with some aero, wide kit, and a fully customizable suspension and differential. You can raise the responsiveness with some racing clutch and drive shaft.

On the whole, this is not a hard car to tune. The issues with turbo kicking in at certain RPMs don't feel bad due to this being an AWD car. And the turbo I go for is high RPM due to how that looks on the powerband. And of course bigger turbo means longer gears. Sounds simple? It's because what we have here is definitely a tuner's template for you to get your learning gears in tuning a car. Oh goodness, umm..


I mean, I threw something together that's just generally harder everything with a focus on oversteer, and the car drives completely fine. Which is why I'm at sort of a loss on what to do. It definitely wants you to just hop on every time you make an adjustment, and not make you worry with its imaginary training wheels.

Oh, if you're that kind of crazy, the downforce on the rear can go real high if you put a custom wing, which goes up to the 300s, compared to the front not even getting past 100. If you've been seeing these tuners putting hilariously huge numbers on the rear on their tunes, it's because the rear downforce is just as.


I need more cows pretending to be a man to fill this space.


Candy: "Funny, I recall we being in one car rather than racing it out against each other.."

Lucia: "Well, the desire to ruin this zen has gone, at least. I'm starting to enjoy it back here."

Cierra: "Sh-shut up and d-drive DAMNIT!"


Candy: "When did that hint of competitiveness arrive, Cierra? I've heard about your reputation quite a bit. And that eager confidence upon mention of racing.. Something you want to share? Heh.."

Cierra: "[squeals]"

Lucia: "Ohh, hahahah! That hurt to hear.. Frau, I think you broke her."


Ayumi: "AAAAAAAAHHH! That car is top notch! I knew that wide body kit and rear spoiler aren't needed! Our team's done it again! HUZZAH!"

Hideki: "That turbo and engine parts, and the new tires.. the spent credits are paying off.. Yumi-san, I know! Please calm yourself.. AAaaHHh, you're choking me.. Y-Yu-Yumi-san!!"

Jake Ross: "They might be the fan club presidents.. but I don't fault that thrill of success. Least after today, their worth I musn't overlook.."


Peigi: "Jiro-san, we've raced against that Charger before. It's more impressive now we see in detail the agility of that charged up brick from out of London, keehee.."

Daijiro: "Kheh."

Isamu: "700 horsepowers lugging along 2 tons, dancing along those lines, a sight to behold, perhaps a contender to my mountain racing exploits even.."

Clark: "While Cierra lags behind in the technical portions.. she knows how to handle them with a blindfold even.. of course making full use of the Hellcat's big American power on those straights.. a worthy child."

Giles: "If it's true she's not using assists.. dear me, the foot camera's going to be really something, eh?"


Nirvana: "Nirvana sees what they call the perfect combination. No discord. All harmony in that powerful German coupe."

Sonny: "Luce's M4 is only scary when you see it's her angry eyes behind the wheel. Kind of like me and THE BEAST. Now you know it's not a Sonny Meng only trait."

Paul: "That's what self tuned and trained on the Ring every week be doing, lad.. Bon.. ye remember that time we raced that M4 on its debut unveiling. Ya remembering?"

Boniface: "Oui oui. If you see her successes purely on her faltering GT career, THIS is where she will prove otherwise. How she's the one behind then and today.. I cannot understand."


Lena: "The finish is not one second apart. Hmm.. do tell me more about this little American and her strategems."

Samantha: "She's on the defensive this whole run.. that Candy girl's on a whole different level with that aggression."

Gary D: "Double R's got the best win record among us, yo. Girl's a broken record sometimes, but she's a bona fide tactician and front line soldier girl."

a few moments later.jpg


Now in a vacant garage, Peigi finds herself checking out the tuning work of the car.

Eyes noting the presence of top level performance parts, Candy returns with a refilled water bottle, but has her eyes on Peigi smoothly going through the car's body.

Candy: "Peggy, can I have a quick girl on girl time?"

She slammed the hood down like a slapstick cartoon and turns to see Candy, her sneering face hinting she's ready for another crazy antic of hers.

Peigi: "Huh? Oh yeah! YEAH! [whistles jingle of a notable 18+ website that rhymes with corn sub]."

Ready to rip off today's choice: a tight sports bra, Candy stopped her just before more wanted skin is to be revealed.

Candy: "NO! NO! No no no! No innuendo! Aargh!!"

The jig is up again, but Peigi was expecting this, now with a more serious reply.

Peigi: "Well, alright. What's got your bloomers in a bunch?"

Candy: "It's that.. lately I've been hearing music, usually happening when I end up challenging someone to a race alone. And I can't explain why?"

Peigi: "Well, sounds to me you've been getting in the duelling game quite strong, love. I had to explain this to Cindy that certain drivers have their groove in their driver's method. Not that you understand, but you have this groove in you too, Candy! Just you don't really realize."

It's not the answer she expected, and despite its nonsensical foothold, it was an answer that filled her curiosity satisfyingly.

Candy: "That makes no sense but is the best sense I've heard of this phenomenon.. I'd thank you, but.. oh well, I will. Thanks so much."

Peigi: "Keekee! I'm your DJ, darling!"

Candy moves to the side, heading for the Hellcat on the main pit lane area, still puffing away backfires by other Big 3 associates.

It's a post race moment, but Cierra's still in that confident race ready self again as she's approached.

Cierra: "L-look who's here.. heh.. what do you think? Me and the Hellcat?"

Candy: "A beast, that's what you are, Cierra."

Lucia was already close and becomes part of this conversation without hassle.

Cierra: "Ehehh.. I kn-know. Lulu, you coming in the race last second was.. quite the something."

Lucia: "I can't be left behind by my personal heroines forever. The bird has to fly out of her cage one day."

Positioned in between, Candy gets a lift from her shoulders onto Cierra and Lucia, walking about just like back when they were in Toyota's motorsports division.

Candy: "Whoa! Heh.. If anything.. it's good to see this motley crew of ours making a comeback. I haven't been up this high since."

Lucia: "Ja. No arguments here.. glad to see you enjoying it."

Candy: "That Clark mentioned we'd make a good team.."

Cierra: "Oh.. OH YES! I mean.. yes. Big man.. he liked that idea I pitched. Give me something to do if not having a warrant.."

They dropped her on her feet again, and Candy has a phone on her hand not long after.

Candy: "Your phone contacts are.. really bare."

Face full of dread, Cierra realizes that it's her phone that's missing.

Cierra: "EH?! How?! But.."

Candy: "The Guts taught me a thing or two about phone thievery.. I'll just add our numbers and.. here."

Lucia: "That's an individual I've not heard of in a while."

Lucia's thought out loud phase gave Candy a reason to query as she adds on to this near empty contact list..

Candy: "Intruiging. What's your history with that man?"

Lucia: "Found out personally he's Herr Ross's doppelganger. And he's got this unexplained appeal towards me."

Appeal was the word she went on with this discussion, with a hint of mischief in it.

Candy: "Appeal? I know a few people with that for me.. how about you Cierra? That Gary fellow's been interested in you, and he's not hiding it."

Cierra: "Hehee.. no. N-NO WAY!"

Lucia: "No way indeed!"

Just as Cierra gets her phone back, a certain oni appears again with a messenger's role, seen before in last week's escapades.

Candy: "Adachi? What's this?"

Isamu: "Forgive me for getting in between your book club, but Nirvana is requesting you."

Lucia: "Better not keep another lady waiting."

Candy left the comfort of her reunited friends to meet the mysterious Nirvana, and not expecting anything large..

Candy: "What's this about.. ehh?!"

Her expectations are shattered regardless.


Candy: "My MINI! And is that a new rear spoiler?"

Nirvana stands as she looks on the blue MINI, unsure exactly if there's anything to note.

Candy: "Someone shady like you can tell me what's this about, right?"

Nirvana: "Hmph. Nirvana spots two men sneaking this in and as the gap closens, their hectic nature reveals, leaving your car. Anything to note?"

Isamu poses low and looks at the brakes and tires, noting something out of the norm.

Isamu: "Looks to me it's been touched up. That compound of tire is reserved for the top performing road machinery. Something my S2000 usually runs along with."

Candy gave her thoughts on the mystery client's mystery actions feeling still unclear.

Candy: "They did a pit stop without my knowledge, or even say.. Just who is this mystery client?"

Nirvana: "Nirvana plans to eventually get to the bottom of that, but for the time being, that is put on hold."

Candy: "There's a small note inside.. Hmmm hmm.."

She opens the unlocked door and grabs the small paper note on the center, skimming through it.

Isamu: "Well.. what's it say?"

Candy: "Thanks for your service.. hmm hmm.. car's ready for action.. hmm.. top of the line parts from Understeer Engineering.."

Her mysterious client shows nothing of their methods, but she knows enough that the car received a tune up, giving a sense of anticipation.

Candy: "I guess it's going to be the norm that getting paid to drive this car around the tracks of the world will come in risk. I.. umm.. thanks, Nirvana. And you too, Adachi."

Nirvana: "Do not think of it."

Isamu: "Heh, you're very welcome. You're going to test it now?"

Candy: "Isn't it obvious? I'd want to see the improvements myself."

Not a moment later, the MINI leaves the clear pit lane in high pace.


Isamu and Nirvana remain on the scene, thinking about what Candy's gotten her sweet core into.

Isamu: "Off goes today's bitten bittersweet apple.."

Nirvana: "The track's not exactly clear for race, but Nirvana knows of HIM.. to her, that is something dreary and unwanted coming. Inform?"

Isamu: "Heh. He's going to get the first word of it."

Like a child with a new toy, Candy excites herself with the car's notable performance additions.


Candy: "My word! That's a distinct change!"

But unusually, her phone begins to ring with an unknown number.

Candy: "Goodness. Who's calling now??"

She's not sure who, but has a gut feeling to answer as she paces down briefly.

Candy: "Hello? Candy speaking."


And the voice that came out was raspy, with a sense that it sounds cool to the masses.

???: "Hey. Heh hehh.. Bixby, play Chariot."

A Silent Truth

Not liking any of it, she hangs and puts aside her phone as she returns to her routine, feeling a small sense of fright..

Candy: "Creepy.. who was that??"


And that was answered quick enough with an all American V10 driven by a not so all American.

It's not the rematch she wanted now, but it's the rematch she will need to get her mind back in the GT racing game, she briefly thought, and thus she fires herself up with that in mind..

Candy: "I.. see.. talk about dealing with ghosts.. I WON'T LET YOU BEAT ME THIS TIME, SONNY!!"

As if he knew, Sonny mumbled to himself.

Sonny: "C'mon baby. There's hardly a thing that comes in front of Sonny and THE BEAST!!"



Do I like the Evo 5? Perhaps not as much as the Evo 6 and Evo 9. But one thing is that the AYC makes for the Lancer to be more than just your usual Subaru rival. It tries to be innovative, and while we have Tommi Makinen making his legend with the car, I can see from others that the car's not for them. It's got a learning curve, alright, and that's not for everyone.

Now, I'm invoking the early rule of me in Mini Mexico that a car that can be saved by the tune is a Neutral. But to be honest, it's THAT close to Sleeper in my heart. Stock or not, you cannot argue that the acceleration is just wonderful, and racing a tuned Lancer is just not only so easy, but it gives you that idea that it wants to help you.. you just gotta help it first.


It's not a bad car, but the way the AYC works for its overall handling profile really hurts it. Saved by the tune is really a rule I don't often pop.

If you thought any week before was packed..

This is the biggest crowd I had to try to write with. These guys are going to be around for this and the next part. And I've already plans for next part to debut some more figures. Woeful!

I'm also promising myself no more crowds like this. Certain characters don't even get more than 5 lines of dialogue. Considering the lengths I've done to add depth, that's just plain insulting.

For Hideki Minami (5) and Ayumi Tanaka (5)
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For The Outlaw/Jacob Ross (5)
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For Sonny Meng Xian Zhen (5)
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For Nirvana Kellen (6) and Peigi Daitoku (Sport)
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For Murphy 'Murph' Barrington (5) and Boniface Richelieu (6)
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For Isamu Adachi (6) and Gary D-To (5)
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She might look like your usual office worker, but behind this thick skinned devil is a self serving, unfaltering genius that put Crown Jewels to the top of the street racing food chain.

Theme Song: Nightwish - Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean
Racing Duel Music: Nightwish - The Poet and the Pendulum: Part 2 - Home
Gender: Female
Nationality: British
Age: 29
Current occupation: Museum secretary
Distinct features: Bunned up long orange hair. Thin triangle shaped face. Wears large wide brim glasses with a holder, often shining sinisterly. Notable shine on lips due to her addiction to reapplying lipstick. Has a few beauty marks: one under her lip, another next to her left eye. Bright pale skin surrounds this tall, slender figure with thickened limbs, even moreso her lower half.
Choice of clothing: Usually with office wear on, such as a tailored suit jacket, a blazer with matching skirt, and heels with stockings. She cares immensely towards her presentation, and keeps these clean to the best of her ability.
Cars: Mercedes-AMG GT R

Carrying double award degrees in administration, Samantha's life started off as a rustic farmhand off the lands in East Anglia. While handling potatoes, both figuratively and literally, she found herself to be the perfect duo of brawn and brains of the family, and thought well enough to pursue a higher education. A dark, pressure exhuming entrepreneur, and a bit of a self developed genius, but she assumes all this be only natural.

Her post educatIon life however hasn't been smooth. She's always a top performer in any work she finds herself into, so much so that she's never in the same job for more than a year. That's changed when she decides slowing down is the way to go, and finds herself as the top dog within the Crowden Automotive Museum, representing as an ambassador for Legend Cars, posed behind only Giles himself. Her work by day involve managing auctions and transfer of cars, with the aim of getting record profits for the museum flipping prices on expensive antiques.

However, finding out that the museum is a staging ground for Giles' desire of something more illicit, Samantha's honest views start to falter due to the amounts of money she's offered to maintain both day to day museum activities, and the logistics behind the Crown Jewels. Not to mention she's being taught how to drive, and develops a like for good racing every now and then. But all in all, she's a self reserved, dominating figure with a penchant for hard work and knowledge. But to say new age Samantha as suspicious is not unheard of.

A swanky, rude Russian beauty with gems and riches on the outside, while housing a survivor, liberator and freedom fighter on the inside. This original of the List, doubling her position as Ring Meister might show signs of her peaking, but always seems to prove otherwise.

Theme Song: Garbage - Special
Racing Duel Music: The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful
Gender: Female
Nationality: Russian
Age: 34
Current occupation: Ring Meister
Distinct features: Aqua dyed medium emo styled bob. Thin triangular face. Narrow, heavily lashed blue eyes, tall thin nose and average sized lipsticked mouth. Shiny face makeup with a diamond pastel lipstick and eyeliner. Tall, slightly pale skinned, with smaller proportions.
Choice of clothing: High class is her overall uniform, usually with a shiny dress and various golden jewelleries. Her dresses are never restrictive in nature, combined with her special high heels that can convert itself to and back from sporty sandals for her unexpected racing needs.
Cars: Mercedes-AMG SLS AMG, BMW 3.0 CSL '73

Hailed from St Petersburg, Lena was the only female of 5 siblings under a wealthy Russian oligarch, whose stakes hold strong in various sports worldwide. A family with money not an issue, Lena was spoilt rotten, earning her smug and snobbish attitude. This was the age of her not growing, thinking this is life and how she's going to live it all the way to the end: gifts not ending and pampering to however she desires.

Her family's wealth would come into question when she's seen too much and found a connection through intercepting private mails. Having leading these notes all the way to a secret government experiment, Lena's faith in all she lived in broke as quick as she knew the truth, and she made a quick escape as her arrest was imminent should she remain. And after successfully finding herself in the middle of Germany with whatever she can scrounge up from her former home. Emotionally broken, THIS was the age of her growing.

Her first moves was to earn the trust of the Euro underground scene in Berlin, gaining her a new origin story, known as the fierce and violent Leona with the hair cast of diamond. While she had it hard, eventually the forte that grew was street racing. The BMW she took from her family estate was a homologation model that can do battle on the streets, earning her a reputation she nurtured.

This all leads to her move to the US, where Lena became a founding member of The List, being the only female of 5 members. A poetic reminder of her past, but these would be people she called brothers without hesitation. As time passes, The List would dissolve and Lena found her calling as a Ring Meister, hoping her past never would come to her as she lives fast. With that reason she's usually cold and uncaring to those she's hardly known.

An intelligent man who's anger led to better things than just mental help. This figure would be the self recognized leader of the most exclusive and feared street racers within Europe: The Prophecy.

Theme Song: Avenged Sevenfold - Unbound (The Wild Ride)
Racing Duel Music: Slayer - Raining Blood
Gender: Male
Nationality: Welsh
Age: 37
Current occupation: If not a fanatically themed cult leader, a car show host
Distinct features: Short red hair over a short, rounded diamond face. Sharp green eyes, with a hint of red in the whites, as if fury's always present. Tearful eyes, thin nose and small mouth. Average build and height with bright skin, but with a more noticeable muscle built upper body.
Choice of clothing: Top of the line branded clothes and accessories, but nothing out of the quintessential British fashion, including a newsboy cap, long multi layered skin covered articles of fancy fashion, and climbing boots.
Cars: LaFerrari, Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary, Ferrari F430

Real name: Maximus Davies. Clark Kayne is merely an alias for this Cardiff born orphan. After his abusive family's demise by his hand personally, he was raised in Manchester, and thus met an important figurehead for his life onward: the sole successor of the Kirkham Foundation, who would end up being a legendary 90's era racing youth, and his beloved brother for life.

Nowadays, he's mainly known as the only, then one of the three hosts in slowly uprising car show Sim Gear. But his real portfolio would be as the sole individual that leads The Prophecy: a London based street crew that houses strict teachings and top end performance car culture, once the sole governing entity that dominates all of the UK's street racing.

While a bit of a pugilist, has a bit of a temper and enjoys violence on a minor scale, Clark possesses a great IQ level, and strategizes often for the next move. Aside writing gospels for his exclusive club, Clark finds himself credited for writing scripts and scenarios for Sim Gear, as well as carrying it initially as the sole figurehead while the studio was still getting started.

Also with a leaning towards illegally obtained Ferraris, Clark has the talent to handle whatever car he can reach forth, infamous for running the V12 Hybrid trinity LaFerrari on the roads without incident. Despite this, his racing talents shine only away from the track, due to a past incident he won't let go from that cost him his reputation and potential partner for life.

While mostly a withdrawal and overly careful man of the track, he now rules as leader of the Crown Jewels: a London based street racing crew specializing in classy Euro flair, notably on old school and muscle. But it's mostly all about having a smashing old, illegally fast time on the road.

Theme Song: Pink Floyd - One of These Days (Soul Machine remix)
Racing Duel Music: Bloc Party - Prayer (Does It Offend You, Yeah? remix), The Prodigy - Spitfire
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Age: 40
Current occupation: Museum curator
Distinct features: Short, combed back burgundy hair. Round, thin face. Deep-set brown eyes, average tall nose, with a small fancy mustache, and visibly has a top of the line dental plan behind his clean small lips. Overall average build and height surrounded by a pale-ish dark skin.
Choice of clothing: Classy British, usually with an argyle vest and matching 3/4 length leggings and slip ons. A longcoat can cover this for colder weathers.
Cars: Aston Martin Vulcan, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Aston Martin DB5

Having lived in London from his youth, Giles is no stranger to the gentlemen's community within. If a younger Giles was to be defined, it would be his love of many old British sports, such as polo, rugby and fox hunting. Racing would enter that equation by suggestion, and being incredibly competitive at driving old Japanese hatchbacks in Euro dominated touring cars would become a staple in his career highlights.

Done with the riff raff and the drama, Giles eventually found himself as a former touring car racer, who found the rewards behind it all wasn't worth keeping himself in. Instead of packing away in shame, he found himself reborn as soon as street racing became part of his life's equation, thanks to, once again, a suggestion by his old friend: The Messiah.

A mostly stiff but just as pleasant man whose lived the upper class British lifestyle through his family heritage. Now largely done with the track, Giles shares his interests in cars through the Crowden Automotive Museum: a small but flourishing attraction located by the outskirts of Oxford. Can come of as a bit of a pessimist due to his careful nature, but he often finds good reasons to do so.

While this is true by day, by night, Giles' successes in his years street racing causes him to win big, as he takes the mantle of The Spitfire: a member of London's The Big 3 that dominates the night races with his custom Aston Martin Vulcan. Its presence brings an orderly sign in the chaos of the high velocity night life.

A Mountain Blazer staple, internally known as The Ogre. The protector of these dangerous paths, whose proved time and time again that the mountain isn't to be climbed by unprepared adventurers.

Theme Song: Midnight Oil - Armistice Day
Racing Duel Music: Asia - Ride Easy
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 45
Current occupation: Bouncer
Distinct features: Medium, flat top shined black hair. Wide, square face reinforcing his chiseled Asian look. Eyes squinted enought to say they're seemingly non-existant, but works fine. Wide chiseled nose and large wide plain mouth. Tall, large figure with muscles, in an also chubby way.
Choice of clothing: Normally in a suit with jacket combo, with jacket arms folded inwards. In casual moods, or while racing, he wears comfortable traditional Japanese clothing.
Cars: Mitsubishi GTO

An Osaka native. A once aggressive, always brash former sumo wrestler whose moment of fame in ring was taken to a halt by his terminally ill dying daughter. After her passing, Daijiro made amends with his heartbroken family, and couldn't find solace in staying at his home turf. He travelled across the world to hopefully soothe these senses, eventually finding his zen by being a grunt heavy, but overall quiet passive man.

His journeys would take him all the way to the UK, where his fellow Japanese relations within would have him witness a young Hammersmith born hafu on stage as a nightclub DJ: who he mentally identifies as a splitting image of his own daughter. With a fire in him roaring, and a determination set, he finds out of her street racing game quickly and as years passs, then proves himself to be worthy of someone like The Mountain God's protector, be it her identity, her side hustle or her life.

Despite issues getting along initially, they both willingly mature to each other, and importantly to Daijiro: it's a total win as he gets a second chance to be a father figure.

He might be more of a dormant volcano, only communicating in grunts or small pronounciations, but anyone who knows Daijiro understands that he carries a gentle heart from his rough exterior, especially the sickly thin bizarre half German poseur who's usually at his side.

Just like a being that fell from the sky, Cierra brings herself as The Prophecy's unwanted deus ex machina that can do anything.. if her extremely timid self won't hold it back.

Theme Song: Journey - Wheel in The Sky
Racing Duel Music: Pendulum - Witchcraft (Pegboard Nerds remix)
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Age: 25
Current occupation: Racing mechanic
Distinct features: Medium, straight brown hair. Sharp and short triangular face with a just as sharp chin. Narrow green eyes around a thin but pointy nose above a slightly thick, but narrow mouth. Small patches of oil can be seen under her brown eyes. While adult, still retains a teenage look in most of her facial features. Average height, skinny body with regular caucasian skin.
Choice of clothing: Always with her signature blue beret. Her clothes vary, but usually consists of a cropped jacket over a tight undershirt, tight skinny jeans, and leather slippers. Can also be seen wearing a mechanic's getup.
Cars: Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, Dodge Coronet Super Bee

Hailing from San Francisco, Cierra's personal history has been unremarkably blank, until she picked up a spanner from a local chop shop that raised her as one of their own. The shop allowed her to get exposure to her passions as a car mechanic, also earning said staff as a family to lean towards. Slowly but surely, she would earn a reputation modifying cars to be street race ready in a short period of time. Over time, she gains an understanding on what to do if a car needs to drift, grip, drag, or just even lay low on the pavement with lamps all around.

While her social skills remain an all time low due to her timid soul, her ever growing skills in developing and maintaining top levels of performance at a young age manages her to receive scholarships for special tutoring from various manufacturers around the world. From experimental American machines, European supercars, to the domestic powerhouse in Toyota, there's very little in the car she doesn't understand.

Cierra also received the lovely perk of testing out cars from the chop shop just as soon as she reached her sweet sixteens. This skill would work out well for police evasion and warrant issues she piled up. It's unknown how she manages her way in and out of San Francisco with a warrant for her constantly present in the California area alone, but sightings of her in Toyoda would be the last anyone's heard of her in the public.

Her latest caper has her ousted from her home turf, and somehow end up in London, where she becomes another of the Chosen: The Messiah's chosen racers for him to mentor.

Nash Kirkham: current head honcho of the Kirkham Foundation
Keith Ross: Jacob's much younger brother.
Clark of Sim Gear
Someone Peigi refers as 'Gilesie', also referred by Paul

Someone Peigi refers as The Cinderella/Cindy
The Messiah: Big 3 member, leader of UK street racing crew The Prophecy[/s]
3 women, part of the unbeatable Trinitia L'Assassina
The Bristol Harbinger
Toyota trained racing mechanic Cierra
'Ginnie': Gary's current long distance girlfriend who he's strangely trying to keep discreet
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Infuriatingly, none of the Lancer Evolutions in Gran Turismo 7 have their pièce de résistance, their Active Yaw Controller, adjustable via any means in this game. Back in Gran Turismo Sport, the default AYC setting puts the trick system at its mildest setting, making it barely noticeable, which seems to be the case in GT7 as well. A Lan Evo without AYC feels almost like Burger King without their burgers, Disneyland without Mickey, or Monza without the oval. Is there anything left to it that other cars don't have or can't do better?

Highway 108_.jpeg

Produced for just about a year from January 1998 to January 1999, the Evo V will certainly be argued by many to be among the best of its prestigious litter of monster machines born and bred to tango in the fires of competition. While that sounds like typical marketing talk from a car manufacturer, perhaps no other car embodies that philosophy better than the Lan Evo and Imp STis; with their rivalry on the rally stages reaching their zenith in the late nineties, both companies had to produce largely similar road going versions of the cars they wished to field in battle. In other words, where other cars are produced and sold to make money first and foremost, the Evo V was put in showrooms just so Mitsubishi can beat Subaru black and blue and make them see stars.

Colorado Springs - Lake Reverse_.jpeg

And it shows, doesn't it? While the cessation of Group A homologation needs made most later Evos look more and more like their base Lancer counterparts, there is no mistaking the Evo V whatsoever for the base model Lancer, with its fenders flared wide enough to be the star of its own robot wars manga, not to mention that towering adjustable wing, glaring fog lights, and, of course, AYC. Slip into the factory Recaros of an Evo V, and you might get more rally car than you could've ever reasonably expected from a road car.

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca_.jpeg

Try to drive this thing normally, and you'll find nothing but understeer that pushes harder than the healthy 414.6N⋅m (305.8lbf⋅ft) of the turbocharged 4G63 engine in the front of the car. That is not to say however, that the Evo doesn't want to turn; you just have to know how to make it turn, and that's done with the pedals almost as much as the steering wheel itself. Don't worry, the car will teach you how it wants to be driven... whether you want to learn or not. Full braking in this thankfully ABS equipped car is almost like mistakenly jumping into a competition pool as a kid who can't swim; you keep expecting the front end to stop sinking at any moment, but the front springs feel like a bottomless spiral that can absorb any amount of weight you want to put over them, and every gram of weight you sink into them means one gram of stability less over the rears, making the front engined, all wheel drive Evo V almost as eager to be provoked into a slide as an air–cooled 911. From there, drop as many cogs as need be on the ultra close ratio five speed manual gearbox to keep the rather peaky turbo 4 cylinder happy, and then unleash all of its 306HP (228kW) to keep all four wheels spinning and smoking to carry the car through to the exit of the turn. That is to say, this is a car that only wants to turn when it loses its grip on the road, which is when it becomes much more controllable than when it was stuck onto the road. This thing was set up to go sideways, even on paved asphalt. The moment you let up on being a boor and let the car regain its grip, it's right back to understeer city!

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca__2.jpeg

But of course, conventional wisdom would tell anyone willing to listen that grip driving is undoubtedly faster than drifting, and that holds doubly true for a wide, paved racetrack with an abundance of grip and width. With springs that soft and endlessly weight absorbent, the Evo V asks of its driver more commitment than most marriage vows when braking for a corner on a racetrack—under trail braking, mid corner steering corrections in this car will quickly unsettle the very softly sprung car, sending it into a snappy fishtailing session that only death can put an end to, and so you as the partner of the Evo have to pick a line, pick it precisely, and then stick with it in sickness and health, even if it leads you to cleanly and embarrassingly missing an apex, or face first into the inside barrier. Smoothly guiding the hypersensitive and eagerly upset car to gradually carve a precise line towards a deep apex is almost like trying to keep your kid from learning swear words or trying to keep clean a daily driver; it's only a matter of time before you give up and let nature take its course, and instead of feeling bad about it, there's just a sense of relief washing over you as you realise you were fighting the inevitable, and you just do your best to cope with whatever comes next.

Willow Springs International Raceway_ Streets of Willow Springs_.jpeg

Rather, in spite of what its hulked up specs might suggest, the Evo V is much better suited for slower, tighter tracks, like Gymkhanas and Touges. The power isn't there to make the car go ultra fast in a straight line; this thing suffocates past 175km/h (109mph) where fourth gear wanes off. The entire drivetrain is set up the way it is to ensure that you can break grip on all 4 of its Comfort Soft tyres with a boot full of throttle. You aren't supposed to carefully trail brake it into an apex on a racetrack, you're supposed to just give it full brake, full steering lock into a tight turn, let the car slide, and then full throttle with full turbo boost to keep that slide going. It's an all or nothing car, one that gives up on you the moment you doubt it and hesitate, or fail to internalise its tendencies and harmonise with its very specific driving style. But, while I was fighting and experimenting endlessly during both weekly sessions simply trying to find something that will satiate the Evo and coax some speed out of it, the car effortlessly clicked so intensely at the narrow and bumpy Nordschleife that I suddenly could drive the Evo almost without thinking about anything at all, and simply let instinct take over. Oh, what's that? You want to break out your rear? Yeah, sure, whatever, the track goes over there anyway. Hey, uh... there was a pretty nasty bump and rumble strip back there, wasn't there? You sure didn't tell me much about it, or cared that much. Eh, if you don't care, why should I? Just do your thing.

Nürburgring Nordschleife_.jpeg

I have to admit, I'm no rally driver, even within the make believe realm of Gran Turismo. I've tried to carefully nurse it around a racetrack with conventional knowledge, and I've tried sliding it around like a hooligan, and yet I can't keep up with any of my peers in our weekly meets. Rick and Vic were steadily gapping me at Streets of Willow even as they fought among themselves, and RX8 smoked me around GVS in a 1v1 race by about a second per lap. There's just something about this car that I don't get, and so you should probably take my opinion this week with even more salt than usual. For what it's worth, though, I did thoroughly enjoy my time with the Evo V this week, especially when I wasn't chasing numbers or competitors.

Tokyo Expressway - South Counterclockwise__4.jpeg

Seeing 1998 through my jaded 2023 spectacles, I can't help but to admire how... stupid, the Evo V is, in an absurdly good way. It's raw, involving, unadulterated, and unapologetic. Using 2023 logic, if a car manufacturer wanted to sell a car using racing pedigree as a marketing angle, they'd make the car look more racecar than the actual racecar, only to hold it back with all the vehemence of a thousand nannies that no racing series would possibly allow, and then bake impossible to overcome understeer into the suspension just to seal their asses against lawsuits. Not so with the Evo V. Not with any Evo. The car not only looked like a rally car, it drove like a rally car, to my limited knowledge of them, and it serves as a powerful reminder to be careful what you wish for. I can't help but to imagine some rich poser kid buying one of these cars to show off if it were on sale in the modern day, only to fully depress the brake pedal while yanking the steering wheel hard to one side in a panic situation, almost certainly resulting in a bigger crash. Cars simply aren't built like that anymore, and I think that's a crying shame. While I can't master it, I came away from this week with a deep humbling and even deeper respect the Evos of this time period. I daresay of all the beloved 90s darlings that came from Japan in that deeply magical era, nothing else feels as legitimate and in your face as an Evo or an Imp, and there's just such a rowdy, unobtanium charm to that.

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca__1.jpeg

And all that is even before we get to tweaking the adjustable AYC on these cars.
For Week 10 of Car of the Week, we have a Canadian 2 for 1 deal, because @Pickle_Rick74 has chosen the Dallara SF23 Super Formula '23 cars!

West Gate_.jpeg

The reason I would like to test out the new formula car is that I have a love for high downforce and F1 liveries. I will be running a Lewis Livery.
I love the formula cars in VR and the faster the car the more I enjoy myself.
Also, I think I might have a chance at Vic in this car if I'm being super honest.
Make sure you get the newer, slightly slower 2023 model instead of the 2019 model if you plan on joining us in our weekly meets on Tuesday, 10 P.M. CST, and have your Overtake button mapped to your controller of choice! If not, you're free to give your own views in writing here on this thread regardless, or hey, maybe just drop an F1 meme or two...

I'll start us off. Since Rick is planning to run a Lewis livery, I hope he has a strong back, because it's "Time to go porpoising."
Yeah, that very well might be the fastest real life thing around the Nords. Anything picked after it, will be slower (except the 2019 model?), so enjoy this one: (actually I think it was one of my best laps ever, so would be cool, if you'd actually try to beat it)

Time is a 05.19.050.

Review: WOW what a thing! Ok, sure, it does have RS tyres (first car I've tested on those), but still, this is a RAPID racer. It's cutting through corners like a sharp knife, the brakes are neck-braking and the acceleration sends you into a coma! The resulting lap time is quite spectacular I gotta say! And well yeah, it actually is LOADS of fun as well!
Driven stock on its stock RS tyres without any driving aids, except ABS. All 4 laps are the same driven lap."

Verdict: well sleeper, I guess?

On Tsukuba it managed an astonoshing 00.44.338, while the 2019 model was actually slightly quicker @XSquareStickIt with a 00.44.207. For comparisons sake: the 80s F1 mock-up by PD managed a 00.45.803 and the legendary MP4/4 a ... ... ... 00.47.952...
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3 more tomatoes = More Catch Up!

The Be Rad, Always Be Rad Files... COTW #007


Ok, Ok... Ya I know that title was a bad attempt at the 007 tie in. But hey, YOU try to do better lol.

Anyhoo... The Radical SR3 SL. A nice change to break away from the ordinary. In my opinion, this one's closer to extraordinary than not. In my GT7 testing, mainly with the LeMans 30 minute grind race, I found it to punch through its weight class, let alone above it. It is quick, turns well, almost too well. But it still has that irresistible "tame me" factor that can bite you in the butt, if you let yourself underestimate it. But at the same time, it handles so well in the wet. An enigma? Or the perfect compliment to the company that makes it???

It's got the looks... It's got the performance... It's got the open air experience. It's a Sleeper and a Keeper in my books!

The Civics on Tour Files... COTW #008


Ok, a real question. Like seriously, how long has this thing been in the Gran Turismo series? Just another so called "tuned" PD special. If you can really call it that... special my ass. Sure, it's part of that EK series that took the world by storm. Besides that, what does it have to offer?

Yes, I have a "slight" aversion to the plague of the motoring world known as the FF drivetrain. Maybe to the point of prejudice. If it were up to me, it wouldn't be called FF, it would be known as FFS... you know what that means, right??? The nicest thing I can say is that, thank BLEEP I won't have to touch it again! Neutral... because I'm honestly feeling generous.

The Am I Evo? Files... COTW #009


The Lancer... a famed history to say the least. And to add the GSR tag on, the word fabled comes to mind. No one can deny its accomplishments over the years, I wouldn't even try. But, similarly to the older American muscle cars in the game, this seems castrated by its stock transmission. Which is a shame really. I like the car, I do. But it's being held back.

Here in the world of COTW, I honestly enjoy the stock aspect of our testing. With this car however, it is a detriment. Get the car, please do. Spend the cash and upgrade the transmission immediately though. That will bring her to life... Neutral status as is, sadly.

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Well it turns out I do not stand a chance against Vic in the sf23 after all...
What a car though, unlike its predecessor this car can really bite if the power is applied too eagerly, so it makes for quite the experience when driving in VR with the wheel.
The ballance is incredible at anything but low speed corners, where it feels a bit understeery at turn in and steady state, and then snap oversteer on exit.
Super fun racing, but my over eagerness to beat Vic and racer bit me numerous times. I found at Spa the fast flowing corners really showed how much grip you loose in the draft, super hard to follow closely in the quick stuff.
Now here are some pics.
SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 10 - Dallara SF23 Super Formula '23


Two generations of an off shoot open wheeler come to us for this week's action.

Replacing the SF19 that debuted in Gran Turismo Sport, Dallara's SF23 takes the next step in formula racing by being that lesser Japan only in between of the eco friendly Formula E and the current FIA top dog of F1. But it puts that lesser definition on such a small scale.

The once named Formula Nippon saw action all the way back in the 70s, so by saying it's the lesser Formula racing series is to put it very lightly. Open wheel racing is no joke since it's known these drivers have to be much more fit than most other athletes in various popular sports.

While still using carbon fibre as a shell, the new SF23 has an aim to go completely carbon neutral, meaning the racing's not going to add on to the emissions. This all is part of an initiative, called SF Next 50, to allow the entertainment of motorsports head into the future well with the reduction of waste and boost in sustainability.

To do so, they received specially made bio-composite recycled materials from Swiss based Bcomp, using their in developed "ampliTex" and "powerRibs" flax composites that consist of 70% flax fibres. These babies find themselves roaming all over the motorsports world today, actually. They're in the mentioned Formula cars, DTM, certain German branded GT racers, and of course I must mention Extreme E.. a personal favorite I've had the pleasure of running in Horizon 5.

Before I head into randomly mentioning niobium steel, Yokohama once again gets us the car's rubber, and they've made use of recycled rubber and naturally compounding agents to make up a third of the car's tire material, while still maintaining their performance compared to their not so sustainable former self in the past. And with revised aero that pushes the competition to be fierce and close.. I'm looking at various sites on why, and I guess it's something one has to experience firsthand. The cars we get in game are the development models known as White Tiger and Red Tiger, for Honda and Toyota powered sources respectively.

Anything else? Umm.. FIA Gran Turismo champion Igor Fraga being the official "Super Formula e-Motorsports Ambassador" does mean the Gran Turismo games and Super Formula are going to be tied quite well. Sucks about the other open wheel disciplines stuck behind stringent licensing if you feel they need to be in this game, however. For those hoping, you're just going to pray they do another F1500T.

With this week, a theme's being played that caters to a character I already introduced. Looks to me he's coming back; one of the many things I have to plan on the fly in regards to nominations. What's also on the fly is how I'm playing with this scale of time, and how the next chapters are horribly simplified: one way I'm going to make better with flooding the last entry..


Episode 10: Hayato Matsumoto - Ace Driver

5 days ago..

Fuji Speedway
Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture


Unlike other weeks, a race was due today, calling up Super Formula racers of various skill levels.

With various cars out in practice, the noise of the specially made potent turbocharged 2 liter inline 4s flood the air around this famed circuit.

But one prominent superstar in this field: one ninja wannabe Hayato, was left alone in his garage, in peace by his team to meditate within its empty space.


Katana and its saya face down in front, Hayato thinks only of peace, tranquility, and even finds himself ignoring the narrative he's gifted to be aware of for the time being to be with his lonesome.

Hayato: "Hmm..."

He's usually lost in sense of time when he undertakes these, but for the sake of the narrative, nearly an hour passes before he's exited the other world.

In the material realm, he's awaited by a man in a trenchcoat overlaying today's latest in British fashion, and he didn't even open his eyes to feel this man's foreign aura.

It was the aura of glory, success, but also persistence. He didn't even have to second guess that this is Nash Kirkham: the man who's adopted once orphaned Hayato to be his successor.

And Hayato slowly brings his eyes open in disgust to feel his moment interrupted by a theme song that starts to blare in his head.

Hayato: "Hmmm... I know you're here, jiji."

Nash: "I've no intention to sneak up on you as you do to me, Moto-san."

As Hayato gets off the crossed legs and off his feet, the white haired man takes off his fedora and places it on the walking stick he moves around with.

Hayato: "Nyeehh.. you're too honest and upstanding."

Nash on the other hand was looking at a nearby screen showing a quick animation of today's competitors, unfamiliar with the names that pop up.

Nash: "Tell me about this race. It's not against your usual fare of Super Formula lot, is it?"

Hayato: "No. Complete mix of noobs, wild cards and some top level talent. Everyone knows I'm the man to win this, so I'm starting at the back."

His father figure investigating the scene, Hayato finds himself in curiosity, starting his own investigation about his presence being about to begin with.

Hayato: "You never come over to Nippon without reason. And if it's holiday, Rin-chan's usually the one you go to. Visiting your son's always tertiary, isn't it to you, jiji?"

The middle aged foreigner processed the facts and looks towards his adopted son in mild guilt as he holds his hair.

Nash: "No, but.. verily, you're correct. You definitely know my parenting has been shoddy. I'd apologize, but I know you're expecting that."

Hayato: "And it would feel dishonest. We're not very good at this.. oddly close aged parenting."

Nash: "I've made a promise to Shinzo, and I shall make that promise a veritable piece of my heart to fulfill."

To ease the uneasy feeling, Nash had an idea..

Nash: "We start over?"

Hayato: "Heh heh.. I agree. Walk that way, and.. you know what to do."

They both walk apart, then let a moment pass as they approach each other.

Nash: "Tidings, my son."

Hayato: "Jiji! I know you hate it when I call you that, heh, but it's good to see you."

The formal mood was interrupted however by the man whose least likely to do so.

Nash: "Yes.. sorry for going off script, but that.. felt good."

Hayato: "A little forced, but really, it's good to see you, jiji."

Nash: "That former part's also true. I'm old, but I can't be rusted off so soon."

He put out his famous hateful smile as he crosses his arms playfully.

Hayato: "Says mister albino here. The wrinkles come and there's not much left of you that's young and hip."

It's hard for Nash to not feel offended when age is the matter of attack, feeling disgruntled with his response..

Nash: "I'll show you one of these days, you muppet.."

Hayato: "Heh heh heh [slow clapping], sure you will. And I'll be happy to see it."

Naturally walking to a more comfortable area with seating, Nash takes a chair, sitting gently down while Hayato hops onto another and sits with legs crossed.

Nash: "But back to the matter of importance. Candy Lam."

Expecting his own name, Hayato couldn't hide his shock.

Hayato: "Her?! Candy-chan's in Europe, last I hear."

Nash: "That much I do know. Clark.. my brother's been busy watching her."

He might be jumping to conclusions, but Hayato wanted to test his father's resolve.

Hayato: "You came all the way to Nippon just to say hi. Talk about a waste of resources, amirite?"

Nash: "No, that's so I can ask you to come with me to that glorified car meet."

Hayato: "Sure you do. Rin-chan mentions it's invite only for the 'street racing elite' or whatever that means."

Getting comfortable, Nash adjusts his seating as he prepares to make a long winded explanation..

Nash: "That I hear is to keep the riff-raff away. It's publicly open, but the racing's completely catered for street racers, because road cars are what runs around that event.. thus that's the thinking for the many years it's run.. not to mention a lot of shady dealings when it comes to the competition.. bets to pink slips.."

It wasn't the most compelling argument, but Hayato understands the logic soundly, letting him begin to act with a laugh followed with slow claps.

Hayato: "Huh.. ahhh.. aaahhaahaahh!"

Nash: "And I'm not quite finished. That all you hear: it's all FIA sanctioned. Guess why?"

Hayato: "That's obviously bribery in there."

His son entertained, Nash goes on in great enthusiasm.

Nash: "Verily this is the facts as we speak. But that's not all bollocks. One has to be a verified elite to get involved or even bat an eye on those, so there's that."

Hayato: "By the way, I don't see a reason to be there unless I can show off.."

Nash: "Oh yes, I know you THAT much, Moto-san. There's a high performance car Sim Gear's thinking of testing to promote the show, and I want you to be the one handling it."

Hayato: "Ooohhh.. you've captured my intrigue, but keep talking! It might confirm that opinion."

Nash however couldn't feel confident with those words, knowing he's not the one controlling nominations for the thread.

Hoping to delude that idea, Nash took a quick look at a certain racing machine recycled with carbon fibre nearby.


And even though it's brief, it got him inquisitive about it, asking his more knowledgable son.

Nash: "I would but.. this feeling. I finally get to see a Japan exclusive formula racer for the first time. How's it take your fancy?"

Playing with his ornate katana, Hayato answers back as he puts it away.

Hayato: "Nyeehh.. It's about time we get a brand new car. Carbon neutral, special recyclable tires or something. And revised aero means a lot of close racing."

Nash: "You're done your practice, I presume?"

Hayato: "You don't remember how I operate, jiji? All my practice's done in the early morning. I always meditate before a race, to gather thoughts of the right people and spirits so that they bless me with good fortune."

Nash got thinking about the right people, bringing him back to two more individuals related to his estranged ninja like son.

Nash: "About that. Shinzo and Candy. Why's this now come up?"

Hayato: "She's a complete shut in, so I hoped to keep that quiet so that she can find peace. This all be a recent development, jiji; don't judge me. Is there any particular reason that once hidden 3rd apprentice's now on the menu?"

Nash: "We're considering her to be Mythic."

Puzzled, Hayato leaned forward and gave a face a monkey would find attractive, riddled in questions on how that fact came to be.

Hayato: "Hoo?"

Nash: "Before you argue: I know you're more worthy of that title, but that time's yet to come."

But Moto-san wasn't exactly falling for the enraged student cliche, reassuring himself with a healthy dose of ego.

Hayato: "Cut the crap! I'm already past that, jiji. I'll let myself do the talking to making my name heard."

Seeing Hayato's acceptance gave Nash his idea of maturity being more in depth that anyone else knows of, unable to hide that pride.

Nash: "That's my boy."

Hayato: "It's funny you say that, jiji.. makes me feel warm."

The glow in them would pale as Nash thought about Hayato's reasoning for warm fuzzies, leading to..

Nash: "Did Shinzo say something like that?"

Hayato: "He's full of fatherly statements and euphemisms."

Nash: "Indeed.. a perk of me being all professional to him when we met. When he's on my arse, he's serious. And hoo boy: in that form there's no time for that kind of language, believe me."

A pause follows, but Nash wants to break the silence by coming close to his odd Japanese son and pat him on the shoulder.

Nash: "I'm glad we got to have this talk. Consider it why I'm here in person for you, Moto-san."

And Hayato rebounds back with a snarky remark about the situation..

Hayato: "I feel that's still a poor reason, but I take those, heh heh."

Not long after, doors open and various racing crew members pouri in, following a few of them coming close to the unorthodox father-son combo.

Nash: "Your team's coming in?"

Hayato: "Nearly race time. Come find me after the podium, jiji. Let's talk European travel plans then."

He stood still as Hayato enters the attention of his team, but Nash felt like he's standing alone in that garage, strangely feeling empty.

Later 2.jpg

The race is set to begin, and Nash, being his son's special guest, heads up to his race command and is given a headset.

Nash: "Ahh, cheers. Moto-san?"

Hayato: "Aww! Narrator-chan, PLEASE, get him off the radio chatter!"

Nash: "What are you faffing about? Just saying good luck while I hand it back to your chief. Do me and Shinzo proud."

Hayato: "Nyeehh, it's what I live for, you geezer."

Nash: "What's that? Did you say minus a million quid off the inheritance?"

Hayato: "You ain't the boss of me, heh heh heh. Now I need to FOCUS."

Memory Lane
Sick Music 2 Sampler 1

Knock knock, my politically incorrect racial ephitets. Here's a car that prompts me to only do 1 freaking analysis, because let's face it: this is how I'm going to handle these. Along with whatever comes with minimal choice of car tunability, such as non grouped Vision GT machinery. For this writeup, I'll be using the Honda powered SF23, because aside from tone, I doubt there's a reason to get both if you're stretched thin for credits. Not to mention the base PS4 really feels like hanging up when a roster of 20 cars gets involved in taking race photos, so you're getting this one picture I managed to save before I decide to surrender to the whims of poor hardware, and quaff up the nearest inedible bottle of liquid in chaotic slapstick. Sheesh.


With a monstrous 950 PP, thousands of downforce levels and carrying the most advanced soft compound by default, it doesn't take a genius to tell you the SF23's main selling point is its handling. This is a car that can go full out in many middle speed corners. A quick run around the full Kyoto Driving Park will get you to only brake the car in I suppose is 5-6 different corners. Faith on the car's turning is the best advice for you first timers with the car. You'll need to be confident in what the car offers you. Brakes are the best they can ever be in a realistic motorsport, and thus the braking zones are at a complete minimal here. Not to mention the turning, downforce effects (dirty air and high speed cornering) and pacing are at a level ahead than your usual group classified racer.

Speaking of turning, you'd want to be careful not to end up outside the asphalt. You can tell you failed in that regard if you notice a different hue on the car's tyres. And speaking of turning... again: this is a car that easily unsettles when it goes through elevation, be it thick sausage curbs or certain roads even. The reason is because it's riding so low, you're quite sure it's not applicable to run around the Nordschliefe. This also means be gentle with the input if you're travelling on or from tall curbs, or the Shadow Realm's eager to find you. The Shadow Realm's also eager to those who like to knee jerk their inputs when the car's in 1st to 3rd gears. Just be extra careful with it on low speeds, especially transitioning to higher power. I personally make use of short shifting to get this over with, and you're also welcome to use traction control as part of your racing regiment. These strats are however not foolproof, so this isn't a beginner friendly ride. In fact, the car amplifies skill and it will radiate that on to the track, with the better of the racers up front more exemplified.

Now, just like Week 5's RS 5 Turbo DTM, the SF23 has a separate boost function. Essentially the same functionality as an Indycar's push-to-pass system, the car is given an Overtake System that gives the car a small boost in power, but with limited fuel usage so it's not to be spammed. While this means you can't use the car at all at nitrous restricted events or lobbies, in Super Formula events you're able to make use of this to get that little bit of power to make the racing exciting. And unlike the RS 5: all cars have this, meaning I don't have to moan and whine about its existence and it being required to be competitive. It is, but at least everyone gets to use it. Based on what I read, the small burst of power's got a cooldown of about 100 seconds, depending on venue, but there's no such limitation here in GT land. You're going to want this to be finished by the end of any race, so you'd want to learn how much one button press spends this. Lastly, I'm unsure if nitrous duration settings in lobbies would affect this too.

If we observe the powerband, this is yet another car which has power die off at the top end of the RPM zone. Now, while I would say shift early, you'll also notice that small traction ridge at the mid-low RPM range. I personally would like for this to bugger off and not be a part of your accelerating. But if you're short shifting, there's a zone where you want to watch out. It maxes out at 398 foot pounds, so it's not bad, except like I mentioned lower RPMs for lower gears. Carrying on to gears, well, no problems spotted in the sequential processing of upshifting, until you notice the car's got a pretty tall 6th that'll never get reached unless you find a boost pad. I know they don't exist so realistically you might reach it at Route X.. asleep with your insert wrong limb/body part at the accelerator. But hey: at least you don't have to worry about the car thirsting away at its top end.

Tuning the SF23 comes down to only the suspension, differential, aero and transmission. Also the turbo lag, but the way I see and feel it.. it's a preference to work with that. To me, the only things that aren't preference to tune is the transmission and the aerodynamics. Since the car loves to kill you at lower RPMs on lower gears, you'd agree with me that a tall lower gearset is to be considered adding. And maybe a short 6th gear that'll be the solution to all that gear's issues. Playing with the aerodynamics is of course to suit the car better for speedy or corner heavy adventures on circuit... a lesson we stock setup runners suffered when BOP remained off and our resident alien decides to take advantage to this to a massive gain.

One more thing: since this car's snap oversteer comes from power rather than its tyre grip, you're welcome to bring the brake balance all the way to the rear if you need that extra angle.. every little bit helps, right? There was going to be a Formula 1 meme here, but I'm too disinterested in the pit lane politics of that discipline. What do I got? Umm.. something about Kimi shutting up his pit crew? And Singapore lizard, can't forget that.. But what are super Formula memes like, I wonder..

AAAAAHHH IT'S GODZILLA... wait, there's no Nissan powered Super Formula.

much much much later.jpg


The post race celebrations now over, Hayato looks aside, eyes gazing out in search for someone.

If anything, Moto-san. You've been quiet when it comes to making conversation with this story telling deity. Is something wrong?

Hayato: "To be honest, I feel today's not the day to talk to you. Perhaps the next occurance of me appearing will change that. Don't be offended, Narrator-chan.."

Very well. Godspeed for you then on handling your father, then. He awaits you patiently, just off his smartphone, and putting aside his stresses collected by being recently freed of big business thoughts.

Nash: "Fierce and relentless. Must be a thrill. Regardless, well done."

Hayato: "Bit of a shame victory is my destiny today. My kind of result, but.. there's this feeling of not reaching enlightenment, jiji. My car, my crew, my groove, but no fulfillment.."

Nash gets to yet another test of fatherhood, and didn't hesitate to go with encouragement..

Nash: "If not me, perhaps it would be different if you can feel Shinzo's presence.. I'm not one for souls and spirits, so.."

Hayato: "Kheh. No matter. I appreciate your kind gesture, jiji. But you must tell me.."

To say it was predictable being a complete understatement, Nash was ready, raising his eyebrows..

Nash: "Of?"

Hayato: "Why you insist on going to Europe for one small, irrelevant event?"

Nash: "Moto-san, my boy.. We don't have to be at Switzerland the whole time. You'd be interested in sightseeing a few countries. I hear France's good this season."

The mention of that country reignites Hayato's experience with the Richelieu family, and to involve wires, poisons, and a lot of unpleasant places to put leather on, it wasn't pleasant all the way, prompting his response..

Hayato: "Perhaps not."

Nash: "Verily so? Well.. how about a racer's tour. We can visit certain racing locales, get to know some heritage."

He's still excited with the race, but Hayato's brain got him thinking instead with his honest opinion about that..

Hayato: "This is all a precursor to an obviously snore worthy experience."

Nash: "That so? Perhaps I need to take the right angle with you.."

He searched for an idea as he tapped his forehead.

And the next one that came up was the sort that's perfect, he thought, leading to him revealing..

Nash: "Well.. Want to take a dare and bring that Super Formula car around a few circuits?"

Hayato: "A chance to tell the world this car's utmost potential?"

A small smile's all the hint Nash got, and it's the one he wanted, continuing as he kept his composure..

Nash: "Just have to pull a few strings and see if your director's okay with that. Your active racing not going to start soon, right?"

Hayato: "Nyeeeehh.. alright. There's that impeccable logic of yours. You hooked me along, you old angler. And you do have the idea for me.. I feel like turning some heads."

Nash: "Good. I do feel my brother and his cohorts are in for quite a shock."

Hayato: "Shock? They're getting one alright, nyeeeheehee.. so how about transport? We'll need someone who can get this along with us flying on your private jets."

Nash: "You know I'll just use the Foundation profits and get a private cargo plane. There's plenty of that, so you're going to thank me."

But in Hayato's mind, Nash owes him something, and thus leads to him playfully getting to something he's always pestered his father about..

Hayato: "Do you know what else I would be thankful for? Starts with McLaren, ends with F1.."

Nash: "No."

Hayato: "Just one ride?"

Nash: "No."

Hayato: "Pretty please with a yuzu on top?"

Nash: "No."

Frustration heading to a comical boiling point, Hayato's rage builds up as he raises his voice like a certain member of club Squidward.

Hayato: "Can't you say anything else but no?!"

Nash: "Try asking again."

Hayato: "Can I have a drive on that amazing breathtaking legendary car of yours?"

He knew how that scene ended, and Nash landed his coup de grace akin to a magic conch shell.

Nash: "Noo~"

But unlike Squidward, Hayato kept his cool on the whole, but had to ask..

Hayato: "So what will it take for that to happen, then?"

Nash: "Moto-san, the answer remains no until I die."

Able to read his understudy's mind, Nash looks to the side knowing Yoko has been unleashed out of her saya once again and mutters in disbelief..

Nash: "Bother.. How dare you even.. just.. don't even think about it, you muppet."

While Hayato is a cool character, his predictability undermines his wannabe ninja status, putting that sword back to its scabbard.

Hayato: "NYEEEHHH, fine.."

Present day..


Back in Deep Forest, Candy walks about the morning as the festivities get underway for a small crowd.

Noticing the people around either spending time with cars on the track or minding their own business, she puts her hands atop her eyebrows in a search pattern.

All that ends as she gains sight of a dark skinned man: someone to whom she's not familiar with the outfit, but his face was a familiar sight from yesterday's big reveal, and Candy's up to meeting him.

Candy: "You! Umm.. the museum curator, was it?"

Giles: "Oh? Lady Candy? You look fine. Oh, I beg your pardon. You're looking for me?"

Giles makes his stance formal and strong upon approach by the short but fiery GT racing lady.

Candy: "That I am. I heard from Paul, actually. About your past. Pretty fascinating that you'd give up touring car racing."

Giles: "Oh, don't mind me. It's just my younger self thinking this isn't what future me hopes to do for the rest of his days. So far.. I say he's right."

Candy: "Glad to see you happy about that. I'm just thinking about my friend Lulu. She's having a struggle with career choice. Perhaps you can help."

Giles: "Hmm.. I'll keep that in mind. Now, don't let me be the only influence for her.. she must decide by her own accord."

He was wary about the risk, but he couldn't help mention to Candy about..

Giles: "Fancy this: did you know Clark's also in my situation once?"

Candy: "No. I don't think I do. You mind telling a quick recap?"

Giles: "Certainly. But only if he's not around to hear it. It's quite delicate to his well being."

And with the only people around the area being workers and pit staff, Giles knows enough that there's nothing to be worried about.

Giles: "Looks to me the coast is clear."

Candy: "So.."

Not wasting any time, he begins the short tale..

Giles: "Clark, or rather, when he was once known as Max decades back, had this big opportunity to race street cars in various events just as he's gotten his Super License. He's a real fighter, keeping up with the big boys with a classic Lamborghini."

Candy: "What Lamborghini? Actually, I'll ask later. Then??"

Giles: "One day in America, he was attacked by some big criminal outfit.. His girlfriend then: a wealthy, relatively unknown Slavic benefactor by the name of Dorah.. something.. was the one of the 2 victims of that gruesome moment in his life. The other's a passers by I hear."

Candy: "Oh.. it explans his rage. Then?"

Giles: "Gist is he took that classic Lamborghini, rebuilt it, and took over the London racing street racing scene with what youth he's got. The day that woman passed on to the afterlife was eventually followed his passion for on track action. And there you go."

Candy's whole thought of it all was mostly indifferent, but she gains an understanding on Clark's general grumpy act, tilting her head as she processes this.

Candy: "Compared to you retiring.. that's a tad extreme, is it?"

Giles: "Mmhmm. I feel there's no bringing that spirit on that old blighter back easily."

With staff making tests on equipment, Candy notes the surroundings..

Candy: "So we have music through a stage, a welcoming public presence, and various events for the span of the entire day.. anything else to note, Giles?"

Giles: "You're asking the wrong bloke for that information. My eyes are on the track times they're putting on a board."

And Giles didn't hold back on leading them both towards said board: a large tall monitor usually used for the racing events.

Candy sees a whole roster of names and cars, headlined by someone a select few would know stands nearby.

Candy: "Your time as the Spitfire's up on top."

That mention got Giles enough motivation to feel a bit of pride with his alter ego's name on mention alone, beaming with a smile, and glowing up with a raised arms on hips posture.


Giles: "That it is. It's still bare morning, and there's even a presence of racing teams wanting a chance to get their name shown. I say I did a splendid job getting it that high above your run of the mill GT racer. Perhaps it might remain for the day?"

The conversation was to continue, but Candy takes note of a nearby garage door opening with a loud rattling, seeing..


Candy: "Oh? I feel there's some bad news with that car up and coming.."

Giles follows her attention and makes a startling reaction..

Giles: "Blimey! Is that an F1 car? Seems.. different but familiar in the same time.."

Now the car rolls out a little, revealing its bevy of sponsors, and the driver's name in kanji..

Candy: "Hang on! That name.."

Familiar with said Eastern language, she's deciphered it and announces..

Candy: "Ehh! Moto-san!"

From inside the car, Hayato raises his helmet's visor, beaming as he happily greets the Hong Kongese lady.

Hayato: "Yo, Candy-chan! Sorry I didn't announce my arrival, but I had family in my thoughts these days. So this is the legendary Deep Forest, eh?"

Candy: "But this.. is your Formula racer, outside of Nippon!"

Hayato: "Candy-chan.. I thought you knew I was in Super Formula."

Candy: "Not likely I'll ever see it outside Suzuka, Sugo or Autopolis. You never even revealed it proper to me.."

Hayato: "That's social media's job, Candy-chan. Not mine. Now excuse me while I put that lap time leaderboard and have it etched into my name as the legend to beat. NYEEEEHEEEHEEHEEHH!"

And Hayato eagerly exits the scene with a quick warming of the car.


Candy: "That Moto-san's a talent to behold.. albeit one dirty rat.."

Giles: "I guess I'll accept defeat so soon. Talk about completely unforeseen."

And from the darkness of said pit garage was another man from earlier, announcing his arrival..

Nash: "Verily, this is part of a sinister scheme within the building blocks of us as father and son, Giles."

Nash walks out, in full glory with song in tow, and the people nearby can't help but make sounds of the man making his presence stand out.

"'The Legend' Nash Kirkham?"
"My my, he's really here.."
"This event's bringing talent all over, and they're not kidding."
"The rumors are true.. it's like he's aged a whole generation.."
"Has he brought the McLaren?"

As an old friend however, Giles doesn't have that sort of respect.

Giles: "Nash! You old blighter, you're here! Not expecting the elderly, so.. am afraid there's nothing to help you move with."

Expecting something to keep the banter going, Nash kept silent, giving Giles the cumbersome task of follow up..

Giles: "Okay, serious now: how's the Foundation rocking?"

And he answered back with the feeling of mild disgust.

Nash: "Giles, this is what you get for not being at the monthly shareholder's meetings. I prefer we leave that for another time. I'm more interested in.. her."

She's short, but to him, she's just the right kind of person to finally meet amicably as he looks down..

Nash: "The great Asian lone wolf herself. A pleasure. Nash Kirkham. I'm sure you heard about me.. partner of Shinzo Nishimura's racing exploits.. your late sensei."

It's not her hypertension, but she's got signs of nervousness rising, as if she's met Jacob Ross back in Week 2, although this man's covered in white instead.

From not breathing okay, to an elevated heartbeat, she's unsure on how to calmly handle this magnificent presence..

Candy: "This is.. THE Nash Kirkham in the flesh. I.. umm, whoa.."

And likewise, Nash finds himself also unsure on how to react to this abrupt loss of composure.

Nash: "My my.. sounds like you saw a ghost.. look past these white locks, and you can tell I'm very much corporeal, thank you very much."



A high skill machine who defines you not as a tuner, but as a driver on the whole. I for one really suck at the car, despite my practice. I don't feel I want to give the car a rating. While nobody's supposed to hinder me, with my skill level I'm not cut out to give that opinion. Not yet. Let's wait till I mature some more as a racer, and maybe it will earn something with my mark on it.

But if you do have the funds to spare, consider this a veritably great choice for honing that future racing champion in you. But don't say I didn't warn you it isn't hesitant to kill the overly foolish.


Cars like these are a medium for my inner dark side. No, not as a rammer or anything, but rather how I usually somehow sneak these kinds of cars in lobbies where you'd get a Group 3 car in its place. I do buy sports tires for all my race cars, by the way.

For this festival event thingy in Deep Forest, this is how I'm going to tackle in story wise. There's at least 4 planned quick chapters of characters coming to the event, and yes they will be related to someone already introduced that's present. I feel this approach is more to my liking as the busy intrusion of life comes in. And not forgetting versatility.

And Manchester native Nash Kirkham is perhaps one of the most important characters in my fiction on the whole. His appearances should be backed with that epic orchestral cover of Coldplay's Paradise.. my Gran Turismo 6 era of writing's main theme song, as that era revolves around THIS character. Actually a recent find, whenever I hear that orchestral cover, I look back at 2014 myself, unfortunately seeing an overly eager me making the wrong kind of moves, and eventually putting my passions of writing fiction aside.

If I'm going to put my passions aside again, I hope at the least it'll end on a better note.

For Hayato Matsumoto (6)
see Episode 5

For Giles Crowden (Sport)
see Episode 9

Once a youthful, late 90s racing powerhouse with family fortunes secured his good life as the strategic and composed mastermind behind the Kirkham Foundation of Medical Sciences. This Manchester native is settled for many lives worth of riches, racing world influence and overall standing in his many fields, but he requires the help of a few worthy others to achieve the goal of housing the fastest racers on the planet.

Theme Song: Coldplay - White Shadows, Coldplay - Paradise (Epic Orchestral Cover by Carl Abelgas & its_draconix)
Racing Duel Music: Electric Lights Orchestra - Prologue + Twilight
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Age: 41
Current occupation: Corporate director
Distinct features: Medium sized, clean cut straight grey hair with white edges. Wide oblong oval face, with hints of wrinkling. Thick narrow nubian nose with often dried out mouth of average size. Slightly tall, very fit build covered by strongly pale skin.
Choice of clothing: No real preference outside of what's British. Functional is what matters. He's often with designer clothing that make him look and feel youthful, such as a puffy jacket over shirt and jeans, bright tracksuits and if anything is formal, it's brightly colored.
Cars: McLaren F1, Abarth 500

Nash was birthed in his current home turf of Manchester. A rich upper classman of Whalley Range, Nash might be born with wealth on his pocket from day 1 due to his father's role as the figurehead of long time pharmaceutical megacompany: the Kirkham Foundation. But he wasn't quite blessed in other ways. His mother passed from childbirth, and his father's not long for the world with a terminal illness. With connected family unwilling to support this dying cause, Nash was left with the family fortune from age 10. However, his father's advice never left him: he's to only trust himself, and never to let anyone give them a chance to take away the family riches.

With that advice in mind, he's left his lofty life of a giant mansion with servants on every whim to enroll himself to the best, with loyal corporate figures acting as his legal guardians, ensuring he would come up to grow as the future of the company. His trust issues would plague him until he would scuffle with a boy who would grow up to be the UK's street racing pioneer known as The Messiah. Said boy would change Nash for the better, being the first person he would open to, and declare as his brother: a role still going strong today. His bitterness towards others would end, as this period of comforting his always angry brother would give way to Nash's overall kind spiritedness coming out.

Reaching adulthood, Nash balanced out his new role as the Foundation director with the life he yearned to find, and he looked hard. Upon suggestion by his brother was track racing, and while his brother was unfortunate, Nash went on to be a GT racing icon after his debut years, meeting many others in this career. But the good times never last, as he was diagnosed by a rare form of albinism that caused his body to age quicker than usual. While his foundation went far to develop a cure, nothing fruitful arose. His undying dedication to this cure had him hit the books, so hard that it earned him great honors in medical sciences and economics. As he would take on an American protege to give his racing wisdom, he's uncertain of his fate, and adopted a successor to give down his company due to an old friend's promise.

These days, Nash's undiagnosed condition prevents him from racing in his name, despite being in peak physical form, but he's usually out and about racing various top racing fields as the Mysterious NZ. And if he's not co-hosting Sim Gear with his brother, he's scheming away his latest big dedicated project known as the Mythic Initiative. Now with six in tow, he's hoping to rid the discord caused by his own protege entering a dark chapter, hoping that the choice never has to come..

Nash Kirkham: current head honcho of the Kirkham Foundation
Keith Ross: Jacob's much younger brother.
Someone Peigi refers as The Cinderella/Cindy
3 women, part of the unbeatable Trinitia L'Assassina
The Bristol Harbinger
'Ginnie': Gary's current long distance girlfriend who he's strangely trying to keep discreet
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* GT Auto, Seven Haven, 5:00PM *

Vic’s busy working on his daily driver when a familiar voice rings out.

Esther: “Figured you’d be spending your downtime here Vic.”

Vic: “Can you blame me?” He replies without taking his attention away from his partly reassembled engine. “Ever since they opened the books on those bespoke parts, the guys here have had to drag me out at closing time because i’m still working on upgrading my collection.”

Esther: “So I now see why you requested to work from home for the foreseeable future.” Almost rolling her eyes at the reason for why Vic requested that change.

Vic: “I can hear the eye rolling in that observation Esh.” Still not diverting his attention from the now almost finished engine. “You know I’m good for it on getting reviews done.”

Esther: “So the Evo V?”

Vic: “Getting serviced over there as we speak.” Pointing towards the Dandelion Yellow Evo on the lift. “By the way, you may want to take a few steps toward me.”

Esther: “Okayyy?” She walks a few steps forward and a moment later, an engine goes flying past where she stood and lands in a nearby engine bay, frightening the daylights out of her.

Esther: (Small squeal) “What the 🤬?!”

Vic: “That’s how they do the engine swaps for customer cars, they’re pretty good at yeeting them into the engine bays without breaking stuff.”

Esther: “A heads up would’ve been nice.”

Vic: “I did give one, otherwise it would’ve been heads off instead of heads up.” he quietly chuckled to himself.

???: “Still cracking jokes are we Vic?”

(Tool drops to the floor)

Vic hadn’t heard THAT voice for quite some time.

Vic: “Is his lordship still cracking Paul Walker jokes?” He says as he finally turns his attention to the old familiar voice.

???: “I’ll plead the fifth on that one, you still love smoking tyres down to the canvas?”

Vic: “Does OJ love his White Bronco’s?”

???: “If it don’t fit, you must acquit.”

Both start laughing while Esh looks on with a smile of two old friends meeting again, but with a look of “what the actual 🤬 are they laughing about.”

Vic: “It’s great to see you again McClaren.”

MC: “Likewise Vic.”

Vic: “I did wonder how Esh got here as she’s usually not keen on driving.”

Esther: “He dropped by the office and met the guys and wondered where the “Redheaded Step Child” was at, I told him you were likely here so he gave me a lift.”

Vic: “Oh how kind of him.” he says while casually flipping him the bird for that remark.

MC: “Since when did you daily a Mazda Vic?” pointing to my modified Atenza Diesel with the newly added Titanium Pistons.

Vic: “Since the old lottery ticket system gifted me a bottle of Nos for it early on into my time here at Seven Haven, she’ll be good for over 420hp now with her recent upgrade.”

MC: “And that Evo is for the write up?” pointing to the Yellow Evo which was now being wheeled out after a full service.

Vic: “Yep, got it secondhand from a guy called BK4, he did mention the radio was somewhat temperamental mind you.”

MC: “Eh, typical aftermarket hack job, I see Esh is one for details?” Noticing Esh giving the Evo the once over.

Vic: “It’s that eye for details that keeps our asses outta the courts when Yard gets left unsupervised with a Plasma cutter or a Tank for that matter.”

MC: “I heard about those incidents, She certainly is a diamond for you guys.”

Vic: “No arguments there, I’d hate to face her in a court room if even half the things I’ve heard about her talents are true.”

Esh checks around the Evo’s interior and notices the radio is playing up and decides to give it a little percussive maintenance.. which was a mistake.

The heavily bass boosted Mirage was heard for miles.

(Some time and one broken radio later)

Vic: “Well on the plus side, at least the whole sound system is in perfect working order.” he says with a cheeky smile.

Esther: “That 🤬ing thing’s cursed, remind me to never ride along in that car.” Still shaking from the scare she got.

Vic: (Gives Esh a small hug) That’s fair Esh.” He looks to MC “Any chance you can get Esh back to the Office, maybe get her some chocolates or something to help her calm down on the way?”

MC: “And what’s in it for me?”

Vic: “I’ll stop busting your chops on that last lap, last turn overtake I did to you at Madrid.”

MC: “Deal”

Esther: “Don’t forget that COTW’s got the Super Formula SF23’s next week Vic, you’ll be needed at the office for that one.”

Vic: “Sure thing Esh, Sure thing.”

He walks back to his Atenza, Finishes up the rebuild, gets in and fires it up, the less restrictive exhaust letting the Diesel 4 Banger breathe more freely and raspy.

Vic: “Be back tomorrow lads and we’ll get that Evo’s radio sorted out too.” He slowly drives out of GT Auto.

(And Cut🎞️)

So the Mitsubishi Evo V and the Super Formula SF23’s.

One has a pedigree in which it rallied across and through the environment and the other(s) were built using more environment friendly ‘Carbon Neutral’ construction techniques.

Such is the ways of progress. :D

The Evo is powered by the iconically robust 2.0 4G63 Turbo Inline 4, officially making 276hp(wink wink;)) whilst unofficially making over 300hp, 306hp to be exact.

The SF23’s also run a 2.0 Turbo Inline 4, but those engines have a combined output of 625hp when using the Push To Pass Boost system.

The Evo V sends its power to all 4 wheels via a 5 speed close ratio manual gearbox, which helps push the 1,360kgs along rather spiritedly.

Running on Comfort Softs, it tended to understeer on corner exit, but due to the soft suspension and possibly the AYC system, it does like to kick the tail out under braking and corner entry, plus the stock diff settings(That include the AYC?) mean you can’t pull of proper 4wd donuts either. :irked:

Depending on mileage, you can pick one up for between 70-75k credits, but just be wary of getting one in Dandelion Yellow(Like the one in the UCD right now at the time of writing this.).:sly:

Failing that, just wear noise cancelling headphones if you decide to turn the radio on. :lol:

It does need some tweaks to truly come alive, it does feel a bit unruly and wayward in stock trim, but there’s great potential in it.

Verdict: Neutral 🙂

As for the SF23’s, they are very capable (No 🤬 Vic, they’re Japan’s best Open Wheel race cars.), but they do require a set of fast and steady hands, a fine tuned right leg for throttle input and a whole lot of trust in the Dark Arts that is downforce. :P

Compared to the SF19’s, they are a few horses down, 10kgs up and they have revised aerodynamics to ‘Promote closer Wheel to Wheel Racing.’, but a few of us found out that you do lose quite a bit of performance whilst following another car through faster corners.

At 1 Million credits a piece, they aren’t cheap, but the SF19’s give you a little extra pyrotechnics for your pound as they also cost 1 Million credits too, plus the SF19’s rev 1000rpm higher compared to the SF23’s.

So while I’d say the SF23’s are good Neutral picks, If someone had only 1 Million credits and needed a Super Formula for the Super Formula events, I’d struggle to recommend to them the SF23’s over the SF19’s for some of the previously mentioned reasons. :indiff:

Verdict: Neutral 🙂
A lot of people seem to be stuck in the mindset of "The newer car is always better." Not so in this instance.

The SF23 probably is better, it's got revised aero and a much lower rev range, but compared to the SF19 most of the benefits are purely environmental, something that isn't really felt in sim racing.

Unless you're super into your open wheelers and can feel the minute differences, it's really just a case of eeny, meeny, miny mo...

Neutral but only because I'm not Liam Lawson.
Dear Diary,

I can't believe how hard it has been to simply get some soy milk in Seven Heaven. Sure, you'll have 10 different variations of engine oil for each of the four seasons for a specific car, but milk for the lactose intolerant? You're **** out of luck, as Lee would probably say. I wonder how strong a case we'll have if we sued the governors for criminal neglect. And there I go again, looking for more work when three seperate doctors have already told me to take some time off and de–stress. It's just how my brain works, I guess. It's the only way I know how to get anything done.

I've been writing in here less and less lately, because work has suddenly gotten so hectic. We have a few new writers, which means more work for atashi. Strange how all the native English speakers who apply for this job somehow throw their bullet points to a Japanese to turn into a coherent English article, but lately so little have been making sense, I almost stopped questioning it. Somosomo, I don't even know why I'm twice as busy in this company for a tenth of the pay I used to draw as a lawyer. I might have a problem.

I'm an editor in this company. I edit and polish writings before we get sued for promoting dangerous driving and personal attacks. Possibly DUI too, judging by the delusional ramblings I sometimes get, that even Google Translate can't make sense of. And of course, the spelling and grammar errors. I still can't get over that time I had to ask Lee which part of a car a "panal" is. Stupid Vic. Despite not bringing my expiring lawyer badge to work every morning, I feel more like a lawyer than an editor, and ****ing Andrew has been making sure that side of me stays sharp week in, week out. I plan and organise all the races, meetings, logistics, make sure the toilet paper is replenished... I don't much want to remember how this place looked and smelled like when I first got here.

It's a never ending torrent of ****, basically.

This week's issue features the 2023 Super Formula cars, and it was a bloody mess and a half for Lee, a prominent, promising junior driver in his teens, only to have it ripped away by a neck injury. I wish I had more time to sand off his abrasive personality before something this fast and this close to home showed up. I warned him repeatedly that his neck wouldn't take it, but he tried getting into that Super Formula, of course. Makoto kept telling me how lucky he was to have made it into the elitist racing scene to begin with, and just like Makoto, Lee doesn't sit by and let chances slip. I just wish he'd grow a rational, normie head soon, because he's not a racing driver anymore. It'd probably have saved him from all the shouting at himself all the way up to the point when he wrecked the SF23 within five minutes out on track and bled a whole million from our oh **** fund.

Back in his prodigious racing driver days, it's well documented how hot headed and verbally abusive towards his mechanics and crew when they couldn't deliver him the car he wanted. Back then, his niche talent secured his place in the team and society, and so he could act like a petulant child like most kids who are encouraged on and sucked up to. I guess some of us in this company still do that to him. It really doesn't help. Sometimes I wish I could tell them to shut up and shove it. He can't be that petulant, insensitive child anymore. He's going to have to be one of us 99.99% of the population who don't have talent or a strong niche. He's going to have to learn to realign his expectations. Get along with others. Get his point across without mentally scarring anyone. He's going to have to suffer just like us for the rest of his life. He's going to have to learn to be kinder, both to others and to himself. Main difference is, we've had all our lives to train to withstand that torture of mediocrity. He doesn't. All that self hatred he's putting himself through right now in rehab could almost make one believe Karma exists.

Outside the infirmary, Rahrah accused me of making Lee my little brother, and it's still been burning me up inside. Okay, legally speaking, she didn't accuse accuse me. She just implied it. But it still burns me up and I'm THIS close to taking her to court for slander, best friend or not. Dame desuyo, Mami. Just talk to her like a normal person. With words.

I suppose Rahrah might have a point. Do I do it because it's a challenge? Do I do it because I'm making him more and more into a surrogate bro? Or maybe it's because this is all I've done my whole life, and it's all I know on autopilot. I don't know. And I don't much want to know. I just hope Makoto wakes up soon, so I can close this chapter of my life and go back to the sensible world of law and forget the time I ever sank this low.

I originally took this job as an editor shortly after Makoto's hospitalisation, wishing to understand what would drive a man to do this sort of reckless, stupid thing to themselves and their families. What sort of sick, twisted joys they derive from endangering everyone around them under the pretence of sport, and what they could possibly hope to gain as an end game. With law, it's usually more transparent than people tend to think; that guy's breaking the law and hoping to get away with it to protect his family, that person just wants the money, that guy genuinely has no clue and was forced into a bad spot, etc.. It's usually self evident what people want in a courtroom. But I think, over the course of these few years in this company, the only thing I've come to realise is that this is a whimsical and logic defying bubble in society that no rational mind can comprehend, where they can have as much fun racing each other in a 1945 war relic Jeep as much as a cutting edge Super Formula capable of speeds well in excess of 280km/h. Where they can openly dislike a good car like my Corvette, yet endlessly praise something that they all note is terrible, like that blasted Mitsubishi that nearly deafened me for life. The more I probe for answers, the more paradoxes I find. The deeper I dig, the more hopelessness greets me. I think about quitting several times a day. I feel like I'm falling apart at my seams. Like I've given it my all and more at this job for years, but still can't get any better at it. It's harder and harder to keep a stoic, poker face when you don't hold all the cards. Maybe that's why more and more of them started calling me "Esh". It's bloody unnerving, but I don't think they mean any harm. Is it normal to be so casual with a coworker? Or is it just a weird bubble in society kinda thing?

It feels nice though, so maybe I shouldn't question it. Maybe I'd get along better with them if I were to be less a Corvette girl and more of a Cayman girl—someone who lets others learn by allowing them room for mistakes, going by Lee's review. But I wonder what a Cayman girl is like. How is letting others make mistakes any different from just standing idly by, watching without doing anything? Urgh!

I hastily called up Obelisk after ensuring Lee was okay. I thought he might still have a Radical on hand I could borrow to cheer Lee up and keep his mind off his shortcomings by giving him something he ought to be able to handle. Obelisk warned me that it might just aggravate Lee more, being a track focused, open cockpit car. I panicked and didn't know what to do. I'm not good with dealing with matters of the heart. I wish everything was as black and white and clear cut as the law. The man who usually criticises as though he's got nothing to lose just got in the car and drove off without a word, which is either reassuring or worrying, I can't tell. It's almost like there's no light in this man's life without cars, but it seems to burn him all the same now that he can't be the fastest with them anymore.

My mind is swirling. I can't write much more. I'm going to need some warm soy milk and head to bed before I dive into Lee's bullet points for the Radical. I'm almost afraid to open it.

    • A lightweight British sports car. How original. Hope it runs.
    • Paddle shifts feel like a crippled, constipated dog with the runs. Half the gears in this kennel of a car feel completely useless with how short they are.
    • Supposed to have a Hayabusa engine, but the street legal trim ends up with the pansy sounding EcoBoost turbo 4 cylinder... out of a FOCUS. Y'know, the car even Ford themselves don't want to make anymore? That ass clown whatshisface from GT Auto won't even let me swap in a Hayabusa despite bringing to his doorstep a Hayabusa crate. I hope his mother's proud of him.
    • At least the EcoBleh engine has torque, most of which is down low, which means it has nothing up top. Latest shift point at 6,5 realistically speaking.
    • Engine has no personality to it. Definite downgrade.
    • No give in the suspension just like a racecar, but only Sport Hard tyres. Very immediate, no nonsense response from the chassis. Doesn't move around at all.
    • Not a lot of grip to work with. Satggered tyres mean that the car naturally understeers. Have to fight it constantly everywhere. Doesn't feel very radical as a result.
    • No TCS, no problem. No ABS though... yeah. Have fun with those skinny front tyres.
    • Might be really fast for a road car, but if you've driven bona fide racecars before, this thing feels unimprssive.
    • No nonsense chassis, malleable engine, and overall low speed makes it a logical step-up from racing karts, with just enough curveballs thrown to give learner racers room to learn. Won't teach drivers anything about power control or slides, though.
I asked for F1 memes and got precisely zero. For two memes, I'd have (inaudible) the whole paddock. This is unacceptable, we will make changes.

(Fok smashes door)

Anyway, this past weekend was a big one for @Racer283 ! Not only was it the Centennial 24 Hours of Le Mans race, but Racer himself became a father! Seemed only right that he got to choose this week's car to commemorate, isn't it? (Ignore the fact that it was his turn this week anyway...? Please?)

Daddy Racer has chosen the Nissan SILVIA spec-R AERO (S15) '02, and what an apt choice it is, too!

Via dei Fori Imperiali_.jpeg

The car I choose is the Nissan Silvia Spec R Aero S15. I remember playing the earlier games of GT and I believe it was GT4 that my first car was the Nissan Sleighty. From that car I grew to love the Silvia's and always liked the S15 compare to the older versions.

Feel free to join us on Tuesday June 13th, 10 P.M. CST or Saturday June 17th, 5 P.M. Singapore time to share the joys of new beginnings with Racer! If you can't make it, feel free to weigh in with writing, regardless :)
On the Nords, it managed an astonoshing 07.58.014! Review: (from last year, when I freshly hot lapped it, mind you): "The biggest pleasent surprise next to the LP640 for me. Its direct competitor is the RX8, which I also have hot lapped right before it and hooo BOI is this car better in every possible regard compared to the RX8. Both have similar power, weight and thus PP. Both are on SH tyres and FR cars. There are "only" 10 years between those two cars, and even if we would take age into consideration as an argument for how good the one or the other is, the Silvia would still come out on top, as the RX8 is the newer car. So yeah, I'm pretty impressed with the handling of this thing, it might be the best handling car since I started hot lapping cars (around 20 by now), that's how good it really is. Where the RX8 could "beat" the Silivia is probably in the sound departement and possibly in the looks as well, but when it comes to driveabilty, and speed, the Silvia just drives circles around the RX8 and to top my praisings of: It was ~6 seconds quicker around the Nords."

After having now driven more, than 200 cars in the game (and every single one in GTS), I still think, it has one of the finest driving mechanics. A very fun car me thinks.

Verdict: certified sleeper.

On Tsukuba, it won against its much more modern rivals the RX8 and the GR 86.

In a 1000 meters drag race, it was also able to come on top of its two direct rivals. Well, it sports the best ptw ratio of the three, soo...

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