==Civic Sedan Modifications v1.0==

Discussion in 'GT2 Settings & Tunings' started by wing_system, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. wing_system


    Well I really like civics now, snice they make me drift much easier than a FR car. I have about all the civics, old and new, the Civic sedan being the best right now.

    Heres my suggestion on how to make the civic into a good drift car:

    Exaust: Sport
    Turbo: No
    Brake System: Sport
    Brake Control System: No
    Suspension: Sport or Semi (your choice, try em both i suggest sport though but if your one of thoes people that like sharp control the do semi)

    Computer Chip
    Port and Polish
    Engine Balance
    N/A Tune Up (max)
    Increased Displacement

    (Sports rear, hard front)

    Sport Transmission
    Tripple plated clutch
    Sport or Semi flywheel (semi, but ur choice)
    Limited Slip Diffrential 1 Way

    There I didnt choose to do on most of my cars snice the weight kinda helps me drift but sometimes just do 1 or 2 stages of weight reudction


    Thats it, I dont tinker with gear raitos or suspension, with this I can execute most of my drifts. I'm still expermenting with suspension though. Test tries these settings on Lugna Seca, thats were I always go

    Feedback is alaways apprecative, please give opnions and suggestions.