Chaparral 2D question

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I've recently started playing GT4 again and I noticed an oddity... when viewing the Chaparral 2D in the Chaparral dealership its specs state that the mass of the car is 924 kg, which according to Wikipedia at least, is accurate. I recently completed the Nurburgring 4h endurance race so I could get one of these beauties without spending credits for it and also getting a trophy along the way.

Now this is where things get weird. When I checked the specs of my prize 2D, the listed mass is 771 kg, not 924. Is this a display bug? Do the prize 2D and dealership 2D have different masses (I've not yet had the opportunity to buy a dealership one to compare) or does the dealership 2D also have 771 kg upon being purchased? Very odd, and also wondering if it happens with other cars.


Each car in GT4's database has two values for mass: the real mass used by the physics engine, and a "display" mass used in the dealership. This allows concept cars to show a null mass in the dealership (accounting for cases where the manufacturer didn't have a set of real specs planned), while making them drivable in the game (using imaginary specs made up by PD), for example.


For some reason, the 2D has a display mass much lower than the real mass. Why? God knows. The same mistake made it all the way to GT6.
I see, though I think you meant to write that the real mass is much lower and not the display mass since the lower mass is the one shown in the garage. So the car has been too light all this time it seems.