Car of the Week | Week 67: Seeing Double (Subaru BRZ S '21 & Toyota GR86 RZ '21)

Ah the Honda S660, one of my favourite cars in this game that isn't a VGT, absolute joy to drive and fun as all hell, the engineswap is a great one too, with it actually still being controllable when fully modified, swap or not!
Congratulations to @RX8 Racer for winning last week's special challenge! Not that they had a lot of competition, but hey. Enjoy your free pick again, RX8! I wonder what they'll use it on... 🤔

Onto something that is decidedly not a Mazda, though...

Selected by our resident Stig and his masochistic tendencies, @Vic Reign93 , Week 32 will feature the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon '18, newly added in the latest 1.40 Spec II update!

グランツーリスモ™ 7_20231113130554.png

Vic Reign93

The car I've picked is fresh from the update, but its not the LFA or the GT3 RS.
It is in fact, The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

A factory fresh, street legal dragster that'll run 9 second quarter miles all day, provided you have all the recommended NHRA safety equipment to run 9 second passes. :)

It may be newly added not two weeks ago, but if you already have any liveries, experiences, or opinions on Detroit's Favourite Demon, feel free to share them here on this thread!

Our usual lobbies where we race the stock COTW on randomly selected tracks at Tuesday, 14th November, 10 P.M. CST and Saturday, 18th November, 4 P.M. Singapore time remain unchanged, but do take note that the Tuesday lobbies are affected by DST, while the Saturday one is not. Click the hyperlinks to convert to your time zones, and make sure you say your prayers to your preferred deity before showing up!

If a big F–off V8 producing 840HP in a 1941kg lump of an uncontrollable wrecking ball designed only to go in a straight line isn't enough of a challenge for you to tame, hoo boy, wait till you see this week's...


Vic Reign93

As for a challenge, I did consider a drag race with fastest time winning, but then I noticed it can take snow tyres...

So instead, we're doing what I'm calling, "The Snowtona Speed Trials".

Stock Demon, Snow Tyres, Lake Louise Tri-Oval Reverse, fastest time possible.
Fresh Snow + New Demon = Fresh Hell
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Review of the car will be much later from me, all I can say is, that I definatly can NOT launch it in 9 seconds to the quarter mile. In fact, I think the LFA was quicker to the quarter, as the Demon has WAY too much power to launch efficiently (I'm talking no TCS launch). And more: the LFA was only about 2! tenths slower to the 1...KILOMETER! That's how bad of a launcher the Demon is...
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Review of the car will be much later from me, all I can ssy is, that I definatly can NOT launch it in 9 seconds to the quarter mile. In fact, I think the LFA was quicker to the quarter, as the Demon has WAY too much power to launch efficiently (I'm talking no TCS launch). And more: the LFA was only about 2! tenths slower to the 1...KILOMETER! That's how bad of a launcher the Demon is...
I had a go at running the Demon on the (almost) quarter mile in the Missions section and my god, the Sports Hards are a terrible analogue to the Nitto NT05Rs the Demon gets IRL. So much wheelspin that I couldn’t pass the 3rd 0-400m Acceleration Battle against the ‘13 Viper, let alone gold it. Even Racing Softs didn’t help much.

Heck, even when I dropped back to the 2nd 0-400m race against the Civic FK8, my launch on the stock SH tyres was usually worse than the Civic’s and I could only overhaul it through the Hemi’s sheer brute force. I’m not even close to breaking the sub-10 second barrier that will get you thrown out of a NHRA-sanctioned event if you don’t have a proper roll cage, even on Racing Softs.


I could just barely reach the 135 mph limit that will also require a roll cage on Sports Hard though.
I had a go at running the Demon on the (almost) quarter mile in the Missions section and my god, the Sports Hards are a terrible analogue to the Nitto NT05Rs the Demon gets IRL. So much wheelspin that I couldn’t pass the 3rd 0-400m Acceleration Battle against the ‘13 Viper, let alone gold it. Even Racing Softs didn’t help much.

Heck, even when I dropped back to the 2nd 0-400m race against the Civic FK8, my launch on the stock SH tyres was usually worse than the Civic’s and I could only overhaul it through the Hemi’s sheer brute force. I’m not even close to breaking the sub-10 second barrier that will get you thrown out of a NHRA-sanctioned event if you don’t have a proper roll cage, even on Racing Softs.

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I could just barely reach the 135 mph limit that will also require a roll cage on Sports Hard though.
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SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 22 (10 weeks late) - Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge


Sometimes you just keep looking at what Toyota comes in these games, and you just wonder what part of their soul they have to consign so they can keep getting away with the most mundane of machinery to race with?

After a touch with some.. rather nasty pieces of kit, we head to the gen 3 Alphard, one for the game I guess is the AGH30: a car I see FREAKING everyday. Not necessarily its luxurious Executive Lounge Trim, but definitely its lesser variants or it's more hip sister model the Vellfire. Before I decide to look outside for maybe another 3 to point out just by my window, I suppose a quick history overlook is required..

Taking its name from the word Alpha, the Alphard's sole objective for Toyota is to be the king of the minivan, and well, it sort of did. But there's a but, and that but's that its initially only made for the Japanese market, eventually expanding for the South East Asian markets, and just as far as the Middle East. Yep, we got them. Not you, I mean.. some of us. But well.. having a few family friends owning a couple of these means I too know what it's like to be in one. Not on the driving wheel, that might not come.

But let's go to the one trim I don't think I've ever been in: the Executive Lounge. This one's got robot doors and 6 adults seating setup. The middle seats in particular are the sort that I can find in some other luxury Toyota/Lexus as it has heaters and massage functions. Well, they ain't cutting it cheap. And what's important for a luxury vehicle is a smooth engine, of which Toyota supplied with the 2GR-FKS: an engine that's related to the batch they supply for a majority of modern Lotus cars. This engine got revised to the one the game provides that has a 296 horsepower output going through an 8 speed auto carrying 2.2 tons of the good life.

So, for this week's mandatory filler.. quick call for hands: has anyone paid attention in Episode 11-11?


I'm disappointed. Not really, since the designation of subchapters did start off in Episode 12. But I'm not going to force anyone to go back, as I shall quote for ye..

J.J: "The Hakosuka keeping up with our kind's quite a find.. I like what I'm seeing from you, Adachi. Perhaps you have more cars to show me?"

Isamu: "Depends.. I guess I do. Poor pink slip decision from one man means I've got my hands on an Alphard. But come to Gunma personally.. I've gathered a menagerie of blueprints and shops to send it to. I'll let you see what plans I have for it, give me some feedback."

J.J: "Exciting. You my Japanese warrior provide me a fascinating proposition. I suppose now's the time to analyze how my schedule fits.."

Of course, that means this week we're going to see what's come of that. YES I PRECEDED THIS.


Episode 22: Nirvana Kellen Presents Gran Turismo 7's COTW Throwback

Tsukuba Circuit
Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture


Sitting comfortably in the familiar confides of the viewing deck above the garages, Candy finds herself scrolling through her smartphone, with a critical thought to the Autohaus used car lot's presentable website.

No smile came out of her face as she had a small frown quoting on one of the offerings..

Candy: "Hmm.. hmm.. 'perfect' condition? I don't need a magnifying glass to see that body panel's dented! Used car sellers are sometimes so shady, I swear."

No warning was set for a well gloved hand to snatch the smartphone off her hands..

Candy: "Huh? Bon?!"

And now in front of him, Boniface takes a look on the screen, quickly surrounded by his sisters sitting by..

Boniface: "Well postured pictures, optimized resource usage, and quoi? A well thought of interface? The website hints that.. they spent a good wage on development, don't you think, sister?"

Mirielle: "Which does mean people are buying. Candy is right: shady is just a praise at this point."

Amadine: "Ahh, but to be fair, without this expertise in play, I'd buy that classic Alpine in a heartbeat. I do want something light and fast that's not my Porsche."

Faced on the phone still, Boniface shifted his eyes to his left, concerning his emerald donned sister with a similarly concerned tone..

Boniface: "To act without thinking, sometimes, I don't know how you develop these brutish developments, Ama..."

Amadine: "Aww, you are such a critic."

Boniface: "For good reason. Our family do not house dullards or barbarians or what have you.."

But the owner of the phone didn't quite take the sudden theft so well, raising off her seat to let out a yell..

Candy: "HOI! Give me back my phone!"

And reached quick to get her device back, locked and placed straight into the bag in record time.

Candy: "The next time that's happening, it's not going to be pleasant!"

Amadine: "Then.. say that happens again, little one.. should you want it back, I have a proposition for you.."

Coming from that lustful, tight suit wearing muscular French lady, Candy had a confident guess on what she's talking about in her reply..

Candy: "If it involves Andre the horse or that whip of yours, forget it!"

Mirielle: "Ohh? You had her experience the.. thrills of our friend Andre the horse?"

Questioned Mirielle with no shift in emotion, but Amadine then excitedly replied..

Amadine: "What? I say it's a ride to die for."

Boniface: "Ahh.. You always say that about Andre.."

Amadine: "You have to tell her he's YOUR favorite.."

Boniface: "I'd rather admit to Paul he's a better driver, than say that."

Distracted, Amadine instead managed to snatch off Candy's handbag and hoisted it up high, getting her to hop in rage, hands flailing upwards trying to reach it to no avail.

Candy: "Why do you.. have to be.. so tall?!"

Amadine: "Well, I don't remember asking for a height advantage in the genetics BINGO, don't I?"

Said Amadine as she touched her lip as she quietly chuckles along, but stoically Mirielle wasn't amused..

Mirielle: "Okay, I guess it's enough."

Now with the bag returned, Candy spoke calmly..

Candy: "Thanks.. Dear me, kleptomaniacs sure isn't in your vocabulary until now.."

With concern, Boniface looks towards his sisters, now standing by, and mentions..

Boniface: "We're at fault for that, wasn't it?"

Mirielle: "Obviously. Ama, you should apologize."

Amadine: "Hey, Bon started it. Though, I say she's quite ready for this occassion by how she acted."

Reading her the whole time, Amadine then watches Candy make a more withdrawn reply..

Candy: "N-no.. not entirely your fault. It's that tamed racing animal's fault."

Boniface: "Guts? That's a name I've not hear for quite a time. Turns out he's a phone filcher?"

Candy: "And stealing wins, don't forget that."

Not pointing it out, Mirielle looks downwards onto the pit lane, and sees something to concern, raising her voice to get attention..

Mirielle: "By the way, if you look downstairs.."

Candy: "Hmm?"

All in the scene now leans down the window to see a certain short, half Japanese DJ just humming away and pretending to make music with imaginary DJ hand gesturing.

Candy: "That's a wild Peggy.."

Mirielle: "Wild? You can say that about her fashion sense."

Boniface: "Oh sister, that's the Radio 6 DJ that interviewed me that time."

But it then clicked to her..

Mirielle: "I see her as the poor fool that Ama took a fancy when we were at Fuji that time.."

Candy backs off from the window to see the siblings..

Candy: "Least this time she's not running without a shirt.. wait, what are you scheming?"

And the casual mood just shifted to another more evil level.

Amadine: "Andre. On her?"

Boniface: "Oh ho. A barbaric thought, though this one I want to see.."

..he spoke softly, but Mirielle, indifferent from all this sinister hues, announces..

Mirielle: "Well, we must depart, Candy. As for that lady downstairs.. c'est la vie!"

And as the wealthy French sibling exited the room one by one, Candy heads back to the seating area, noting..

Candy: "It's creepy when they act that sinister.."

Nirvana: "Nirvana quite agrees with you."

As she's about to settle down, she then sees a familiar, purposely mysterious woman, and hopped frantically in response to this sudden announcement.

Candy: "HWAAH! Nirvana! This.. is all intentional, isn't it?"

Nirvana: "Humph, what ever could you mean to ask I, Nirvana, such a request?"

Candy: "I mean.. how this is the same position on when I first met you face to face. And the fact I see Peggy being around.."

Still with that unfazed grumpy look, Nirvana, oozing with a recent cigarette's fumes, then smiled and made her reply..

Nirvana: "Is that so? Fufufu.. talk about dumb luck. But if you think that this all is some coincidence, Nirvana suggests you see what's on track."


Candy: "It's that same Hakosuka like that day.."

But there was an elephant in that room too..


Candy: "Racing against an.. Vellfire? No, an Alphard?"

Nirvana: "The latter. And not to mention the rascal Sonny Meng not behind the wheel of that car."


With a quick handing of the binoculars, Candy watched out to see from the windows of said Hakosuka..

Candy: "That I see.. there's nobody I know with a hachimaki than Adachi-san."

Nirvana: "You miss the point Nirvana wants to make.."

Candy: "What? That an Alphard is making bare 1 minute lap times around Tsuku.. ohhh."

Nirvana: "You see what's the problem? Or rather.."

An on track announcement sounds through the speakers, calling all racers to enter.


This news garnered a reaction, as Candy said in interest..

Candy: "Fancy that.. they're heading in."

Nirvana: "Let's go and meet the geniuses behind that super van. Come and follow Nirvana."

a few minutes later.jpg

Supposedly on the way to a certain place, this time, Candy and Nirvana stops at where a certain MINI once was on Week 4, but the Alphard wasn't the highlight of the show.


Candy: "The van's right there.. oh?"

As proven by her reaction sighitng the V12 supercar up front, Candy felt her inner nerd come up once again.

Candy: "OOHH MYYY!! I-is that what I think it is?!"

Nirvana: "That is?"

She responded without any emotion.

Candy: "A real Countach LP400! I must be dreaming. Okay, relax. Whoever owns this isn't even nice and probably is a Trinitia assassin that has a flamethrower in her kneecaps.. however cool that already is! I need a flamethrower somewhere.."

Standing behind her as she swoons and loses herself in excitement, Nirvana takes out yet another cigarette, but hasn't the mood to light it.

Nirvana: "She displays intelligence, but Nirvana watches this woman speak out fairy tales.."

And that uncaring tone reveals..

Candy: "So, it's yours?"

Nirvana: "It seems you figured as much.. But we're not here to admire 70's sports icons."

And just as she was to inspect the famous headlamps, she then sees a duo not sighted for some time..

The man dressed in white then talked out in his usual brash tone as they close in..

Isamu: "It's however so alluring, isn't it? I don't always see Lamborghinis, let alone a 70s Countach!"

Angelos: "Filos, shut up."

Spoke Angelos as he doesn't wish to ruin the serenity of their arrival.

Candy: "Adachi-san. Hey.. and Marius? Long time."

He might be this uncaring, selfish goth, but he speaks to the best of his ability to be cordial..

Angelos: "Ya! Long time is correct, sweet one. How has your craft been?"

Candy: "I've been losing races left and right, so.. not good."

Giving out a grin and his arms on his hips, Isamu spoke..

Isamu: "Serious eh? I would never talk of that with such an enthusiasm, though."

Angelos: "Filos mou, it means more for her to feel this way rather than just being the best."

Isamu: "Yeah yeah. This isn't high stakes. So what brings you lovelies over to us and my.. race tuned gigantic friend here?"

He hasn't that much charisma as his backstory describes, but what shows is enough for Candy to feel doubted on the whole situation.

Candy: "I and, umm Nirvana, came over to see.. what looks to be the most advanced race tuned Alphard I've ever seen.. yes.. that Countach though.."

Raising an eyebrow in question of her car, Nirvana moves on with the request.

Nirvana: "Do please enthuse us, Adachi.."

Isamu: "Right. So.. umm, there was a time when this runt kept trying to blackmail me saying he found out who Raiko.. that's me, but I'm sort of dead. I had something for him that he was too happy to refuse. However they call me Raiko with good reason.. as you se-"

Angelos: "Long story short, filos mou has called pink slips, he agreed, lost, refused to let go of his car, and gave up a bigger prize. Literally."

Says a disgruntled Angelos as he intrudes his friend's mood for a tale, earning his ire.

Isamu: "Anjuro, these stories are to die for, you know!"

Angelos: "Don't care. The writeup's are too long to begin with."

Not willing to see this escalate further, Candy questions..

Candy: "So, it came to you like this?"

Returning to his cool self, Isamu replies with his hot headed tone..

Isamu: "No, nonsense. That would assume this runt would also know how to tune and race. So I had to take out my list of connections.. inclusive of the UK housed Mountain Blazers, and your friend Cierra."

Candy: "It explains why Peggy's been loitering about.."

After going to the side in thought, just waltzing in the scene and standing by the devil and angel is one such person related to Peigi.

Isamu: "In fact, I'm sure you remember that bizarre old frog J.J? He's the mastermind of this super van. Say hi, J.J."

J.J: "Guten tag."

Hearing that hint of German, Candy looks and sights the sickly thin J.J, greeting him back positively.

Candy: "Hello again, J.J.. though, I thought FWDs are your forte."

J.J: "They are, Frau, but I of course must branch out. That being me 2 years ago, by the way. So, Adachi.. give her the numbers."

His face showed resentment from that order, but he didn't want to keep the women waiting longer than they already are, slapping the lightweight custom hood of the Alphard as he began to describe.

Isamu: "Six hundred horsepower courtesy of a brand new GIANT turbo made for Supra racing cars. Aerodynamic reinforcing and replacing of luxury seating and other trimmings. And these are the softest road legal rubber money can buy. That's right?"

And to back this uncaring tone, J.J stepped in and stated..

J.J: "To be fair, he only handed me the money and the objective. Let me handle the details, Adachi."

While Nirvana remained still as she always was, Candy..

Candy: "Hahaha!"

..starts to bellow a laugh as Isamu noted with a joyful surprise..

Isamu: "I made her laugh. That's a win, I know!"

Nirvana: "This is quite.. interesting for a quick look, but now, you will excuse Nirvana, as Nirvana wishes to prepare for something. Would it bother to request your presence, Marius?"

Angelos: "OK. I don't mind so much."

As Nirvana and Angelos step aside to another place, those who stayed behind continued with the details..

J.J: "Where were we.. oh, actually, it's nice to see you come by, darling. Adachi and I have put hefty miles on the car, but we want your opinion. Certified track racing savant such as yourself might help further the car's potential."

Candy: "Alright. I'll go get my suit and.. don't tell me you want backseat action?"

Rubbing the front of his hachimaki with his prosthetic arm, Isamu has idea written all over his grinning face.

Isamu: "Why not? Also.. RAWR!"

J.J: "Ech? What's with the growl?"

The call of Major Ocelot's growl didn't call for a group of armed soldiers, but one chubby fellow who goes often by the name of Leo, who arrives from behind the van with his usual gusto..

Carlyle: "You's a call?"

J.J: "AHH!"

To follow J.J's abrupt reaction, Candy too didn't expect the likes of such a man this day, as she questioned post glance..

Candy: "Carlyle! Why are you.. never mind.."

Carlyle: "Sorry, doll. I had's me business selling a few cars to some clientele. Then we's a meet a few of thems here, and there you's go."

Isamu: "Like he said. Lyle-san, I think.. we need a little pressure for the maiden over here. Get in the Superbird and trail the Alphard as she makes some high pace rounds."

Candy: "Oh, it's like that day in Big Sur? We don't need to race, but.. for old time's sakes, how about you duel me?"

And for old times's sake, he replies loud and proud..

Carlyle: "ROUND 2?! YOU'RE ON, CUTIE PIE!"

Now on the track, an occupied tuned Alphard and its big bird companion plows through the mostly empty roads of Tsukuba to get a feel of what's been done to the thing.

J.J: "That is a Toyota V6 in this hunk of mass, darling. Push push PUSH!"

Candy: "Whoa.. this is some muscle, but.. the handling is.. just unheard of."

Isamu: "And seat heaters! Oh, I so wish Anjuro would know about this. Guy needs a chill pill sometimes with that gothcore aesthetic."

However, Candy then sees a disturbance on the rear view mirrors as a certain virtuoso slash Yamagami slowly veers up her head from the boot.

Peigi: "Nyaaaa~"

Managing to slip her whole body onto the set rear seats, it didn't take long before she became the main attraction.

J.J: "Princess? Since when did you sneak in?"

Peigi: "You know.. in between chapters like, ehh, it don't matter much. I was hiding out from those French freaks, and that's that. Oh yeah: enjoyed our little sexy freakshow a few weeks ago on Fuji, Candy? Who knew there's a kind of attraction towar-"

Candy: "ENOUGH! Madame Amadine has now my respect, don't ruin it! And with them; now is not the time to discuss that kinky moment, Peggy.."

Peigi: "Respect? I believe I know what THAT means, kee.. Fair enough! I've never had a sore arse in a long long time since, y'know.. KEEKEE! It hurts to sit the last couple weeks!!"

J.J: "Princess.. please, just drive, Candy."

Ahh, it's good to be back feeling right to write two parters.


The Alphard, once the anomaly of that initial leaked list of cars, makes its way into the game as a sign that the fanfare for MPVs is a lot more than you think, just like what I'm sure happened with the RL6 Odyssey in the Forza Motorsports series. Though, it's a loss they don't use the much better international models. Mainly because you're driving a VTEC with those. They automatically have a distinct advantage for reasons I don't need to elaborate.

Now, an overweight swanky brick born to drive smoothly, the Alphard however isn't born to race, so the smoothness comes to form in cruise phase. In race phase, that story changes, as the Alphard's main problem is weight transfer. You can attribute that to its tall figure, which more keen readers are probably ready to expect how this is to be tackled. Now, while the car turns in, you're going to find the springs not being able to cope with the massive weight, giving this sort of bottoming out sensation when you take the wheel to the edges.


As a questionable AWD selection for the incredibly talented artist at heart, the Alphard isn't so hard to drive, but it does take on the Evolution V in terms of how its one that'll give out the rear, but it's much much less of an issue as, well, it's got much much less of the rear end coming out, or have a specially engineered differential made for it. So the thing about making the most out of the stock Alphard is to make sure you try to get the rear tires gripping at almost all times, because a slip up will mess your pace, however smol it might be.

Something else to consider is.. well, engine braking. The Alphard seems to lock up its rear quite badly when you do so, causing these issues with them to amplify when taking a turn. You're going to often find yourself sending it to the shadow realm especially if it's your first run without any meaningful practice with this. Compounding with the amount of gears it has, you are going to downshift a lot with this, so when it comes to bringing down more than a singular gear, try not to. I find by delaying the downshifts to be beneficial for the general stability.

Going down the straight line, the Alphard's nearly 300 horsepower engine gives the car's strengths in low speed acceleration, which is respectable for its stock PP. This you however won't see go past 5th gear even though it has 8 of these to work with, as this big brick boi refuses to accelerate past the 200 km/h barrier unless you're on Route X or entered the Conrod Straight properly. That said, it's not a mistake to bring the Alphard around a place like Tsukuba, thanks to its AWD.. not to mention how much of an non-issue it is to travel with it on wet weather there: a COTW Saturday lobby staple.


And when we head to the tuner's later on, you're going to find the Alphard being a capable choice of machine for all of the Clubman Cup Plus events. Aside from a wide kit, engine swap and select visual changes, you can do quite a good set of things with the car to define it as yours.. umm, scroll down.

Candy: "Adachi, I've been meaning to ask.. where's your pup?"

Isamu: "Shin? Ahh, he's with my family back in Gunma. You see, as OUR emotional support animal, I get him time away from my dangerous crowd of friends, especially those under watch from the Guild. Like you."

Candy: "Looks like news travels fast."


Back in the comfort of Tsukuba's pit lane, Candy and company exits the van, now its performance levels being the main focus.

As J.J and Peigi make their exit, Isamu and Candy remained for the moment, sharing their thoughts..

Candy: "I was thinking that I drove an oversized Godzilla, but.. that was seriously impressive."

Isamu: "If THAT impressed you, wait till I tell you we can slap on some slicks. I figure we: you, me and J.J, have made us a very optimal racer around Tsukuba, Candy-chan."

Candy: "After that fun, I don't disagree. Not at all."

But the squeezing of her brows did mean something else's come up, as she spoke with a question..

Candy: "By the way, Adachi-san.."

Isamu: "You want to say something? I suggest you don't dilly dally."

Candy: "Charming as always.. Umm, you're recently with The List, right?"

Isamu: "Yes, and I hope what you're asking isn't going too far in the forbidden realm on what they discuss. Not like there's a lot of that, but still.."

And that thought led to that grand rescue the past week by those from the Guild, with one major, crimson hued focus on what she saw..

Candy: "It's about my recent kidnapping attempt. The leader of those bunch made use of the dark one's gaseous weaponry. Like, the exact one."

Isamu: "Dark one being.. Jacob-sama? So, you're asking about if he ever distributed that?"

She can't help but continue with the chills in her spine that such an idea would occur..

Candy: "It concerns me.."

Isamu: "There's no mention of that at all. Then again, I'm their newest lapdog. While I know you're not going to like it, but if not Nirvana's shady sources, Sonny Meng's going to be here in a little while. Maybe he has the answers."

Candy: "That's both good and bad news, if you know what I mean. Thank you anyways."

After a quick survey of the Alphard's wear and tear, Isamu then comes up after a quick peek on his phone..

Isamu: "Anyways, speak of the devil: Nirvana's been looking for you, Candy-chan. What garage? Heh, well that's on you.. I'll see if J.J wants to add on some extra touches with the van."

later 3.jpg

As if the concidences start piling up to a pattern of the past, Candy heads in a garage where she once bear witness to a refurbished Jeep, with Nirvana and Peigi making conversation inside.

She didn't hesitate to interfere the laughter of this mysterious brunette and her hafu contact.

Candy: "This is eerily familiar, Nirvana. Emphasis on eerie."

Nirvana: "Ahh.. it seems she can recall the events of the past.. Tell Nirvana.. what was the main point of that day's escapades?"

Like an excited schoolgirl, Peigi took to taking over the sound waves as she yelled with energy..

Peigi: "Ooohh, OOHH!! I know! I KNOW!"

Nirvana: "Actually, don't. It's the allure of getting you to try beat this.. egotistical beast of America. Only to find out you're being set up for Nirvana's own interests."

Not going to let the past happen again, Candy reassures that statement..

Candy: "This time, I'm ready for that."

Nirvana: "Are you sure about that? Actually, it matters not. It's not like Peggy brought the taser today."

And just as that sentence closed, Peggy took off her jacket and something from her back then dropped down to the floor..

Peigi: "And that's where you're wrong, sis.. GAHAAAH!"

The bright colors and wiring towards two paddles from one hub don't hide that she's been carrying around a defibrillator.

Nirvana: "Something.. worse?!"

And if you're not Peigi, panic was the only reaction available, as Candy saw those menacing vibes rising out the back..

Candy: "H-hey! Nobody needs a shock therapy session now, alright.. I plan to be home with the usual amounts of voltage in my body.. whatever th-the AMOUNT IS!!"

But instead of a leap to a great hunt, Peigi swiped at the device and concealed it back.

Peigi: "KEEKEE! Alright. You're not Cindy, so you'll be excused."

She mentioned it, thus Candy then follows..

Candy: "By the way, where is The Cinderella?"

Peigi: "Back in God's Great Country. Under the care of.. was it Gilesie, or.. yeah: The Messiah himself. I wouldn't sweat one bit, love; she's in good hands."

Revealing more names, Candy then began thought of them with interest..

Candy: "That's a name I hadn't heard in a long while.. don't mind me.. I've been binge watching his TV show for the past few weeks and.."

Peigi: "He's not changed one bit since that day in Switzerland, love! Well, not like he's going to until he has to accept his love story's bad ending.."

As if it was timed perfectly, Nirvana intervenes..

Nirvana: "Hmmph.. it matters not. Back to our little setup. Angelos should be here any second.."

As if it was timed perfectly a second time, Angelos walks in with a rolled up poster shoved under his shoulder.

Angelos: "Were you waiting for me?"

Nirvana: "Yes. Show her."

And taking the poster forwards and rolling it out, Candy then sees a graphic..

Candy: "Racing throwback? An invite only event hosted by Nirvana and Ca.. wait, ME?!"

Seeing her name on it and what she thinks of it become two impossible facts to a reasonable reaction, as she shouts back in fury..


Nirvana though didn't give a damn, as she turns to a nearby desk.

Nirvana: "Yes yes. It wouldn't be that exciting if it was just Nirvana hosting the festivities. So, your friends.. the ones you call Lulu and Cierra, proposed to me.."

Candy: "Lulu AND Cierra.. Ughhh, they're getting their dues.. so, if that poster suggests correctly, the race is in 2 hours. How about the roster?"

Nirvana: "Here."

Turning back towards Candy, she hands a..

Candy: "Ohh? A list on paperback, with.. cryptic hints?? That's so Nirvana."

Nirvana: "That's so Nirvana, eh? It's going to be the next thing you do for I, Nirvana.. and then.. again like that day, you have a challenge Nirvana has for you: survive this race with that Alphard. You and Toyota cars seem to resonate quite amicably. Let's see how well that is against Nirvana and Lamborghinis.."

Finishing with that note, she then walks out and visibly starts a lighter, with Angelos and Candy watching over.

Not long after, Candy starts peeking through this given list of names, but before being able to read the first, gets halted by Angelos.

Angelos: "She looks to have faith in your talent.. Heh, I believe this will be a good race, keeria. You can tick off that one on top for me and Adachi."

She moves her sight to that name, being..

Candy: "That is.. 'Angel and Devil'? So, Adachi is a devil? He hardly acts like one."

Angelos: "On the track, you will swear that's how he manages to best the likes of those he opposes, keeria. I suppose I need to prepare. Farewell."

And with him gone as he walks away with hands in his pocket, Candy sees a whole lineup of designations she

Candy: "Ahh, well.. there's a whole codename listing here. Nirvana, what's wrong with proper addressing?!"

meanwhile 2.jpg

Going along the pit lane, Candy holds a pen by her lips as she tries to solve these riddles, going for the obvious ones first..

Candy: "The lion Carlyle is easily Leo Cruise. Ugh, that sounded like a stripper name. So that's ticked.."

Not alone at this moment, Boniface pitches in as he walks along with her..

Boniface: "You can tick me off too, ma cherie. That's there: the Count."

Candy: "A vampire's not so obvious but I can see it."

Boniface: "Heh, you can thank Nash for that."

Candy: "I'm also curious what you're going to be using? That KTM of yours?"

Boniface: "Non, not today. If you remember that Giulia from our highway run that time? Unable to secure possession of the Gordini, I decided to buy it in place."

Candy: "The count's also counting his coins, then?"

Boniface: "Please. Don't be a brute like that. The driver didn't want to keep it even though he's won a year's worth of free GT Auto maintenance thanks to the money earned on that race. So I bought it, and Ama can.. actually let's not mention what she plans to do with it."

Still walking on, she heads back to the list to spot another obvious name..

Candy: "What else is on the list? I see Toyota Trio, so obviously I should see if Lulu and Cierra are around. Maybe I won't be needing your assist, Bon."

Boniface: "I suppose it's fine for me to be elsewhere and make preparations. Do call if you need me."

Candy: "I will.. ehe.."

They part, but not without total silence as Boniface notices then silently quotes..

Boniface: "The candy apple red face strikes again.."

5 minutes later.jpg

Candy then arrives at a spot while feeling that this might be the right one..


Noticing him napping in the back of the Delta, Candy knocks on the window.

The man inside awakes from his slumber and moves out of the car at a slow pace, eventually greeting..

Bern: "MWAAHH! Si, I needed that.. look who's here? Long time, Signora Candy."

Candy: "Long time no see to you too, Bern."

And his first thoughts seeing her again..

Bern: "Oh? Scusami, amica, but to me.. you do seem a completely different. Body language suggests.. more.. open to anyone, I see."

Candy: "I still have so many thanks to Sophia for her courses in confidence.. But enough bul[BLEEP]t. Where are they?"

Bern: "They? You mean Lucia and her shy American friend, eh? Somewhere.. else? I would say they took a page out of the pranking arts of Signore Bellini, but to be honest that is something I cannot confirm for you."

Candy: "That so? I'm done with surprises and tricks on Tsukuba. It's happened once, you know?"

Bern: "Oh? No jokes, then. So, you are here? And that paperback?"

Candy then brings the paperback towards her, describing to him..

Candy: "Nirvana asked me to check who's going to race on her. This list is to check for that. What's your designation?"

Given the list and the pen, Bernardo inspects, then spots..

Bern: "Let's see.. oh there we are! Agent Blaze. That's my name when I do special work."

Back to Candy, she then gets it sorted.

Candy: "And.. ticked. Thanks so much. Now with Lulu and Cierra around, I suppose I can tick off the Toyota Trio too."

And with this side of the garage done, she then has a look at the cars present..

Candy: "I wonder what's with the story of this Levin? Lulu maybe bought it cheap and decide to hone her tuning talents? Hmm... Cierra having a HEMI isn't so surprising, though. Don't say anything; I think I'm out of here. Thanks, Bern."

Bern: "Right! Auf wiedersehen! Oh snap, that's German. Fufu.."

As he notes to himself as he casually waves goodbye, he then sees the other pair arriving in, Lucia then noticing when she's not bothering..

She tried to act, but nothing came.

Lucia: "A-eh-schwein.. Gott.. I see she's going, but as her closest friends, we HAVE to leave for the restroom at the worst time?!"

Her other however decided to sport out a small..

Cierra: "Ehe.."

Not even a moment later, her blouse gets grabbed by the front, with Lucia ready to pound with her fists..



Those were the wrong words, or a derivative of such, thought everyone in that scene.

All the lone man can do in that whole scene is shake his head in disappointment..

Bern: "Ai.. santo cielo.."

While this all happens in slow motion for dramatics, a giant lunging punch forwards goes underway, as Cierra can't help but play her part in this moment of pain.

Cierra: "UUUAUWAAAA!!"

Whether or not this fist reaches its target isn't a fact to consider today..


Now a little further on on the pit lane, Candy takes her focus to the next group, as she reads to herself..

Candy: "Umm.. now it's The Mountain God and his merry band. Always with the androgynous declarations, that Yamagami."

Soon enough, she finds the right cars..


Candy: "Nirvana knows to not make it obvious, but I suppose she insults my intelligence if I can't figure these out easily-OOF."

Not realizing til now, she hits a wall, or rather a wall of a man in former sumo wrestler turned street racing delinquent.

Said wrestler grunts his usual snarls..

Daijiro: "HMPH!"

Candy: "Oh, Jiro-san? I apologize for that.. really living up to your name as the Ogre or Titan or.. whatever, aren't you?"

But looking upwards, Candy sees clearly his role not just as the Titan, but also as his superior's carrier, as he kneels to get Peigi down from his shoulders.

Peigi: "You betcha, love! Keekeee! So, Nirvana's got you out on her little shopping list? Well, you know where to tick, right?"

Candy: "Of course. And I'm seeing these cars up close for the first time.. except yours of course.."

But when Candy strides past the S13, she remembered the nearly impossible high powered setup it carries inside..

..just moments realizing her death nearly happened intentionally at that point of time, taking back that Week 4 rage to today..


J.J, just walking in, joined his ally doing this awkward stare at this scene..

Daijiro: "Heh."

J.J: "Okay, you can leave now, Princess.."

Peigi: "Hey! I can take her. I CAN TAKE HER! DEFIB'S ARE UP!"

And before she decided to channel her inner yellow rat, Daijiro spoke up.

Daijiro: "Darwin."

glass shatters

Pupils shrunk, expression deadened, and mind out of control, Peigi loses control once again with that word in mind, flailing around before crashing into a garage wall and falling, while shouting..


As everyone looked on, Candy recalled from that time in a private practice on this, noting..

Candy: "Peculiar. It's one of those trigger words.."

J.J: "I presume The Cinderella educated you about that. But now I suppose unless you have any questions, you should go and complete that list, Frau."

Since he asked, Candy then obviously pointed out about..

Candy: "I have one: that Swift's not familiar to me."

J.J: "This? Would you believe it was The Cinderella's first car? The byproduct of a Swift Cup race car turned road legal. And with me behind the wheel, I'd like to see how fast around Tsukuba it can get around."

Spoke J.J with confidence, getting Candy to wonder..

Candy: "Cindy's first car? That's interesting. Thanks for the quick outlook, J.J, though I know you're more proud of the Alphard."

J.J: "That much I find true, Frau. But, I suppose I need to groom the Princess because Jiro-san decided this is the time to get her aside.."

And as Candy begins to distance away, she looks forwards while checking that list, while behind her, the men tend to the fragility of someone mentally wounded..

Daijiro: "Heh."

J.J: "Don't 'heh' me, you lumbering goof. Princess.. let's get you up.."

Peigi: "HISSSSS!!"

Taking a detour, Candy didn't expect something more interesting in the end of that maze.


Candy: "That's Angelos's M3.. and that's a classic SL? What on Earth is with these extremely sought out classic cars??"

Commented Candy with questions riddling her thoughts seeing the sea green Mercedes.

The riddles pile on as she looks through every nook and cranny around its body and trim, noting..

Candy: "No cracks in the paint, nor a hint of rust? The refurbishing work on it's flawless.. but.."

But as she was to collect that thought, she then feels exerted pressure from her throat.

Expecting a pair of hands, these however are from another limb altogether, held firm by this British secretary's well built lower body.

Candy: "C-c-chokehold!! These legs.. S-Sam!"

She's gasping for air, and the perpetrator kept this hold on as she replies..

Samantha: "Lovely afternoon to you, Candy. You're alright, I say? Of course.. I for one need someone to squish.."

Candy: "Check.. list.."

Samantha: "Ahh?"

Almost losing grip, Candy's paperback starts to fall, only for Samantha to quickly grab it as she lets go..

Samantha: "Let's see.. I suppose the Sole Crown Jewel would fit me quite splendidly, wouldn't you say? Here. Looks to me you're sort of halfway done on this list."

Candy: "[coughing] y-yess but.."

She distances herself, nearly getting herself on the classic German machinery, as Candy gets back on her own while vigilant towards the museum secretary..

Samantha: "Forgive me for SUCH an introduction from myself. I say, you don't quite strike as that much a pansy, Miss Lam. You know the Cinderella's not quite got the skin to remain awake from these."

Candy: "If you're trying to make me feel good.. well, I guess I'll settle it later on the track. I'm worried that we might scratch such a classic.."

Samantha: "Thinking ahead, are we? Nice to see a little maturity about it unlike last time. Don't worry about the car or my driving.. I've noted its behavior and maintenance history enough. It's a racer through and through then, it's a racer now. Carry on with your work then."

And as Candy makes a quick escape, making it vague by just fast walking, she notes as she rubs her sore neck..

Candy: "Her type's not quite one I'd see with a full race suit.. but with this roster, expectations are on a dice roll."


Still unhappy with Samantha's recent action, Candy fumed this as she huddles onward to a potential spot for racers..

Candy: "This aching.. why even do this to me, Sam?? My neck is not a plaything! What other head turners would come and stretch the pain out??"

This glum face then took a turn to the bright and happy when she saw some local talent.


Candy: "That FC.. bringing those two? To say we have an choice of racers we have today, Nirvana.. that's being too nice."

But that turns to even more curiosity with what might be a yet another 60s racing unicorn.

Candy: "And.. Toyota 2000GT? Is that a REAL 2000GT? Between this, the 300SL or Nirvana's Countach.. ahh who am I kidding?? Cierra would pass out in joy seeing this beauty! Let's see if I can sneak in a few pictures before.."

However, as she goes around, she then sees the drivers of these cars having a mini photoshoot, Candy unintentionally being part of the background..

Candy: "Deki-san?"

Seeing where she stood, Hideki turned to find..

Hideki: "AAAHH! Ooohh? Willing to interrupt the limited time we have with this, umm, unicorn of a past age Toyota, Candy-chan?"

And an obvious burst of energy comes forth in the form of Ayumi's obviously chipper self going all out.

Ayumi: "Candy-san! Hey! Why haven't you called? You know we missed you.."

Candy: "You do? I mean.. well, I-I've been travelling. Not to mention since you both are here means you're taking part in me and Nirvana's event, right?"

Hideki: "Correct.. And also there's rumors, see, about a hell born Vellfire. One that's been roaming around here making track car level paces. You know.. the kind that's near impossible."

While Hideki observes his phone about these rumors, Candy decides to let it out, replying..

Candy: "Deki-san, I guess I can clear those doubts.. it's an Alphard, and I did drive it. Not 1 minute quick, but the tuner himself says with slicks, it might be quick enough alright."

Ayumi: "Am I glad I brought my high speed camera then! Yayy!"

Candy then took her eyes on something white and familiar in the room..

Candy: "This FC? It's that very car on my first week out of my comfort zone, wasn't it, Deki-san?"

Hideki: "Why yes. It is."

Ayumi: "Not only that, but it's gotten a few touch ups. You're not seeing it, but we've spent quite a load of credits on upgrading it. It might make that Alphard seem tame."

Candy: "Then again, tuned FCs aren't uncommon at all. And by the way, what do you reckon is you on this list.."

Being shown that list, Hideki steps up to see the right name for them..

Hideki: "Humm.. I like the Dark Horse Apprentices."

Seeing this, Candy replied, confused with her eyes winced and her finger to her chin.

Candy: "I didn't quite figure that one out so easy.."

Ayumi: "Funny thing, we've never had a driving lesson from Jake-san at all, so that statement's not entirely an accurate one."

Candy: "It's your company name. So I figured.. uhh.. never mind. There's just a few more I need before this list's done."

However, Candy does see something behind those seemingly innocent faces..

Candy: "And your faces speak volumes that you have something else for me."

Hideki: "Should I.. umm.. we're getting married in around a month's time. And we need you there.. if you would, I mean.. we'll send the invite later.."

Candy: "Oh, you didn't need to ask. I'd be delighted, you two. Considering I did hook you two up in the first place that time. Ohh, of course: congratulations. Just send the RSVP."

Ayumi: "Thanks! Be confident for once to her, Deki-san. She's our favorite racing celebrity gal now."

Hideki: "I-uhh, sure.."

This introvert's act however did get Hideki a courtesy open palm slap, like back in Kyoto..

Hideki: "OWW, I tried, alright?!"

Already scanned through the whole pit lane, Candy finds herself on a chair in a vacant garage, exhausted.

Candy: "And there's no sign of these.. last bunch. A Chimera, Gator, Uncle and Murph.. these sound like codenames."

She thought she was alone until the lion came to this den..

Carlyle: "In a pickle, my sweet toothed baby?"

Candy: "Yeah, umm.. these unticked people.. suppose you have a clue?"

He might have issues with seeing, but Carlyle sees enough off this paperback for him to jump up in realization.

Carlyle: "Yeah! I mean, yeah like they's be various members of The List Foundations."

Candy: "So, there's The List, and then there's The List Foundations, like with a suffix?"

Carlyle: "Foundations, Origins, well, it's a suffix. But you's heard me, doll. They's be like them's folk that started off this here crew in its infancy. There's our big boss The Outlaw, then you gots, what I figure.. The Arab, Chimera, Murph, Gator, Queen, and Uncle. Seven of them, right? Yeah. You're having to race off half The List Foundations.."

Candy: "Interesting. Any idea where they are now? I've been through far and wide and there's no sign of the pompous ass and his merry band of fu-"

Carlyle: "SHHH! Listen.."

Mama Taught Me Better
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Beat The Devil's Tattoo

Carlyle: "That's there their theme song when they's a cruisin' alright. I bet my kidney the fellas are on track having rounds."

And as they head to the screens to find these cars, Carlyle's kidneys aren't going anywhere as a roster of racers associated with these people find themselves going through the hairpin.


Candy: "That's Oji-san's Trans Am, alright."

Carlyle: "Yup. Won't be long till they head in, I feels."


And it really didn't take long for these cars to end up back in the pits.


These men would then huddle up in one spot by Mirielle's Taycan, not knowing they're being watched from interest afar.

Candy: "Ohh, look at these bunch.. This is a slice of what I saw in Deep Forest?"

Carlyle: "How? I mean.. well.. never mind. Be my backup."

And as these two come closer, their topic of discussion came to light..

Murph: "Look here, chaps. I wager ol' Murph's take on the emergency business' gonna knock your socks off, ay?"

Arms crossed, Ramlie however objected slightly..

Ramlie: "Tak, lah. No way you can catch anything with a V8 in that moving hospital."

And to back him is a fellow Asian..

Sonny: "Tell you what, Murph: you beat me in this little tango, and I'll put out of my pocket the tuning cost of your next pet project. But that kind of crap's not going to happen to ME. Ain't that so, Freddy my man?"

And to back the backing of the Malay born mechanic, Virginia hailed truck racing giant Frederick Mcstevenson speaks up with what hopefully is the ultimatum.

Fred: "Ayup! GEHAHAHA!! If our mechanic mastermind Lee says it ain't got nothing, it's got NOTHING, you hear?"

Murph: "Figures you lot aren't going to back me on this, I know the boss might have an ounce of confidence."

Ready for this, big Fred spoke up with a known certified fact.

Fred: "Don't get me wrong: a good Toyota inline's mighty fine and all, but against the likes of.. let's see here.. we got supercharged Corvette V8, supercharged Pontiac V8, and supercharged Boss V8. I mean, you put supercharged V8 in anything, it's going to WIN, GEHEHAHA!"

Sonny: "Speaking of which, I was reminded of a supercharged all aluminium block V8.. you guys hear from the big man in.. I don't know, recently?"

Seeing a crowd of general denial on that, Sonny slumped slightly, showing worry as he responded..

Sonny: "Shrugs and shakes don't give me hope, lor.."

He did however see the approaching storm, if that storm was the sweet toothed lone wolf and the ravishing Dutch lion doubling also as a worldwide vehicular import export staple..

Sonny: "Candy baby! I know by the look of your approach you want something from us? Beh, don't say I didn't warn you about who I am, right?"

Candy: "I know enough that you get dental least once a month with that personality. So, you're Chimera, I wager?"

Sonny: "Right you are! Nash had the idea that I can do a lot of things like a boss, so he gave me that designation because.. well, I told you, right?"

Ramlie didn't hesitate to jump in after that quick interaction, speaking..

Ramlie: "Ini ya? Obviously you know I'm uncle, betul ya? I suppose you're doing your thing as the event emcee, right?"

Candy: "Honestly, Nirvana told me all of this in the last hour. So, I'm partially miffed she threw this at me at such short notice. Murph?"

This time, Candy was the one who leapt ahead to see Murph scratching his blemished cheeks..

Murph: "That's me, right? Ay? Bloody hell, I mean, of course it's me! If we be needing to be surely sure, I can show you me knickers.."

Taking a small moment to realize, Candy then got the memo on what that means..

Candy: "Uhh, that won't be necessary, thanks."

Murph: "Your loss, sunshine. They're branded knickers."

The one man remaining however closes in to Candy, towering her with his heft..

Fred: "Ehh.. She looks kinda familiar.. isn't she the one we jumped in them Switz forests?"

Candy: "Aik? I hope that's not how I'm going to be remembered by you, mister.."

Fred: "Frederick! Frederick Mcstevenson.. but you always gotta call me Fred, and.. maybe Gator. I mean, she's on Little Jacob's shortlist, right?"

That suffix got Candy surprised considering Jacob Ross' general size..

Candy: "Luh-little?!"

Fred: "Like that kinda reaction reveals you got a problem with that. I have teddy bears your size, GEHAHAHA!"

Candy: "N-no, I-I accept my fate, but why call the dark one little? Jake towers over the likes of me.."

Fred: "I mean, in comparison to me, don't you find that designation obvious?"

Not like she needs it, but Carlyle feels a need to come in between..

Carlyle: "Perhaps between you's and the little missus, Freddie, she'd be a little ant. Maybe a fire ant who can bite in between your legs."

Fred: "Lyle! GEHA! I swear I didn't see you.. no intending of insult, mind you."

Carlyle: "None taken, my man!"

Fred: "So, uhh, lemme get this right: Candy Lam, was it? I like a good candy myself. But well, what's with that there paperback?"

He's not intimidating whatsoever, but Candy's nervous self seems to arise by what she sees in front.

Candy: "I umm, at-attendance. You're the Gator?"

Fred: "That's right! I'd hug you, but it might cause them bones to just blow by the wind.."

This however breaks whatever composure she has as she raises internal alert levels, unintentionally dropping what's held.

Candy: "EYAAHH! You're making me double think of my calcium intake, aren't you?!"

Fred's mates don't take too well on that, with Sonny raising his voice..

Sonny: "Fred! You don't scare the little pretty lady, alright?!"

Fred: "Gaww, that's on me! I'm sorry."

Sonny however also noticed the paperback and the now completed list.

Sonny: "But now I see this sheet.. looks to me that's everyone, right?"

Murph: "I don't see any more empty boxes needing a tick. Ol' Murph says you're done, ay?"

And with that now settled..

Carlyle: "Guess now be the time for us to make preparations."

Fred: "You read my mind."

The Hindu Times
Heathen Chemistry

Everyone's here for this part. Because if not the stock big boi as is, the most important thing to put such a vehicle in the game is 'what can you do to make your Alphard go wow the masses'?


And before you ask: no engine swaps. What'll fit under the Alphard is beyond me, even though it's a car I see everyday. I never get the change to see what's under the hood and measure it, y'know. Though, it's fortunate that the Alphard can get an aspiration change through turbos. Now, as its AWD, the choice isn't so vital, but you can decide what turbo you want in. Now, this is such an easy to drive car, the choice is, as I said, vital. Go what you want, just that.. a bit of a shame it doesn't get an Ultra High selection.

For this week, we get a really easy car to drive that has just about all its issues solved with the push of a button in Understeer Engineering. Namely the parts. That issue with the transmission's solved with a change of the clutch and the transmission itself, as if that isn't so obvious. But considering its big boi shape, you don't have big boi engine swaps to help address its lack of speed. So you might want to stick your Alphard for tracks with more turns than straights. That also means short gears since there's a lot of them to allocate.


With all that heft, you also need to consider the Alphard's weight. In GT world, that means keeping the rear seats and their massage capabilities. But in the little details, it means taking care of the car's weight shifting around. That's where you might want a custom suspension for, with harder springs and appropriate roll bar additions. I haven't had a case of the thing tipping over like a certain Audi SUV in the PS3 era. Go hard, really. No other advice I can put in here.

It might not be so easy to drive, but slapping it with custom parts and getting a simple tune is the quick fix for this machine. It's a shame it's not exactly the kind of Alphard we'd want if it should appear in a NFS game. You can engine swap a Chiron's W16 to various cars in Unbound. I wonder when we'll ever get that kind of wack around here.


Candy's house
Ginza, Tokyo, Japan


Within the confides of Candy's lounging room, two men sit by as one ravishing Dutch car smuggler makes use of the home owner's custom PC, as he plows through an illicit website for car selling.

The other man: the more well known Asian-American Badass, sits next to and initiates, casually speaking..

Sonny: "I had faith in our dude Fred. To win that shebang and set the best lap is just unheard of. You never do see a Supercharged V8 like that go under a minute.. How was your race, bro?"

Carlyle: "Average at worst. I swear I need another ride for tracks like that. Perhaps the mighty Merak could fare better."

Sonny: "Yeah, you should've seen that Countach and the Camaro take out, umm.. was it 14, or 15 cars, lah. Whatever. Point is, that race makes me, and admittedly that freaking Nirvana also, gleam inside [teeth glares]."

Now entering the room with clothing hinting she's ready to call it a day, she walks in and sits, then asks..

Candy: "For the last time, really: are you sure you don't want coffee? It's a Tokyoite's top brand."

Sonny: "Baby, I understand where you're going with the cordial demeanor, but I do want to be asleep later this night, lor."

He's not wrong, she thought, followed by various ideas on how she wants to strangle him.

Sure that isn't how to carry on, she puts aside her angry twitching face and instead asks..

Candy: "Well, you're right. Then educate me: what's the kind of beverage that gets served to guests at night?"

Sonny: "Umm.. my dad would serve those fragrant teas, but really: I wish I knew, baby, wish I knew.. meaning to say I don't get guests at night. Fact is Sonny Meng's penthouse never gets anyone coming over at night. Else they'd be sued for invasion of privacy: I could kill them legally."

Candy: "Huh? That escalated quickly! Unless I call you in advance?"

He liked that thought, and of course took One Step Ahead on the response..

Sonny: "For you.. it's a very slippery slope. They catch some nice hot girl like you coming to my place at night, the tabloids are never going to shut up for good. So, my top tip: don't be as badass as I am, alright?"

Candy: "Hehe.. duly noted. About Jacob.."

And as well as this response, though not without senses of distraught..

Sonny: "Even as the dude's greatest BFF for life, like he ever acknowledges that.. I haven't seen the big dude in weeks. And not just him. Rin's also seemed to have packed her bags and gone dark in our social group. But considering their love for secrets lah, it's not so concerning. Unless you're me. From The List Foundations to his family, I asked EVERYONE. Not to mention that gas attack on Ginnie? That one ah, is the real deal. Exact same concoction."

Candy: "So it's not some mockery of his chemical weaponry? I.. alright. Anything I can do?"

Sonny: "Sit and pray. Honest, I don't know lor. Do give me a holler if you hear anything. You've been the focus of his attention these days anyways."

Back towards Carlyle, the two surround him, as Candy then turns on the television and begins using that as the monitor.

Sonny: "Let's get back to it. So, what's hot on the listings, Lyle?"

Carlyle: "From what I gather, we got's a whole loads of people moving the kind of cars she don't wants on her driveway.."

The listings show clear on some of Autohaus Uwe's sports car choices, as Sonny notices..

Sonny: "Ohh, I see a 996 GT3. Miles are reasonable, and I'm sure OEM for this isn't going to cost an arm. I would take. Candy?"

But Candy retorts..

Candy: "No way! Porsches are overrated."

Carlyle: "That's what she said, Son."

Sonny: "Whatever, you ah. What exactly are you willing to acquire for a small fortune?"

Candy: "Any, umm, Ferraris? Or something mid-engined that rivals the likes of an F40?"

Carlyle: "F40? Now you're talking, toots. Talking real loud. Let's see.."

Keeping with the used car listing, he then clicks on..

Sonny: "Renault Clio V6? What I'm seeing is an upscaled Clio Cup car converted for the road, so it's going to be quick."

Candy: "I already have a hot hatch. I want something which screams super. Old or new."

With that to consider, Carlyle scrolled his mouse to the Legendary dealership, and the first car on that list..

Carlyle: "Lamborghini Miura P400."

Candy turns her head in question, but the man on the other side gets excited.

Sonny: "Heyy! I want to have dibs on that one, but.. if there's a hint of that freaking Nirvana, it's not for me. Double check?"

Carlyle: "Nah.. looks to me it's moving from museum to museum, but ain't gots itself a fine home. Might cost you for me to take a gander, Son."

He took a thought aside, then replied..

Sonny: "I'll keep my eyes on that. But this isn't my shopping spree. Move on."

Carlyle: "Yup.. ahh.. hmm.. should get off's the Legendary then. Umm, we got some local favorites here. Here's a Honda Beat."

Sonny: "Peppy little Kei car. Smash or pass, Candy?"

Not a moment later, she bats a frown and crossed her arms, meaning..

Candy: "Pass with a capital P."

Carlyle: "Sure? This one's got a K20C's Type R heart, baby."

She didn't faze by that, replying sternly..

Candy: "No remains no. It's probably cheaper if I do it myself."

Carlyle: "Okay, how about this: Stratos HF Stradale?"

Hearing suggestion one after another, she can't find any peace with these choices, eventually spilling..

Candy: "Again, not a fan of rally. Sorry, but I'm really picky with what to do with my money.. like I think I'm wasting both of your times."

Carlyle: "What, I can do this all night, doll."

Sonny: "Not me! What happens when people find out Sonny Meng hangs out with you at your place. How am I going to spin it? Had sexual intercourse with that old boy Jet Jaguar?"

She obviously isn't going to let that slide, giving out a response for thick skinned individuals..

Candy: "You tell them that, and I'm banning you. Forever."

Carlyle: "Okay then, one last skim, and then we's a bounce. Re-FRESH!"

A quick scroll down, and even with his poor eyesight, Carlyle spots something interesting..

Carlyle: "Let's a see here.. Good god above, you might want this one. Local sports icon galore, baby. Second thoughts, Sonny?"

Sonny: "I'm with ya, lion man. If it's my money, I'd buy this in a flash!"

Candy: "You think?! Just.. no way somebody's just selling this. And the price? I don't think it should come this low?? Can you.."

Carlyle: "I'm the right van Orrin for the job, Candy. Few clicks away... ands.. we gots ourselves a done deal!"


The Alphard is the definite expression of a Gran Turismo 7 made Sleeper, and it's mainly because of how I see it: it can reach 600 PP on sports hards: my favorite designation to put Tests in this game. While in Mini Mexico that was A800 on the Horizon Mexico Circuit, in here it's 600PP SH on Yamagiwa. There are some cars that break the mold on an average top tier time here, but the Alphard in my testing reached that top tier time with no issue, not to mention no engine swap.

That Test is also compounded by the excellent Clubman Cup Plus events I love to reference in the story. A well tuned Alphard can tackle these with ease, even getting me a good 1:30 time around High Speed Ring. If you're familiar with the game, this is one cruiser you won't mind bringing up to speed with a small expenditure.


The thing is getting this to beat the likes of various AWD sports choices is just something special.

So, did anyone ask me how do I top Week 9 in terms of bloated roster size? Of course not. The theme this week is about BIG anyways. And perhaps how I will do Throwbacks that combine with Showcases. Yes, the cars still exist. Thank goodness for that garage limit being quite reasonable here.

Speaking of BIG, I suppose it's time to bring out the last member of The List Foundations I haven't revealed yet. Inspired mainly by Mr. Hollywood from 2 Stupid Dogs, Fred is easily big hearty trucker, but his earlier gimmick was that he's a driver with thoughts of it as a contact sport... which is a complete no no in today's SPD writing standards. So, he's big man with bigger heart that's got a sense of justice. And huge, don't forget that part, as that's the internal code name I have for him, as is also his forte: the high power and weight specialist, riding the Ford F-150 against high performance rivals with little issue.

The biggest COTW race here is how I will tackle Throwbacks combined with Showcases; let's see what that SPD's in COTW ideals and memes look like now:

HOW DARE YOU: Most recurring cliche in the writing
Mark of Zen: Small plot point that serves as Sonny Meng's sweet spot in driving, yes it's to be expanded.
Mean Machine: not yet
Mentions of Sundowner: just like the good old days after 9-11, I mean occasional
Mentions of SPD having too much innuendo: also occasional
Rambo Lambo: unless it somehow arrives, no it ain't coming

Test: 600 PP Sports Hards, no nitro, non engine swapped street legal machinery time trial run in Yamagiwa. (post edit entry: detailed in one quick post in the week with the RE Amemiya)
Throwback and Showcase: huge, PP balanced, AI set race with nominee and past nominees, along with certain in universe cars.

Also speaking of BIG: how about I just begin developing whole new characters on the go, but with a difference: I want to eventually drive Candy (& companions) towards this.. in universe COTW story thing. And thus I won't mind getting a small roster of people that can come from the readers/thread contributors/race stewards that this thread runs in thanks towards. These characters will be marked as (COTW). We'll see if this plan moves forwards.

I guess if I'm going to write in a crowd, I just gotta make sure they do get some form of recognition.

For Hideki Minami (5) and Ayumi Tanaka (5)
see Episode 1

For Carlyle van Orrin (Sport)
see Episode 2

For Sonny Meng Xian Zhen (5)
see Episode 3

For Nirvana Kellen (6) and Peigi Daitoku (Sport)
see Episode 4

For Bernardo Bellini (5) and Lucia Weiss (5)
see Episode 6

For Murphy 'Murph' Barrington (5) and Boniface Richelieu (6)
see Episode 7

For Isamu Adachi (6) and Jovan 'J.J.' Jensen (7)
see Episode 8

For Samantha Walsh (7), Daijiro Sasaki (7), and Cierra Mercer (Sport)
see Episode 9

For Angelos Marius (6)
see Episode 11

For Ramlie Ajie (5)
see Episode 14

For Mirielle Richelieu (6) and Amadine Richelieu (6)
see Episode 20

A literal definition of how fast can also come in large packages. One of The List's greatest threats because of his dirty, no holds barred racing style is way more than rubbing tactics. However, when racing clean became mandatory to be the best off his usual truck racing roots, this beloved gentle giant fortunately got no objections.

Theme Song: The Eagles of Death Metal - I'm Your Torpedo
Racing Duel Music: The Eagles of Death Metal - Complexity
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Age: 38
Current occupation: Race car driver
Distinct features: Bald crown head surrounded by a thin orange fringe. Brown almond eyes, thin bridged thick button nose, and thick narrow mouth. Thin orange beard. Has a few marks under his eyes, along with a few missing teeth. Tall body brings a largely obese build.
Choice of clothing: It's always a buttoned up cotton shirt covered in a full body denim overalls and large sports shoes. Can sometimes be seen wearing a sports cap or jacket, depending on the environment. Never without his prized gold engraved 'Mcstevenson' chain necklace.
Cars: Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Born the youngest of 3 brothers and a single mother, Fred starts off life as facing off hardship after hardship, taking care of his home turf Virginian farm growing corn. While the yield was good and the profits manageable for them to expand and grow over time, the work was taxing. Among the competitive brotherhood working all day each day to be apart of this endeavor, Fred definitely took it easy, having a leaning towards riding the lone family tractor. This combined with his meat heavy eating habits earned him the nickname 'Gator', a name he holds dear to this day.

The family went their seperate ways as the three brothers reached adulthood, with Fred going to perform civil service in Virginia Beach. Years then pass with him looking back at the farm life he left behind for the city. He would eventually meet a fellow country bumpkin who aspired to being an attorney, who would then become his best friend, and the first one he's gotten to develop his hearty self.

Returning with money and opportunities for his siblings, he would find his family farm being taken over by a larger corporation, which as a result has his family move over to the city due to their newfound wealth. Finding out the much darker, behind the scenes activities involved in this transaction, Fred utilized his connections with his attorney friend and fought over the claim, winning this suit, but at a cost: he wouldn't be safe in his home state no more, being pursued in the dark by these suits at most times. He would pack up a newly customized semi-truck and leave. Where that led him was to a band of thrillseekers that raced over all kinds of terrains.

What good that came was a connection to a race league, but not before he would meet a shadowy outlaw and his rich Arab friend, also leading to a connection into his role as one of the founders of infamous street racing crew The List, using the racing and money to fuel both his contact heavy race craft and boisterous personality. Though, recent List charter following international street racing rules has him be the butt of the joke of a new in List meme, calling him now the Clean Gator, which he laughs alongside naturally.

This is the last of what might be the full reviews I'll be making. From here till.. week 32, there won't be Analysis Segments, mainly because I didn't drive these cars in detail, or in sufficient amount. It's so I can keep up with this backlog. When it comes to cut content for this week's entry.. it's obviously the race. It's a 10 lap race of 20 cars I have to keep track of.

Not to mention I have to clean up the snow. I'm so masculine I don't look at the little details, it makes me wanna scream those words. And I almost did until I realized it's my fault anyways.
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Btw. Won't be able to participate this weekend as well. You have fun Singaporean pals.
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I don't get American cars, at all.

I've no idea why they have pickup trucks bigger than minibuses when light lorries and vans can carry the same loads, if not more. I don't get why they use piss for fuel. Their turn signals are dumb, sometimes they come with front license plates, sometimes they don't. Cars released in 2023 are marked as 2024 model years. Their gallon is different from the gallon of the rest of the world, but their mile is still the same as everyone else's. Go figure.

But the one that baffles me the most is the muscle car. Pony cars, too. Apparently, there's a distinction between those two terms, which is only a very recent realisation for me. Either way, I genuinely can't tell the difference between a Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger when they're all FR 2 door bricks packing F–off NA V8 engines with gearing aimed at the quarter mile. What's this weird obsession, almost unwritten rule that it must be FR and NA V8? If you wanted the best quarter mile times, why wouldn't you make the car rear–midship with AWD?

And why would they put a Corvette engine into a Camaro and give it the Corvette's Magneride when, they, you know... have a Corvette? A Corvette is was a 2 door FR sports car with better aerodynamics. Why not just drag race the Corvette at the quarter mile instead of the Camaro? What purpose do the pony and muscle cars serve that the sports car doesn't already do better?

And so you can imagine my confusion when the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was added to Gran Turismo 7 in the most recent 1.40 update, a car whose explicit goal is to run quarter miles in the 9 seconds range. My brothers in Buddha, you had a Viper. You could've dropped the Hellcat or Demon engine into that. You could've put all that time, money, and engineering into your flagship pride and joy Viper instead of an almost literal brick. Why didn't you?

As some of us have already reported, there is actually no way in hell a Demon can do the zero–yon in 9 seconds in the game. In fact, when I raced my peers' Demons in my Camaro ZL1 and Viper GTS, they all comfortably out launched the supposed dragster. Not only that, the Demon barely pulled away from my ZL1 on gimped Sports Hard tyres on Conrod Straight, and a 6–speed stick shift Viper pretty much hung with the Demon... around Daytona. What is the point of putting 840HP into something with the aerodynamic profile of a brick wrapped in sandpaper? What is the point of having 840HP if the vast majority of it is buried up top near redline, and can put none of it down out of a corner? What is the point of having 840HP if cars with 640HP can keep up with it? Plus, you know, neither the ZL1 nor the GTS required me to use TCS to keep them on the paved stuff. The Demon is liable to kill its driver even with TCS enabled. That's how awful it drives.

Maybe pony cars and muscle cars are supposed to be cheaper than their flagship sports cars and appeal to the everyman. But then again, the Demon costs a whopping 200,000 Credits in the game, which is almost 1.5x the price of a goddamn Viper, and well over twice that of the ZL1. And then you consider the fact that both those comparison cars hover around 600PP on Sports Hard tyres while the Demon sits at 620PP, yet still can't convincingly outperform either, and it's just... haaaaargh I don't get it.

And how the HELL does one manage to make a 2 door coupé nearly 2 tonnes in mass?! It's not even a luxurious GT car!

The part that baffles me the most is that, in 2018, people are still making petrol powered dragsters. If you're making a one–trick–pony, at least make sure that it, you know, is the best at the one trick it does. Not only does the Demon not do its one trick best, it can't do any trick semi–decently. If the whole defining trait of Dodge performance cars is that they have comical power and go fast in a straight line, they're going to have a serious identity crisis in the age of the EV takeover.

What a dumb **** car this is. Complete waste of my ****ing time and money.
SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 23 (9 weeks late) - Volkswagen Polo GTI


Gah, another Volkswagen. Well, a proper Volkswagen, not whatever's under their umbrella, at least.

It's a Polo.

Well, what do you get when you need to have a choice for any class of car for the German common man? However any angle you see, this is what Volkswagen's got you covered, no matter the scenario. Aside high performance sports and supercars, because you go to Lamborghini or Audi for that.

Taking on the compact hatch role for the company, or if you ask me, the proper modernized choice of the original Golf GTI. The Polo's actually existed solely to be the miniaturized understudy of the Golf since the 80s. So, of course that lives on to today, where the Polo is served as a side offering if you feel the Golf's too much big for you in a hot hatch.

With its 5th generation offering, coded the 6C, this revamped Polo GTI carries an Audi engineered 1.8L TFSI engine, with 190 horsepower carrying a compact 1.3 ton load. And thanks to Volkswagen knowhow of FWD machinery, the car's been hailed as an excellent selection if you want a compact hatchback with a sleight of performance on its name, proven that the Polo isn't discontinued like the Beetle is, and the fact this is the model of car that got Volkswagen to rallying fame in its era of mid 2010s WRC, though we're not getting that experience for this week's offering.

I suppose with BIG last week, it's right we go with compact this week. I should spell it like COMPACT. And also ROYAL? I told myself Candy has to get in grip with the Crown Jewels side of the Big 3, meaning I have to bring out the third member I've been holding back..


Episode 23: From Kent With Love?

A hotel in the middle of the city centre
Tokyo, Japan

While the city hustle and bustle occupy the many lives revolving around, two men step out, side by side, into the cool Tokyo morn, and obviously standing out from the usual lot around.

The first is museum curator Giles Crowden, while the other is his good friend slash business associate: a regal like man with an aura of wealth. Without further detail, the people that know him address this lordly identity as Lord Lysander Augustus V.

As they head out, they seem anxious from their stoic body movements, expecting something, but then decides to start off with a quick socializing with each other..

Giles: "Well, that was quite a way to start the day, milord?"

Lysander V: "I.. suppose so. Giles, my man, you don't have to address me like this. Sander as is is fine for you."

Giles: "But mi-Sander.. It's just that the amount of babbling I get for not giving you proper address back then.."

To reply, Lysander crossed his arms and raised his eyes in question, chatting back..

Lysander V: "That's, umm, different. We're knights scouring foreign land. I suppose I wouldn't want the red carpet treatment no matter where I'd be."

Giles: "No arguments there, Sander. I suppose I'll let Samantha know to lighten up our tone for you."

Lysander V: "I appreciate that, cheers. Where is Samantha? Mayhaps she's find herself not on time this moment."

All he has is a guess, but Giles didn't want to keep his friend waiting, failing to hesitate a reply as he gasped..

Giles: "My prediction: handling any issue getting our carriage, milord. That's the thing about her: you give her some space, and you find her as someone who defines reliable. Unlike certain other blighters I know."

Lysander V: "It's as you say: no arguments there."

Not a minute later, their car comes..


Giles: "And that looks to be her."

Letting him in first, Giles opens the door and gestures.

As Lysander moves the seat forwards, he comments on the tardiness..

Lysander V: "Kept me waiting, Sam?"

Samantha: "Oh, I apologize, your Grace; surely I'm not to expect the likes of Tokyo's morning rush?"

She spoke softly and formally.

For anyone, he might need to be addressed, but for his close friends, Lysander showed a disturbed look as he accustoms himself in the back seat..

Lysander V: "What a bother this be.. Giles?"

Giles: "Gotcha, lad. Lighten up, Samantha. He's here a mate, not an escort. THe blighter wants us a friend, proper for this time."

Turning towards Giles, Samantha replies with a query..

Samantha: "Sir? But, it's just that I've been practicing my honorifics the last couple nights? I musn't "

Lysander V: "For the next formal gathering, milady, surely that will be when I'll watch for such a thing."

Samantha: "Least you're not discouraging, Sander. How about you boys get your belts on before traffic thickens?"

Even as he feels around the tartan texture, Lysander finds himself in comfort within these perceived tight spaces, as he continued to note..

Lysander V: "Not lofty, but I find this to be suitably comfortable. Sam, I applaud of this selection."

Samantha: "Well, I appreciate that. I'd find something nicer like a Lexus or Mercedes, but it's the international car rental service, Sander. Their car choices aren't too good this day."

Lysander V: "I mean.. for one such as I standing tall, it's a rather spacious for its size."

Giles: "Wait till you see some more classic offerings, like say.. a Corrado VR6."

Lysander V: "The other Scirocco? What of it?"

Giles: "Not quite. I've a hunch it's reputation seemed only to hint it's there to just brighten any driver's day. There's this bunch doing reviews in, believe me, Mexico, y'see, and I've heard nothing but praise, you see."

But as the conversation kept rolling on, Samantha then abruptly made a hard brake upon one realization..


Samantha: "Bollocks.. don't mind the language, your Grace."

Lysander V: "Do not worry, I've no heed of your frustrations."

Seeing the road ahead flooded with cars, frustrations brew.

Giles: "Blimey, it's no London, but bloody hell! Where to, then?"

Samantha replied after a quick glance on her phone's GPS, having an idea hatch.

Samantha: "I suppose I can sneak on the expressways. Them backroads can fit a car like this no issue. You know, I've heard good things about a car this size with handling and fuel efficiency."

He thought no end of her analysis, and thus Lysander didn't hold back..

Lysander V: "You're the driver, my dear. Do what is required for progress!"

Giles: "You heard your Grace: let's get us out of here."

Samantha: "As you wish.."

later 4.jpg

Having taken a good portion of the hour, the Polo then ends up on the expressways.


And the brewing frustrations turn to joy as they begin to feel an unbound case of German car engineering in full force.

Lysander V: "What a machine! It's yearns to bring out the power!"

Giles: "If this is a GTI, it's around 190."

Samantha: "189, sir."

Giles: "Always so precise, Samantha? Whatever. Old blighter's a peppy little hatch with a little turbo on board, is much that I know."

Lysander V: "Did you hear that, Sam? Turbo? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

He might want the action, but Crown Jewels' careful leader argued against briefly..

Giles: "S-Samantha, please! This rental's not ours, correct?"

Samantha: "And insured, so should say.. someone lesser than I get behind and gone mess it up.."

Lysander V: "I'd be interested you pursue the echelons of this car's performance, Samantha."

And with his word, Giles couldn't contest it.

Giles: "Truly? If it'll satisfy the good lord, then.. the blighters are not going to know what'll hit them. Samantha, I give you permission to push. Let's get it going."

Samantha: "Roger that, sir."

Lysander V: "Might as well put on a belt, Giles."

Giles: "Do I look like I don't use these?"


Lysander V:
"It's not our cars, but I say: it's a rather spectacular piece of kit."

Giles: "Wait till you get in Paul's Mk1 GTI, it'll knock your socks off."

Hearing an opportunity, Lysander decides to move towards it with a quick request..

Lysander V: "Giles, mate, that is the kind of Volkswagen I'd like to experience. I'd ask you a favor to ask him on my behalf."

Giles: "I knew you'd ask, but.. we've not been in contact for some time, actually. Wonder what the blighter's up to, not taking me calls like he's ignoring or something."

Candy's house
Ginza, Tokyo, Japan


In a certain home in Ginza, Candy finds herself going around her home duties in excitement, though still in her undergarments.

She however then stopped by the well kept Jet Jaguar figure that she built that one time, talking to it..

Candy: "Today's the day, Jet Jaguar!"

It's obviously inanimate, but Candy's mind has an imagination that suggests otherwise..

Candy: "What day? It's the day my new car finishes inspection and refurbishment. Hearing stories left and right of Type R's fame and praise.. I cannot wait to see what kind of machine it is firsthand!"

And this delusion continues..

Candy: "What car exactly? Funny you ask, my shapeshifting savior of the world. It's a.."

However, before she could finish, she definitely hears a car stopping by her home's driveway and bellowing its horn, startling her.


Candy: "NYAH! HOW DARE YE-fuuhh.. That's a buzzkill for sure."

As she steps towards the door, she decides to try overhear the conversation.

The Crown Jewels trio stepped out of the car and walked casually to the front door.

Samantha: "Last I saw, she's doing swell. Got a race in the old gullwing through Tsukuba. Not a fine perfomance, though I decided to give her the asphyxiation treatment after all."

Lysander V: "I wager by thy legs as per usual?"

Samantha: "It's rather obvious, innit? Her breathing might get stronger after a few more squeezes. Her short height also makes it reasonably easier than your usual lot."

Lysander V: "Well, I mean.. you could have a go with a rope of some sort? Save your juicy thighs some effort?"

In case she didn't feel that, Giles stepped in to potentially defuse..

Giles: "Sam, that's advice."

Samantha: "Duly noted, sir. I'm not that daft. But old habits die hard, I'm afraid. Can't control a rope's knot, might I add?"

Upon arrival, Lysander then notes the one oddity placed on the door, leaning down towards the chest high slit..

Lysander V: "Though, it's peculiar her door's got slits for mail? Didn't we run by her mailbox just out?"

And not a few seconds later, it slides aside, revealing the Hong Kongese eyes well known by many.

Candy: "Eh? Giles and company? Darn, I forgot it's today.."

Seeing how she uses it, Giles replies with in an informed state..

Giles: "So the slit's her peeping hole? Interesting. But Miss Lam, it's not all bad, is it? I mean, unless your home's a complete mess and you're righ-"

Candy: "Unclothed. Give me a minute to get something on."

Giles: "That so? Might I suggest you don't keep us waiting?"

And as the slit slides back to a closed position, Giles then frowns and winces his eyes in mild disappointment..

Giles: "The nerve. She forgot. I guess Peggy's right."

Samantha: "On what now, sir?"

Giles: "On how alongside us Big 3 fellows, that we're definitely the least notable to her. It might not just mean her, but perhaps all of Britain."

Samantha: "It's a solid point, but I refuse that haphazard conclusion being true, sir."

Lysander then chimes in..

Lysander V: "Not to mention I find it quite invalauble we keep part of us hidden. For when it comes, it might be useful."

Giles: "I suppose it's selfish of me to always want to escape the shadows. Jolly good. I'll take heed of your suggestions. Let's see how long would it take for Candy to get a shirt on.."

That length of time might seem long, but in reality was just around a minute as the door then opens to Candy now with her knee length shirt on.

Candy: "Sorry for that mishap. Won't happen again, I hope. Please, come in.. and shoes off. Room to your right."

And as they were led in with shoes off, Lysander has a more inspective vibe in him, looking through the well maintained state of the home.

Lysander V: "It's clean, modern, but I lean more to a.. say, quaint place of living.."

Giles: "It's not your manor, Sander. Do be nice about it at least."

Lysander V: "I'm only noting, not criticizing, Giles."

As they find themselves by the common living space, they settle on the chairs, with Candy then just coming in, enquiring as she observes..

Candy: "I've got coffee on the way. So. I see a Giles, Sam.."

Samantha: "Morning."

Candy however can't get the image of her great log legs away from her throat, hinting some form of intimidation as she glances..

Candy: "Yikes.. and he is?"

As if it was the right thing to say, Giles replied with a small smug smile..

Giles: "Milord, your time to shine has arrived."

Lysander V: "Shine? Oh ho? You expect too much, but you're getting it."

Interrupted by his presence, Candy sits, noting..

Candy: "Another one of your friends. You've a scent."

Not liking it, Samantha though insisted..

Samantha: "Might you want to lower your tone for a good lord of God's country?"

Lysander V: "Sam? I beg your pardon, but I suppose my fame in touring cars can help enlighten her?"

Spoke Lysander with his usual calm behaviour, but Candy was still in the dark about this man before her.

Candy: "Still running a blank, I'm afraid. But considering what she's did, I suppose you are some big shot. If not, then.."

As if his lordly clothing wasn't a hint, Giles spoke up..

Giles: "Blighter! Candy, I would use the correct tone, but if I were to give you his official title, you'd have trouble remembering."

Candy: "Nngh. WHy is it that I'm so not prepared for this?! Giles, you'd be nice to give me this moment to prepare in advance."

Giles: "Yes I did."

Realizing, Candy then took her phone and swiftly swiped to notice a piece of information suggesting for her to be on your best behaviour, and about a lord.

Now with that in mind, Candy admits as she sighed..

Candy: "Alright, fine. Something else's distracted me from all this, and to be expecting what you wrote: a man descended from one of the royal nobility of the history of Great Britain."

And as she puts the device back on the table, she feels the weight of the world on her as she spoke in a calm sorrow..

Candy: "I am really f[BLEEP]ing this up.. mind the tongue, sir?"

Lysander V: "Lysander Augustus the fifth. You may address me as your Grace, or perhaps Sander as is. And surely to meet a fine lady as yourself, I'll assure there's nary thought of these slip ups. I just want to know your acquaintance, not to mention.. forgive me, I've been granted an expectation.."

Giles: "Milord?"

Lysander V: "Well, as the man now messing about the top of the ETCC, I've been following a few select individuals. They find a connection with your fine self. I've heard talk of Le Glace Pacer, that is your designation, getting soft and lacking."

He's being brutally honest, she thought, and then replies..

Candy: "That hasn't escaped me one bit, your.. umm.. grace, was it?"

Samantha: "Good, that's correct."

Candy: "Grace.. I'm afraid my reputation going on stained is a result of my growing social connections. One I wish to nurture further.. your Grace."

Lysander V: "That so? Let's put it in a different perspective. Take someone off the road, and it's going to take time for them to get used to getting across the fields. Whether they lose it, or get back into the fight is what'll come. Right? That's a statement I enjoy to think about when I get around Goodwood. It's not normal for anyone to think everywhere's all tarmac and sunshine."

As she sat with a mind to take notes, Samantha calmly continues..

Samantha: "His Grace is correct. To see if you'll come back to fight this is what makes out the strong from the weak. You've seen my AMG? Nothing on that car's got anything off the factory floor, no. I hit a lot of crap, but I never back down a fight. You should check out my portfolio: it's my life to keep fighting."

Giles couldn't once again hold back..

Giles: "Honestly, these are the aesops you need. I suppose it's to say the Crown Jewels, as people, are here to make you better in more ways than one. Though, I can't say completely the same for milord.."

That snarky remark did hit a nerve, as Lysander recoiled back with a startled reply..

Lysander V: "I beg your pardon?!"

Giles: "Well, you weren't around to see me put one ahead of The Outlaw that day, blighter."

Lysander V: "I-i-tis not like I can skip out on work on a big race weekend, Giles."

Samantha did think to get in the way of her superior's slight ego exposure..

Samantha: "Sir, may I suggest not testing the alibi of your Grace?"

Giles: "Oh, Sam. Coming in between us when it's not warranted, I see. Well, I'll adhere."

With a more casual tone, Lysander then told Candy..

Lysander V: "Don't listen to that man, Candy: for you see you see before you a Crown Jewel through and through."

However, Samantha notices Candy looking elsewhere with such a distracted face..

Samantha: "She's obviously deep in thought about something."

Shaking it off, Candy answered back..

Candy: "Two things. One.. I'm expecting a package today. Two.. it's about me not serving coffee."

Samantha: "Package? Do tell."

Candy: "Buying a used mid engined sports car; better I show when it comes later. Not something that'll replace the MINI shaped hole in my soul.."

Lysander unusually replied quick on reaction..

Lysander V: "MINI?"

Giles: "Used to daily drive a mid 2000's Cooper S, to great effect. Well tuned to bring down supercars, I might add."

Lysander V: "Peculiar? Well, I suppose we should give assistance, Giles. I've been thinking."

As a reply, Giles had one thing..

Giles: "The Polo?"

Lysander V: "The Polo."

And all eyes then go towards Candy in great interest..

Candy: "Uhh.. I don't like it when you people stare at me like that.."

Lysander V: "Why dame Candy, I'd be delighted for that we have something for that ailment thou have on yourself. Look outside."

Getting off, Candy proceeds to the nearest window, then notices her Yaris having a mate in form of another hot hatch.


Candy: "You all came in a Polo? Heh.."

She questions with a tone that got Samantha to cross her legs, not hiding the intent at all what that is.

Candy: "Ulp! I mean.. well.. it's not the MINI, but.. I hear it's got a reputation. A good one!"

Lysander V: "It's definitely the right car for you. This might be a high value rental, but it will suffice. Just ask our driver. Sam!"

Samantha: "You boys had a good time, so do take that as you will."

Giles: "So, I suppose the expressway roads nearby need some more disturbing.. Perhaps the right place to give them what for?"

Candy: "Sure thing! But after a quick cup of coffee? To be fair, I might need it too."

A brief pause ensued, of which Samantha replies sternly.

Samantha: "She's offering, so.."

Giles: "I wouldn't mind that a little. Milord?"

Lysander V: "Smashing! You have biscuits or whatever you folk around here use to accompany?"

Candy: "Let's see.. umm, I know you don't mean any ill will, but umm.. does your Grace know that I'm.. not of this land?"

Lysander V: "Oh? I presumed too much, ahah. So sorry. But about my query?"

Candy however had an idea of a certain container on a certain spot on the room's coffee table, though it all became clear eventually on why it's not there..

Candy: "Umm. I suppose there might be a rice biscuit somewhere, if I haven't wasted it all that night."

Lysander V: "Wasted it?"


Back to the night after making a large scale purchase, Candy finds heRself streaming a drama, with Carlyle by her side.

Candy: "See? SEE?! I knew Miyazaki hadn't got what it takes! They were right when they said this show is badly written!"

Carlyle: "I be thinking.. this here gigantic jar of snacks needs a little less inside. How's a biscuit for every moment we's cringe?"

Candy: "Heh, you're on!"

And with that recollection..

Candy: "That was the worst night ever.. and following morning, actually.."

With the Polo under the hands of a talented racer, Candy now brings her guests around Tokyo, but not before she gets her own taste on the GTI's namesake.


Candy: "What are you saying? This is just like the MINI!"

And as she sweeps around the lanes in speed, she remembers briefly that she's not alone.

Candy: "Everyone alright back there? I mean.. if weight shift's messed up in some way.."

As she looked around, her guests are unnaturally calm..

Samantha: "There's a reason why I'm sitting just behind you."

Candy: "Urm.. and the men?"

Giles: "Trust me, a day with the Vulcan's G forces at play isn't going to phase me, why would this?"

Lysander V: "Just drive it to your heart's content, dame. I mean.. it's not our car; just an international rental agent's unwise decision that got us this.."

Candy: "It explains the German plate, I guess.."

It's My Life (Tropical Rainforest Mix)
Talk Talk
History Revisited


much later.jpg

Now done with their quick tour of this part of Tokyo, the people in the Polo exit the car.

Giles jogs forwards, feeling a mix of exertion and excitement, followed by Samantha close by.

Giles: "That was unnaturally exhilarating. I figure I need a quick rest, wouldn't you say, Samantha?"

Samantha: "A fair assessment, sir."

Leaving Candy and Lysander behind, they continued a chatter from earlier as they walked to the door, regarding..

Candy: "You're a Goodwood regular?"

Lysander V: "Why yes. I know it's not too obvious that I dabble a lot in racing classic cars. But it gives me life in my career. Do come and visit sometime an event's going down: I'll vouch for you, in many parts to that brilliant driving."

She showed a smile wider than that of earlier with the Polo's performance, then responding back.

Candy: "Thank you.. I-I appreciate that, your Grace."

Lysander V: "Don't bother with that. You can call me Sander. Now that I figure I want to be part of this social expansion of yours, should you not mind my presence."

Candy: "Oh, umm.. well I'd appreciate that as well. Gets me an extra depth on this.. Crown Jewels themed picture I have in my head now. Touring car racers and that dastardly Samantha.."

And as soon as they arrive by the front door, Candy then hears a car approaching the driveway.

Candy: "Don't worry.. I got this."

Lysander V: "So, looks to me you've bought a whole supply of rice biscuits?"

Candy: "It can't be helped.. if I have to watch another cringey drama, then it's my funeral, alright? Not yours."

After a quick hear, Lysander was about to enter until he feels the sound approaching isn't of a delivery truck..

Lysander V: "Oh? My senses ring... a V6 with dual overhead cams. That's unmistakably a Honda, and not just any Honda."

Candy: "Hooh? That can mean."


The orange NSX in sight, Candy leapt in excitement.

Candy: "It's here!"

Lysander V: "This.. ahh, your package?"

Candy: "YEA! I mean.. Yes, your Grace. I did tell you I'm expecting a new car? Well, no, but now you know!"

Lysander V: "Haven't you forgot you can call me.. ahh, perish the thought."

From inside was a fellow tuner friend Ayumi, who exits to confront someone who supposedly took her energy.

Candy: "Well.. now that's a car!"

Ayumi: "And you'd mistake it as new after our handiwork, hehe. Candy-san, now's the part where you pay for our impeccable services."

Candy: "Eh?! How dare you even do such an act?! Umm, but I promise money's coming in after I take it for a spin, Yumi-san."

Ayumi: "Ehh, no worries. I understand!"

And as soon as Ayumi finds herself left behind, Lysander approached, meaning to query..

Lysander V: "Goodness me, she's not regretting this purchase at least."

Ayumi: "Are you talking to me, umm.."

Lysander V: "Lord Lysander Augustus the fifth. Forgive my abrupt intrusion, fair dame. Just quoting what's in my mind."

Ayumi: "Fair dame? You're really British. Like really really REALLY British. I'm.. umm.. unsure if.."

Lysander V: "Please, you can call me Sander.. because the way I see it, I have a desire to get to know this Candy fellow more, and both you two seem close enough."


Another short one? I started writing this all in Saturday, so it's this or nothing. Not to mention what the Alphard week did for this aspect of my posts here, and what Starfield does to you in general, ehh.

Now's another time to bring out a roster member construed from GT7.. It's been so long since the last. Everyone's a 5 or 6 these days. So how about a shift to a gearhead inspired by classic car racing around Goodwood. Meet Lysander V, who's internal code name is lord, and it reflects on his name. He's not your guy who wears a cape around, but you can see he's definitely put on a lot of weight when it comes to seeing himself. Let's see if he will ever meet a few select narcissists on this roster. I've a need to study British royatly a little as a way to help revolve this character around.

Expect quite little when it comes to newcomers coming on the writing from here onwards. I'm satisfied with who's on now (unless of course, Signature Car or certain tertiary cars).

For Ayumi Tanaka (5)
see Episode 1

For Giles Crowden (Sport) and Samantha Walsh (7)
see Episode 9

With a check for just about every sign in the stuck up royalty, Lysander the Fifth takes that cliche apart thanks to his affiliations with the UK underground in general, with his on track talents, connections to the classic car scene and renowned family name in British sport no short of being useful.

Theme Song: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Hooked on Tchaikovsky
Racing Duel Music: Tchaikovsky - Marche Slave
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Age: 29
Current occupation: Touring car racer
Distinct features: Fine part combed, mid-long bleached blonde hair. Thin, rounded face with a flair for the handsome. Thicker than usual eyebrows above well lashed blue eyes, thick wide nose and narrow but thick mouth. Medium length mustache, often twirled. Built, average weight with slightly tall height.
Choice of clothing: Usually finds himself wearing old renaissance fashion, but in public places: a suit is what he always wears. Always with his own personal walking cane.
Cars: TVR Tuscan Speed Six, Wicked Fabrications GT 51 Coupe

Kent born of the fifth in his royal home, Lysander always been born and raised a piece of British lordship akin to those back in the day, and it's no lie he was blessed from day 1. From being raised as a proper gentleman, Lysander found out the old British styled way of living wasn't for him. To be spoonfed all the way to adulthood was an objection he had to hold until he became an adult, giving him a dishonest but happy, wealthy upbringing. This all changes as soon as he found his fire upon seeing for himself another old British tradition: racing cars.

Taking this opportunity after reaching adulthood, Lysander was a fledgling force on the track. Aside his obvious royalty upbringing influencing his gentle tone and even more gentle mannerisms, Lysander would find himself a common visitor of the Goodwood Festival, be it either a man on the sidelines, or racing on the track with some of the oldest machines and racers around. He might still be young, but he shows his high contrast colors on the track, while in time the racers around have been praising his on track efforts, and being a general positive topic of mingle among the locals of Kent. While he's mainly gentlemanly and all around a man of respect and honesty, in his heart he usually isn't full of warm fuzzies, stemming from unproven rumors of his wealth influencing his racing results.

While busy by day as a promising touring car racer, Lysander finds himself under the tutelage of his racing icon: a former touring car racer now turned museum curator, and learns firsthand about his battles with the rivals that put his place in the racing world strong. Eventually, Lysander too would join in his inner circle, and would go to do on and off stints of street racing for his crew known as the Crown Jewels.

However, he also serves as one of the many, perhaps most well known fences for illicit vehicular trade in Britain, suggesting he's been doing more than just street racing in the UK underworld, as well as explaining his flair for classic cars.

Now what does November 2023 SPD say about this age old writeup... well.. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra leitmotif anyone? I did make that meme one time, let's see if I can find it..


And Ayumi.. well, she's not going to be missing during Mazda month, I'll tell you that much. FD Spirit week's currently under construction, by the way.

After putting my head through 200 miles of snow, I had enough of needing saws to cut off frozen limbs, and had to get the hell forged Challenger through a Test.

I'm going to assume anyone won't know what a Test is just in case. It's a moment where in any given week's car that I take it through 5 laps of Yamagiwa, but with a few restrictions, namely 600 PP, no engine swaps or wide kits, Sports Hards, sorta realistic track settings, and a nagging presence of a 650 PP Veneno so I have every reason to say the car I'm driving is viable, along with that 1:48 barrier I have to go under.

The issue with the Challenger, should it be treated like a street legal sports car, is a whole load. From having an overwhelming amount of power to manage, terrible grip, short gears, and the same aerodynamic profile with that of an Edd China double bed. Probably worse considering it's also pumped with all kinds of car things that makes it.. a car. Not to mention it's big and heavy to boot.

So, it had to be done. What, you may ask? It's what the masses of free reign online racing usually dislike since GT5, and that's called a detune. I've seen detuned sports cars in GT5 getting a lot of flak due to their sports profile helping with general performance. The Demon is no exception. After all, what else can you do to the thing? It can go up to 1000 horsepower, and for what purpose? There's probably some madman who wants to think this can square up to a Veyron powered Huracan in Route X. I say good luck to ye, oh just as crazy yobbo, you.

But I want a track going Challenger. And after.. a 'not quite long but long enough to constitute as more than moderate' time, I guess I can provide. For Test regulations, that is. Also, if you got good eyes, you can see it's got a custom rear aero, so you gotta go get that GT Auto Spoiler.



Yup, full send, and straight up no mercy on cutting that power. It has to be somewhere where I gotta spend my Vocho going around the Daytona oval money.

So, if you think your Challenger's a Edmond Honda, I've pretty much turned it into a Hinako Shijo.. if you're into 2D fighting games, you will get this context.

And you know what. A detuned Challenger is the ticket to getting it to work on Sports Hards, as you see here..


Should I get more laps in, I might even bring down my optimal of 1:46.738, and frankly I am quite confident of doing so.

This is 0.95 seconds ahead of the RE Amemiya RX-7 (no, we don't count the RampagE Amemiya)

Now I'd like to spend a brief time channeling past me's experience with the car, but there's going to be one issue. The numbers are still huge, thus..

thirsty boi.jpg

After 6 and a half laps, you can see it's one thirsty.. evil afterlife entity. If you're thinking of taking it to a long enduro, chances are you're going to lose positions going into the pits more than your average sports car.

But what is this downscaled to Redeye Challenger like to drive? If you're a fan of heavy sports coupes, it's absolutely lovely. With the stock exhaust and supercharger, you get that monster whine at all times, and, well, I'm a freak for muscle. Though, should I choose to get the Demon through the Test in Mini Mexico, I doubt it can impress me as it has here.

It just hates one thing: low RPMs. Get past that, and perhaps if you give it slicks, you will mistake it for a Group 4 muscle car. Really. Well, maybe if it's the Veyron but RWD. A bit cumbersome, but oh so nice to get around with. Shame this isn't the Challenger we got. It's more stable than any muscle car I've built at this range. But hey, that's the thing with detunes: very hard to mess up, unless, umm.. engine swap?

Sans the VX Viper. Because let's face it, that car's just waiting for me to get my grubby hands on anyways. The car's slowly turning from a saved by the tune Neutral to something else, and that's mainly because I spent 200 miles in the snow.. with more than half of it going the wrong way...

That line almost got said upon revelation so I'm getting a jpg of it, please wait. (yes i should've typed it)

how dare you.jpg
So I just finished my Demon Nords hot lapping. Managed a 07.13.2, and with a "perfect" lap, I might have managed anywhere between a 07.12.5 and 07.11.8. So yeah, in actuality this brute is quite damned capable! The problem is obviously the...handling. It's simply no fun to drive, and even less to move at the limit.
SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 24 (8 weeks late) - Gran Turismo RACING KART 125 Shifter


If there's something this and Mario Kart does very well in, it's replicate an over the top karting experience through a major medium. Only this one leans quite close to simulation. How close, well, just ask how close you were to finding out I had a whole heap of fun with your mom last night.

What else do I not get on Mini Mexico to play with? Sure, there's things like straight up race cars, corporate prototypes and Kei cars, but how about a Go Kart?

Surviving the exodus of the PS3 era karts, the 125 Shifter remains as the only one of this car class in the current PS4 era of Gran Turismo. So, kind of like Highlander, but there's no Mr. Krabs to hunt, kill and take your immortality. Not like any of these things have a neck to cut anyways. I should find a Queen song for this week's entry. And I'm going to promise me and you all: it's not Princes of The Universe.

But what can little 49 horsepower 125cc engined piece of welded frame get you? Something to not run over bumps, but have a whopping 589 PP, which rivals a good selection of sports cars. I mean, we have designated sports cars with less PP, a notable example within COTW being Pinky. This might probably be the best car to get a high PP for your buck, if only it was a car that's not restricted. And speaking of restricted, they really don't care about it since it hasn't gotten an event to make work of unless you do your own, and honey that's not what I want to do.

Well, with karting as this week's special activity, it looks to me it's time to bring on certain kart racing figures, that includes the ninja themed Senna tribute and a certain self insert that's known as the Asian-American Badass into this week's mumbo jumbo. For convenience's sake, since one of them has a freaking sword, and I did mention Highlander..


Episode 24: Princes of The Universe

Autopolis International Circuit
Kamitsuemachi, Oita Prefecture, Japan
Early Morning


Not a big fan of leaving her comfort bubble within the main land of Japan, Candy, strangely active, finds herself in Autopolis with reason enough, notably as she blazes through the track with her new NSX.


She makes a quiet murmur about the locale's current state, gripping hard on the Senna blessed sports icon..

Candy: "Early as 7, and the track's packed.. not like I'm not going to have some fun myself!"

Not to question her knowledge, the track is indeed packed, from cars of various performance and values.






just then.jpg

With a majority being of Sim Gear personnel, eventually Candy then finds herself not in the vicinity of any car, or so she thought..


Candy: "It's not quiet, but.. this is the feeling of me being stalked. Can it be??"

About to have a change in thought, this moment of zen finds itself riddled with a nasty intruder via song.

A Silent Truth

Candy: "This.. music? Again? This is from Deep Forest-there can be only one.."

Peeking at the mirrors, her body started to tense, followed with increased pressure and heart rate, catching the sight of a poisonous predator.


Not feeling this race, Candy can't decide between surrender and challenge, panicking with a squeal..

Candy: "Crap.. now is not the time for THAT!"

In the Viper, as smug as he always is, the Asian American Badass makes a quick note before revving that giant V10 to his favorite groove: all out.


Sonny: "Come, lah! Candy's new ride is one well engineered monster, but THE BEAST will accept no prisoners.."


Candy: "This car CAN do it, but.."


Sonny: "The driver and the car must come together as one.. in Zen. I hope you do find that Zen eventually, Candy baby. But for now.. Candy's dead! [hums the Top Gun Anthem]"


Candy: "And going, going.. gone just like that. How is it we're equal on the leagues, I still wonder.."

She might've lost again, because let's face it the beautiful, all mighty, amazing, handsome, and beautiful-WAIT WAIT WAIT!! I can't believe he's actually sabotaging the narration with my praise..


..but the feeling of defeat's nowhere to be seen as Candy strolls through the semi-busy pit lane.

Spotting a few select machinery from the track day, she then takes heed of an aqua 4C from someone she knows.

Seeing this bunned up, well kept Italian woman sitting by its open door, Candy then shouted, with jovial feelings.

Candy: "Sophiaa! I knew it was you! That 4C was you, Sophia?"

Upon hearing that, Sophia got up and wiped clean her race suit as she notes..

Sophia: "Oh? Scusa mi! Buongiorno, Candy! It's truly been a while."

Candy: "Morning to you too.. I see you and our creepy silent friend on track just a moment ago."

Sophia responded joyously, clenched fists held together by her side as she looked around to see Candy in approach range.

Sophia: "I see you have an eye for our kind, amica. But well, we don't hover over to the edges of Japan just for a quick run around this marvelous circuit."

Thinking this is all a ruse, combined with the trust the people around her has for Sophia, Candy challenged it with a suggestion..

Candy: "I call your bluff, Sophia. Behind those specs, I know you're not that kind of traveller."

Sophia: "Oho, I admit that much is true, but our friend here would be the opposite. Some say he believes Mozart is an extra terrestial being, and that he's been self documenting the development of an experimental cheese based snack. But all we know is.. he is our good friend Signore Guts."

She gestured to her side to see The Guts, standing still with arms crossed and being wheeled in to the scene by TV show interns via a box cart.

With him standing straight and walking off the cart normally, Candy then added on from the last time they met with her finger pointing towards her chin.

Candy: "That's the Guts alright. Your leg feeling better, I see?"

He stood and nodded in quick succession, which Sophia can observe and relay..

Sophia: "Looks like he's happy to see you.. which is.. to say just the opposite of what's going on these days."

Candy: "And what would that be?"

His confident stand however turns to a slump of sorts, as Sophia sorrowly confirms..

Sophia: "Well, we've lost track of Lucia. I mean, not in a privacy related way, it's that she's been reported missing by higher powers."

Finding out, Candy's eyes widen in surprise, not willing to believe this.

Candy: "Lulu?! Gone? This isn't real!"

And after a quick internet search through her phone on this, various online articles popped up, with the headlines convincing her..

Candy: "GAH! It's very very real.."

Sophia: "I wish it was some fluke, Candy. Perhaps you'd like to be reminded of my ties with her husband Bernardo? To see him so stressed just brings sorrow to my heart."

She can't trust her, she thought, but Candy can't help but be honest, considering they all met just weeks ago..

Candy: "I.. uhh.. sympathize."

The dishonest reaction has Sophia in mild concern, but she understands as she muttered back..

Sophia: "Honest or not, I'm glad to hear that!"

Walking in from the side, Sophia then gets a quick hold to her left shoulder.

Sophia: "Mamma mia!"

And as she turned, she sees a pair of well known TV show hosts..

Clark: "What's all this then? Do I hear the racket about Lucia, brother?"

Explained Clark in his usual, glum raspy voice, to which his brother then continued..

Nash: "Verily so, brother."

Hearing specifically them saying 'brother', Candy then responded honestly.

Candy: "Nash and Clark, was it? Eh, being honest, I completely forget that part of you two."

Clark: "Us being f[BLEEP]ing siblings, I wager? It's the kind of thing I want mumbling only from close friends. On a scale on one to ten, Sophia.. what's your wager on this?"

Sophia: "She's an easy seven, amici."

Clark: "F[BLEEP]ing seven it is. Hah."

He shows authority, but Candy instead decides to ask..

Candy: "You two here to chat, or.."

Nash: "Yes. Umm... we'd like to continue without the likes of Sophia and Guts.. I must apologize, Sophia. It's personal."

Sophia: "Signore, don't be. I'll leave you to it. Come now, Guts."

As Sophia pulls away The Guts through the box cart he came in with, Nash and Clark go to business.

Candy: "With her gone, I figure this is your Mythic Initiative business, or perhaps related?"

Clark: "Right you are. In fact.. all these kidnappings are. Have you heard about certain persons disappearing?"

He speaks in riddles, and Nash's disgruntled face hints that he didn't want to follow down this rabbit hole, intruding with..

Nash: "Brother, I prefer we cut to the chase."

Clark: "Figures. A right c[BLEEP]t you're being now, brother. You of all people ruin the notion of making me look good."

Nash: "Ehh... we begin with that intensely awkward woman.. the one we know as Nishimura Rin. Also missing. When was the last you saw her?"

Candy: "Umm..."


Candy comes back momentarily to when she had a clashing in the dark nights of Road Atlanta.

Candy: "Tch.. I'll have to break it to her. Those mercenaries had the gas. The dark one's gas."

Rin: "No! Impossible.."

And she spoke thusly about a weapon that could stop the self proclaimed greatest assassin..

Candy: "I'd say so too, but.. a while back, my body developed an immunity to it. That happened again. I don't know how to say it, but has he been.. selling to the highest bidder?"

Izumi: "Rin-san? This is quite a plausible scenario!"

But with these facts about how it's exactly the same concoction brewed by Jacob's cruel alter ego, that man's loving wife dimissed it all with tears of denial.

Rin: "NO! I refuse to believe that's the case! He's a good person!"

Izumi: "He is, but.. we're not so sure."

Candy: "I have my reservations.. he's, to me, the dark one, Rin-san. Please understand.."

Rin: "I.. I.."

Unable to rebuke these facts, all she can do is escape the scene with a dash of emotional anguish.

Izumi: "There she goes.. heehee.. no.. I'm not laughing for laughing's sake."

Candy: "I know.. I still believe she's truly soft. When will she realize?"

And with that recollection..

Candy: "Ughh.. don't go, big sis! [Sigh] Well.. it looks to me it's running off a late night, weeping here eyes out? Honest, it's after we found out the dark one might be conspiring against us.. something she seems to be distinctly against."

Clark then looked towards the crowd and shares in worry..

Clark: "I can relate. This also adds up with Alan's statement on Bernardo's woes. Though we do know Rin's pretty darn good at hiding."

Nash: "Surely you know it adds up, correct? Analysis: our Mythic Initiative's being targeted. From Rin, to Lucia.."

With that last name, she had to reply with hands holding back in front.

Candy: "Hold up. Lulu's part of the Mythic Initiative?"

Clark: "It's not so f[BLEEP]ing obvious, but she is."

She wanted to feel mad about it, with HOW DARE YOU lingering in her mind, but a time like that isn't now, as she vents..

Candy: "She has a lot to address to me.. though, this is adding up to the list of her issues and insecurities."

Nash: "Everyone in Sim Gear is aware. It probably helps you figure out why The Guts has this attraction, you see.."

Candy: "It does.. even if she's oblivious to it."

Nash then stretched his arms and other muscles as he begane to describe the issue..

Nash: "Recap: Paul's recently MIA, which might help tell you why his favorite father-in-law Alan's not here. Our favorite couple also found themselves in the lost department as well."

Candy: "Who does that leave us with? You?"

Nash: "Boniface and Sonny. They're both here."

Even though she's nowadays intimately close to him, she can't help but feel this hint of betrayal, raising her voice with this angry frown and clenched fists.

Candy: "M-my sweet bon bon too?"

Clark: "Cute. In they come.."

And as this strange pairing of a French aristocrat and this hybrid celebrity come in the scene, they watch on this group largening.

Boniface: "Bonjour, everyone. Perhaps they can explain how we appear in dire straits."

Sonny: "Yup. Not good, lor."

The more casual Candy gets an opportunity to get angry, as she asserted..

Candy: "Bon! You didn't tell me zilch about you being in the initiative!"

Boniface: "It's supposedly to practice my role within it as a secret, so.. I hope that explains it, mon ami."

Clark: "You remember Giles acting up about it? Bastard's just too paranoid, you know."

Sonny: "Paranoid as is, and on the track."

Clark: "On that I agree.."

Nash then continued with a thought on all this.

Nash: "Anywho, it seems we're on good hands when it comes to these punks. I'm.. going to assume we being much too rich and famous to suddenly go missing."

Boniface: "Monsieur, I don't feel that's a fair conclusion. Paul's a mere step up from myself and look where the crumpet's gone."

Sonny: "I'd say me having Ginnie around is what keeps me safe."

Boniface: "Likewise, with Ama.. in fact.. wasn't she.."

They looked at each other, and noted the missing silhouettes behind them.

Sonny: "She was.. umm.."

Boniface: "Pardon me, but you said.. Ginnie, as if in.. THE Ginoa? Now well known as the Killer of Killers?"

Sonny: "Yup! There can be no other Ginnie! Hehe.. ohh this is bad."

And before anyone realizes, Clark comes off as already steaming, as he retorted with rage..

Clark: "You are the dumbest oaf of s[BLEEP]s I HAVE EVER LAID MY TUTELAGE ON!!"

Nash: "Relax, brother.. There's no way they can.."

Before that sentence could end, a rumbling following an explosion was heard.

As moments pass of mass panic and staff members following emergency procedure, everyone in the scene can't help but remain still..

With exception of Clark, whose fumes now rival the flames of hell as he calmly retorts to his brother.

Clark: "Oh, I'm sorry. What were you going to say?"

Nash: "Can.. make this any worse?"

Clark: "Worse. Right?? I can't believe THIS! I am SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS! F[BLEEP]ING. DUMB. W[BLEEP]S!!"

Shouted Clark as he stomps his way furiously into the eye of the storm.

As Nash can't help but feel ashamed of it, those around commented..

Boniface: "Ahh, ma cherie.. nothing like an explosion following a preceding explosion. Should you want to have this date on a volcano, this is a suitable alternative."

Sonny: "As if he knows to remain calm when Max my dude is anger personified. Trust me, I know."

Candy: "Honestly, you two.. it's kind of adorable. Bickering like brothers often do, then and now.. Though, this is a little extreme."

Closing in to the source of the chaos by the parking area, two women face off each other.

Strafing in a circle, their eyes lock, with the intensity of their self declared rivalry reignited as they meet once again.

With a pair of combat knives, Amadine dances around, doubling as a way to evade Ginoa shooting off her in built arm gun's reserves.

Now up close, the knives clash with Ginoa's blades in a high intensity standoff. Playfully, the emerald lust spoke through the destruction around them..

Amadine: "Settle down, Ginnie.. it's time for ROUND TWO!"

Ginoa: "You'd like another helping of third degree burns on your lovely face, madame? The flamethrowers on the kneecaps are starting to finally get use.."

Knowing the false nature of those, Amadine rebutted..

Amadine: "Oh, I know you too well. You're bluffing. Stop it."

Ginoa: "I am.. but there's a flamethrower somewhere else.. Where are YOUR guns, madame?"

Amadine: "I won't be needing them this time, for this kill.. it will be for more than just my pretty face, darling.. this is for Rodulf. This is for the guild. And most importantly... for-"

Ginoa: "Shut your trap and show me something.. show me something, bebe.."

What might be a glorified cat fight ensues as Boniface stands front of the spectators at a distance to minimize self harm.

He then let out his thoughts, shaking his head with a hand on his face..

Boniface: "She's still vengeful, mon dieu.."

Clark: "Calm down, Bon. You are fortunate we have failsafes in place should this happen."

Still dumbfounded, Nash questioned this fact.

Nash: "We do?"

Clark: "Yes we do, NASH YOU MIND ROTTEN F[BLEEP]!!"

Shouted Clark with no remorse.

He might be one to one with his much more strategizing brother, but Clark knows he can't be THAT dumb, as Nash then tries to excuse his brain not functioning at full power despite their time on track.

Nash: "Remind me.. I say, it's the jet lag."

Clark: "I'll excuse your petty reasoning for now. Besides.. your son is one of them."

And as Amadine readies another strike as she rubs away blood from her lips, she notices a gleam from above..

That gleam came from the man named Hayato, and the katana named Yoko, as they land, standing in her way and prepare their battle stance.

Amadine: "You.."

Hayato: "The ugly lady! So, I was in the neighborhood, and do my ears deceive me? Yoko-chan? DID SOMEBODY SAY ROUND 2?! KIAI!"

As Nash sees his adopted son striking to kill, he knows enough to suggest..

Nash: "Now that was a spectacular backfire."

Clark: "Not quite. The intent is to divide them so that I can pacify Ginnie.."

Clark then pointed towards Ginoa, notably of a certain predator behind her.

That predator is short, armed, and notably can't withhold his smile as he approaches.

And before she can act, she gets grabbed by the arm and twirls towards the culprit..

Ginoa: "Eh? There's only one fool this bold, but.. short of stature. Gary?"

Gary D: "Still looking fine as ever, Gin?"

From an intense phase, the whole situation did defuse on her end, as she gets a small moment of intimate emotion, thanks to this reunion with her long distance boyfriend, which Clark then spoke of..

Clark: "Ginoa was taught, for a soulless killing machine, that love is a powerful force. Do tell, Candy: have you learned anything?"

Candy: "Behind all that exterior.. I admit, she is human."

Clark: "A meager observation. There's a lot that you don't know about the Killer of Killers that we know as Ginoa."

Candy: "Quaint. Such as?"

Clark: "Being a part of this trio that includes my Chosen over there and myself to shape the wills of certain f[BLEEP]ers with money and the wise choice of giving us a goal to achieve.."

As he rambles on, Candy turns to Sonny, confused and hoping to ask for..

Candy: "Umm, context?"

Sonny: "Sorry lah, don't know a thing about this threesome. Only that they're badass, like me."

Clark then walks towards these lovebirds with no form of fear to show, murmuring to those behind..

Clark: "I suppose an explanation is due but you might want to come along then, little miss."

But Candy however finds herself riddled with doubt instead.

Candy: "Should I? I mean, that tone just reeks of.."

Boniface: "Confidence. A sign that he's confident.. I would go with."

Sonny: "Think it this way: you're being invited, Candy baby. To a private party, no less."

Nash: "Go right ahead. He might seem a little shady, but letting my brother open up to you is proof he wishes to trust you."

With all that backing, Candy.. umm..

Candy: "My doubts still remain.."

Clark: "Are you coming? Don't make me wait."

That last push had her move on, still reluctant.

Candy: "F-fine.."

Uneasy to be in the sights of a tactician, his reliable muscle and an assassin, Candy broke the silence as she sees enough of a romantic embrace.

Candy: "Er-What do we have here? Ginnie, was it?"

Ginoa: "Oh, it's you.. the little girl who had a run with my killer Ferrari. I'll tell you aren't the first, by the way."

Clark: "I'll tell you news of that car's gone wild. Not the smartest choice you made, Ginoa."

She knows an excuse is ready, and unleashes it.

Ginoa: "It justifies your important role in my growth, Clarkie."

Gary D: "And me!"

Ginoa: "And you, cheri. But there's a reason she's here."

As if she's facing down her worst fears not unsimilar to a press conference, Candy finds herself dripping in sweat.

Gary D: "Girl, don't be so nervous. We ain't gonna eat you."

Candy: "Truly? I believe that, but after a few hints about cannibalism in past periods, I'll keep my fingers crossed.."

Ginoa: "Trust me, a cannibal is categorized to me as worse than your typical man."

Clark: "No comment."

Gary D: "You're supposed to say yes, dog."

Clark: "At any rate, Candy.. you can say these two G's.. they be the lot that consist of what I do best."

Candy: "Racing? I mean, I've heard a whole lot about your.. your.."

A quick glance of Clark's mean demeanor gives Candy reason enough to halt her speech..

Candy: "C-continue then.. sir."

Clark: "Racing, oh yes, I'm real good at. The only time I've seen a LaFerrari aside my own on the wild, ruthless world of street racing? Well, let's say that poor fellow's pushing up daisies."

He might have this smug feeling moment, but his somber frown came back quicker than any LaFerrari can manage.

Clark: "Candy.. now you see before you a task force that can get anything done with discretion. Don't be such a f[BLEEP]ing pansy, little miss."

Gary D: "Girl, you're disappointing Gin here. And trust me: that's the last thing you want from her."

Ginoa: "Disappointing? Nonsense. She's a bona fide killer."

Looking back at Atlanta, Candy however felt back that time she's had to kill someone to save her skin..

Candy: "Tch.. I.. am, but.. I'm still not quite feeling proud about it."

Ginoa: "You're hanging with the bunch that's done this kind of thing day after day. The frequency of that... ehh.."

Clark: "Unimportant. But what is important is that the Mythic Initiative is under watch from unwanted eyes. Again. And we're not taking it. You're probably going to wonder why you're being dragged in. It adds up when you do the math."

Gary D: "Dog! Don't look at me, I HATE math, yo. My hands are clean!"

She's being set up to say it, she thought, but she has no reason to object as she spoke..

Candy: "I'm going to be Mythic, was it?"

Clark: "Good to see you have a working brain. Trust me, dealing with The Cinderella has been a major pain in my back."

Gary D: "Jyeah, considering your up and up standards?"

Clark: "Precisely.. though.. I haven't heard this much of you considering Cierra not being around."

Gary D: "Double R wants some alone time, hell, I get her that alone time, for sure, dog."

Reminded of Cierra, Candy then asks..

Candy: "Does she know about a certain missing.."

Clark: "About Lucia? Not yet. I'm afraid that knowledge will get her into a frenzy I'm afraid even Gary can't control."

Gary D: "Or you."

Candy: "Oh, I can try. I know her before you did, you know."

Clark: "That's not important. What is, is that there's been ramblings.. you see.. even though the Initiative hasn't gotten a new member since Boniface in.. let's say years, you're the one they have their crosshairs ready aimed."

She then snaps back at this revelation..

Candy: "That can't be! Me? What did I do? It's the MINI, isn't it? Or is it because of me coming to you? Alright. Do we know who they are?"

Ginoa: "Guild says no to all that."

Clark: "So, the decision is that we'll be around. In Japan. I do want a taste of the street scene here. Not to mention getting Ginoa away from Europe and Gary from Los Angeles before their heat builds to unmanageable levels.."

Candy: "That's sudden. Doesn't Sonny want his bodyguard assassin at his side?"

Ginoa: "He's confident they won't take him. Besides, I earned my break, mademoiselle."

Clark: "Perhaps we continue another time. I don't like race tracks.. and I so do want to be out of here as quick as possible. Any questions?"

She raised her hand, and spoke quickly after, still nervous despite suggested otherwise.

Candy: "You all just.. do this all for me?"

Ginoa: "You're the greatest lead the Guild has. You're going to owe me when this fuss is all over, bebe."

Clark then turned his back and brooded, as everyone else watched.

Clark: "Besides.. should Mythic die, I will never find peace."

Candy: "Cryptic. Any idea what he means?"

Gary D: "S[BLEEP], beats me."

one jour later.jpg

As they sit on the VIP booth, Candy thought about the event ahead of her, and remembered something about that one person sitting next to her at this moment.

Candy: "You used to kart race, Moto-san?"

Hayato: "That's right, Candy-chan! I mean.. it's how I got started in this field to begin with. Red Bull sponsored kart racing. Then Red Bull sponsored track car racing. Nyeehh.. you get the idea."

And also weighing in is the person on the other side that's also adjacent to the sweet toothed lone wolf..

Boniface: "Within this room, though, he's not alone, by the way. I too have this privledge."

Sonny: "Not me. I was under the Messiah's beautiful tutelage to get me cracking. What's your start of career choice, Candy baby?"

Considering how much of her past she's not shared, Candy wanted to try move away from this question..

Candy: "It's not interesting.. although, to be honest.. well, you don't know?"

Sonny: "I can guess you're kind of like Little Luce, just that there's definitely more to it. And I don't feel too, emm, One Step Ahead today, beh."

She's hiding it well enough, she thinks, and Hayato then adds to confirm..

Hayato: "He's right, Candy-chan. If not for my friend facing the computer screen, I can only guess."

Moto-san, don't blow it, man! I'll just assume they didn't hear that part of your sentence, jeez.

Candy: "His guess is quite good, actually. Umm.. it's definitely Toyota. But add in a nasty 18 year old me driving all the way to Hokkaido in pursuit."

Boniface: "In pursuit, you say?"

Sonny: "Sounds like quite the tale. I mean, I got stories left and right, but yours might be more interesting."

All these men talk got her pressured, and thus leads to..

Candy: "Can this come another time? I mean.. it's a story I do wish to tell when we're not in such tense situations."

Hayato: "Nyeehhh.. well, I agree."

Boniface: "Oui, me too."

Sonny: "No pressure, baby. Let's enjoy this little kart race before we worry about that."


The Miracle


With the race on its final few laps, Candy took the time to walk for the ladies room..


..and with clean hands, she readies to leave, although she can't help but talk to herself..

Candy: "How can.. small scale kart racing lure in hordes of money and fans all over?"

And she continued to chat with herself as she walks down the building..

Candy: "Ugh, but I can say they are exciting to watch. I should see if Tokyo Kart has any slots.."

And before she could reach her destination, she then notices men tip toeing around: essentially shady enough for her to tell..

Candy: "Huhh.. It doesn't take a scientist to tell those men are trouble.. I should.."

Before she could act, however, she then sees someone walking along with them, obviously threatened, but notably calm..

Candy: "Eep! Nash?! These guys are THAT effective?"

As she prepares to hide out of sight, she then watches on and begins to use her phone..


Moto-san, your scene's in a bit, you want to say something?

Hayato: "Umm.. no, not really. Nyeehh.. don't you think you're going a little too frequent on these random henchmen taking our people apart?"

To be honest, I kind of am. I'm tired of it too, just that, I really don't have anything much to go with as a solo beginner writer. It can be a little frustrating at times.

Hayato: "Hehehe, I know, narrator-chan. From me, well, were obviously getting tired of these people coming up when we get nothing out of it. It's happened a few times too much on these stories, Candy-chan."

Done with me? Alright, let's get going.

Candy then turned back to notice Hayato squatting on a set of boxes, then leaping ahead shortly, landing to the floor, ready to attack.

Candy: "Moto-san? What's this about stories?"

Hayato: "Not important. By the way.. looks to me I need to act or I lose my beloved jiji. Oh woe is me."

She questions his casual attitude in such a moment, but then looks towards these men and queried..

Candy: "Well, these men don't look like a mercenary outfit.. more like.."

Hayato: "Big corp of pros? I don't care if they're the greatest Yakuza family or the newest low level thugs in the business. I look and it screams the real deal. Don't worry about me. I'll handle this. Also.. that French woman told me about Atlanta. Now THAT, I'm real impressed hehehe [clapping]."

She didn't take too well on the casual Hayato character, and urged..

Candy: "I suggest you stop giving me praise and do something!"

Hayato: "You should too. While I go save jiji, I trust you can check on the rest of his merry band. Not just for you, but also for me."

Candy: "Sure, sure.. not like I should ditch them. You're alright by yourself?"

Hayato: "I've faced down the rough and tough of the biggest Yakuza families in the worst places to be within Tokyo. This'll be a breeze. Catch you later, Candy-chan.. NYEEEHEEHAA!"

As he leaps away, Candy can't help but comment..

Candy: "That Moto-san, treating this whole situation so casually. Alright, let's see if we can find who's who."

a little longer than a few minutes later.jpg

Candy then finds herself back to the VIP booth, where she sees Sonny having a snack.

Considering what's happened, she's naturally pissed at him, arguing..

Candy: "Okay, no nonsense, Sonny. My sweet bon bon.. WHERE IS HE?!"

Sonny: "Chill out, Candy baby. After all of that and all you do is just rage at me? Haiyaa, that is just uncool, sis."

She did chill out, but what came is a face of concern, of which Sonny replies towards..

Sonny: "Okay. Don't be so sad, lah. I don't know, but.. wait ehh.."

Taking his phone from his jacket, Sonny then slid away to a private DM..

Sonny: "Ginnie texted me something... AHAH! What I can suggest is you follow the road of these thugs with cuts on their suits.. sounds to me that's the sort of people being abused by that emerald lustress."

Candy: "Right. I'll bite. Thanks for the hint.. though, how about you?"

Sonny: "Ginnie's en route, baby. I suggest unless you want to see her bloodied.."

Candy: "GONE!"

She left in a flash, giving Sonny back the right to the booth for himself.

Sonny: "That was easy."


Following that advice, Candy then finds a door leading to a meeting room, traversing through a hallway that desperately needs cleaning with injured men littered around.

Candy: "Yikes, that's dead, dead.. soon to be dead. Assassins, right? Ughh, Bon? My sweet pea, where can you be?"

But before she could open the door, it barges open.

Catching her by surprise, what follows suit also has that intent, as Amadine reaches out to Candy's neck with speed, and tosses her in to a prepared chair.

Candy: "IYAAAHH!"

Amadine: "LEATHER! GAG!"

Not one chance to act, she gets attached all kinds of unsanitary objects at light speed, only able to object in muffled grunts.

Candy: "AM-mmm!! MMMM!! MM MMM! MMMMMmm..."

She can't help but give out scared muffling noises, as Amadine realizes..

Amadine: "Hold up. Candy? Ugh, pardonnes-moi, I was really hoping you're another one of those goons."

Boniface: "We'll see if Clark has one ready for interrogation. In the meantime.."

Amadine: "Look, I know I promised she won't be a target to my passions, but.. honestly.."

Her brother hasn't an objection to raise, of which Ama then claims to blame..

Amadine: "I swear, when I get excited, everyone looks the same. Brother?"

Boniface: "I'm on it.. Ama, you need to get your perception sorted?"

Amadine: "Like I said, I was excited. Getting to clash with Ginoa just is the creme de la creme for that, you know."

Boniface: "How many times do I need to remind your barbaric head that Ginnie is.. let's discuss this later.."

As Candy finally gets all the leather released from her, she then realizes the main difference of today and her frequent recent assaults in this form..

Candy: "Ugh.. no sedatives this time?"

Amadine: "Non non. Not today. Besides.. we needed a hostage. Clark's orders."

Candy: "He was anticipating them, wasn't he?"

Amadine: "Bon, clarify."

Boniface: "Sister, you too understand in full detail what's being planned in his head."

Amadine: "True.. but you can explain it better."

He knows she's teasing, but Candy decided it was the way, as she continued gladly..

Candy: "I don't mind hearing more of you, anyways."

Amadine: "See? She gets it! Thank you for pitching in, ehe.."

Boniface: "Fine.. Brutish oafs.."

Preparing, Boniface cleans up his suit and then began to talk.

Boniface: "So, you heard of La Mythique getting absorbed up like some precious bovines on the field?"

Candy: "That I do, but I have to comment that rather farmland themed context you're poking at me with."

She's not Izumi, but Amadine can't help but find that all unwanted and funny, bringing out a big..

Amadine: "HAAAH!"

Boniface: "...may I continue?"

Amadine: "Sure, sure.. not gonna lie, that took me off guard."

Regaining his fragile composure, Boniface moved on, discussing..

Boniface: "After Paul's been gone for a certain time.. well, we've figured this all reeks of something.. barbaric. So us coming together in this edge of Japan's just one big target for these people. But we're ready."

Candy: "So Nash getting purposely caught was.. clever, but risky. And if the fish smells, why not ask someone who can regulate it?"

Boniface: "That's the first course of action, ma cherie.. They did everything they could. These people DID catch our friend the Interpol agent, after all."

Candy: "Whoa.."

It's not time to play, she thinks as she lounges herself with one of the few tall executive chairs, and Amadine then follows..

Amadine: "Whoa is right. Now with one of your little girlfriends gone too, I say we need to take a course of action. I for one ensured that our sweet little bon bon won't have an issue."

Boniface: "Before you ask, yes, she is being dearly compensated."

Candy: "I should get my share, right?"

Boniface: "More than me.. ehh.. that's up to Mir."

Thinking that being out of the loop gives her questions towards this aliiance, Candy then thought of who else might be left out, noting..

Candy: "After you, then Sonny, then.. have you spotted the likes of one Sophia and her Tamed Racing Animal?"

Boniface: "Non.."

Amadine: "I have no clue who these people are! I mean.. that's a no as well."

Candy: "No matter. I better go see how Clark's doing. You people will be okay?"

Boniface: "Don't worry about us.. please keep safe!"

a few minutes later.jpg

Having an idea where to go thanks to a few phone messages, Candy then hears noises of violence..

Candy: "I know an encounter when I hear struggle like that."

She then finds herself into one of the worker rest areas, where she looks in..

Candy: "Guys?"

Gary D: "Just hold on a minute, girl.." see Gary making a home run swing to one of the men by the head, sending him flying towards a nearby table.

Candy: "Oh? That's one swing."

Gary D: "Yo, I'm as skinny as they look, but never ever say Gary D's a plain weakling in up close and personal!"

Candy: "I should get moves like that. Amongst us.. any idea where I can get some martial talent?"

Gary D: "Oh, well, you can get a chip off my homie JR, but mostly I got it from him."

Gary then points behind him the man of the hour, all bloodied in his fists and thinking to everyone his hair also glows red.

Done with his rage, Clark then gruffly tells..

Clark: "Phew.. you are going to like this part of the day.. this one's willing to bargain."

Grabbing his latest victim by the neck, Clark then brgan to drag him across the floor, of which Gary then questions..

Gary D: "Goons this loyal ain't gonna spill out nothing, yo. You thinking what, CK?"

Clark: "We'll have to break him. And I have just the idea for this.."

Later on, Candy sees Amadine cleaning up the mess by piling up the attackers into the back of a large panel van.

Amadine: "Haha, I hope none of you are alive.. the incinerator is a horrid way to go.."

Candy then came close as Amadine closes up the van, then signalling the Guild members nearby to go.

Candy: "That looks to be the people sorted. So, can we have a brief moment?"

Amadine: "For what? Why am I here, again? Don't tell me, darling."

Candy: "Keep me safe, he said. And you're the one I trust. I guess?"

Amadine: "Trust? After that time I gave you Andre.."

That name is a trigger point for Candy, as she asserts angrily..


Amadine: "Okay, I guess we don't."

Candy: "Though, you mentioned the want to end Ginnie's life.. is.. there why?"

She then turns to the side, thinking of the words to lay out..

Amadine: "I'll keep it brief.. logically, I want to be the best. Within the Guild, I'm.. uhh, perhaps passable as a top player, but not.. say.. Crimson End good. Having her on my sights means that should she finds herself careless and slacking off.. or distracted.. well, what other way to achieve greatness by beating the best there is?"

Candy: "Bon would say something about brutes and barbarians on that."

Amadine: "You guessed right. Though, the rules are the rules. It's been like that since.. whenever the Guild was born. And another thing.."

Candy: "Oh?"

Amadine: "It so happens that one person she was hired to execute was the same man that gave her those cybernetic prosthetics she has on her. I was next in line considering what she did. So I never got them. A shame, I know.. but.. you see why it became personal, oui?"

Candy: "I can add up this tale.. hmm.."

Amadine: "But then again, we've lived a good portion of our lives together, and me knowing about this might perhaps.. say she has a loose end that needs closure on this highly sensitive and restricted information.."

Pausing, Amadine then senses someone approaching from above, leaping forwards with backflips..

She however knew that Ginoa would strike like this, which led to her grabbing her attacker's leg and slamming it by the van that readies to leave.

Being on close proximity, Candy jumps away, startled..

Candy: "WAAAH!"

Amadine might have her target where she wants, but not before Ginoa triggers a smoke bomb through her teeth..

Covered in smoke, Amadine begins the smack talk..

Amadine: "And look.. the b[BLEEP] of b[BLEEP]es come back to madame for another spanking.."

Ginoa: "Oh, no.. I'm just against all those lies you told that little bebe."

Candy: "Lies?!"

Ginoa: "You don't listen to a voice from that mouth, Candy! She's fuelling your head with lies.. and deception!"

Candy can't see any of it, but she hears clearly of the argument..

Amadine: "Oh please. We've been living our lives in such harmony.. imagine all the things Boniface has already heard of our past I just shared. He can verify it.."

Ginoa: "Leave him out of this.."

She however has had enough from this chaos and discord.

Candy: "H-how dare they! THIS was supposed to be a nice, chill day, of rookies driving FREAKING KARTS!!"

Amadine: "We have a few minutes.. more than enough time to finish this! This must end with one woman, atop the other!"

Ginoa: "Way ahead of you. I think it now.. these trade secrets don't mean s[BLEEP] anyways!"

As they begin to clash, Candy commented that..

Candy: "I should get in between them.. eh?"

Sonny: "Lookie here. What says you, bro?"

Boniface: "They won't kill each other but cause massive structural damage.. it's what happened the last time, monsieur."

She then looked behind to see the two men taking these women under their wing, gladly shouting..


Sonny: "Relax, relax. The mastermind Max knew they're going to clash once again. It's inevitable."

Boniface: "And predictable as well. Let me handle this.."

He might've stepped up, but nothing's changed until Boniface then speaks something mostly strange in unknown to the women, only from Candy's ears that she knows it's all in French.

Amadine: "Ehh?"

Ginoa: "Huh?"

The two then stepped down, still showing disapproval at each other, but at least not killing each other at the time being..

Candy: "L-like that?! Bon! You're a genius.. though, what exactly did you say?"

Boniface: "For all our sakes.. these lips remain shut, ma cherie."

As the French people exit the scene, Candy though has more questions than resolutions..

Candy: "Ehh? Huh? That's it?! You know, I-I-I'm SO CONFUSED! They hate each other and now.. now.."

Sonny: "And she's lost it. Heh [teeth gleams]."

2 hours later.jpg


At a park in the nearby mountain forests, Candy then sits on a provided public bench, of then she's joined by Mirielle and Nash.

Candy: "Madam Mir.."

Mirielle: "Oh, it's you. Not your first tango with suited men from organized bullies, am I right?"

Candy: "No, not quite. To be fair, they should really try another approach with people like you? Nash?"

Mirielle: "Is fine. A little shaken. It's also not his first time. I know."

Nash: "Might you know she's the instigator of that occassion. Verily so."

Mirielle: "That was quite some time ago.. but shall we continue?"

As they settle in with warm coffee cups, Nash brings them up to speed with recent happenings..

Nash: "So my brother's finished breaking that one live hostage.."

Candy: "Breaking?"

Mirielle: "I would prefer she NOT know how this is done."

Nash: "Uhh.. sorry. But while it's a tough nut to crack, mind you, there was something that came from this person."

Candy: "What could it mean.. considering if this is the same bunch that handed me that MINI.."

Showing calm eyes, Mirielle hastily follows..

Mirielle: "I've taken their phone and began a long road to cracking any secret it carries."

Candy: "Oh joy. Surely there's something-"

Mirielle: "Patience. Nothing significant's come up aside what we already know. Nash?"

Candy: "Ughh.. the closer I can get to finding Lulu, the better."

Nash: "The man's just a goon, but Clark deduced something. My brother has a genius mind, and to see him use it would mean how serious this whole situation means to us."

Candy: "Considering you were a target for them?"

Nash: "Verily so. On to my brother.. and those keen eyes of his. Well, he's found a pattern, you see. As someone who's once gone deep in organized crime, he's noted that this is definitely a new group of people coming together.."

Candy: "A pattern.. that's new?"

Nash: "Precisely. But he's also found something else.. Mirielle?"

Mirielle: "A slogan, that speaks: The eyes see all. After a quick request, that woman Nirvana then confirmed that this new crew is named.. Augur."

It was a strange new name, which Candy then asks..

Candy: "Augur, huh? A name, as is, is just not a lead.."

Mirielle: "Oh, don't fret, Candy.. we're not done with Nirvana. She deduces that for us a lead comes in the form of the Sim Gear secretary. The woman known as Sophia. If there's a decision both Ama and Ginoa agree on.. it has to mean something."

Nash: "If that even is her real name.. I just can't believe it, you know. To think she just.. up and disappeared just after the morning workout. Strikes you as odd, don't you say? Yes, don't ask: we tried bloody everything. Might be on a jet out of the country before the day's gone, really.."

Candy: "About Sophia? Yes. I mean, Jacob was wary of her."

Nash: "Plus Rin. I should've listened. Heck, even The Guts shows seeds of distrust towards her. The deadest of giveaways, that is.."

Candy: "And if not Sophia, then who else can communicate with him?"

It wasn't long, but Nash took his time in thought to reply..

Nash: "We've been training her, but that person's name is unfortunately Lucia."

Candy: "Figures.. How about his other superior slash doppelganger Jacob?"

Mirielle: "Doppelganger? Ugh, no matter. So you give another option?? Well.. you know that fool's not on the radar for the longest time, oui?"

Nash: "So should we want The Guts around with us, the only action is to find them. Personally. And this is a broad and wide planet Earth."

Thoughts of these missing characters gave Candy a motivation, of which she described with worry..

Candy: "I'd do anything to help.. I can't think of how she's doing now.."

Mirielle: "For now, keep quiet, do your racing.. and I'll see if Ama can allocate her Guild protection."

Nash: "Verily so. Live your best life for now. Should things go even more awry.. we will do what we can."

Candy: "Huh.. thanks for this.. I mean.. all of this. I need some air."

Mirielle: "We'll handle our bit. Let's hope for our sakes it means something."

Nash: "I can't agree more. Nice meeting you, Candy. Best of luck."

As Candy steps out with distress about this Augur bunch, those left behind has words not for that sweet toothed lone wolf's ears..

Mirielle: "She was definitely the way in."

Nash: "Despite not knowing, I hope we can tell her.. eventually. That it's not my apprentices in trouble, but her."

Mirielle: "Hmph.. you people are so lucky I'm going to be in this place for a long while. And what about you?"

Nash: "I think I need to see if there's a mercenary outfit that I can hire.. getting captured is not in my memo, veritably so!"

Quite a packed day today, but notably the roster today revolves around Clark Kayne, being that 2 associative groups of his make their full appearances today. The Prophecy and his 3 Chosen I'm sure I've already gave out, but the one including Ginnie and Gary might need more delving into their respective biographies.

Again, this episode not only features no newcomers, but also a cut in terms of Candy's first proper race with her new tuned NSX-R. Well, my schedule has been quite the something these days.

A lot of cuts, again. Specifically Candy going around in a Kart, and a battle with Hayato and Sonny: 2 of my resident narcissists, though since one of them IS an author self insert, guess who's winning? It's the reason this cut has to come.

For Sophia D'Antonio (Sport), Tamed Racing Animal 'The Guts' (Sport) and Sonny Meng Xian Zhen (5)
see Episode 3

For Hayato Matsumoto (6)
see Episode 5

For Boniface Richelieu (6)
see Episode 7

For Gary D-To (5)
see Episode 8

For Clark Kayne (5)
see Episode 9

For Nash Kirkham (5)
see Episode 10

For Amadine Richelieu (6) and Mirielle Richelieu (6)
see Episode 20

For Ginoa Fantoccia (5)
see Episode 21

Hello, is it me you're looking for? The quick paragraph of me looking at this months old writing?

Well, this is done just last week, so it's not that old. The idea definitely is old, however. And it's a shame I have to do all these cuts, and also fill up the horde of the writing with.. writing without illustration. I suck at drawing and I do want to find some way to illustrate thats not AI.

Sometime by the weekend is Week 25's entry, which is the Widowmaker's writeup! From an exciting car comes the writing being little ways exciting, I'll just tell you. Then it's 1 week break before the Himedic and the first half of Mazda Month.
There is not a lot I can say about this car that this video doesn't explain.
It is a BEAST with way more power than these tires can handle. It was an intense blast of space shuttle like power with not a ton of grip from the massive rear tires. The brakes were surprising, not super stable, but was like chucking an anchor out the back of the car. I had fun with it but could not find the pace our resident ninja seemed to find easy. Even drifting Vic had the measure of me in this thing.
I don't know if you can call something this menacing a good car, but it was for sure fun.
There is not a lot I can say about this car that this video doesn't explain.
It is a BEAST with way more power than these tires can handle. It was an intense blast of space shuttle like power with not a ton of grip from the massive rear tires. The brakes were surprising, not super stable, but was like chucking an anchor out the back of the car. I had fun with it but could not find the pace our resident ninja seemed to find easy. Even drifting Vic had the measure of me in this thing.
I don't know if you can call something this menacing a good car, but it was for sure fun.
There is not a lot I can say about this car that this video doesn't explain.
It is a BEAST with way more power than these tires can handle. It was an intense blast of space shuttle like power with not a ton of grip from the massive rear tires. The brakes were surprising, not super stable, but was like chucking an anchor out the back of the car. I had fun with it but could not find the pace our resident ninja seemed to find easy. Even drifting Vic had the measure of me in this thing.
I don't know if you can call something this menacing a good car, but it was for sure fun.
SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 25 - Porsche 911 Turbo (930)


The veritable definition of a man killer Porsche. In my mind, there's a lot of these, but this one's probably the most infamous one of all.

So it's no surprise that Porsche in the 70s has been making a killing in the racing field.. okay, enough death related puns. Anywho, that means more cars for the road to commemorate this legacy. One such car was the 930 Turbo: a car born from a need to homologate.

After they're done with Can-Am, Porshce wanted in Group 4 racing: which at the time requires the utilized aspiration used in the race car also to be present on the homologated road car. So, like the Carrera RS: this iconic classic 911 is homologated.

So what our guys in Stuttgart did was pump out their race tuned turbo used in the Can-Am 917/30, and place it on the 3 liter boxer from the 911 Carrera 2.7 RS.

This results in 256 horsepower.. not too bad, but then you see what they did to the car as the 80's came: offered it in coupe, targa or cabriolet, pumped up the valves to 3.3 liters and got it to 295 horses. Of course they had to add other things like anti roll bars, better brakes and a modified suspension to handle this.

Combined with a 1.3 ton body, the car earned its name as the Widowmaker because it's a killer of men. Specifically the men who drove this unprepared when revving it past the 3000 RPM mark..

Though, this turbo fuelled oversteer became the factor that led to the car's now iconic fascia, inclusive of the Porsche whale tail hood cover, the bulging fenders, and the wide rear wheels. And that might help, but apparently is not enough. Now, that Widowmaker name's still going strong even with these improvements to making it drivable, because it ain't. It's because turbo lag is a thing, and this car has it in the whole shebang when the flat 6 gets going.

Thankfully, nobody else's going to upscale this in a significant, non-official way, said everyone but one..

Because this framework provided is how infamous Porsche tuners RUF got it's wings thanks to a twin turbo, 463 horsepower monster bringing around a much more hollowed out 930 that's weighed at 1.1 tons, christened as the BTR, but I'm sure it's much better known as the Yellowbird.

To be fair, man killer Porsche has been the sort of cars of this marque I find attractive. Not hinting anything of my future COTW intentions that's not a Viper, that is. In terms of media, this is an incredibly iconic Porsche that's pretty much everywhere, more recently in Rocket League where as of writing is the latest Season Pass battle car to take the pitch.

Where do we continue with the fictional side of things? What's Augur? What if I told you it's an excuse for me to develop more characters due to their COTW unique presence.


Episode 25: A Force Of Nature

Sardegna Road Circuit
Sardegna Island, Italy


A bright day awaits those in the quaint isle of Sardegna

Getting out from her Yaris into a parking area, Candy then quotes from the signage all over..

Candy: "And this looks to be the place. Sardegna Road Track.."

At this time, the action remains at a minimum, with only groundskeepers moving about on track.

Candy: "I've never seen such a hive for street racing on an FIA officiated track in my whole life."

As she strolls down to the pit lane, she then hears, then looks down to see a toy snake, thinking it was real.

Candy: "BWAAAHH!"

And the person responsible: Interpol agent Bernardo, enters with a joyful laugh as he makes his entry heard.

Bern: "EHEHEHE, AHAHAHAH! [slowly starts crying]"

As Candy picks herself up, Bernardo then wiped his tears as he shows genuine sadness considering the connection with Candy to someone else..

Despite being the victim, she knows the real victim isn't her these recent days, as she sympathizes.

Candy: "I.. understand your pain. You lost your best friend. You lost your co-worker. You lost faith in your high school sweetheart.. and worst of all.. you, I mean, we lost Lulu."

Bern: "She is as irreplaceable as those you mentioned earlier, amica. I'm not even sure how this smile still remains."

Candy: "Well, I'll make sure it remains by the end of the day. Let's give it our all on this Augur problem one step at a time."

Bern: "That's definitely a statement Rin would make up. But I believe you, from the depths of my sore heart."

After she's done, she then looks ahead, noticing a select familiar presence..

Candy: "Those two.. are from The List. Members of the Origins.. or Foundations, was it?"

As she prepares to leave Bernardo to his lonesome, she gets a call out..

Bern: "Eh? Are you headed somewhere?"

Candy: "I won't leave you, Bernardo.. but, do tell: how well acquainted are you with Jacob's mean street posse?"

Bern: "Oh, emm.. I fear should they see a cop, they might scatter. Without these people, it's that my confidence isn't at the best of places, amica."

Candy: "Better keep your distance. I want to confirm their intents.."

She then marches on towards this uncanny duo, not willing to hide anything.

They see her approach, and she then began conversation with a small stern alarm.

Candy: "Peculiar. Wherever I go, The List won't stop sniffing. Did the dark one intend this?"

Lena didn't quite take it personally, as she greets with her usual snooty tone.

Lena: "Heh. Kak cam, kattonya? Do tell, Candy: this is how you say hello?"

Lena's cold demeanor gave Candy the chills, as she replies..

Candy: "N-no! Just being a little snarky.. don't mean anything! Big Fred!"

Shouted Candy in a rouse of nerves, getting the attention of the gigantic American truck driver..

Fred: "Little Candy! Geheh.. Hey, loosen up, Queenie! Don't you see she means no harm? I mean, she ain't hurting no fly in any sense. GEHA! GEHAHAHA!"

Lena: "I mean nothing of such for the kattonya in front of me, my crocodil."

Fred: "At any case.. might you want to guess why we're here?"

Candy: "Easy: somehow that you know your boss the dark one's been seen around these meets."

Lena: "That is true. Balagur.. the one you call Murph, has taken from credible source about. He work with Nash, after all."

Candy: "And that credible source mentions The Outlaw might be here, in some remote island south of the Italian mainland? Where it's away from the main scenes? Don't you think it's, quite, well, far fetched?"

Fred: "Think this way, little Candy: if I was being pursued by some unknowing force, sure you want to keep to yourself much as you can, right? And what better place than, as you say, a remote island?"

He's large, but he doesn't seem to reek the scent that he's an idiot, she thought, after hearing that idea.

Candy: "No arguments there. But I can't seem to piece how he won't even tell you: those closest to him in this regard. It's so vexing."

Lena: "Da, it is. Nachalnik usually informs us if he requires laying of low. This only time he fails to speak of."

Candy: "Anything else?"

Lena: "Nothing to note otherwise. We hear he's caught by this shady group. What was it Balagur said it was.."

Fred: "Forger? Burger? Something of that line. Ahh, what we care about that is we know he got out because of course he can."

Candy: "That's quite the tale, really."

Lena: "She doesn't know of his past. On his motivations on why Nachalnik would.. say.. develop chemical agent to weaponize."

Fred: "Being honest, I too wasn't in this here meeting on that story detail, Queenie."

All that info skimmed down, Candy then decides for a course of action towards this pair..

Candy: "So, we know he's here. Let's say we team up."

Lena: "It is not like you are our enemy, kattonya. Fred?"

Fred: "Like I was ever going to say no. GEHAHAHAAH!"

With them on board, Candy decides she needs to help those whose helped her before, suggesting in earnest..

Candy: "I guess I'll take the lead. Lay it on me. What does The List know?"

Lena: "Interesting. Very well. We've co-operated with Big 3 on this. They confirm today none of their bunch is in this event."

Fred: "Not to mention we're real spread thin like butter on toast. Murph's scanning the US, we got Lee in Japan, Hamza in Europe, and Sonny's keeping to himself back in Singapore."

Thinking of the international agenda of The List has Candy think, then look towards Bernardo, noting him being missing, but this would get answered with him slipping by towards the group, initially sneakily before..

Bern: "W-WATCH OUT!"

Candy: "B-Bern!"

As Bernardo falls, he then quickly gets up and sweeps dust off him, then heartily demands..

Bern: "Ahia.. forgive me for intruding, but Jacob Ross is my friend as he is to your respected superior, and I cannot sit idly by afar."

Candy: "Any help I guess can work. Umm.. this is Bern.. I wonder if you've ever met?"

Lena: "I hear, not met. I also know he is cop. That is fine. Fred, this one works with Rin."

Fred: "Yeah? How'd ja figure? Don't see him around the precinct database.."

Lena: "He works with Rin, meaning.. Interpol, of course."

Fred: "If that's the case, then he's a pal to me!"

Considering their input, Bernardo comes out with a happy face, knowing he's around good people.

Bern: "Bellisimo! I mean.. grazie. Believe me, if I were to betray Jake's position, it would've already been done."

Candy: "Oh, trust me, Bern, you being untrustworthy is the last thing I'll know you for."

Lena: "I agree."

Fred: "Same."

Overhearing enough, Bernardo progresses the action plan..

Bern: "So, what's the plan? The day is young, and the track is.. well, quite clear."

Candy: "To be honest, a drive's the best shot we have unless we're up for a walk."

Fred: "I ain't up for them, I mean just LOOK at me, GEHAHA!"

Bern: "Well, what do we have for cars? I brought the Delta."


Lena: "It's not what you think, but I brought Batmobile."

Fred: "That's her old Bimmer. I'm with Pete as always. So we got rides each of us. Looks to me we got to look around?"

Candy: "Get around track, maybe persuade some of these loiterers that a track's no place to just hang about. And just note if something seems.. suspect."

Lena: "This is plan that I like. We're off."

Bern: "Likewise! Bernardo.. AWAY!!"

In an attempt to agitate the racers loitering around the morning, Candy takes off in her Yaris..


Candy: "Ughh... being a leader is tough work, especially with such on the fly planning."

And with her mates helping out, the track finds itself busier than it was.




Candy: "I guess a drive will calm my nerves. It really is my instinct working this day..."

later 3.jpg

Sight and focus not fading, Candy begins to feel nothing much has come.

But just as she thought to look for something strange or out of place..


Candy: "930 Turbo? Charging straight at me? Intrigue.. Let's take it on."



And after a good run, Candy finds herself feeling problematic with the Porsche's performance being unnatural.


Candy: "What pressure.. that Porsche can really bring out the terror in a great racer."

And as Candy cleans herself up, she heads back to her car, parked in a closed garage..


Candy: "I guess my plan worked.. the action goes on."

Through her livestream on her phone, she then sees Lena still at it even though the Delta and the F-150 have already stopped for fuel.

Candy: "Lena's batmobile is no slouch. I wonder what she's done to it? This sounds like the kind of thing Lulu might get into if she don't get irate about anything. Haha."

And just as she's about to exit, she turns to the only door out to not respond to her hand movements.

Candy: "L-locked?"

The room then envelops with an unnatural air at the next moment.

Candy: "S-smoke?!"

Desperate, she reeled back and crashed into the same locked door with her shoulder, panicking as she howls..


And soon, she then finds out the gas being knockout gas, slowly losing her view, but not before letting out what's left of her energy about it..

Candy: "S[BLEEP]! This must be the work of those Augur freaks! How dare you decide to take me on the easy way?!"

She thought of getting out of the predicament when she gets up, as she resists..

Candy: "(This isn't good..) must remain.. calm! I won't let them... get the jump on ME!"

Steps are heard as she lays on the floor, but unsure from where exactly..

Candy: "Who's there! N-no.. a-air.."

She then passes out..

It's not her first knockout experience, but anyone like her knows it's the kind of experience she would object to no matter the reasoning.

Candy: "NYAH! Huh? Where am I?"

A quick look around and Candy finds herself behind the wheel of a certain Porsche..


Candy: "P-O-R-this is a classic Porsche, alright. That bronze 930 Turbo. [exhales] breathing's fine. Though.. what happened?"

Dazed, before she could figure anything out, she then notices a figure walking in..

Candy: "Something comes this way.. I'm tied up good!"

Said figure then walks by the passenger side, and opens, coming in to sit.

Candy: "P-please! Don't hurt me! What manner of creature are you?!"

To answer, her vision slowly returns to her, but the clarity hasn't quite taken shape.

Candy: "This is the end, isn't it.. Lulu, I'm sorry.."

As she prepares her last rites, that image then clears, to show a familiar face but with an unfamiliar attire..

Candy: "You.."

He takes off his hat to reveal his much clearer fascia..


Her worries then get tossed aside as she frantically calms down..

Candy: "Whew. You CANNOT believe that my hypertension's gone or anything. But, well.. that is a solid lead your guy got you."

Jake Ross: "My guy?"

Candy: "Murph? You know.. the Irishman with the ambulance."

Jake Ross: "Of course.. Same way he did before we rode together. Take his do-gooder, brotherly face out of the equation, and you'll see that he's a crook I still don't got any clue how he operates."

He then shifts into his more serious face as he speaks in accordance to that..

Jake Ross: "Well, it seems that there's no hiding the face. And while you're here, I do mean to talk to you, face to face. Drive."


Ich Tu Dir Weh
Liebe ist für alle da

Focused on the wheel, Candy paces through a difficult to drive Porsche with her passenger relaxed.

Candy: "That's a Porsche alright.. a dangerous one. Where'd you find it? Doesn't sound like a retro build."

Jake Ross: "Stolen. Nothing like bribing the guards of an Italian collector on holiday. I had to take the extra steps to keep the plates shaded."

Even though she's doing all she can to keep the car in check, she has to keep her curiosity in check too..

Candy: "Obviously I must know.. they all said you got caught or whatever. The thing is: you ran off, was it?"

Jake Ross: "Captured? That's a rumor at best, missy. Though, ran? You heard right. I sensed the like of those folk that tried to take old Nash into their own."


Candy: "Any clue why?"

Jake Ross: "Don't got one sound reason, just assumptions. I do know they want Mythic. I do hear enough to know Paul and Lucia are in their hands. I do know we are all in risk on joining them."

He seems to know a lot for someone who's AWOL, she figures. But it didn't stop her.

Candy: "What about you?"

Jake Ross: "What about me? They came for me first. Trust me.. should you ever come to a certain place near my home, you might find something.. nasty. An open burial.."

She paused to realize..

Candy: "I shudder to think even.. why would you?"

Jake Ross: "Take it from Ginnie.. I knew her long time. The motto that lives in her organization's way of thinking. Kill or be killed."

Candy: "And... you didn't mention my big sis.."

Jake Ross: "I presume she ain't that dumb and saw that I left home abrupt. Mean that.. she knows I gotta hide. To protect you all. Protect me, her, baby brother, my family.. and those in contact with me. You especially."

Candy: "Especially?"

Jake Ross: "Yeah. Turns out these are the same bunch that got you that blue MINI we've been looking forwards to dismantling that one time."


Candy: "These Augur people, ehh? Even under different colors they work under the same banner."

Jake Ross: "From Maggiore, to Atlanta. It's all speculation, but I can't deny. Disturbing I know."

Candy: "Is there anyone in cahoots with you, or.."

Jake Ross: "Usually Murph or Sonny tags along, but for now, I'm solo on this one. Though.. I feel this time might be the action I ain't confident with."

Candy: "Curious. Why's that?"

Jake Ross: "Should I leave so that people around me would be protected. But should I do my hiding so well, that.. fill in the blanks."

He tests her, and while she struggles initially..

Candy: "Umm.."

Jake Ross: "I hide so well, that I'm invisible, and when that's the case.."

Spoke Jacob sinisterly with a clue in mind. He then thought she doesn't need more additional help.

Jake Ross: "Don't need to hint you one more, Candy."

The drive does get more smooth as Candy then thinks.. with an answer that came not too long later.

Candy: "If nobody sees you, and they won't stop.. they would find someone else.. ohh?"

Jake Ross: "Bingo."

Candy: "They're looking for you, but you didn't delude them, eh?"

Jake Ross: "I was hoping that'd be the case.. but.. I figure I'll give you some time to think this through. But I want to see your conviction. Let's power this through. I'll come out of hiding as soon as I can find Jess. Your big sis."

Hearing the words big sis again, Candy didn't feel giving up is the option considering what's at stake alongside herself.

Candy: "Power it through.. I'm ready for what comes, however unexpected. I'll show there's nothing to be afraid of.. I hope I got the message clear for my heart."

Jake Ross: "Oh yes. The confidence reeks. Now, keep driving. This car's killed men in the past, but.. what say you set an example as a woman and show me your stuff."

However, she knows it's not intentional, but decides to poke fun..

Candy: "The last time someone asked me that, well.. he regretted it. You definitely didn't mean that innuendo, correct."

Jake Ross: "Ugh.. of course not."


"I think I need to stop. There might be those who might grow suspicions of me being missing.."


Candy: "I suppose I'll give Porsche a little more credit for their kind of sports cars. But, well, I've been thinking.."

Jake Ross: "Don't go be wasting our time now. Out with it."

Candy: "If what you said is true.. then.. why not come out of hiding? You're a much more capable force as is, and you doing what you've done, as per your logic.. only harms others that this Augur people also have their sights on."

Jake Ross: "I.. see what you mean. I guess it's selfish of me. My decision remains because of the situation."

Candy: "Please. It's not going to be pleasant for all of us if you're the last man on Earth."

She rubs her eyes, and held her hands, hoping to reassure him..

Candy: "Can't you see I'm begging here?"

Jake Ross: "I'm not blind. But.. I suppose.."

He's always had a high opinion of her, but Jacob then remembers something else..

Jake Ross: "I have to say.. when I had my last serious talk with Murph.. if not for things like unwanted names in unwanted places, he told me to not be afraid of change. What's done is the eventual lead to me returning to when I thought was the worst. I must change."

Candy: "I fear there's a change coming in sooner than you think."

Jake Ross: "Well.. can't disagree, Candy."

He sits with a focus, and thus speaks out remaining still.

Jake Ross: "Your concern is addressed, Candy. I.. I guess now we should part ways. Stay safe.. you're important to me after all.."

Candy: "I.. uhh.. appreciate the concern. As always. I mean.. I had similar thoughts."

Still not looking at her by the eye, he then warns..

Jake Ross: "Oh, and do watch your back. I hear this deadly new foe might have more than just my toxin to use against us.."

Candy: "About that.. how did they even.."

Jake Ross: "Wish I knew. But I'll come back, sooner perhaps since you put a wrench in my plans. Do tell whoever still in search of me that.. my body may lie, but I still wander."

That last statement did raise Candy's eyebrows in question.

Candy: "Yeesh, more riddles?"

Jake Ross: "Yup. for now at least. Sleep well.."

Before she could ask further, the smoke comes out again, strangely the only thing in her mind about it is how Jacob is mostly unaffected by its effects..

And before she knew it..


She then gets up, dazed again, but with at least the knowledge of the earlier encounter.

Candy: "Ohh... that man is full of questions. I'm back here.."

As she readies to exit, she then tries the door out again..

Candy: "Oh, great. The door's locked again. Was it again, or has it been locked the whole time? Huh.."

Considering those thoughts, she then turned to her car, and went to sit inside, wanting a rest.

Candy: "Did I really have an episode with the dark one, or was that just some lucid dream? Lucid's not the right word, but I'm sure anyone can say that felt surreal.."

Though before she could lull to a sleep, the door gets a swift tackle in.

Consisting of the small team from earlier, Bernardo takes point and heads towards an about te be rested Candy.

Bern: "Si, she's in here alright!"

Lena: "Little kattonya! You look fine."

Candy: "Uhh.. I guess.."

Bern: "Right.. now that we found you, how about that mission to find Jake?"

Candy then got out of her car to brief what she went through, explaining..

Candy: "About that.. Umm.. I don't know if I did or didn't find him."

Fred: "Uhhh, what makes you say that?"

Candy: "Y'see, well.. some gas was in this room, and the next thing is that I found myself talking to Jake."

Bern: "And you didn't even record nothing? Che palle.. Obviously we might still be back in square one on that."

Despite that negativity, Lena thought of another angle..

Lena: "Hold on. We should not jump to conclusions. Candy.. how is he?"

Candy: "He seems tense. Like he dislikes the life of being alone despite how it's demanded. Tells you all, umm.. about how his body lies, but he still wanders."

He recognizes it, thus in a jolly way, jumped aside and made a little jig, shouting..

Fred: "GEHA! That sounds to me you did find little Jacob, however many hoops he done did to get to see you anonymous like."

The ice queen crosses her arms and poses, then adds on..

Lena: "At any rate, should Nachalnik mention he wanders, it means he should not want to be followed or sought out."

Fred: "Yup. I'll relay it to The List, then. They know to respect that man's wishes."

Candy: "That's not his first disappearance?"

Lena: "If he needs to cool down bounty, this he usually does."

As they begin to walk out of the garage, Bernardo inquires..

Bern: "He trusts you enough to give out a code, huh?"

Candy: "Sounds like it.. Now with that door down, I feel some fresh air is warranted."

And as they exit out the building, they notice a small gathering of various cars.

Though, Candy then notices something in the distance, and thus shouts..

Candy: "Look!"

That something was in the form of a tall man wearing a recognizable signature hat and his coat: definite signs of Jacob's identity.

Candy: "The dark one truly was here.. that was no fluke!"

Bern: "I cannot mistake that aura in those clothes.. that is him."

Lena: "There he wanders. Nachalnik, I hope you don't forget us."

Fred: "Fortune take you far, little Jacob. I hope we all get through this crisis a-ok."

Don't have anything notable to say this time around. Next 2 weeks are big weeks anyways.

For The Outlaw/Jacob Ross (5)
see Episode 2

For Bernardo Bellini (5)
see Episode 6

For Lena Mashakov (5)
see Episode 9

For Frederick 'Fred' Mcstevenson (5)
see Episode 22
SPD the past few days:

Lmao. Playing through this game right now as I type. With my cousin. Meeting every week once. Playing through different games.


Great game. Can recommend.

More on topic: finished hot lapping of all 7 cars last night (played till 6am lol), which means am gonna release all laps and comparisons over the next few weeks, except the LFA and Porsche, which will be released in December and April respectively, as they were so impressively quick (and I'm releasing vids in order of achieved lap times).

No car truely disappointed me I gotta say. Pleasant surprises were the Tesla, LFA and Porsche. Especially the last two. The LFA has F1, Carrera GT and XJ220 type speed/lap time. The Porsche...omg is this car genius. Slow at the top end, but utterly insane at everything else. Lap time? In the 06.50s is all I'm gonna say...I spent both in the LFA and the Porsche an UNGODLY amount of time both on Tsukuba and the Nordschleife, so I REALLY pushed them to their limits. In the Porsche, I'm about 2 seconds behind world record alien pace. I know, as I always compare my lap times to some YT alien, who holds many world record runs in the game's challenges.

Some more light spoilers:
  • the Merc 190 was barely quicker around the Nords compared to the old muscle car from the DLC
  • the Demon, as already disclosed, is seriously similarly quick around the Nords as the F1!!! Maybe 3 seconds off pace...crazy.
  • The NISMO, despite a far higher top speed, was around 6sec slower around the Nords compared to the Tesla
  • The LFA actually beat both the Carrera GT and F1 in my hands, altough in its actual limit it'll still be slightly slower, than them. In my hands, it also was only around 3 tenths off the XJ220's pace...
  • The Porsche was about 7 seconds quicker around the Nords, than the '16 GT3 model, but feels SO much better to drive. It absolutely feels like a race car, although fitted with SM tyres.
  • The MC20 lap will be released in the beginning of January. One of the best laps I've ever done, together with the Porsche lap. Here it's about 3 seconds off world record pace.
  • The Valkyrie will be released in August, or earlier in the case of a COTW pick. Also really, really proud of the lap I did. Very much at my personal limit with this thing. Lap time? Under 6 mins completely stock...
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@Yard_Sale might not show up here on the thread often, but he technically posted the first review here on this thread. Not to mention, he's more than a familiar sight in our PSN chat group, and has showed up for a few select weeks to race with us!

And so when I asked him if he'd like to pick a car for this week, he went with the BMW M3 Sport Evolution '89!

グランツーリスモ™ 7_20231119230126.png

Style edited from original by kuronana_325i: ハルトゲ E30 改訂版
#Hartge #BMW #TommyKaira


Despite it being an utter failure in the United States, it eventually rose to its rightful place in the hierarchy of cult classic cars in America, and the world abroad. And not because it was a car that complimented the “Try Hard Hipster’s” vintage ‘Ramones’ t shirt, skinny jeans and checkered vans…as he grabs his morning skinny vanilla latte at an equally cliche and hipster coffee shop.

But rather, because it finally became renowned and revered for what it always was.

…a drivers car.

89’ BMW M3 Evo

We all know that the E30 M3 has a long history both IRL and in–game, and so if you've any liveries, stories, or opinions about the car, please feel free to share them here on the thread!

As luck would have it, a Jet Black M3 Sport Evo is currently on sale in the UCD now for 179,000 Credits if you happen to have wide bodied or sold (:crazy:) your M3 Sport Evo!

For this week's ~SPECIAL CHALLENGE~, I ran out of creativity, and so let's just go with preventing Vic from recreating history by denying him 5 straight wins in this week's Tuesday lobby, sound good? Just remember, "Cleaner than BTCC, dirtier than F1" is our guiding principle here! (Not sure how well THAT line aged...) The 5th race will be held at Nürburgring GP, do with that information what you will... ;)

Our usual weekly lobbies will be held at Tuesday, 21st of November, 10 P.M. CST (with DST) and Saturday, 25th of November, 5 P.M. Singapore time (without DST), where we will race the M3 Sport Evo bone stock! Of course, comparison cars on CS tyres and within 10PP of the M3 Evo are welcome, if... you catch my drift. ;) ;) ;)

We all know that the E30 M3 was pure motorsport, so let's just see how much the original "M" in "M3" stood for marketing, shall we? :sly:
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For this week's ~SPECIAL CHALLENGE~, I ran out of creativity, and so let's just go with preventing Vic from recreating history by denying him 5 straight wins in this week's Tuesday lobby, sound good? Just remember, "Clea-
tldr gordon.jpg

gutcheck time.gif

On a serious side note, YIPEEE ANOTHER SIGNATURE CAR!!
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Not much I can say about the Evo. I’ve never driven a real one. I have, though, driven an ‘84 318i with E30 M3 everything(on 17” E36 M3 DS1 wheels). That car had about 250hp.

Anyway, in game, the difference between the M3 and M3 Evo are noticeable. The extra 500rpm from the 2.5L are welcome. Plus, extra grip from the 16” wheel & tyre package. Everything extra on the Evo, is for purpose. It’s already a race car for the street. The M division tuning it up to continue battling big engine big horsepower rivals, shows the base car’s strength in engineering.

Though I prefer the M3 over its Evo enhancements, the Evo brings the driver that much closer to that DTM experience. Both top of my favourites list.

Sorry for my ongoing absence you guys!

Decided to throw out a weekly challenge. Stock BOP, fast lap around the NBG Sprint layout. I feel like this course really highlights a lot of the E30’s handling attributes. My fastest personal lap was a a sloppy 1:49.780. Replayed is shared. Refer all possible track boundary infringements to
OB. TT track time was 1300 hours under “fine weather”

To search my replay, add me in PSN @ YARD-SALE_949
At least in GT Sport, I managed an 08.12.354. On SH tyres. YT review: "Super impressive thing. Feels very raw and mechanical."

In GT7, with the non Evo version, I did an 08.21.887 on its stock CS tyres.

GT 7 drag racing battles:

GT 7 Tsukuba battles:

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Congrats to @Pickle_Rick74 for breaking Vic's Reign of terror at Laguna Seca, narrowly beating the alien in a back and forth spanning the entire latter half of the race!

グランツーリスモ™ 7_20231122212606.png

Special mention also goes towards @Baron Blitz Red for going almost lights to chequer in the last race at Nürburgring GP!

グランツーリスモ™ 7_20231122211842.png

Now, Baron, if we can borrow some of your infinite barrels of red paint, we need to paint some carpets red real quick to to welcome back @Racer283 into action, who hasn't been able to join us ever since becoming a father this past June!

グランツーリスモ™ 7_20231122224705.png

Super gutted that I missed this "Tuesday's" lobby... :mad:
Congrats to @Pickle_Rick74 for breaking Vic's Reign of terror at Laguna Seca, narrowly beating the alien in a back and forth spanning the entire latter half of the race!

View attachment 1305476

Special mention also goes towards @Baron Blitz Red for going almost lights to chequer in the last race at Nürburgring GP!

View attachment 1305477

Now, Baron, if we can borrow some of your infinite barrels of red paint, we need to paint some carpets red real quick to to welcome back @Racer283 into action, who hasn't been able to join us ever since becoming a father this past June!

View attachment 1305517

Super gutted that I missed this "Tuesday's" lobby... :mad:

There is still saturday. ;)
Did you get your wheel fixed? What went wrong with it?

I didn't. Would take weeks or months. I have lots of free time this and next month + I had to drive all new DLC content.

The problem: look, imagine that exact point of grip loss because of slide and/or weight transfer; this very moment while driving is being exaggerated by the wheel, which makes it VERY difficult to move cars on the limit. That applies the most to cars, which are super difficult to move at the limit generally, like the FD RX7. Those cars are essentially undriveable at the limit NOW. And don't tell me it's just the cars. I've hot lapped the FD RX7 at Tsukuba already months ago and uploaded it. The time I did back then, I can not really replicate any more and if it's a track with height change like Deep Forest and Trial Mountain, then just completely forget about driving on the limit alltogether.

The wheel feels VERY heavy and sort of "locked up" from the inside, trying to simulate snap oversteer and totally overdoing/exaggerating it. It's like you're driving the car in that very moment ALL the time.

Yes, that is basically the problem.

Having said that, I still want to compete regularly on saturdays. The effect is much less pronounced on some cars, so there's that.
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0a93ca5a08605c6c909cb6732ea72e8c_thumb_l (1).jpg

Here is at least one picture of my custom grid of M3s and M3 evos...
Would love to post some more pictures, but the PS4 won't let me do that...
Some fanatsy liveries, some replicas, some adaptions...10 teams with two cars each, slight optical differences on the cars of the same teams, so the spotters on the track can tell them apart from a distance... ;)

Still one of my favorite custom grids, always great racing, the AI is pretty good with that car!
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