cderekw19's Original and Replica Liveries

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As other have done I wanted to make a thread to showcase my liveries, both Replicas and Originals by me.

I will likely make a separate post for each livery just so I can add a little story with each one.

Some may be ones that I have entered for the Livery Editor Competitions. There have been a few that I've missed by a day or 2 and didn't get to upload them for the competition.

You can find my profile for all liveries, photos, decals, etc. here:
United States
The first one to go up is one I missed the deadline on for LEC #50
I went with a local brand for the Main Sponsor - Dr. Enuf (created by the Tri City Beverage Company in East Tennessee) The same company is the original creator if Mountain Dew but Later sold it to Pepsi.

I also used a few other local brands on the car.

Pal's - A local fast food chain
Weigel's - A local gas station chain
Farm Bureau Insurance - Tennessee

I had to make all of the decals for those places. There are about 10 different ones for the Dr. Enuf Sponsor alone.