Channel Your Inner MI6 Agent With the Best of Bond Car Pack for FH4

I just had a thought. The Lotus Esprit body kit will be the only 'boat' / car?

So hopefully it will let you get to all the small islands and places cut off in the summer until the lakes freeze.

I would like to see how far out in the sea you can go! Across to Holland maybe? :P

I am looking forward to this day one pack. It has just installed itself on my Xbox all ready. The total is 60gb approx which is far less than I thought ! 👍
bandicam 2018-09-19 01-28-53-943.png

bandicam 2018-09-19 01-28-56-799.png

If you look closely at the trailer, you can see the tire and the bottom of the ocean under the car body in every scene.
This kit will only be a body kit. It never gives special effects.