Chase cam is horrible?, is it a bug?..

Hi guys ever since ive had Gran turismo sport the way the car rotates, behaves in relation to chase cam is horrible, I have noticed if you change settings for chase cam it either makes it worse or slightly better, i then noticed after changing settings a few times it finally became good, kind of hard to explain, so I just made a video if anyone else can try and confirm this works... @PorscheHD etc

The settings i want in chase cam settings are 0.0 and 0, but if you select that straight away its not how i want still feels rubbish..
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200302175845.jpg

See if this video helps and explains better, because the cars feel fantastic to drive in chase cam after you do this...

Hope it works for every one, shame it dosen`t save and you have to do this each time...

Is it a bug?, because chase cam is pretty horrible unless I do this...Well i think its better anyway...
You are not the only one, it happens to me I also noticed when it appeared in an update months ago (I think it was the update of the Catalunya Circuit) the only way to solve it is by entering the chase cam settings Chase View Camera Sensitifity from 0.0 to 0.2 and set to 0.0 again, and the bad part and that needs to do this process every time the game is started by the player because it is not saving, it seems that the game defaults to 0.2, leaving the game with the camera fixed . So this is a bug left unnoticed by the developers.

But this is not a big problem for me because most of the time I use the hood camera.
Thanks @GT235 glad i`m not the only one, if you watch my video to the end you see how free and nice the car actually rotates when turning ,after you have gone in and out of settings etc....

Such a shame it dosent save settings and we have to mess about every time...maybe pd should know about this....
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This is how the chase cam should be. Very GT1/2/3 like and not the stiffness from 4/5/6.
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