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Further explanation of the theme, as described by KING OF SKULLS:

"Most of you know Ikea and the home of this company which is successful in 40 countries with
ready-to-assemble furnitures is Sweden. But that is just the hook for this weeks theme because
it's about a car which is rarely seen in competions and shots, the Volvo C30 R-Design '09.
With over 400 HP and a weight of under 1200 kg (fully tuned) it is a fast car and such a joy to drive.
But you can also leave it complete stock, it's up to you. And as it is so well modelled, i'm sure you'll
make some pretty realistic shots of it.
As we don't have any swedish racetracks in the game, i thought Spa Francorchamps, with the
possibility to change the weather and its conifer forest, is the nearest to represent an scandinavian
environment. Also, to be true to the theme, the paint of the Volvo is restricted to yellow or blue
(no light blue or turquoise).

So have fun and push your skills to the limit to make this competition another epic one!

This weeks competion is inspired and dedicated to MoMo PeeZero. His kindly feedbacks are
always a great motivation and his skills in shooting and editing highly realistic pictures with lots of
atmosphere became extraordinary in the last months. Spa forever............Spa Baby!!!!

CAR: Volvo C30 R-Design '09.
LOCATION: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps / Weather Change.
UNIQUE RESTRICTIONS: Tuned or stock. Only yellow or blue (colours of Sweden) paintchips.


Please, ensure you read and understand all requirements for this competition. Failure to follow
the rules may result in disqualification. If you have any questions, please, send me a Private Message.

This Thread has everything you need to know.

  • There must be at least some detail of the background (location) visible in the picture that
    can later be identified to be part of the location specified in the theme. If the location is
    not immediately clear from the picture you must provide the exact location if it's queried.
  • Only one entry per user allowed and must be that user's own work and never used in another
  • Do not ask other members to choose your entry.
  • Entry post must be marked with a FINAL ENTRY text.
  • Entries may only be changed once and it must be indicated clearly.
  • Entries must be posted in either thumbnail or a preview and linked to it's full size.
  • Posts containing bigger previews than allowed, full sizes or links only will be ignored.
  • Previews should not exceed the limit of 500px in either direction and have any effect not
    present in the original image.
  • It's recommended the usage of a free image hosting service, such as ImageShack, Photobucket
    or Flickr.
  • Only the Judge's favourite 15 entries will get through to the poll.
  • Keep in mind that the Host of this competition may ask for the original image and it must
    be submitted if so.

    It's recommended to store the original image (from the USB stick) until competition week ends.

  • No other editing, besides proportionally resize and rotate, is allowed outside GT5 Photomode.

Monday 16.09.13

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Interested in this. May give it a shot.

Quick question: are we allowed to put blue and yellow? Like blue for the body and yellow for the wheels.


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spa is not at practice mode. where to find it with weather change ?

Make sure that you have purchased it from the PlayStation Store. It's DLC.

And if you have bought it, Spa will be in "Real Circuits".
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Thanks King Of Skulls for the dedication!:gtpflag:

I simply enjoy others photos. I love to talk about them, and let others know that their art matters. Because it does. Plus, I have a big mouth.

These guys have not lived until they've eaten at the Restaurant At Spa, a quick sandwich from First Kitchen in Tokyo, or met me at my Secret Evil Lab in Madrid, (Guarded by robotic twin lion statues at it's entrance).

All we got is us. 'Forever Spa' & Good Luck with this comp.

And guys, Mention my name at the restaurant for a discount.:sly:
Ok to be honest i doesn't thought about the fact that the track is only available via DLC while i made the theme. My bad. :guilty: I just wanted a bit of variation in the entries by given the possibility to change the weather conditions (light conditions).

I just took a closer look and the time of day is the same on both versions, also if you change the weather to 0% you have the same light conditions as in the non weather track.

If nobody is against it, i would like to allow the non weather track (as sunny conditions are also possible in the weather track version). To give people which doesn't have the DLC track the possibility to participate aswell.
Your thoughts?
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It looks fine fullsize, but the smaller picture it is a tiny bit blurry, but that's just my humble opinion.
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