Car tunings, please help!!!

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Can someone please help me? I need good tuning setups (particularly suspension) for my Toyota Vits/Yaris/Echo, especially for the Special Stage Route 11 (Reverse) track, my TVR tuscan needs a setup for the Rome circuit (or just a general ly good setup), my pagani Zonda would like one (for general racing, mainly for the Italian Avante Garde Professional Series), and I also need a tuning setup for my Mazda MX-5 1.8, specifically for the Apricot Hill Endurance.

I hope this isn't too much to ask for!
Any help will be greatly appreciated!! :)

Ps. Merry Christmas!!! :)
Are you doing the Vitz cup? Since the Vitz understeers like a mule-plow, you have to do everything you can to make this not happen. I ususally do these things:

1. raise the rear of the car higher than the front (an attempt to keep the weight over the front tires to induce traction).

2. leave the bound dampers in the front softer than the rear. Same with rebounds ('re trying to keep the weight on those front tires)

3. Brake balance: rear brakes stronger than front. If you're good at using e-brake...use this sparingly. It can save you at times when you're in the middle of a corner and headed in the wrong direction.

Tires? At Route 11, i think i used T2's or T3's so i wouldn't need to pit.

Your settings are only a start, keep in mind. The Vitz understeers so badly despite your settings, the only way to combat this is to Keep OFF THE GAS when exiting those corners!!!! Once you've got the car aimed right, you can floor the gas if you have TCS set on 1. Otherwise you might experience a bit of spinning from the inside-front tire.

I haven't done the Miata endurnace, but i think you can't tune there anyways. Nor have i driven a Zonda or the TVR Tuscan you mentioned.
Settings between GT3 and GT4 are decent shots in the dark, but they are not necessarily translatable. If you're totally lost you can start with one and apply it to the other and see what happens. Off the top of my head, swaybars (stabilizers) seem to have less effect in GT4 than in GT3. Actually, in general suspension tuning seems to have less effect overall in GT4.

Understeer is much worse in GT4; some people argue this is more realistic, and some think it is not. Realistic or not it is more annoying.

One place to look besides this Settings board is the GT3 Race Reports threads. People also posted settings in their reports - like this from my Vitz/Yaris report.

Here are some baseline settings for the Tuscan:
Car:        TVR Tuscan 
     Horsepower:  662  
     Weight kg:   979
     Track:      Apricot Hill Reverse 
     Springs        15.2/13.0        Gearing   
     Ride Height      72/72        SetAt 3.782  
     Bound             6/7         AUTO     28 
     Rebound           9/8         Final 3.050  
     Camber          3.9/1.2                  
     Toe            -0.5/1.5      The   Gears 
     Stabilizer        4/6        1st   3.719  
     Brake Balance    14/12       2nd   2.552 
     LSD Front        15/26/12    3rd   1.884 
     LSD Rear         --/--/--    4th   1.457 
     Downforce      ----/----     5th   1.180 
     ASM                0         6th   1.000
     TCS                0         7th   Blank 
     VCD                --%  
     Tires         T2/T2

You can also try my writeup of the Italian Avant Garde for how I set up my C12S to win against the racecars.