Clubsport pedals V2 + GT DD Pro - adjusting BRF?

New Zealand
New Zealand
Hi there,

I've been having issues with a stiff brake pedal on my Clubsport pedals V2. I've set the loadcell sensitivity to 10 on the pedals themselves but it's still just too stiff - in order to brake at 100% I need to brake so hard it starts to flex my rig! I see that you should be able to further adjust the strength of the loadcell by adjusting the BRF, but I can't seem to find it, or any other menu for adjusting brake pressure on my wheel's advanced settings or via the Fanatec control panel. How do I access the BRF setting on my Clubsport pedals V2?

Attached is screenshots of Fanatec's control panel showing what I can access, even basic calibration settings seem to be missing. Is this intended behavior?

I should also note that the stiffness started around the time I upgraded the DD Pro's firmware, though I don't know if that's related or just coincidence.


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Are the pedals connected via USB to your PC or plugged in via the wheelbase?
Tried it both ways (connecting one cable at a time, of course), still the same issues with sensitivity unfortunately. The handbrake seems to be also flickering on intermittently for a millisecond or two, even though there's nothing plugged in to the PCB as well, So I'm not sure if the two problems are related?

To give you an idea, if you have a look at the 'video manual' for the CSP V2s that's up on youtube, there's a bit at the end where the guy turns the sensitivity dial up to 10 and he pushes down with his hands to get 100% response. On my pedals doing the same thing with 10 sensitivity maxes out at around 50-55%. My pedals are also bolted down to the rig, where as in the video they're not.

Is there any way to 'boost the signal' via PC software so like, 50% input registers as 70%? I've tried mucking around with setting maximum deadzones and the like but it seems to mess up trail braking somewhat.
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